PSO2 JP: Valorous Vanguard Part 1

Today's update!

Valentine Lobby

Valentine Lobby

  • January 23rd through February 20th

Class Update

  • Class Level 55 added

New Quests

  • 走破演習:ナベリウスⅡ Marathon Practice: Naberius II
    [N: 1 \ H: 20 \ VH: 40]
  • Where's the Chocolate Emergency Quest (until Feb 20th)

New Client Order

  • Shii (Xie) and her client orders will appear until Feb 20th, 2013.
  • New client orders were added.

New Weapons


ピコピコハンマー Pico Pico Hammer (Rod)


pink rappy fan

ピンクラッピーファン Pink Rappy Fan (Talis)

These are only a portion of the new weapons appearing in this update. These two weapons in particular are obtainable until Feb 20th, 2013.

New Scratch Update

Pink Rappy Suit pix

ピンクラッピースーツ Pink Rappy Suit

Misc Updates

  • You can store 40 symbol arts if you are a premium set user.
  • Made adjustments to increase the power and animation speed for PA "OverEnd" (Video)
  • Relaxed the equiping conditions for some 7 star weapons.
  • Increased the rewards for Daily Orders
  • Relaxed some of the achievement conditions for Team Orders.


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