PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Darkness Ruler

Darkness Ruler

Darkness Ruler
(Until 12.14.2016)


Apprentice Battle Suit

【若人】戦闘衣 ║ Apprentice Battle Suit
【若人】戦闘衣 雪 ║ Apprentice Battle Suit White Snow
【若人】戦闘衣 紅 ║ Apprentice Battle Suit Crimson Red
【若人】戦闘衣 海 ║ Apprentice Battle Suit Blue Sea
【若人】戦闘衣 雅 ║ Apprentice Battle Suit Elegant Purple
【若人】戦闘衣 影 ║ Apprentice Battle Suit Black Shadow


Apprentice Damaged Battle Suit

【若人】破損戦闘衣 ║ Apprentice Damaged Battle Suit


Persona Battle Suit

— Male —

【仮面】戦闘衣M ║ Persona Battle Suit M
【仮面】戦闘衣M雪 ║ Persona Battle Suit M White Snow
【仮面】戦闘衣M紅 ║ Persona Battle Suit M Crimson Red
【仮面】戦闘衣M海 ║ Persona Battle Suit M Blue Sea
【仮面】戦闘衣M雅 ║ Persona Battle Suit M Elegant Purple
【仮面】戦闘衣M影 ║ Persona Battle Suit M Black Shadow

— Female —

【仮面】戦闘衣F ║ Persona Battle Suit F
【仮面】戦闘衣F雪 ║ Persona Battle Suit F White Snow
【仮面】戦闘衣F紅 ║ Persona Battle Suit F Crimson Red
【仮面】戦闘衣F海 ║ Persona Battle Suit F Blue Sea
【仮面】戦闘衣F雅 ║ Persona Battle Suit F Elegant Purple
【仮面】戦闘衣F影 ║ Persona Battle Suit F Black Shadow


Elder Battle Suit

【巨躯】戦闘衣 ║ Elder Battle Suit
【巨躯】戦闘衣 雪 ║ Elder Battle Suit White Snow
【巨躯】戦闘衣 紅 ║ Elder Battle Suit Crimson Red
【巨躯】戦闘衣 海 ║ Elder Battle Suit Blue Sea
【巨躯】戦闘衣 雅 ║ Elder Battle Suit Elegant Purple
【巨躯】戦闘衣 影 ║ Elder Battle Suit Black Shadow


Female Voice Tickets

  • 女性共通【若人】ボイス ║ Female Voice – Apprentice
  • 女性共通【仮面】ボイス ║ Female Voice – Persona

Male Voice Tickets

  • 男性共通【巨躯】ボイス ║ Male Voice – Elder
  • 男性共通【仮面】ボイス ║ Male Voice – Persona

Music Discs

  • ファルス・ヒューナル戦 ║ Falz Hunar Battle
    • PSO2 #29 [Violent Dynasty – Falz Hunar]
  • ファルス・アーム戦 ║ Falz Arm Battle
    • PSO2 #30 [Falz Arm]
  • 巨躯戦 ║ Elder Battle
    • PSO2 #31 ["IDOLA" da Sledge of Destruction]

Ability Affixers

  • 特殊能力追加(攻撃総合) ║ Ability Affixer (Attack Fusion)
  • 特殊能力追加(防御総合) ║ Ability Affixer (Defense Fusion)
  • 特殊能力追加(攻撃継承) ║ Ability Affixer (Attack Transfer)
  • 特殊能力追加(防御継承) ║ Ability Affixer (Defense Transfer)
  • 特殊能力追加(心身継承) ║ Ability Affixer (Mind & Body)

EX Boosters

  • EX獲得経験値+75% ║ +75% EX EXP Booster
    • Additionally boosts Rare Drop & Meseta by 25%.
  • EXレアドロップ倍率+75% ║ +75% EX Rare Drop Booster
    • Additionally boosts EXP & Meseta by 25%.
  • EX獲得メセタ+75% ║ +75% EX Meseta Booster
    • Additionally boosts EXP & Rare Drop by 25%.
  • EXトライブースト+50% ║ +50% EX Tribooster


  • CC120獲得チケット ║ 120 Casino Coins Ticket


※SG Scratch costumes do not support the Attachment Gauge.
※All of the items included within the SG Scratch are untradeable.


21 thoughts to “PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Darkness Ruler”

  1. > Color variations
    > Filler items
    > Everything's untradeable

    What the fuck did I ever do to you to deserve this, SEGA?

    1. I actually wish they had just kept the original color. It just occurred to me that in addition to not winning it for the right gender, you could win it in an ugly color (for this outfit imho) like white or red. Oh well. Hope we all have some luck (those of us that can't really drop any money on AC for SG, not that I would since none of this is tradeable in case the ugly color or wrong gender does happen) getting what we want.

  2. These better be permanent and not on some time limit before we can't get them again because I have a feeling my luck is going to prevent me from getting Persona quickly.

    1. I know how you feel. I have a look all set for this (I don't even want the hairstyle because I have itsuki gradient which fits the outfit as well) and all I need is the outfit. Not to mention if we do get lucky enough to win an outfit, it could be for the opposite gender. At least now that they added Star Gems on the daily login it helps a bit but it sucks that the only other alternative besides buying Star Gems is to wear outfits that I don't really like.

      Oh well, here's hoping I just happen to get lucky. They should at least lower the required amount of Star Gems to play the scratch. 80 so far seemed like a lot to get, but I only play for like 4 hours a day. At least we do have until December, but ideally I hope it doesn't take half that long for me to win the outfit or the headparts.

    2. After what I just got after spending $30 on SG I can safely say this scratch needs MAJOR and I do mean MAJOR fixing. Either lowering SG required, make the items tradeable, get rid of the stupid filler, or all three.

      Results after 9 Scratches:
      Elder Hair(don't care)
      Female Crimson Persona(Wrong gender and color)
      2 EX Meseta
      2 EX Exp
      2 EX RDR
      1 EX Tri

    3. Because freebs are trash and some of us want to support the game, that's why we give them money.

  3. That will be the longest Scratch ever.

    … That mean we won't have any other SG Scratch until that…?

  4. pretty much guaranteeing that players will only be able to drop AC to get them rather than get them easily from player shops >:|

    1. Story-wise they use the same base model (which is Male), they've specifically created a female-only version of this outfit, probably to take account the differences between the male and female base models.

  5. SG scratch is just another bullshit Sega made. With the price for 80sg each turn and untraded stuffs, sega just told us to buy more AC and then convert it to SG. It's because the limited source to earn SG now which I know are just 1. Using new outfit(2SG/day). 2. Daily reward 3. Bonus quest magatsu(1 or 5SG) and 4. Convert your AC.
    Point no 1 and 2 are not effective and point no 3 is not dependable, and the easiest way is just convert AC especially when the rate for good stuff is horrible.

    1. You do realize that you can simply ignore the SG scratch right? Just like we all got along fine when it DIDN'T EVEN EXIST. If you find getting what the SG scratch offers out of it THAT important, then maybe you have your priorities in playing the game wrong.

      There's absolutely nothing in the SG scratch that affects the normal gameplay (aside from the ability items which of course no one mentions).

    2. Just let them be lol, btw i still know you can find necro everywhere and in everyera XD
      I commented that before ranking reward and pso2es daily reward implemented in game. And if you want show off just go somewhere else, i don't wanna show you my 3k free SG…. oOps my bad….

    3. Shiiiiiiit you're right…

      These 924 SGs I currently am holding for free by playing the game are too hard to get.

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