PSO2 JP: Summer Promos and August Tidbits

To commemorate the airing of the "Kyoutou-Sensei PSO2" commercial, players can pick up the Kyoutou-Sensei helmet from the visiphone until December 24th, 2013.

Kyoutou Sensei

共闘先生の兜 [Joint Struggle Teacher Helmet] a pun on [Vice Principal's Helmet]


Team Features August

New Team Accessories and a New Team Room in Late August.

Capes and berets you can wear as a team.



Endless Summer Collection

Endless Summer Collection Scratch

Endless Summer Collection includes new swimsuits and default costumes for Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity.


Episode 2 Story

Ep2 Chapter 2: Hitherto, Henceforth


Ange Harp

アンジュハープ Ange Harp

You can pick up the Ange Harp Bullet Bow Weapon Camo in the August 1st issue of Weekly Famitsu (週刊ファミ通誌8月1日号).


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