PSO2 Live Broadcast #13 Recap

Magical Dark Fantaasy

Late October

  • Magical Dark Fantasy AC Scratch: Bask and Kuna Costumes, Madoka, Halloween themed costumes including Latan Rappy Suit.
  • Symbol Art Projector and Support Partner Bed (Room Items)
  • Super Hard for All Fields.
  • Halloween Bingo Card
  • "Trick or Treat 2" Emergency Quest now has Halloween Decorations!

New BulletBow and Katana PAs


  • New Photon Arts for Bullet Bow (トリットシューター:Tritt Shooter) and Katana (ハトウリンドウ:Hatou-rindou)
  • New Rare Weapons
  • Seabed Field with Decol Maluda and Biol Meduna.

Aerial Gunner


  • AC Scratch: Aerial Gunner
  • Gunner themed Costumes

Room Board Digital camera

November Room Items:

  • My Room "Message Board"
  • デジ・イチ: Digiichi (DSLR Camera) Take screenshots from the best angle! Self Timer included!
  • Fish Tank, Desk and Chairs

PSO2 November Plans

Plans for November

  • Emergency Trial rewards screen improved. (Makes it easier to know which rewards you received.)
  • Access storage from Recycle/Exchange Shops
  • Adjusted enemy spawning rate and range in PSE Bursts.
  • Relaxed Button Mashing devices. (Like when opening gates and such…)
  • Partner Character Client Orders Adjusted. (Support Partners/Friend Partners Allowed.)
  • Level 21 ~ 60 bosses will drop 7-9 star weapons more often. (Doesn't apply to Extreme Quests)


Special Phrase

Special Phrase

  • Type "ばけたろう" in chat (without quotations) between now and October 23rd's maintenance to receive a プレ・プレ・ボックス (Pre Pre Box) and 進化デバイス/ゴストン (Evo. Device / Ghoston)

PSO2 Calendar Change

Calendar Change

  • Item Customization System moved to Jan 2014.

Late November:

  • Cradle of Darkness (Emergency Quest)


  • Mining Base Defense
  • New Boss based on a Rhinoceros Beetle.



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