PSO2 JP: September 4th, 2013 Update

September 4th's Patchpacolypse!

  • Players have discovered a bug through Sega's patching system that wiped large amounts of files from their hard drives. Sega has yet to officially address this issue, but in the meantime, please refer to the comments section of this post for further details.

Moon Viewing

Otsukimi (Moon Viewing) Lobby

  • September 4th ~ October 9th


  • You can now have up to 20 Mags
  • Mags can now learn several production-type trigger actions.



Quarry (採掘場跡)


Blue Ringahda

Blu Ringahda (ブリュー・リンガーダ )



Varder Soma (ヴァーダーソーマ)


New Field and Enemies

  • Quarry (Abandoned Mining Grounds)
  • Blu Ringahda
  • Varder Soma

New Quest:

  • 機甲種性能調査:採掘場跡 | Mech Power Survey: Quarry
  • リリーパ族集落防衛 : Lillipa Colony Defense
  • 移動要塞型機甲種撃破 : Mobile Fortress Destruction
  • 採掘場跡探索 Quarry Exploration

In order to unlock this new field, you must have access to "Dragon Sanctum" and cleared the "Dragon Sanctum Exploration" quest.

New Stuff:

  • New Interrupt Event
  • New Client Orders
  • New Daily Orders
  • New Team Orders
  • New Items

Item Trading Password

  • PC Users will have to setup a 5 digit password prior to using My Shop / Trading services.
  • One-time Password account holders can skip this feature.
  • We'll talk about this more in-depth in an upcoming post.


  • You can now earn team points based on your Netcafe playtime.
  • The end confirmation will display only if changes were made to the Team Accessory.

Recycle Shop

  • Added an item that resets the time repeatable client orders can be accepted. (再受注時間リセット)
  • This item has no effect on Daily/Team Orders and can be acquired in exchange for 12 AC items.
  • The Recycle Shop will condense the list of the Color Change passes so that one entry is shown for all the available Rappy Suit colors.

Net Cafe Counter

  • Added an item that resets the time repeatable client orders can be accepted. (再受注時間リセット)

Element Grinding Changes

  • Weapons of the same type and rarity can now be used for element grinding. These will grind (+1)
  • Weapons of the same name with non-matching elements will grind (+10)
  • Weapons of the same name and same element will grind based on the elemental percentage of the material weapon
  • The number of synthesizers needed for grinding will be 1.5x the rarity of the base + material weapons.

Latent Abilities

  • Added new latent abilities
  • Added latent abilities to some existing weapons.

Rare Items

  • This only pertains to rare items that appear within a certain distance from the player. These rare items will reposition themselves close to the player if they're not found within 60 seconds.

My Room Shop

  • My Room Shop Lineup Updated

Other Changes

  • You can now adjust the size of the Detailed Editing Window in Character Creation / Esté
  • You can perform the opposite gender's lobby action through pressing the [default] (X) button on the controller.
  • Even if the maximum frame rate is set to unlimited, it will still cap at a certain value.
  • An icon will shine by the radar map when a Lv 7+ PSE occurs.
  • The PSE Burst Chance timer will display in white to distinguish it from the actual PSE Burst timer.
  • PSE messages will display for a longer period of time.
  • It will display a message to let you know which player used a moon or cosmo atomizer.
  • After clearing an extreme quest, you won't be able to complete the quest until all of the party members return to the camp ship.
  • Enemies appearing in parallel areas will not be shown in Enemy Records at the quest counter.
  • Special Abilities attached to items that drop in parallel areas will not be shown in the Special Ability Records at the quest counter.
  • If you've obtained a partner card from an NPC, you can now call on them despite your progress through the story.
  • Changed some the descriptions of the Hunter's gear skills
  • Hunter's Automate Halfline and Gunner's Automate Deadline's skill explanations have changed.
  • You can now summon partner characters for Time Attack Quests.
  • Changed the message that's shown when you retire from an Escape Quest.
  • Removed Final Fantasy XIV and other games you don't need to play from your hard drive.
  • Added new entries to Help Topics and TIPS
  • After a support partner returns from their quest, it will display which items will be sent to storage if your inventory is full.
  • The party window will now close after disbanding a party.
  • Changed some of the warning messages that display under My Room and room furniture.
  • Adjusted the volume of some voices for the "Escort the Cake Sister" emergency trial.
  • The text on the button that removes equipment from the support partner will now say "Remove Equipment" instead of "Remove"
  • Added a check box to show/hide the selection of locked items in the Item Lab window.
  • When opening the online status window, the cursor will default to the currently selected choice.
  • Added category icons to the list of rewards in Arks Bingo
  • The Item Catalog in the visiphone will display useable items for your class.
  • Added a new "Item Package" system. Items of this type will be referred in-game as the "_ _ _ Set."  Using this from the item pack lets you obtain several items at once. Or in the case of accessories, using the tickets found in this package makes the accessories available at the Esté counter.
  • A new cut-inchat expression was added. (Smile 2) type /ci8
  • A popup balloon icon will appear above the Visiphone for Campaign items that need to be picked up.
  • A popup balloon icon will appear above the Storage Terminal for items you haven't picked up from the special storage box.

Button Mashing Relief for the following PAs:

  • WL: Holding Current
  • TMG: Messiah Time + Infinity Fire

Balance Adjustments

  • Adjusted the placement and spawn conditions of enemies during a PSE Burst.
  • Made it easier for Kamikaze Arrow's flying kick attack to strike its target since under certain situations it was difficult for that attack to connect.
  • Wands: Increase the amount the gear fills up with a charged attack from Na Megid and Na Foie.
  • Made it easier to kill ARKS Clones below level 40.
  • Adjusted Wolgahda's attack behavior as a counter-measure against a bug where he would frequently slip out of position.
  • Adjusted the appearance conditions for the "premonitions"  associated with the "Protect the Crystals" Emergency Trial.
  • Changed the following emergency quests so that the boss that appears in the end will be more likely to appear within the multiparty area. This applies to the Chrome Dragon, Falz Hunar, Fang Banther, and Dark Ragne's emergency quests.
  • More enemies will appear in these quests: Nab Rappy Capture, Cargo Recovery: Desert, Rare Ore Mining, ARKS Search Tundra, Forest Exploration, Caves Exploration, Tundra Exploration, Sub. Tunnels Exploration.
  • Relaxed the unlocking conditions of Revelle's client orders. (Black Slaughter 2,3,4 + Velocity Annihilation 1,2)
  • Increased the EXP for some Hard Mode Daily Orders.
  • It will be easier to obtain virtual items equippable for your class in Extreme Quests.
  • Adjusted the special abilities and items that appear in Red Containers.
  • Clearing Support Partner Emergency Trials can now increase their ratings.
  • Item Drops from Arks Clones will have two or more special abilities attached.
  • Some of Kressida's client order that unlock through a specific class can now be unlocked with any class.

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