PSO2 JP: The Casino Area

Casino Area

The new Casino Area has a theme park-like atmosphere. It will first have two different kinds of games, "Mesetan Shooter" and "Rappy Slot." Every day you'll receive a "Coin Pass" which you can use to redeem a random amount of Casino Coins. Each game has fluctuating advantages/disadvantages based on its difficulty.


Rappy Slots

Rappy Slot is a single player slot machine game. Similar to Just Attacks, the game encourages you to press buttons at the right moments. When the singing rappies are together, a [RaPSEBURST] will occur.


Meseta Shooter

You can play Mesetan Shooter, which is a multiplayer game that supports up to 4 players. You can earn coins by shooting at the targets. Various characters will appear during the mini-game. Achieving a PSE Burst increases the chances that a rare Mesetan will appear, giving you the prospect of earning even more coins! However, if you shoot Mr. Umblla, you'll lose coins.


Casino Prizes

You can exchange coins for various items at the Prize Counter like Weapon Camos and Rare Enemy Triggers. Rare Enemy Triggers lets you encounter a rare enemy at Area 1 in a quest.

In addition, in the Casino, there are balloons you can use to fly through the air. You could think of this Casino like an oasis for players who are tired of fighting enemies.


2nd anniversary event 2

 Shining Force Ex

In late July, part 1 of the "Phantasy Star Festa: Volume 2" update will be kicking off with a new limited quest. It's an all star quest that takes place in the Ruins. It features level 70 bosses with increased chances that some of them will appear at the same time.

Here you can expect to see "Shining Force Cross Exlesia" boss [Knight Gear], with its rare counterpart [Knight Mage Knight Gear]. You might even see three [Knight Gears] appearing at the same time.

There are some changes coming to AC Scratch in the upcoming weeks. AC Scratch Gold will now feature sets for costume, accessory, hairstyle, weapon camo, and cast parts. This should be arriving around part 3 of the "Phantasy Star Festa: Volume 1" update.

In addition, during the time of the Hatsune Miku collaboration, they will add a female voice in the "Hakaka" dialect.

Extra Things

  • They will announce details of the balance adjustments in the Sapporo conference.
  • Jet boots were nominated to appear in EP1. They were pushed back to EP2, but disappeared, and reappeared for EP3! Originally they were not going to be "tech" weapons, but Suganuma proposed that idea.
  • The EP3 soundtrack is under consideration, but Kobayashi is pretty tied up with EP3 at the moment.
  • It may not appear exactly when EP3 launches, but they're looking into improving Parallel Areas with level 70 enemies.

This space contains information gathered by attendees from the Festa. Unfortunately we will not be able to verify what is presented, so you may read this content at your own risk. The information is updated periodically and is subject to change at any time.

  • Scratch contents will change.
  • AC Scratch G is going to be like the New Years scratch with items in a set. For example: Costumes+(Hairstyles or Accessory) sets.
  • Voice Ticket? A female voice in the Hakata dialect may be appearing.
  • Late July: Shining Force Collab Boss Knight Gear in a Ruins limited quest. He has a rare variant too! His drop items may have Freeze IV attached.
  • Rare Enemy Triggers lets you encounter a rare enemy at Area 1.
  • Casino: Search for the hidden lillipan which changes location during maintenance.
  • Casino: Each day you login, you acquire a coin pass which you can use to obtain a "random" amount of Casino coins.
  • Rappy Slot:  Similar to Just Attacks, you should push the button at a certain time.

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