Ultimate Quests and YuruYuri are Coming to Phantasy Star Online 2


~ November 19th Update ~

Post Updates

  • Added Boss Notes
  • Added Ultimate Quest Notes
  • Added other skills.
  • Added 13 star weapon names and a tidbit about them.
  • Changed the boss to Diabo Igrissith, since its name was split on two lines. 

Ultimate Quests are highly difficult quests that can be accessed by twelve players. They must work together as much as they can, because their failure to cooperate may lead to their demise.

Ultimate Quest Notes

  • Level 70+ players can access this quest!
  • The quest is only one area and needs 2,000 Pts to clear.
  • You can select to go to the location where many players have gathered.
  • The enemies are "World Destroyed" types, making potentials like "Native Hunter" invalid.
  • Weapons that drop in [Extra Hard] difficulty will have a new special ability that increases damage towards this enemy type.
  • There are new infection cores that strengthens the enemies.
  • Unlike SH infection cores, they don't have an elemental weakness and can be destroyed.


Warp down and assemble to face an onslaught of Lv. 80 enemies designed in peculiar ways we haven't seen before.


Anga Fandarge: This powerful enemy performs various attacks and has the ability to strengthen enemies nearby.

Boss Notes

  • It's a learning type boss that changes its attack pattern and applies resistances against attacks.
  • The resistances it applies can be weapon types and technic elements.
  • Destroy the 6 orbs to attack its weakpoint.
  • Bring along as many weapon types as you can to circumvent the resistances.


Diabo Igrissith: This gigantic feathered fiend can swiftly rise up and swoop down on the players below. Those at a distance should be on the lookout for its fire breath and flame pillars.


The weapon rarity goes even higher, with the introduction of 13★ rainbow colored drops. According to Famitsu, the Helix photon blast is the motif for the Ares Boots, and the talis is said to have the theme of the Ketos photon blast.


13 star bind

13★ weapons require a new type of Grinder. This "Lambda Grinder" is available through Zieg's Exchange Shop and the Excube Exchange Counter. Please be aware that grinding 13★ weapons will bind them to owner.


Ultimate Quests also have 12★ weapons, some of which appeared in previous Phantasy Star games.


New Difficulty: Extra Hard

Elder level 80

Available to players level 70+, Extra Hard kicks off its first round of quests by covering "Urban Recovery," "Raging Dark Arms," and "Utterly Profound." Weapons in this difficulty may drop with a new special ability called "Ultimate Buster." This ability grants bonus damage towards enemies that appear in Ultimate Quests.


More 12★ weapons will be available in this difficulty, with some based on Blitz Fender, Ophidian Medusa, and Hollow Gimlet.


Level 75 Cap

Hu Excubes

The level cap will be raised to 75, with the subclass EXP cap at level 55! Having enough EXP to 'level up' in this cap will grant you with new types of EXCubes pertaining to your class. These class based EXCubes are used to acquire skill point rewards from class trainer NPCs like Risa, Marlu, or Ohza.


New Photon Arts and Technics

New photon arts are available for Swords, Knuckles, Launchers, Bullet Bows, and Jet Boots. Furthermore, you can acquire Lv. 17 disks for existing Photon Arts and Technics.

※Name suggestions welcome.


The most interesting of them all is "Zandion," a new technic composed of two elements, wind and lightning. It is available to Forces and Techers who equip a Talis, Rod, or Wand. Similar to a Photon Blast, it is placed on the sub-palette, and can be activated once the gauge is full. Speak to Klariskrays in the lobby, and clear her client order to acquire this awesome new technic!

  • Klariskrays' client order is available to Forces and Techers at level 70+.
  • Episode 3's Matterboard must be selected to receive this Client Order.


New Class Skills

Reverser Field

An assortment of new skills are available for each class. Some of them include:

All Guard (Hunter)

  • Guard in all directions with Swords, Partisans, and Wired Lances.
  • Main Class Only

Guard Stance Advance (Hunter)

  • Performing a Just Guard during Guard Stance increases power for a limited time.
  • Main Class Only

T-Dagger Spin Move (Fighter)

  • Makes it possible to move in any direction while spinning with Twin Daggers.

D Saber Wind Parrying (Fighter)

  • Just Guards can be performed the instant the Double Saber whirlwind appears.

Knuckle Gear Boost (Fighter)

  • Knuckle Gear Gauge increase doubled.

Moving Snipe (Ranger)

  • Increases damage while moving and shooting.

Dive-Roll Shoot (Ranger / Gunner)

  • Makes it possible to do an attack during a dive roll.

One More Time

  • Reactivates Showtime, one more time, if you do not receive damage until the Showtime effect is over.

Rod Keep Bonus (Force)

  • Available for Rods.
  • The technic preserved by a Charge Escape can be used without consuming PP.

Reverse Bonus (Techer)

  • Applies your Shifta/Deband technic level to the players you revived.

Reverser Field (Techer)

  • Produces a field to revive allies nearby.
  • Main Class Only

Snatch JA Combo (Braver)

  • Just Attacks can be performed during the Snatch Step.

Quick Mate (Braver)

  • Speeds up monomate/dimate/trimates.

Break S D Bonus (Bouncer)

  • Dual Blades Only
  • Main Class Only
  • A portion of the Break Stance effect becomes valid towards nonbreakable parts.
  • (Shougai calculated this to be +15%)
  • Doesn't apply to [Break Stance Up] nor [Rending Stance] nor [Soul Rending Stance]

Field Remain (Bouncer)

  • Pertains to the effects of support fields.
  • The effect will remain for a short while even when leaving the range of the caster's field.
  • The caster must have acquired this skill.






Crafting Update

Craft Recipe

Units will have access to recipes that specialize in either HP, PP, or elemental resistances. In addition, timed abilities can be created with effects working in Ultimate Quests.


Zieg COs

You've ignored him for years, but now he has a new purpose. Zieg will finally hand out client orders and open up a new shop. The client order rewards can be traded in for items at his shop.


This is just a sampling of the new 11★ items available at Zieg's Shop!


Bring the cool-times down even further with the new "Builder 4" room items. Craft Console 2 and Craft Board 2 are also available.



New Features and Adjustments

Accessory Change Outside

A new feature will allow you to change accessories outside of the Beauty Salon.


5 Fodders PSo2

When affixing abilities, you can now select up to 5 items as materials. You can even select materials that have a higher number of abilities than the base item.


GJ Notification

Receiving a Good Job with a comment attached will activate the notification icon in the Main Menu.


Multi Party Players

Two new entries will now display in the Communication History window:

  • Good Jobs without Comments
  • Multi-party Players


Friend List Groups

Friends can be sorted in 5 different groups in the Friends List.


Incapacitation Icon

An icon will display on the map whenever players are incapacitated.


Revive others FUN

Players can also receive FUN by reviving other players with Moon Atomizers or Cosmo Atomizers.


Notifications for the Partner Character's Affection Rating Present

  • When you can receive a present from a Partner Character, a "Present" icon will display overhead.

PS Vita Rear Touch Pad Function

  • Control functions can be assigned to the right/left regions of the rear touch pad.
  • However, actions which require long presses (like the charging of PAs and Technics) cannot be performed.

Automatic Acquirement of Extreme Passes

  • Characters can automatically receive Extreme Passes upon logging in.

7 ~ 9★ Weapon/Unit Binding Abolishment

  • 7 ~ 9★ weapons/units will no longer bind on equip.
  • Owner registrations will not be removed for items already bound.

Preview Window Improvements

  • In the Preview Window, if you're unable to equip the selected item, the window will automatically show a character that can model it for you.

Emergency Trial Reward Adjustments

  • Items received as rewards from Emergency Trials, may now come attached with several abilities.


Yuttari Recreation Scratch

YuruYuri Room Items

This scratch features a collaboration with YuruYuri! Dress up as your favorite character with a selection of Amusement Club hairstyles, Nanamori Summer/Winter costumes, Majokko Mirakurun accessories, and a mag device mimicking the Odango hair. In addition, the ARKS Duffle costumes will arrive just in time for winter.



アークスダッフルF (ARKS Duffle F)
アークスダッフルM (ARKS Duffle M)
GH440 Costume
GH440オッソリア (GH440 Ossoria)




Unrelated Things

New Opening Part 3 4 Opening

A glimpse at the new opening, coming soon!

65 thoughts to “Ultimate Quests and YuruYuri are Coming to Phantasy Star Online 2”

  1. restriction on taking the CO for zandeon may be a bit of an irritant. tch… hopefully they'll be adjusting the EXP curve a bit anyway.

    do the jp players even use the comment field on GJs for anything you'd have a reason to read? seems like a needless adjustment, hopefully an option can be set to not notify; I don't really need twelve+ notifications because people pasted emoticons in for more FUN after each round of base defense..

    as for the preview window thing… I can see doing that in RE: fleshie clothes versus cast parts/heads/etc, but gear wise… they might as well just let it preview things regardless of class. here they are complaining about server load and stealing away freepartners over it, and they're gonna do this, which will probably have the server load up every character/support partner on an account whenever anyone searches the shops. /swt

    not needing to go to este to change accessories is a nice thing, though it begs the question of why they don't let us switch other stuff like hairstyles and bodypaint outside the este.
    I wouldn't even care about the latter, if stockings/gloves/etc weren't "bodypaint". they really should be seperate anyway; why should a duman have to lose their markings to put on gloves?

    HP/PP centered craft recipes… the chance to extend my dot-C units without losing the main reason I'm using them is worth a grin.

    aaand hopefully the "select materials with more abilities than the base item" thing will let us start forcing slots in from a 0s item. getting that awesome 11* you were after, after a couple months of soul-crushing grind, only to have no abilities at all on it so you can't trick it out any is really irritating.
    while they're at it they should change element upgrading so you only need a weapon of the same class and rarity, instead of the exact same weapon. some things are no fun at all to try to get doubles of, whether just for wanting that 50 element, or wanting a different element.

    and while I'm dreaming I want to be able to turn weapons and units into camos. sega doesn't make enough actually good looking weapon camos for a lot of classes. most of them are joke weapon things. :/

    1. Sorry if that part wasn't clear, but the preview window is just going to show a character that models the item for you, which we can presume is most likely a default character. I have changed the wording on that to avoid further confusion.

    2. that may keep the load down, but it defeats the purpose of the preview in the first place, because you're not looking to find out how things look on generic character A, you're trying to see how they look on -your- character.

    3. I'm assuming that it is mostly for seeing clothes/parts and accessories that your current character can't use. There have been times where I have been searching in a shop on my newearl and have seen a part for a caseal that I would like to actually see without having to switch over to my own caseal and interrupt whatever search I was doing in the first place.

    4. I'll often be on my female and see a male clothing and want to see the color options but I can't even view them without transferring characters. It can be a bit annoying; being able to view them flat out is a definite plus.

    5. I agree, sometimes we just want to see what the thing looks like regardless of the body type, because the icon is so darned small, especially for cast parts.

    6. The slot thing and weapon element grinding already work that way. You can force slots to 0s weapons and element grind a weapon with any weapon of the same category and rarity.

    7. Umm… how often do you even try grinding and affixing? Since I've started playing (Oct. 2012-ish), if a weapon/unit has 0 slots, you can still try to affix with the extra slot being available, and you can use fodder with any number of affixes for that. Now the attribute grinding using another weapon as long as it is the same type and rarity is more recent, but I'm pretty sure it was part of Episode 2's many updates; using identical weapons just gives you a higher boost per attribute grind.

  2. I thought Guner was supposed to get fhe One More Time skill with this update. Was that cancelled or something?

  3. The Ultimate quest feld on map looks promising, yet little bit gloomy, and the game starting to have too much gloomy fields imo. Both the new rifles look sexy thou, and its nice sega started making weapons that look like weapons for once. (and yes there are exceptions where some old weapons look like weapons, but most of them….=/)

    1. Well for me I'm liking the gloomy atmosphere, to me it feels as though we are moving closer to witnessing the reincarnation of the Profound Darkness which I hope happens at the end game.

  4. Am I the only one who saw that the 13star at +0 has 1083 satk, and that the strongest 12star sword has only 584 satk at +0?!?

    1. A lot of people have noticed it on PSO-W, idk here, but wow, it's amazing, i just wonder how much it will be for 13* jetboots ! :O

      It's just amazing, but maybe they have the % of 1-3* weapons ? Because 1083 as base is really too much. :/
      +They require "Lambda Grinders" and not "Grinders".

    2. the limited ability to get lambda grinders and the high cost per grind attempt, combined with the inevitable doudou trolling, plus the likelyhood of those weapons being as rare as, if not rarer than, things like ely sion, psychowand, and similar, gives me the impression that you probably won't have to worry too much about rooms full of people with 2k+ attack weapons for a while.

      sega seems to love that kind of "carrot on a stick", the super awesome items that will, for 90% of players, never ever drop, even with a serverside drop+100, a triboost 100, a drop250, concert boost, 30% dailyboost, luckyrise 3, temptation, and mr bowan's +300% boost.

      if we're lucky, by the time things like these 13* items become semi-common there'll be 15* stuff around anyway and crafting will have caught up.

    3. It also has no element. Since element adds to a weapon's effective ATK, this could mean the actual ATK is not actually that much higher than 12*s.

      Still remains to be seen if they always have no element, though.

    4. Even if there's no elements, with that much attack it's almost the same as having a weapon with almighty properties. No need to grind hard to get rainbow set for max damage output,

    5. Not necessarily. Potentials add a lot of damage too, and the upcoming 12*s will probably be better than the current ones by a large margin. Element is also extremely significant for Force, Techer, and Bouncer, so if 13*s universally lack an element, those classes would actually be better off with 10-12*s.

      Of course, there simply isn't enough information to make any calls on this yet. 13*s could simply be phantasmally rare with no other drawbacks.

  5. So, I was STOKED to see the affixing adjustment.

    …until I looked at the price.
    They were affixing low rarity weapons onto a low rarity item (3*).
    The price went from 7,900 meseta to 184,320.

    Granted, it will likely be better this way to ensure higher success, but still. My wallet hurts already.

    1. That's a 197% mockup.. If it follows this trend, an 11* affix would cost 1,964,250? Ouchie!

    2. let's keep those Fever affixes from event Rappies and overprice them when the patch comes out 😀

  6. "Having enough EXP to ‘level up’ in this cap will grant you with new types of EXCubes pertaining to your class. These class based EXCubes are used to acquire skill point rewards from class trainer NPCs like Risa, Marlu, or Ohza"

    Am i the only one who thought "unlimited skill points! *.*" ? Do we have any informations on it? Like hom much Excubes needed for 1 SP? Or is there a limit of added points?

    Anyways, awsome update 😀

    1. If that's actually what's coming, that would be amazing. However, I doubt they'd give you a method to have unlimited SP.

      It would be nice to get an extra 5SP like we did at 30 and 45.

    2. Am i the only one worried these xcubes wont be tradeable in the normal xcube shop? Its sega we're talking about….

    3. I'm guessing the cubes are ONLY from levels 71, 72, 73, 74, 75.. So I'm thinking THOSE excubes will be for the certain COs only.. I haven't seen any signs to indicate that normal excubes will no longer be given for getting a level cap bonus.

      If that's the case, it's for the best not to trade them there. haha

    1. Weapon Potentials for two particular Dual Blades (the latter being a 12-Star DB). They increase Break Stance's effect parameters.

  7. One thing bug´s me still. The dumbing down of basic things. The current pick a relevant orders for quest window at counter. Future auto-distribution of Xpasses, accesory managemant outside salon. When Sega turned to Blizzard? PS- series have only two selling points action/skill based combat. And immersion level. Even if old games PSO/PSU have these shortcuts too, they have them cleverly hidden in plain sight, but now with all these things since casual3 i mean episode3, these "shortcuts" are trown onto players every time, telling them see, you dont need to exit gate lobby, we will do all for you nice and easy. Where is the immersion, remember all those hours in PSU lobby, and on planet plaza. Dint see any pop up "Here list of Order you may take out there". And before ep 3 here too, you needed to do your chores, visit places talk to ppl alive and npc. So why all this now? Did someone seriously ask for this? Or is it just some fail marketing turn, cause its popular in certain outdated game nobody is caring any more?? And what is next 1,2,3, hotkey macro in combat(aka "see you dont need to fight, we do it for you")? Sorry for the rant, wasnt expecting to unload so much steam, sorry…

    1. What do you mean "dumbing down of basic things"? It's called convenience and time effieciency. Why waste one hour to visit all the npcs to try to find relevant quests when you can just do it in a few seconds?

      immersion? What is that? It's still the same thing. You still do all of the things you want. You can still:
      "visit places talk to ppl alive and npc",
      "exit gate lobby",
      " accesory managemant 'inside' salon",
      etc etc….

      Your whole "rant" is idiotic and cancerous along with the reasons for it which gets worse by the end of your childish rant…

    2. You aren't supposed to do any "chores" in the game. They narrow down any routine that is detracting from gameplay into a chore. NPC communication isn't the core of the gameplay, its a building up management clutter that grows with the increase in the number of activities. Back then you didn't get anything for logging in, today its stamps, XQ pass and casino pass, then you'd go to check daily orders, daily crafting, support partner report, field of the day and possibly also bingo and tournament. Nothing of that was there initially.

      To be fair, lobby really loses its utility when people in it only circulate between a few NPCs, but its not an issue easy to solve anywhere. Players today jump do a shortcut to excube exchange npc by jumping between Franka and Lottie because they want to trade in 10stars, not because of immersive hook through the center of the lobby. They do it in the game, because they would do it in reality. Developers "dumb it down", because players want it.

    3. I agree with the others, it's all just for convenience and helps the game not be a chore. Most people just want to get things done quicker, especially if they have work/school. It's not a matter of being a hardcore or casual player, just about everyone wants it.

      I'm super glad for the accessory thing, because it takes ages to enter/exit the salon. Why shouldn't we be able to put on a hair-clip without visiting a salon? It makes more sense to be able to put it on ourselves without having to wait ages going through loading screens. If anything, the loading screens break the immersion more than any shortcut can. I have to leave friends for a good minute or so just to put on the said hair-clip. >.<

      If you really want immersion, then that is what the story quests/matter board is good for… You can also consider "role play" for an immersive experience with others(if you can find others wiling to, some games do have teams specifically for RPing).
      There are always people in the lobby who like to just hangout as well(and if you're on ship 2, surely there are English players doing this too).

      I think if they improved rooms(more furniture, design options, interactive stuff, etc), that could help with immersion too… though I don't expect them to do it.

    4. Would be fun if u can macro not just costumes but costume+accessory change as well. Imagine being able to do a full costume change mid skill XD

    5. Oh god, that would be hell awesome,
      like :
      >use a stylish PA
      >change into a speedo + horsehead acc
      >doing PA half-naked

    6. Wow nice logic… we should definitely go back to episode 2 where only some classes are strong…….

  8. Dimension Shot maybe for the Bow PA or at least Dimension something since it does sorta look like you are sending the shots to another dimension for later use. Maybe for the Launcher PA Impulse Cannon.

    1. If you hover over the photon arts, you'll see their names. If you're on mobile, you have to sort of long tap. Name suggestion is for the Jet Boots PA.

    2. Maybe change Gender Pirate to Gentle Pirate too?
      Like Gentlemen gentle?

      Also yeah, Seeker sounds more agreeable.

      Typos from Sega…..*sigh*

    3. I still think there might be a better name than "sphere eraser", I know messing around in google let me change the last word to "Razer" (or "Lazer") but I couldn't do anything with the rest of the name before that, at least I couldn't arrange it to anything that seemed to make sense.

  9. Question : 15% of break stance bonus will be applied to non breakable parts ok?
    But what about Break S Critical? Will it work too on non breakable stuff ?

    In my opinion (and logically), i think it won't be added.
    So…. will it be useful to take the stance if you are someone who don't use it?

    1. If you're using the blades, it's definitely worthwhile. That stance was geared towards blade use, so getting that 15% universal damage would be good.

  10. Seriously started drooling over the awesome updates coming up. Can't wait til next week's maintenance now….. Is that a bad thing?

    1. Not particularly, I've literally been counting down the days in the status of some of my online accounts. (Causing some people to question why I was counting down of course…)

  11. Hmm. イグナイトパリング sounds more like "Ignite Paring" than Parrying to me. For the confusing jet boots one, ヴィントジーカー… First of all, I'm not so sure that the first part is "Wind". The dragonkin monster ウィンディラ uses ウィ to make the "wi" sound, and it's obvious they're referring to "wind" in it's name. ヴィ is "vi". Vintoji-ka-. Vent? Vent checker? Vent cigar? Lol, I really don't know, just wanted to point out the "vi" thing, though "wind" would make more sense jet-boots-wise.

    Gigue is ジーグ in Japanese anyway. <.< Seems to mean something similar to "jig" which is ジグ.

    1. just thought id add my opinion on the jetboot pa. vintojika? vinto is wind in german (vint) and jika is actualy th z-car x3 Zcar-zero ^^ google it 😛 wind z-car! haha. seems likely its vinto seeker, or sheeker/shirker. bc jp love using german words lol

    2. Mm yeah that is completely possible. Just weird that every other instance of wind is in English, but meh.

  12. This just further makes me want this game to see a US release or a lot better English patch, my favorite anime of all time mixed with ny favorite game of all time…seriously Sega….you know how to punch people where it counts.

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