PSO2 Live Broadcast #26 Recap

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Ora Tarou

Secret Phrase

Say オラたろう in chat some time between now through 11.26's maintenance to receive:

  • Maple Branch (Twin Dagger Weapon Camo)
  • Zelsius Chain
  • Casino Coin Pass x5

Prizes will be distributed in the future.


Unrelated things under consideration:

  • They're in the middle of investigating something to level down the Mag.
  • They're also investigating adding (AND) search functions for the Visiphone.


Ares Machinegun

13 Star Weapons

  • Max Elemental Value: 60.
  • Requires Lambda Grinders to grind.


~ Early December Update ~


December upd

December Update

  • Christmas Lobby (~12/31)
  • St. Rappy (~1/14)
  • Christmas Bingo (~/14)
  • New Drops and Rewards




Christmas on Ice

December Update

  • Merry Christmas on Ice 3 (~ 1/14) (Extra Hard)
  • Toy Darkers and Kuronians will appear.
  • A Christmas Present Surprise !?
  • Let's get the Christmas Cake from the Naura Sisters.


Holy Night Christmas

December Update

  • Holy Night Christmas Scratch
  • Dreamcast Costume and Dream Blade weapon from Sega Hard Girls
  • New Christmas Costumes
  • Punk Costumes


Fang Banther XH

December Update

  • [Subdue Fang Banther] and [Mining Base Defense 1] on Extra Hard
  • Player level: 70 / Enemy level: 80
  • New Rare Item Drops (★12)


Ep3 3

 December Update

  • Episode 3: Chapter 3
  • Legend covered in Ash
  • What's the connection between Sukuna-hime and Kotoshiro?
  • The legend of Harukotan revealed!
  • Tama-hime


~ Late December Update ~


Sakura team base

Late December Update

  • A beautiful Japanese Style team room.
  • Fortune telling spot.



Late December Update

  • Space Battleship Yamato in the Arks Lobby until January 14.
  • Yamato scenery pass and Room Items available.


 Yamato crew scratch

Late December Update

  • Cosmo Fleet Hero scratch
  • Yamato Crew Costumes and Voice Tickets.
    • Yuki Mori
    • Susumu Kodai
    • Akira Yamamoto
  • Captain Juzo Okita Costume
  • "Analyzer" Mag and "Cosmo Gun" Weapon Camo


Cosmo Fleet

Late December Update

  • Montsuki Hakama and Furisode Costumes
  • New Year's Lillipan Suit


Extra Hard Eqs dec

Late December Update

  • Extra Hard EQs: Volcanic Guerrillas and Desert Guerrillas
  • Player Level: 70 / Enemy Level: 80!
  • New Rare Items (★12)


Magatsu b

Late December Update

  • 12 Player Emergency Quest
  • Also covers Extra Hard!
  • Stop Magatsu before all the gates are broken.


Magatsu 2

Late December Update

  • Sukuna-hime's Divine Protection
    • Movement Speed Up
    • Increased Jumping Power
    • Cosmo/Moon Atomizer Effective Range Expanded.
  • Restrict its movement with the Binding Arrows
  • More ★12 Drops.



~ PSO2 New Opening ~



PSNova Guide

Phantasy Star Nova

  • PSNova Guide Book from Enterbrain
  • Releases 11/27 for 1,512 Yen.
  • Contains information about Quests, Promise Orders, Enemies, and Weapons and units.


PSNova Soundtra

Phantasy Star Nova

  • PSNova Original Soundtrack: 1/28/2015 for 4,320Yen
  • PSNova Side Stories: Feb 2015


PSO2 Soundtrack 3 a

PSO2 Soundtrack Vol. 3

  • DJ Booth
  • 10 Music Discs
    • Living on like stars
    • PSO2 Event [Council of 6]
    • Mining Base Defense 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
    • Mother Ship (First / Second)
    • Harukotan Shiro-no-ryouiki (Shironia)
    • Theodore Battle
  • December 24th for 5,000 Yen


Bikini repca

PSO2 Real-life Costumes

  • Bikini Swimwear Repca (Arrives Mid December)
  • Shorts Swimwear Repca
  • Arks Jersey Repca (Arrives Late January)
  • Advance Orders at the Sega Store / Cospa Official Shop
    • (11.18 @ 19:00  ~ 12.9 @ 12:00 JST)


Fate Collab

PSO2 Collaboration (Late January)

  • PSVita ver. [Fate/hollow ataraxia]
    • Bazett, Avenger, Caren
    • Kuro
  • Costumes, Hairstyles, Voice Tickets, Weapon Camos.


Sega lucky kuji arkuma edition

Arkuma Plushie

Sega Lucky Kuji Prizes

  • Zelsius Premium Figure
  • Arkuma Plush
  • Rappy Cushion
  • Earphone Jack Mascot
  • Rubber Character Chains
  • Switch-design Drink Coasters
  • Clear File + Mini Book set
  • Prize Exhibit at the Arks X-Mas Party

28 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #26 Recap”

  1. Hmm, only Dreamcast Costume, not Saturn and Mega Drive? Or it was just not announced in the broadcast?
    Weren't we supposed to "upgrade" to level 75 in the upcoming weeks? Or I misunderstood something… (Well maybe I'm commenting to fast and new things will be added about that)

    I'm impatient of this Chrismas Lobby/EQ on Ice and Extra Hard missions. "Defeat Magatsu before all the gates are broken." finally looks like and EQ I was thinking good for the game too 😀

  2. 13*s can go to 60% element? yeesh. as if being able to make weapons 50% stronger wasn't enough, and they give this to the ones that are already vastly more powerful?

    meanwhile, my excitement stays dull for all the new weaponry simply because I'll likely never get any of it. bad luck….

    1. Can't they give more info about the grind ?

      They said 158 times those requires Lambda Grinders, but we still don't know how hard it will be, since it is already expensive, I hope it grinds like a 4-6*, the grind % will not be too high due to the enormous base attack and you will not burn ur wallet.

    2. with great power, comes much wallet pain x3 My guess is, they strong, they have ultimate abilities, your gonna PAY for that power :3 i am certain of it 🙂 the rates will likely be as bad as any other high rarity wep. And i'm also guessing those lambda grinder are goingto cost you , big time. I think i read that we going o be able to trade excubes for lambda grinders.. not100% sure. but it is food for thoguht ^^
      originally I thought the 13* weps were going to be very common, with almost 100% success rate in grinding, bc of th insane cost .
      It is looking more like, 3 mil meseta JUST to get to 10. If your lucky. Hold on to your synthesizers.. they will liekly spike in price after this update ^^b
      PPl are gonna want that 60%? element bonus. And i'm also guessingit's affix cost will be in he millions as well.
      HOld on to your money, grinders, risk reducers, succces grind ^^b
      Good luck to All Anyways ^^b Teamwork and variety of classes / Wep types is key o winning ultimate ^^n

    3. 50% element, weapon till *12 now have only 50 element max, its mean 50% bonus damage, and if its element appropriate with mob weakness, you can get 20%more element damage

    4. Element has always given a boost to damage regardless of enemy weakness, and an additional bonus for using weak elements. that's half the reason I don't use 12* weapons, unless RNGesus loves you, you'll never get its nomimal power boost over an 11* to actually average out in most cases.

      On a sidenote, none of the pics show 13* weapons as even having an element. seeing as all rares come with elements now, That's either a bad placeholder pic or 13* weaps wont have element due to rarity issues and the fact that their base stats are equal or very slightly lower than current 11-12* equips.

    5. Well, bear in mind that we're talking about the rarest weapons in the game. Unless you're on a lucky streak, you'll be praying to the random number gods for Attribute Grinding fodder.

    6. yea. you are correct ^^ alsop same for XH eqs. thy adjusted Hp to reflect a 12 pwerson MPA. alsop , Just in case ppl are confused, Extra hard is ONLY for eqs atm. bc of the drastic changes to gameplay sega is gonna be testing it out in eqs for now. so no free explore maps in XH (atm) srry guys!

  3. I can't wait to get some St.Fever for my bow and to add slots to a assault rifle that I want to affix and sale.

  4. Ah I thought there was something wrong with the Tweaker when I couldn't run the game. Glad to know it's just maintenance doing its thing.

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