Sachiko Kobayashi To Perform In PSO2 Live Event

Famous enka singer, Sachiko Kobayashi, will be appearing as herself in a new PSO2 live concert event. She will be performing an original song, created in collaboration with indie composer "Beat Mario." The song titled, "Youkoso ARKS" will be coming to Phantasy Star Online 2 through a mid-August update.


Concert Information

  • Title: Youkoso ARKS
  • Singer: Sachiko Kobayashi
  • Lyrics / Composer: Beat Mario


17 thoughts to “Sachiko Kobayashi To Perform In PSO2 Live Event”

  1. Now this comes unexpected, but still cool.
    It's quite amazing how SEGA manages to win all those collaborations.
    Still i think that's one of the main reasons why PSO2 will never come to the west. Plain PSO2 would be to "plain" for the western players, and the collaboration is one of the main income for SEGA and a funny fan service for players to touch it / breath in with an own in game (sub)culture.

    1. I miss her so much on stage..

      … Still what's the reason of this new song with someone totally unreleated with PSO2? (They're hiding something. Miss Kobayashi will be added as a character in Story, that's it? x))

    2. Its probably just related to PS4 release and welcoming new players.

      But what if Kobayashi is The Mother?

    3. Well, the preview stated that she is an goodwill ambassador from Earth.

      Though I would question the leadership of planet Earth of this timeline to send Sachiko as a goodwill ambassador to an alternate dimension "alien" colony.

    4. Its ok, they just upload themselves via Esc-a anyway. I'm still not sure why Arks are completely chill with the fact that absolutely any dude from Earth can waddle around the ship without attention.

    5. They probably have imposed stricter access control protocols for important areas than they used to you know. (By this point the MC has enough "security clearance" that the restrictions are essentially irrelevant to them.) If you Google Translate Itsuki's CO chain, for example, Sierra flatly cockblocks him and Rina from the Bridge for security reasons – Aika vouching for their bona fides or no.

      Recall also that the Earthlings are fundamentally accessing the place through a *game*. They can't actually access any parts of the ships not covered by the programming any more than we as players do, ie. the three "lobby" areas which don't really contain anything sensitive. And it's not like even the pseudo-VR interface the anime seemed to run on lets you, say, try to dismantle Photon weaponry to try and reverse-engineer the tech…

    1. It's because PSO2 Matoi/Kill la Kill Matoi (Ryuuko).

      … Or not.

      Well anyway, I'm more and more curious about "why" now.

    1. And she will replace Sukunahime who totally forgot us by singing, that will enhance our stats! … Yeah… No. ^^

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