PSO2 Update: Hard Drive Wiping Bug

After the update that was distributed on September 4th, 2013, some players reported seeing files wiped from their hard drives in folders that were completely unrelated to PSO2. Upon discovering this issue, they immediately cancelled distributing the update and are now trying to fix the program that caused this issue. They are extremely sorry for what has happened and can't apologize enough to everyone who found their files wiped from their hard drives.

So far, Sega has confirmed the following:

The Cause:

  • PSO2's Updater Program

The Symptoms

  • The deletion of files unrelated to PSO2.

Those at risk

  • Players who downloaded the update between 11:00 ~ 14:40 JST.


  • To resolve these issues so that the update can be carried out normally.
  • To monitor the situation of those affected by this issue and to announce a course of action.

They plan to release a follow-up report on this issue on September 5th @ 18:00 JST

If you were affected by this bug, AIDA has set up a support thread on how you can recover your lost files.

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