PSO2 JP: Seabed Update Part 2 (11/27/2013)

ARKS Ceremony

ARKS Ceremonial Lobby

11.27 ~ 12.11 Maintenance


Emergency Quest

  • Cradle of Darkness 闇のゆりかご  (N:1/H:20/VH:40/SH:50)

Time Attack Quest

  • Super Hard Time Attack Quests available at Level 50+.

Partner Card

  • Lottie and Lubert Partner Cards

Badge Exchange Shop Update

  • Added items that can be exchanged with the Blue ARKS Badge

Interrupt Ranking

  • Enemy Attack Ranking will now apply to Lv 61+ enemies.
  • Time Attack Ranking has been set to Super Hard.

Item Trading Password

  • After you've successfully entered your Item Trading Password, you will not be required to re-enter the password again if you reselect a character from the ship selection screen. If you return to the title screen or exit the game, you will be required to re-enter the item trading password once more.

Other Changes

  • You can receive an item from Lottie or Lubert based on your friendship rating with them.
  • Added weapon camos that correspond to several weapon categories.

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