PSO2 JP: Valorous Vanguard Part 2

Today's update:

Field Update

  • Advance Investigation Mission: Forest (Lv 45+)
  • Advance Investigation Mission: Caves (Lv 45+)
  • Advance Investigation Mission: Desert (Lv 45+)

Other than meeting the level requirement, you must also pay Advance Capsules to start the Advance Quest. Advance Capsules can be obtained through a client order, or as a drop item within the Advance Quest. In addition, you can purchase them at the Camp Ship or Item Shop in the lobby.

New Client Orders and New Items were added.

Burn Sparda

Burn Spada バーンスパーダ



Vjaya ヴィジャヤ



Divulnigel ディブルニゲル



Signo Head Launcher シグノヘッドランチャー

These are only a portion of the new items appearing in this update.

Pyroxene Shop Update

My Room Shop Lineup Update

Fashion Update

  • Will be posted later.

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