PSO2 JP: Shop Staff Carnival and Character Creation Prizes (August 29th, 2012)

Phantasy Star Online 2 JP will update on August 29th, 2012 with a new scratch rotation, 2 story chapters, and a time attack quest. Plus the PSO2 Character Creation Contest prizes are revealed.


Shop Staff Carnival

ナビゲーターユニフォーム 青 Navigator Uniform Blue

To all those who admired the Shop Keepers, new costumes are arriving! The Shop Staff Carnival Scratch rotation begins August 29th, 2012.


ナビゲータースーツ Navigator Suit


ブリッツエース Blitz Ace
Afin's Costume


リトルプリム Little Prim
Tea's Costume (va: Yuka Iguchi)


ワスプシリーズ Wasp Series


シェリフシリーズ Sheriff Series


ホワイトラッピー White Rappy


ミディアムクール Medium Cool (Hairstyle)


ミディアムエッジ Medium Edge (Hairstyle)


ブラウンキャスケット帽 Brown Casquette Hat (Accessory)


ブリッツガーダー Blitz Guarder (Accessory)


プリムヘッドフォン Prim Headphone  (Accessory)


腕章 Armband (Accessory)



New Story Quests

Lillipas know their way around..

The Matter Board has expanded to include Chapter 5 and Chapter 6! You'll head to Planet Lillipa's Subterranean Tunnels, and Planet Amduscia's Floating Continent to complete some requests sent from the swordsmith Jig.

In Chapter 5 you are searching for another piece of that mysterious weapon you found in previous chapters. With the help of some information, you head down into the subterranean tunnels on Planet Lillipa. However, navigating this facility is going to be a bit complicated as it's almost maze-like in preventing intruders.


In Chapter 6, you are again searching for another piece of the mysterious weapon. With the help of some information, you head to the Floating Continent on Planet Amduscia. Naturally, the dragonkin oppose invaders. One way or another, they'll have to let their guard down…


 Character Creation Prizes

Back in April, Sega held a Character Creation contest for PSO2. The grand prize winner would have their very own character in the game. Today, Sega has revealed the other prizes for those that won the second and third place.

The other day the grand prize winner's character, "mw" not only got their character "Micheala" into the game, they also received an autograph from Sakai as well as this PSO2 development team's Staff Hoodie!

PSO2 Staff Hoodie!


The second place winner won the Producer Prize where their character would be transformed into a real-life 3d model. This model was created through a process called 3D printing. Overall it's 20cm high.


The third place winner won the Arks Prize. PSO2 Art Director "Mizuno" drew a portrait of the third place winner's character.


FUN Scratch Removal

On August 29th, the following items will be removed from the FUN Scratch.

  • ショートリーゼント Short Regent
  • 背高帽 墨牡  Tall Hat (Ink Pink version)
  • 背高帽 鳶柿 Tall Hat (Black Light Blue version)
  • ウィオラキャップ杜藍 Viola Cap (GroveIndigo Blue version)
  • ウィオラキャップ影緋 Viola Cap (LightScarlet)
  • クルーンハット闇碧 Clown Hat (DarkBlue)
  • クルーンハット淡藤 Clown Hat (PaleBlue)
  • 追加ロビーアクション10 Lobby Action 10
  • ナベリウスパパガイ Naberius Papagayo
  • エレガントバスタブ Elegant Bathtub
  • トリック・ダーツ Trick Darts
  • オリ・オリ Ori Ori
  • クラシッククッション Classic Cushion
  • クラシックキャビネット Classic Cabinet
  • クラシックナイトスタンド Classic Nightstand
  • クラシックライト Classic Light
  • クラシックベッド Classic Bed
  • クラシック・ダンロ Classic Fireplace
  • クラシックシェルフ Classic Shelf
  • クラシックテーブル Classic Table
  • クラシックローテーブル Classic Low Table
  • クラシックソファ Classic Sofa
  • クラシックチェア Classic Chair
  • クラシックマット Classic Mat
  • クラシック・テーマ Classic Theme



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