PSO2 Live Broadcast #25 Recap

Post Stream Updates

  • Added Soundtrack Info.
  • Added PSO2 ON STAGE Bonus Items
  • Added Ultimate Quest Information
  • Added Magatsu Teaser.
  • Added Ult Boss Information.
  • Added Skill Descriptions
    • Clarified Recast Time based on Level 5/10 for Reverser Field


 gunner adjustments

Gunner Adjustments

  • Perfect Keeper will now be activated when the HP is more than 75%
  • Aerial Shooting 986 ⇒ 1085
  • Elder Rebellion 1264 ⇒ 1390
  • Messiah Time 1698 ⇒ 1834
  • Infinity Fire 1399 ⇒ 1511
  • Satellite Aim 683 ⇒ 717
  • Dead Approach 413 ⇒ 434
  • Heel Stab 1073 ⇒ 1127
  • Shift Period 997 ⇒ 1047
  • Bullet Squall 1058 ⇒ 1164
  • Reverse Tap 912 ⇒ 958




Say いもたろう in chat some time between now through October 29th's maintenance to receive:

  • Satsu Maimo and Yaki Imo (Two Dual Blade Camos)
  • 5 Casino Coin Passes

These items will be distributed at a later time.


Ship Competition Round 3

November Update

  • Arks Ship Competition Round 3
  • Red Rappy: Ships 1/5/8
  • Blue Rappy: Ships 3/4/10
  • Yellow Rappy: Ships 2/6/7/9
  • All groups get a round boost aside from the top one.
  • A shorter schedule this time around.


Ceromonial Lobby

November Update

  • ARKS Ceremonial Lobby [~11/19]
  • Arks Ceremonial Bingo
  • Ceremo Nyau [~11/19]
  • New Drops and Rewards


Noble Maid Afternoon

November Update

  • Noble Maid Afternoon Scratch
  • Neo Magashi and Neo Lou's Costumes and Voice Tickets
  • Theodore's costume and Classic Maid Outfit.


Sea EQ

November Update

  • New Pre-Scheduled EQ
  • An All Star Quest
  • All Enemies Boosted


~ Late November Update ~


Yuruyuri slide

Late November Update

  • Yuttari Recreation Scratch
  • Yuru Yuri Collaboration
  • Amusement Club Member's Hairstyles
    Nanamori Middle School Outfits
  • Akkari~n Lobby Action
  • Majokko Mirakurun
  • Odango Bazooka too!


Yuttari Recreation

Yuttari Recreation Scratch

  • Nanamori Middle School Outfits
  • [Arks Duffle] Coat
  • GH440 Costume
  • Nyau Suit (Casino Item)


Craft November

Late November Update

  • Specialized variations of Unit Recipes.
  • New Craft Room Items.
  • Select up to 5 Material items in Special Ability Affixing.
    • You may also select materials that have a higher number of special abilities than the base item.


 Interface Improv 2

Late November

  • Interface Improvements
  • You can now change accessories outside of the Beauty Salon
  • It is now easier to know the location of incapacitated players.
  • Receive FUN when you revive others.
  • Multi Party Player List
  • Group people on the friends list by color.


November skills level

Late November Update

  • New Skills, PAs, and Technics
  • Class level cap: 75.
  • Hunter Skill: All Guard
    • (Guard attacks from all directions. )
    • (Main Class Only)
  • Braver Skill: Snatch JA Combo
    • (Perform a Just Attack during Snatch Step.)
  • Braver Skill: Quick Mate
    • (Increases drinking animation speed for mates)
  • Techer Skill: Reverser Field
    • (Produces a field that revives incapacitated players.)
    • (Recast Time: 900 Seconds at Level 5/10)
    • (Main Class Only)
  • Ranger/Gunner Skill: Dive-Roll Shoot
    • Similar to Step Attacks but for Dive Rolls.
  • Gunner Skill: One More Time
    • (Reactivates Show Time after it ends.)
  • The information above is not exhaustive.


New Pas November

Late November Update

  • Knuckle PA: Heartless Impact
  • Sword PA: Ignite Parrying
  • Launcher PA: Sphere Eraser
  • Jet Boots PA: Wind Sieger
    • (Has an odd spelling, probably German, looking for suggestions.)
  • Bullet Bow PA: Chase Arrow


Klaris and Jig

Late November Update

  • New (Lighting and Wind) Technic: Zandeon
  • Third Generation Klariskrays will be handing out client orders.
    • Zandeon is available as a reward!
  • Zieg's Crafting Client Orders
  • Zieg's Exchange Shop (Trade items for 11 star weapons/units)


Extra Hard

Late November

  • New Difficulty: Extra Hard for some EQs.
  • Player level: 70+ / Enemy Level: 80!
  • New 12 star drops!


Ultimate Quest

 Ultimate Quests

  • A difficult 12 Player Quest.
  • Will not require special tickets or capsules to access the quest.
  • The EXP is very low. It's not a quest intended for leveling, it's mainly for item drops.
  • UQ has its own enemy type. There's an ability called Ultimate Buster for bonus damage towards this enemy type.
  • Player level: 70+ / Enemy Level: 80!
  • "Yuga" style Darkers will appear!



 Rainbow Drop

Ultimate Quest

  • 13★ Rainbow Colored Drops.
  • 13★ Mythical Beast themed weapons.
    • (In the trailer, 13★ weapons require a different grinding item called "Lambda Grinders." It binds to owner upon grinding. )
  • 12★ Weapon Drops


Anga Fandarge again

Late November Update

  • New Boss: Diaboi Grisyth (Has swift movements)
  • New Distorted Creature: Anga Fandarge.
    • Anga gets stronger and stronger.
    • Applies resistances against attacks.
    • Strengthens nearby enemies.
  • (You could think of Anga like a pet that grows up, in the sense that it gets stronger and stronger. )



PSO2 On stage bonus Items

Phantasy Star Online 2: ON STAGE

  • Ticket Bonus Items
    • Star Coast Academy Uniforms.
    • Shouta Aoi voice ticket.
    • Emi Nitta voice ticket.
  • Pamphlet Bonus Items
    • Stark Acer
    • Kazuhiko Inoue voice ticket.
    • Kikuko Inoue voice ticket.


PSO2 Soundtrack 3

PSO2 Soundtrack Vol 3

  • December 24th
  • Third Opening along with Mining Base Defense: Despair too!
  • Episode 2: Chapter 5 and 6 BGM
  • Episode 2 Ending
  • Miku and Luka's Living Universe
  • Quna's Two Songs
  • Harukotan Shironia BGM.


~ Magatsu: Coming December ~

60 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #25 Recap”

  1. Well. Count me excited. Also 13 stars? Imagine the grind cost at 196k per attempt…

    Also…the Launcher PA is actually called Sphere Eraser, I think you might have glazed over the i. And why does the Jet Boot PA sound weird? I wonder what made them spell it like that, closer to Wind Seeker if I've ever seen it…

    1. Well you dont have to grind them if you dont want to, 13* Swords base SATK is 1083 thats pretty good and prolly the reason why its 200k each grind 😀

    2. Ermm excuse me?

      1083 as a base ATK is very good

      and how on earth do you think they will have no latent…
      they're 13* new rank of rarity and almost sure to have latents.

    3. Supposedly they wanted to give some ceiling to the grinding system. Right now you would basically expect every player to +10 his new find, or the stuff just won't be good.

      In the video it seems to be already good enough at +0, but also required "lambda grinders" to progress. Also, it didn't have an element at all.

    4. I think I spotted [lambda grinder] in zieg's exchange list… if varying amounts are needed for each grind it, depending on the cost it could be an effective way to go "SLOW. DOWN." at people.

      it also presents the interesting choice of having people do crafting stuff to better utilize non-crafted things. finally something to motivate the "MUST HAVE BEST GEAR" people to mess with crafting anyway.

    1. This seems good. If anyone who also knows German, or Dutch, or something along those lines can chime in. Pronounced like (G) in (Jeep) and but the ending part could be different. (Kah) (Ker) (Car) (Caa).

      Also the wind part is like (Vint)

    2. I know German so I can try to help.
      The IPA pronounciation of Jäger is ˈjɛːɡɐ and Sieger is ˈziːɡɐ
      But if I type in Jeager into google translate and let the japanese voice speak it it sounds similar to what you described. Not so much on Sieger's side.
      German Wind is pronounced like Vint so that's correct imo.

    3. I am not sure if Sieger would really work, as the ka katakana throws me off in the name, it's too hard. The g in Sieger is more pronounced like it is in the name Gary for example.
      If Sieger is a possibility, how come Seeker wouldn't work? These two words are almost pronounced the same, except for the k in seeker making it sound harder and fitting better with the k katakana.

    4. I'm from the Netherlands. While imho our language differs a fair bit with German in pronounciation even though both are germanic languages, we do get mandatory German classes in highschool so I suppose it was right to ask for Dutchies too either way. 😛

      I'm in agreement that it's Wind Sieger. For a few reasons.

      From what I know, it cannot be Seeker. Wouldn't that be transcribed as シーカー? I don't have that much experience with katakana, other than being able to read them a bit… Aside of that though, it also doesn't match with how the PA seems to operate either. It's one hard decisive hit. If taking Seeker literally, there would be a homing component. One could also say it was meant figuratively, as in 'One with the wind', but even then it doesn't quite match with the feel of the PA as shown in the video.

      I also don't think its Jäger either. Shingeki no Kyojin's first OP – Guren no Yumiya – has a Japanese vocal artist singing the word 'Jäger' : "Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind die Jäger!" It's way at the start, so you won't have to wait long: . It simply doesn't sound like it matches the kana of 'ji-ka-'. Then again I can barely make out the "Seid ihr das" and "Nein" parts lol. Anyway, it's < 3 seconds even to listen to.

      So there's 3 reasons why I think it's Sieger;

      The first reason being that the other PA's that I recall have had German in them – Kreisenschlag and Regenschlag – are both fully German, they have no mixed-in English component.

      Second reason being that it matches the katakana quite decently, ji-ka-, with how it's pronounced. Give and take a bit of course, but I highly doubt any Japanese would be able to pronounce Dutch words fluently either for what it's worth (I dare anyone to try 's Gravenhage – formal Dutch name of The Hague). It'd sound just the same as if a Dutchie or a German would pronounce Japanese; in their opinion it'd sound botched and forced.

      Third reason being that it matches how the PA works – as I mentioned before, it's a strong decisive hit – or perhaps I could call it, a 'winning' hit. 'Sieger' still means Winner too, so it sorta matches up quite well in that regard.

      I just think it makes the most sense and seems to match with the katakana.

    5. Wind is also Wind in german, you write the words the same.
      Like mentioned above, I still don't think Sieger actually works with the ka katakana (they should have used ga of they wanted to go for Sieger), but I also can't think of any other word that might fit.

    6. I would also like to add, that I brought up Seeker because the first part of Seeker and Sieger are almost pronounced the same. So, if seeker would need シ to be pronounced that way, so would Sieger, as we pronounce it with a hard S (like in Sleep), not a shi (like Sheep) or j (like in Jeep) sound.
      That is why I said, if Sieger is possible, so would be Seeker, except that Seeker fits even better because of the カ. Sieger should have been written with a ガ at the end in my opinion.

    7. imho, Sieger has a more 'z'-ish sound to it, than Seeker – that's why I discarded Seeker pretty early on.

      According to
      Sieger is pronounced in IPA as: /ˈziːɡɐ/
      While according to
      Seeker is pronounced in IPA as /ˈsiː.kər/

      According to 's first footnote, you end up with a 'dʑ' sound if the 'z' is followed by an 'i'. Just as it is in the IPA for Sieger. If you then scroll down on till the table, wiki mentions that ジ = ji = [d͡ʑi] as in, just like the first part of Sieger.

      Now I'm not too at home in how actual Germans pronounce it, but whenever I listen to the voice-sample on that wiktionary page I linked up above it almost sounds like a mixture of g and k. Think like a 'hard' g. Japanese have two options – either ga or ka. There's no in-between.

      Granted at the same time, Seeker's first part being si while シ = shi = ɕi… so it's rather up in the air.

      I've been talking to a German guy I know about this just now, to try to clear it up; I've specifically asked about whether or not the pronunciation might change based on region/location. Some stuff he said is that basically Germany's two southern states sound very different to each other. If you compare the northern states to those it's like a totally different language. Throw in NRW, the Berlin region, the Saxons, etc and it's one huge mess.

      I can relate since whenever I talk to people from up north in the Netherlands it's already a case of 'please, repeat' going back and forth with some stuff…

      So question then would be – is it possible that the G is pronounced as a hard G in some regions to the point where they opted to go for a 'ka'-kana or not?

    8. Well, if you are going by the wiktionary site, it is only normal you feel the word sounds different. Keep in mind that they extra pronounce the words much clearer and stronger.

      The person on that site is saying the word, for me, very unnatural, nobody actually says it like that here in Germany. Which is why I said Seeker and Sieger are so similar.

      Maybe I should have mentioned that I am actually German and therefor know what I am talking about.
      And what your friend means are dialects, but they aren't that extreme (unless it some weird little village that is crossing over to other countries, of course languages get mixed up here). Anyway, it's no different from how people in England speak english, or people in Texas for example speak english. It will sound different, but you still understand them mostly. It's nowhere near as extreme as your friend implies.

      Either way, Sieger is pronounced everywhere the same, even if you factor in dialects.
      Also, in my opinion, Seeker has much more Z sound to it then Sieger. It really isn't as hard pronounced as you all seem to think, especially the "ger" part. If you pronounce the "ger" part with a k, it is absolutely wrong. It's a hard g, but never a k.
      Again, if Sieger works, so would Seeker.

    9. Well actually that would make it vent gigue in French

      Which checks out in katakana (vent being ヴィント and gigue being ジーガ)

  2. …more ultrarrares that I'll never get. yawn. but zieg's new shop… hopefully will be a good way of expanding my options. even if grinding 10*+ things gets to be obnoxious.
    an age of multielemental techs is coming, huh… could be fun. new skills and PAs… room for more interest. kinda hope they revise some more preexisting skills to cost less for their full effect though. points are really tight for some classes as-is, after all.

    nice to see them let us re-accessorize outside the este… now if they'd just let us at least toggle our bodypaint layer on and off without going to este, to make it feel more natural switching between some outfits….

  3. I wonder about lower fodder , will it be available to affix a higher main weapon ?
    ( for ex in the video they showed that you can affix 6s main weapon with 6s, 7s, 8s but what about 1s – 5s ? can it fit in a 6s main weapon too ? )

  4. So Magatsu/Sealed Titan have a spiral texture on their face, and can spiral clouds/flames/stuff.
    JUNJI ITO UZUMAKI!!!!1!!11

    that 13 star grind. no.

  5. …..huh. if you squint at the video during the part where they mention [snatchJAcombo], you can see another new skill on the braver tree. (something)mate. interesting.

    1. Techer also seems to have gotten another skill other than the one they mentioned. Located to the right of Deband Advance: Reverse Bonus(?), a 1SP skill.

  6. Shouta Aoi voice. 😀 About time for some more pretty male voices. One of my favorite VAs too.
    Also excited for the ability to change accessories outside of the salon.

  7. I'm pretty excited about the Neo Magashi costume and Voice Ticket. Also, looking forward to UQ's and 13* items. Even though I have still yet to find a 12*. lol.. I have plenty of 11's.. but I swear I'll never get a 12*. Anywho we have some great things coming! I'm stoked! 😀

  8. Double post.. but I am also very excited about being able to use up to 5 pieces of affix fodder for adding abilities. This will also mean that having any less that 4-5 affixes will make you a 'nub' though haha. Seems like 5 is the standard right now. I'm sure after the November update we'll see tons of OP players running around with 7-8 affixed equipment. Maybe even me? huehuehuehue 😛

    1. there's still the inherent cost and risks trying to get an item to that many slots, and then get some of the better abilities into it. 7~8s items will likely still be the domain of the no-life more-money-than-sense clique. I'm sure conspire is salivating at having another way to chant "lol poor people".

      but at the least, it'll make it less fuss for those with less meseta to throw around to get the minimum array of benefits onto their toys.

  9. Is Fandarge supposed to get stronger during the fight, or through the whole quest, as in, it will be stronger next time you will meet it?

    1. It strengthens other enemies in a manner that appears similar to darker infections. One of the older Ultimate trailers showed enemies glowing purple while it was present, with a red orb from Fandarge above their head.

  10. So what is up with the item they show saying Huエクスキューブ ? in the screenshot #11 in your pictures? it's hard to make out much but i clearly see HUnter in the item description o.o; [ ハンター ]

    1. They are changing the EXCube system, so that you will obtain class-specific EXCubes now. As someone mentioned earlier, they will be used to purchase a variety of class-specific items.

  11. SO very interested to see what Ruins and Seabed Ultimate Quest looks like, whenever it happens. With that new boss coming in Dec, I'm guessing there'll be a new opening along with it too. (Recalling Mining Base/EP2 and such.)

  12. You will get fun for reviving others, hope that will encourages a little the revives in td3 instead of killing stuff in front of your fainted body and ignoring you.

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