PSO2 JP: Maintenance and Campaigns (10/16/2013)

GameGuard Bug (10/16 Update) (NEW)

  • Sega has received reports of a Gameguard bug that causes PCs to slow down and prevent players from logging into the game. In order to solve this problem, they would like those affected to send erl files located within the GameGuard folder in PSO2's installation directory. 
  • If you encountered this problem after you've updated to the latest version of Gameguard, please send all .erl files and your Dxdiag log file to [[email protected]] . In addition, please include the name and version numbers of your anti-virus software, the date and time the symptoms occurred, and a description of the issues you've encountered. Please attach all applicable files in a zip file up to 5 MBs in size. If it exceeds this number, you may split the zip file into smaller sizes.

10/16 Maintenance

  • To make various adjustments to the servers.
  • Gameguard Update (Windows 8.1 Compatibility)
  • Distributed 10,000 AC compensation to those who suffered from the hard drive wiping bug. Those that did not receive it today should wait for the next round of compensation as they collect and gather more data.

Fixed Bugs

  • An issue wherein Revelle's client orders "Black Slaughter V" and "Black Slaughter VI" were not showing up.

Boost Event

+100% EXP Boost Event

The boost event applies 20:30 ~ 22:30 on the specific dates for the free quests shown above.


Client Order Campaign 27

CO CAmpagin 27

Clear Revelle's client orders this week to receive several prizes!

Campaign Period

  • 10/16 ~ 10/23/2013

Qualifying Client Orders

(1) Clear Revelle's client order マイルドマイルド・マーダー・I Mild Mild Murder I to receive:

  • +50% EXP (x2)
  • Grinder (x20)

(2) Clear Revelle's client order エクスタミネート・ジャーニー・I Exterminate Journey I to receive:

  • +50% Rare Drop Boost (x2)
  • Grind Risk Reduction (+1) (x2)

Prize Distribution Date

  • October 30 at the Visiphone


Emergency Quest Advance Notice

EQ Advance BB

Border Break EQ Schedule (Japanese Standard Time)

10.16 20:00
10.17 14:00 23:00
10.18 10:00 20:00
10.19 14:00 23:00
10.20 10:00 20:00
10.21 14:00 23:00
10.22 10:00 20:00


Border Break EQ Schedule (Eastern Daylight  Time)

10.16 7:00AM
10.17 1:00AM   10:00AM 9:00PM
10.18 7:00AM
10.19 1:00AM 10:00AM 9:00PM
10.20 7:00AM
10.21 1:00AM 10:00AM 9:00PM
10.22 7:00AM


 Dark arms Emergency Quest (Japanese Standard Time)

10.16 23:00
10.17 10:00 20:00
10.18 14:00 23:00
10.19 10:00 20:00
10.20 14:00 23:00
10.21 10:00 20:00
10.22 14:00 23:00


Dark Arms Emergency Quest (Eastern Daylight Time)

10.16 10:00AM 9:00PM
10.17 7:00AM
10.18 1:00AM 10:00AM 9:00PM
10.19 7:00AM
10.20 1:00AM 10:00AM 9:00PM
10.21 7:00AM
10.22 1:00AM 10:00AM

 AC / FUN Scratch Update

The following scratch rotation will come to an end on October 30th.

  • Autumn Sports Festival
  • Autumn Sports Festival G

The following items will be removed from FUN Scratch on October 30th

  • カジュアルたれツイン Casual Hanging Twins
  • ほくろセット Mole Set
  • ふとまゆ Thick Eyebrows
  • スポーツキャップA Sports Cap A
  • スポーツキャップB Sports Cap B
  • スポーツキャップC Sports Cap C
  • 赤ハチマキカチューシャ Red Headband Katyusha
  • 白ハチマキカチューシャ White Headband Katyusha
  • 黒ハチマキカチューシャ Black Headband Katyusha
  • 青ハチマキカチューシャ Blue Headband Katyusha
  • ライブラヘアピン Libra Hairpin
  • ライブラステッカーセット Libra Sticker Set
  • 追加ロビーアクション64 Extra Lobby Action 64
  • ストレートベンチ Straight Bench
  • コーナーベンチ Corner Bench
  • バーベル Barbells
  • ダンベル Dumbbells
  • ウェイトチェッカー Weight Checker
  • ヨーガマット Yoga Mat
  • スポーティロッカー Sporty Locker
  • サンドバッグ Sand Bag
  • モダン・ウォッチ Modern Watch
  • パートナーチェア Partner Chair
  • オリエントローテーブルC Orient Low Table C
  • フトンC Futon C
  • オリエントマットC Orient Mat C
  • タン・スC Tan Su C
  • デコボコ体操第二  Dekob

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