Three Early Cutscenes from Phantasy Star Nova

Some new cutscenes from Phantasy Star Nova were released today. The cutscenes below feature a customized character, Lutina, Fieldia, Izuna, and Seil. You can see their character portraits from the Famitsu Phantasy Star Nova article.

Lutina is the main heroine. Fieldia is your superior and a combat officer. Seil is a party member playing as the main protagonist's rival. You'll see him get kicked by Fieldia in one of the cutscenes. Lastly, Izuna is the shy one who doesn't talk very much. She's the Newman Ranger in purple.

One thing to note from the HUD, instead of PP appearing underneath your HP bar, you'll use "GP" instead. It appears this may stand for "Gran/Grand Point" based on the context of the video.

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