PSO2 JP: Wild Ocean Pirates Coming August 7th


Shiver me timbers, a new AC scratch walks the plank on August 7th, 2013.  Run through the beach in a wild assortment of pirate themed costumes and evendare we say itmale cast parts.

Alwilda Series

アルビダ・シリーズ Alvida Series


Drake Series

ドレーク・シリーズ Drake Series



ラークバルバトス Larkbarbatos*


Gender Pirate

ジェンダーピラート Gender Pirate
(Use the french pronunciation for pirate.)


China Dress

チャイナドレス China Dress


Photon Chairs

Photon Chairs Return

Photon Chairs are a a lobby action that can be purchased at the FUN Shop. There's 10 colors in all!



Mesetan is a new rare enemy that drops lots of meseta!



 Also coming in this update:

  • Summer Bingo
  • Knuckles will have shorter hitstop frames.
  • Improved rates in power for Twin Dagger PAs using the Gear system. 
  • New body paint and eye patterns
  • F. Continent Scenery Pass
  • Chinese themed room items
  • Mai Mai Green Arcade Unit and special music discs.
  • Beach Wars Emergency Quest

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