PSO2 JP: The Magnifico Dragon Ignissimo!

~ March 4th, 2020 ~


White Day 2020

Take on the Ultra Hard version of [A Boisterous White Day] and face the fearsome Dragon Ignissimo! Armed with crystallized shields on both wings, Ignissimo will strike at its foes with wide, sweeping motions. Break its shields to gain an advantage in battle.

Characters donning their White Day attire may pop up during the quest. Fight alongside them for a chance to receive Plain Chocolate 2020 boost items!


The ★15 [Folgore Weben] will be available as a new drop within the quest.


Check Kyokuya out in his dazzling White Day suit and help out with some client orders for prizes! If you cleared Stratos' Valentine orders, an additional request will be unlocked that rewards a new weapon camo.


The White '20 Collections contain +35 weapons, like Fornis Gen, and a selection of ★14 Eggs.


Featured Quest Rotation

Limited Quest "The Piper of Disharmony" will now be converted into a Level Up Quest! In addition to the +200% EXP Boost, players can battle against the Ultralized Lizeth Ghidour. Catch this quest and others as part of the Featured Quest lineup.


Arks Battlewear Selection (SG Scratch)

The Arks Battlewear selection is a compilation of outfits, accessories, weapon camos, and lobby actions that appeared in previous battlewear scratches. New color variations of Neighbor Quartz, Lorette Beldia, Active Camisole, and Flammegash will also be available.

(The SG Scratch will be released March 18th 2020)



Slightly Sugar (AC Scratch)

The newest scratch is packed with costumes with wildly different motifs, such as a maid-style kimono and a dark, sexy nurse uniform. Also worth mentioning is that Kyokuya's hairstyle will be available for the first time!


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