PSO2 Live Broadcast #37 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Post Livestream Update

  • Added tidbits to most Episode 4 sections and added more slides.
  • Added Magazine Item Codes.
  • Clarified BGM tidbit for Tokyo. 
  • Added tidbit on Egg Synthesis.
  • Added Caramel Cubes.


Secret Phrase December

Secret Phrase

  • Say よいおとしたろう in chat to receive these lovely mats to add to your room:
    • Dudu Mat
    • Monica Mat
    • 2016 FUN Ticket
  • The phrase must be said at some point in time, as long as it is done before maintenance on January 6th.
  • The prizes will be distributed at a later date.


EQ Boost Poll 1223

EQ Boost Poll

  • Progeny of the Apocalypse! (+200% Rare Drop / EXP Boost)
  • Get a 10% Live Boost for attending the ARKS Dance Festival!
  • December 23rd @ 22:00 JST after the ARKS Dance Festival event.



new year 2016 revival

January Update

  • New Year's Lobby and Nyau
  • New Year's Revival Scratch at Midnight


Shining Live Jan

January Update

  • Shining Live Encore (AC Scratch)
  • Costumes, hairstyles, and accessories from Excela, Kirika, Jenius, Zest, and Sonia.
  • Weapon Camos and Room Items too!


Solo Extreme

January Update

  • A solo Extreme Quest with only 10 Stages.
  • Complete the final stage to get "Ace of Class" stickers.
  • Earn various rewards like Torana fragments, Photon Boosters, and Lambda Grinders.
  • You can even earn Nero fragments as a Title reward.


PSO2es Huge Update

PSO2es Update

  • PSO2es updated today with a brand new story and main character!
    • Jeané (Sora Amamiya)
    • More (Tomoko Kaneda)
    • Zackard (Hikaru Midorikawa)
    • Seraphy (Eri Kitamura)
    • Details here!


PSO2es January Update

PSO2es January Update

  • You can make Weaponoids you've acquired show up in the lobby.
  • Weaponoids will have voices that can be heard in the lobby or in battle.
  • PSO2es Linked Storage.
  • PSO2es will also support new features implemented in PSO2's Episode 4.


Yamigaras Chips Too

PSO2es Updates (Late December ~ Early January)

  • New ★12 "Yamigaras" Weaponoid chip.
  • Christmas and New Years limited chips.


Dengeki Bazooka Collab

Dengeki Bazooka Collaboration

  • The March Issue of Dengeki Bazooka will contain an item code for a Ketsukacchin Mag device.
  • This issue goes on sale January 21st, 2016.



Hello Kitty Collab

PSO2 x Hello Kitty Collaboration

  • The final Phantasy Star Festa in March will release item codes for a Hello Kitty themed outfit, sticker, accessory, and room item.
  • Unfortunately these items will have trade restrictions imposed on them.


PSO2 Original Soundrack

PSO2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 4 Announced!

  • The soundtrack goes on sale March 2016!
  • The soundtrack will be compiled on 4 CDs and will also contain item codes.


Episode 4 Launch

Episode 4 Launch

  • Episode 4 launches after maintenance on January 27th, 2016!



Summoner Baton

Reborn Episode 4

  • New Class: Summoner!
  • You can give instructions to your pets with the Takuto (Baton).
  • This [new experience] lets you raise pets to fight enemies.

Summoner Skills

  • "Pet Switch Strike" and "Pet Switch Shoot" are shown near the top of the skill tree.  Other skills include "Support Fire," "Pet Element Weak Hit," "PB Advance" and "Subclass Grow Up."



Reborn: Episode 4

The First Three Pets

  • The All Mighty "Wanda"
    • The very first pet you'll obtain.
    • Known as the All Rounder.
    • Good Attacking Range + High Vitality.
  • "Torim" who's effective against bosses.
    • Swift + High Attack Power + Low Range.
    • Has Low Vitality.
  • "Cery" who excels at support.
    • High PP Recovery + Gathers enemies together.
    • Restores HP of other pets.


Pet Raising

Reborn: Episode 4

  • After obtaining an egg, you can name your pet, and raise it
  • ?Special Eggs can be identified at the Shop.
  • You can level up the pet through combining eggs.  (It is similar to feeding a Mag, except you're technically performing a Synthesis of the Egg with the Pet.)
    • There's a cooldown system in place when performing this action.
    • (This cooldown works in a similar way to the one that prevents you from overfeeding a mag.)
    • You can use AC items to decrease the cooldown timers.
  • You can strengthen a pet's rarity at the Pet Lab.
  • You can arrange candy in the Candy Box to customize the pet's abilities.
  • You can shrink the candy even more to make room for more abilities. (Think Megaman Battle Network).
    • There is a success rate attached to the process of shrinking.
  • Certain areas on the Candy Box are inaccessible due to cubes blocking you from placing candy on top of them.
    • Some of these cubes can be removed with "Caramel Crushers."



Layered Wear

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Added new skills to all existing classes.
  • Counter Staff and NPC renewal.
  • Tutorial renewal, made it more gentle.
  • My Set increased to 12 slots.
  • You will now have 3 free character slots.
  • You can now have a maximum of 20 characters.
  • You can quickly transport over to the Beauty Salon through the Quick Menu.
  • Newly added tickets will have the "new symbol" mark on the icons of accessories, etc.
  • You can now change your body paint and hairstyles no matter where you are.
  • Similar to "My Set", the new "My Fashion" feature lets you save up to 10 different ensembles that you can switch to on the fly.
  • Layered Wear
    • New outfits can come with 3 types of layering.
      • (Innerwear / Basewear  / Outerwear)
    • Utilize the three types to create a stylish combination.
    • All races receive inner/basewear defaults.
    • You can set the Innerwear beneath the body paint.
    • Innerwear and Basewear are registration types in the same way accessories are handled.
    • Outerwear is treated like a costume, and are color changeable.


Closed Beta PS4

PlayStation 4 Service

  • Closed Beta Test launches late February.
  • PlayStation Plus membership is not required.
  • The PlayStation 4 version plans to officially launch in Spring.


New Planet Earth

Reborn: Episode 4

  • New Planet: Earth!
  • The stage takes place in Japan in the year 2028!
  • BGM changes at day and night. BGM also has lyrics.


New Enemy

Reborn: Episode 4

  • New Enemy Type: Phantom!
    • The embodiment of people's fears and imaginations.
  • Enemies include form shifting animals.
  • Encounter the T-REX and missile launching tanks!
  • Witness the Attack Helicopter as it launches an assault against the ARKS.


Tokyo Earth

Reborn: Episode 4

  • New Field: [Tokyo]!
  • Run through the city at high speeds with "Dash Panels."
  • Replenish the Energy and try to defeat the Phantoms in time!
  • Destroy the Phantom Cars driving recklessly.

Train Gidran slide

Reborn: Episode 4

  • New Boss: Train Ghidoran
  • A train that forms a 3 headed dragon.



PSO2 Episode 4

Reborn: Episode 4

  • EP4 takes place two years after the end of Episode 3.
  • After the update, all players can choose to start from Episode 4
  • From the character selection screen you can choose Episode 4 or Episode 1 ~ 3.
  • New Area revealed: The Bridge!


Story Board

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Introducing, "Sierra," an operator exclusively for the player character.
  • Progress through the story using the "Story Board."


New Characters EP4

Reborn: Episode 4

  • In Episode 4, we finally get to see "earthlings."
    • High school students Hitsugi and Koori, and the mysterious boy, Al.
    • Hitsugi is voiced by Risa Taneda.
    • Koori is voiced by Aya Suzaki.
    • Al is voiced by Aki Toyosaki.


Episode 4 Tier 6

Reborn: Episode 4

  • [Episode 4: Character Creation Demo] announced!
  • See how your PC handles [Tier 6] graphics settings.


PSO2 Dengeki Famitsu item codes

Dengeki and Famitsu Item Codes

  • Purchase the 2/10 Issue of Famitsu Weekly to receive a fan Baton Camo:
    • *奏従扇 (Magazine goes on sale January 28th)
    • Stamina Cookie (1×1)
  • Purchase Dengeki Playstation Vol. 606 to receive a different camo.
    • *アークフォン (Magazine goes on sale January 14th)
    • Spirita Cookie (1×1)



PSO2 Roadmap Ep4

PSO2 Episode 4 Roadmap

2016 Winter

  • New Class "Summoner"
  • New Weapon Category "Baton"
  • Added 3 Types of Pets
  • Planet Earth receives its first field "Tokyo"
  • Many new enemies.
  • New Boss: Train Ghidoran
  • New System "Layered Wear"
  • New System "Story Board"
  • Added EP4 Chapter 1 Story Quest
  • PS Festa 2016 Online
  • Two kinds of Limited Quests
  • Added "Story Board" events

PlayStation 4 Closed Beta Test

Early Spring 2016

  • The arrival of an "entirely new" system
  • New Equipment Category
  • New area to the lobby added.
  • New NPCs added.
  • Story Board Event added.
  • EP4: Chapter 2 added.
  • Another Ship Competition.

PlayStation 4 Service Launches

Late Spring 2016

  • Tier 6 Graphics setting added.
  • New contents for beginners.
  • New 12 player boss battle.
  • New NPCs added.
  • New Story Board Event added.
  • Added EP4 Chapter 3.



36 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #37 Recap”

  1. God, if I was drinking anything when I saw the announcement about Earth, I would've either choked or done a spit take. Also, SU for worst subclass? Cold Sleep Capsules making their main game debut is also a really nice touch.

    1. Summoner is not meant to be a subclass. Neither are braver or bouncer. You should not think of them as such.

    2. I think you must be one of those players who thinks that the only subclass is hunter and end of story.

  2. If I read this road map properly, then I have a feeling people are going to miss Suganuma and the whole era of Ep3.

    1. and what praytell do you think you see on the roadmap that makes you think people are going to be missing "collabo, stones, and scheduling star online 2"? 😛

    2. Having a whole new story board every two months should do the trick. People with less perforated memory don't need a refresher, but Ep3 had two ultimate fields, two challenge quests, level ramp up and 3 fields. Its something you're not getting anytime soon, unless roadmap omits any sort of progression clues, which is unlikely since they got enough space to write in "new NPC character" in each block too.

      Oh boy I sure not going to miss any sort of content anytime, just for the sake it doesn't add stones or scheduled quests.

    3. …are you for real? no seriously. are you like. really assuming there is "no content" because the roadmap is outlining… the addition of content? what in the nine hells is wrong with you.

      and are you seriously suprised that every second box isn't LEVEL CAP INCREASE YAAY? did you miss the past four+ months of ep3 where they scrambled to add "progression" that didn't include level cap increases? it sounds like -you- are the one with "perforated memory".
      one of those two "new directors" was doing the balancing crap on ep3, apparently. expect more of the same.

      but no, forget all that, you're judging the year's worth of content based on a season and a half worth of roadmap wherein they're also splitting their focus getting the PS4 client going. clearly you're some kind of magical sage who sees the future. go join maenara in trashing your account and quitting, already.

    4. No, I'm not exactly real. I just remembered how someone spazzed out like that about ep2 introduction, but now people are too busy committing sudoku over summoner and tokyo theme to notice their usual stuff.
      I also found funny that people momentarily switched from "lmao no drops rares literally dont exist" to bashing stone exchange that actually allowed them to get anything at all. And with more various item access they just got more angry.

      Since we obviously didn't need any progression other than getting more extra percentage and stats out of nowhere to melt XH even harder than SH, then I hope that at least new story system is interesting enough.

  3. Earth huh, …did the whole planet become infected by a zombie plague? Those bears look like they came out of resident evil.

    1. why do you presume that absolutely everyone from ep1~3 is going to suddenly and unceremoniously die in the two year gap between 3-8 and ep4?

    2. Well, it says "Reborn". It could mean that it's a whole new story line and our current character is a new born arks or something like that. I'm not saying that they're gone or dead, I meant that they might not be main characters of the new arc. I could be wrong though, we'll see.

    3. Or else, everyone is still alive and with the player and "Reborn" just means "New things oh and Matoi have a new weapon so she reborns to a new story of her life"

      … Well I'm a fan of her too and I'm curious about what is supposed to happen in two full years. But I guess the Arks Lobby will still be here because it's just a Planet like an other so we'll have missions and story here and that's all. In the worst case I'll continue player as Ep 1-3 outside of the Story and that's all haha.

      Oh, uh… Hello Kitty collab?!

  4. Any word on how to get into PS4 Closed Beta?

    Also the road map means 2016 December as in Jan/Feb, right? When I first looked at it I was thinking 2016 December.

  5. The boss is most likely "Train Ghidoran", to match recurring Godzilla (and Mothra and etc) monster "King Ghidorah".

    It's a bit of a recurring theme, someone at Sega loves them some kaiju movies.

    1. Just so I have a place to keep speculation so I don't forget…

      Summoner is an All-Rounder class. It gains equally in every stat, both ATK and DEF-wise, and is Strike/Range/Tech.
      Pets have Stamina, which determines how much damage they can take, and their own stats scale to yours.
      Switch skills exist to change your pets' attack patterns.
      Pets have a "bond" stat known as Sympathy that certain skills exist to boost.
      It's also an "anti-Subclass", as it exists to be mained to make subs grow faster.

  6. Oh my dear revival scratch… please have Genshou Tights present! Just the thought of paying 18mil+ for some is outrageous! .-.

    1. Hold on, no one is complaining, do not make assumptions as that will lead you nowhere. Saving up the meseta may as well be easy for you, but it isn't for me since the good amount of time I use to have to play this game has been cut in half by a fairly large amount due to real life reasons.

  7. Well, anyway, just tried the new Mining Base: Demise twice. It's pretty cool and it's nice to fight in something different that the Desert everytime. I don't remember if it's Pre-sheduled only or not but I don't hope it is.

    Anyway, merry Christmas Eve everyone :).

  8. Finally a summoner classes as I was expecting. Still no beast race would have been a nice time to add as well as whip weapons but oh well. I really hope my CAST will be able to wear body paint now.

    1. Don't worry about it being 2016 Winter, it's just a bit of a rollover. Winter, in this case is (the upcoming) January and February, not December 2016.

    2. well winter is technically 3 months and a half. so im not sure how you saw it as December 2016. plus the update is actually January 2016, which is Winter 2016.

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