PSO2 Live Broadcast #44 Recap

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Mario Phrase

Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase まりおたろう in the game's chat to receive the following items at the Visiphone:

  • Casino Coin Pass x5
  • Lobby Actions: Drunkard, Ichitaro 4, and Enomoto 4.

The phrase can be said at any time as long as it is done before July 27th's maintenance.


EQ Boost Pll july 17

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Perennial Apocalypse
  • July 17th @ 23:30 after the Arks Dance Festival
  • +150% EXP and Rare Drop Boost
  • +10% Live Boost if you attend the dance event.



Godzilla Collab

Godzilla Collaboration

  • Godzilla Lobby (8/10 ~ 9/7)
  • Godzilla Suit (Late August)
  • Evolution Device / Mini Godzilla


new ranking

Mid August Update

  • New Ranking System "ARKS League"
  • Aim for the top within a 20 person group.
  • Raise your score within a certain period of time under a specific theme.
  • Rank high for Star Gem ticket rewards!


Star Gem Rere

Early August Update

  • Recycle your SG Scratch items for other SG Scratch items!
  • You can have up to 5 Collection Files if you are a premium set user.
  • Many new chat commands!
    • My Fashion chat commands!
    • Change facial expression chat commands!


Xiera Chronicle

Early August Update

  • Quickly transfer away from the Bridge to see the Event Chronicle.
  • Made it easier to identify the enemy spawning locations.
  • See Pet personality effects on the first page.
  • More Weaponoid potentials added.


Seaside vacance

Early August Update

  • New AC Scratch: Seaside Vacation
  • Summer layered wear outfits
  • Bikini layered wear!
  • Dolphin accessories and LIVE style Lobby Actions in the Bonus Scratch


Earth Guide

Early August Update

  • Enga will show up on the Bridge.
  • Meet "Ardem" the leader of the "Earth Guides." (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)
  • Mother Cluster Apostle of Fire, "Phaleg" (CV: Yūko Minaguchi)
  • "Earth Guides" will appear in [Unite] Emergency Trials.



Story Las Vegas

Mid August Update

  • The Las Vegas field will appear in the Story first.
  • "Devil's Trailer" makes its entrance as the boss.
  • Many new Phantoms will show up in America.


Welcome Arks Event

Early August Update

  • Earth Ambassador "Sachiko Kobayashi" will appear in a new live stage event.
  • Observe the lyrics created solely by active PSO2 player, Beat Mario.


kid and Silva

Late August Update

  • Kid and Silva will appear in the Lobby (~9/21)
  • Let's clear their Client Orders!
  • This time, aside from just their partner cards, you can also obtain their favorite weapons.
  • You can even change their Photon Colors!



Late August Update

  • Get ready for Shinkurō, the Kitsune pet.
  • Its power and range increases when you combo different PAs.
  • When you combo different PAs four times, its "Shinkurō Geki" power rises very high.


Gathering Earth

Late August Update

  • Las Vegas and Floating Facility will now support Gathering Spots.
  • New Cuisines and Skill Rings will be added.
    • L / Bullet Bow Homing
    • L / JB Elemental Keep
    • L / Standing Sign
    • L / A Launcher Mode
    • L  / Short Mirage
    • L / Wand E Change
    • L / Mate Lovers
    • R / J Reversal Cover
  • Standing Sign: An effect will appear when Standing Snipe is active.
  • Another Launcher Mode: Changes the trajectory of the launcher bullet to be that of a parabola. Provides increased power and a wider area of effect.


King of Monsta

Late August Update

  • New AC Scratch: King of Monster
  • Earth Guide Male and Female Suits
  • Features large shirts and a Chinese style Lolita outfit.
  • Arkuma and Arkumami bags in the Bonus Scratch.


New Quest Type

Late August Update

  • New Quest Type: Riding Quest
  • Raise the score by clearing E-Trials and defeating enemies.
  • Increase the score to raise the Rare Drop Rate.
  • "Emblem Time" may occur during the quest. Collect the emblems to increase the score's boosting rate.
  • Watch out for the gigantic UFO! Destroy its shield with the Ride Roid.
  • New Las Vegas related client orders from Klotho and Faina.


Las Begas

Late August Update

  • New Boss: Vegas Illusia
    • A boss comprised of the Statue of Liberty and the Sphinx.
  • Various bizarre attacks will unfold.
  • Collection File "Las Vegas Collection" (~10/19)
  • New ★13 Weapons!
  • Titan Weapon Series: Partisan, Knuckles, and Dual Blade
  • Stelc Weapon Series: Launcher, Twin Mech Guns, and Bullet Bow
    • Potential: increases PP recovery performance, decreases PP consumption.
  • Form Series: Rod, Wand, and Jet Boots
    • Potential: a slashing attack occurs through normal attacks.



PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Chapter 5: A Different Resolution
  • New Field: Dragon Altar
  • New Character: Lord (CV: Yūki Kaji)


PSo2es Quick Update

PSO2es Update (Mid August)

  • New Quick Search Quests
    • Free Search: Kuron
    • Material Collecting: Forest, Coast, Tokyo, and Ruins.
    • Acquire Gathering materials.


Ext Receptor

PSO2es Update (Mid August)

  • New Special Ability: Ext Receptor
  • You can obtain it from the Bonus Scratch or from SH/VH EQ Bosses.
  • It drastically boosts the fusion success rates of Alter, Flict, and certain IV and V Special Abilities.
  • The Recycle Shop will be renovated as an Exchange Shop.


Weaponoid August

PSO2es Update

  • New Weaponoid Chips
    • Whipblade Paratizel, Lindcray, and Brass Haul
  • New Chips
    • Sa Zan
    • Harbringer Quna (AC esScratch Only)


PSO2es Update

  • Summer Vacation Jeané, Annette, and Seraphy chips!
  • Io and Quna's Summer Vacation chips will return, but Io's Summer Vacation chip will receive a buff.


Weaponoid Story August

PSO2es Weaponoid Stories

  • Imperial Pick (July 20th)
  • Momiji-hime (July 27th)
  • Rabbit Wand (August 10th)
  • Niren Kamui (August 10th)

New Weaponoid Potential Abilities (August 10th)

  • Nasuyoteri
  • H44 Missouri T
  • Imperial Pick
  • Momiji-hime


Arks Festival 2016 Preview Festival Physical Merchandise

ARKS Festival 2016

  • Date: August 13th @ 10:00 ~ 19:00 JST
  • Location: Ariake Colosseum
  • Those who attend can receive ARKS Festival 2016 Outerwear T-Shirts, Senbonzakura Ver. Sachiko Kobayashi music disk, and a Jukebox room item. Physical items include clear files of Sachiko and PSO2es Summer Vacation art, ARKS Festival fans, and an item code card.


Youkoso Arks Sachiko

Youkoso ARKS CD Announced

  • The Youkoso ARKS CD costs 1,200 Yen + Tax.
  • Available to the general public August 18th
  • Can also be purchased at the Arks Festival 2016 (August 13th)
  • Item Codes include:
    • Youkoso ARKS Music Disc
    • Youkoso ARKS Panel
    • Jukebox

~ Senbonzakura (Sachiko Kobayashi's version) ~


68 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #44 Recap”

    1. Going by that "halo crown" more like…

      "High energy readings detected in the Shop Area! A Sachigatsu-class event is imminent!"

    2. This is a great way to describe things…. To be honest, I don't really get why "Welcome ARKS" when we were considered as enemies after destroying Yamato and Bethor-boï… well.

      Oh and now you tell it, it's the first EP without a Falz so far..

    3. Oh eeeh… Now I notice some people seem not to have finish the actual Storyboard:


    4. But anybody seems to be able to be a Falz with a little persuation (Luther) or a Persona if he fails an important thing so…

      Mother Cluster is the enemy but still, I don't really trust this ambassador. There's something fishy. We'll know more next month… (After a "big" patch ><)

    5. Luther had gone Falz an unknown but meaningful time ago already, he was just suppressing his energy signature – and presumably much of his power, not that he really needed it at the time anyway – for obvious practical reasons. (Olprentice straight up calls him "the black sheep of the family" in the Ep 2 extra, and his final exchange with Regius also says as much.) His masterblasterplan getting scuppered just drove him off the deep end for good and made him drop all pretense and camouflage.

      As for [Persona], did you forget *why* we were a first-tier candidate for a PD host to begin with…?

      OTOH we have no idea of the circumstances that *originally* created the Falzes; Aurora pretty much says outright she became the first [Apprentice] voluntarily and out of monumental vanity but doesn't go into any details about the process itself. Wouldn't be surprised if PD being awake and manifest again made it relatively easy for people so inclined to become Falzes though, and God only knows what [Double] can do with the essences of the ones they ate…

    6. As Falz have always been the essence of hate, greed and all that kind of things that can hurt people, I guess Luther who was… A "Loser" accumulated all that and that why he Falzed himself…

      About Persona, I remember what happens with "The Birth of Persona" (Player making an error in an other timeline caused by the death of Matoi and created the Persona) but I may have missed things, as I didn't use patches at these times so if I'm wrong and miss things, please don't hesitate to explain in details if you have some time. Thanks.

      Concerning Double, uh… I don't know and don't care, I don't like these stupid kids but they ate Luther for sure x) (And he didn't deserve it, even if I don't like the guy that much…)

    7. Luther "Falzed" himself long ago; he just "went public" with it after his grand plan fell apart around his ears and he went completely bonkers. (If I had to associate him with particular "Seven Deadly Sins" I'd pick Greed and Pride.) That also seems to be when he adopts the [Loser] moniker as a sardonic jibe at his own failure; I don't actually recall him ever being referred to by a "Falz name" prior to that (the successive [Apprentices] just address him as "you" or "him" as appropriate, IIRC), but I may admittedly be quite wrong on that count – it's been a while since I watched that part of the story.

      As for [Persona], I daresay Player-chan could hardly have donned that mantle in the "Bad End" without the ability to absorb massive amounts of Darker energy that also made both them and Matoi such excellent candidates for hosting Profound. Although in that case it was embraced quite voluntarily in order to aquire the means to try and find a path to the "Good End"…

      [Double], eh. We basically know nothing about the twins *themselves*, though they're probably the only Falz to still be in the original Photoner host(s). (We don't really know any more about [Elder]'s background ofc, but at least their "title-names" and it apparently being on fairly good terms with the [Apprentice] manifestation give some hints.) They're however pretty interesting in that for all their antics and penchant for petty malice they're actually far and away the most *focused* and, arguably, "puritanical" of the Falzes – it clearly irks them that the others spend their time in assorted wild goose chases and personal pet projects (if not outright obsessions) rather than working on the "magnum opus" of reviving Profound. I got the impression they particularly detested Luther for "stealing" a portion of the "Falz power" purely for his own selfish ends.

      'Course, as it turns out they're also only too GOOD at pursuing their goal too.

    8. Thanks all, it was interesting to read and thanks Random-teacher for the class, I understand better some things. As for exemple, if I don't tell stupid things, why player-chan can absorb all the darker power around Hitsugi-boy (Chpt1 Story Quest) without a single blink… It's just because "we're the hero and then able to do it without a problem", when anyone else could not.

      Concerning the [Double], they don't seem to want anything else than fun/destroying people without no other goal than that (So they're a real evil…). Somehow, if darkness could have a family, I'd call them "children of PD" but it's just a feeling.

      Nice you pointed out Gran Relina anyway, your message mede me think of it before I read it in. So for sure, our ship is near "this alternative world" or what you want to call it so… Or a full virtual ship and its crew can be materialized like "poof that normal!", or "alternate" is just a wrong word. After all… Anybody can "virtualize" or the contrary like if they just cross a door… Sure it's SF but still…

    9. Absorbing Darker energy is a quality specific to Player-chan and Matoi – and the specific reason we got put in the freezer; to let dangerous accumulated levels dissipate safely. (P-chan got dosed pretty heavily fighting PD and App Gia at end of Ep 3, while Matoi recently-ish got a serious amount at the end of the anime.)

      [Double] are basically what you get if children get handled godlike power without being explained why pulling wings off flies isn't kosher. Ofc it being *evil* godlike power, and they presumably having embraced it voluntarily like Aurora did which tells us something of their baseline moral compass, doesn't exactly help…
      They are, however, remarkably goal-oriented when they're not smashing planets and eating entire species for idle entertainement. Just about everything actually important they do in the plot is to advance the Falz "magnum opus" of bringing Profound back – and they achieve that too. They may not have been very morally upright kids back in the day (well, duh; nice people generally don't become evil demigods), but it can be inferred they were quite *clever* brats.

      …and that last paragraph has real issues with coherence and making any kind of sense. 😐

    10. Eeh… Guess I should watch the Anime…

      No matter what [Double] are, we'll hardly know much now, except if they join Mother Cluster 😀 (Ahem… That makes so much think of PSZ telling that) The most important now is to… KICK THEIR BUTT OUT OF THE WAY TO PD AND DESTROY IT AGAIN! 😀 (By the way, new version of this fight in XH is great.)

    11. Photoners and arks became Falz because of a strong emotion in negative context.
      Namely Aurora had a really strong desire to stay young and preferably the prettiest ever.

      There is still a nice potential, given that Ether is manipulated almost purely by strong emotion too.

    12. "Ether" is in practice just what Earthlings call Photons far as I can tell, though there seem to be some differences in the approach to utilising the stuff. In any case *mere* strong negative emotion is self-evidently insufficient – otherwise for example Gettemhart wouldn't have required direct brute-force possession. You'd also expect there to be FAR more Falz incarantions running around…
      Also got the impression Luther somehow "artificially" transformed himself as a step in his grand plan for MUH OMNISCIENCES which was part of why the other Falzes disliked him…

      OTOH, as I recall the animu Rina "Falzed" rather remarkably easily – could have been PD and/or [Double] conducting some kind of practical experiment in "reactivating" [Apprentice] away from the "main front" of the conflict or something ofc…

    13. Sierra made rundown on it.
      Ether is a separate phenomenon, for now at least. Its weaker than photon power overall, but has better flexibility depending on wielder, mainly because earthlings don't have to rely on devices like Arks (that NEED physical weapons and disks installed). Its up to earthling imagination what his weaponry will look like.

      You dont get random people being corrupted because its arbitrary and entirely plot driven for characters to lose their photon immunity. Notice how "darker pollution" became a thing only when they really needed a reason to put you and Matoi down.

    14. IIRC [Elder] complains about his power being somehow "drained" from very early on so it's not like that was just suddenly Ass Pulled though… when you think about it, that's probably somehow related to whatever weird quirk makes you such a suitable "time agent" for Xion.
      Also what "photon immunity"? Last I looked at the plot if a Falz wanted to jump hosts essentially all it needed was to get close enough to the victim to begin the possession transfer – [Elder]'s main criteria for grabbing Gettemhart presumably being simply that he was standing the closest (though certain amount of mean humor cannot be discounted), and the severely injured [Oldprentice] seemed to regard grabbing some random child as a perfectly good way to select a new body…
      Given the *very* limited number of known Falz manifestations – three, counting [Double] as one and discounting the "artificial" Luther – in spite of the length of the conflict of them plus Profound against first the Photoners then the ARKS it would seem rather apparent that the preconditions for one arising are much more convoluted than mere "strong emotion in negative context"…

      As for Ether/Photons, eh. As I recall it's kind of a major point about Photons that they're essentially omnipresent in the universe so it seems inherently doubtful that "Ether" was some fundamentally different kind of thing – doubly so as the latter seems to interact with stuff in mostly the same fashion as ARKS photon manipulation methods.

    15. I'm simply rewriting what was said in the game. Inherently doubting it won't change much, just like with people still believing that ep4 retconned ep1-3 event into game's videogame.

    16. The point is we're just supposed to take that at a face value with nothing to suggest it actually is so, and a fair bit of circumstantial evidence to the contrary – starting with the fact the Ether-generated Earthling "avatars" wandering around can readily interact with Fleet Photon-based technology. Indeed it seems to be implied they're only identifiable by not being in the actual personnel and population databases, from which can be inferred that their "energy signatures" are functionally indistinguishable from standard Photon ones…

      Basically the writers are being pointlessly stupid and expecting the audience to swallow a rather blatantly implausible and inconsistent claim for no readily apparent reason.

    17. Earth is supposed to take place in an alternate universe. Thus "Ether" is the parallel universe equivalent to "Photons". Photons are much more offensive while Ether appears to be more tactical based. Essentially in a straight up physical slugging match, Ether can't beat Photons.

      Mother Cluster is essentially the ARKS of this universe. ARKS Summoner class is the closest in comparison to Ether users as stated by Sierra. Summoner Pets are to Photons and Phantoms are to Ether.

      In the case that they do make a powerful Phantom like Yamato, it becomes uncontrollable which doesn't help either party. Although that probably has more to do with the AI of Emerald Tablet.

    18. Last I checked our ship was physically orbiting Earth. "Parallel universe" my left foot.

    19. As for Ether/Photons, eh. As I recall it’s kind of a major point about Photons that they’re essentially omnipresent in the universe so it seems inherently doubtful that “Ether” was some fundamentally different kind of thing – doubly so as the latter seems to interact with stuff in mostly the same fashion as ARKS photon manipulation methods."

      Wow. They forgot about Gran really damn quick.

    20. Well, you're right about that EP is the first without a Falz boss. The reason why is probably that the Falz and Profound Darkness has been completely defeated by ARKs. They'll not returning any time soon story-wise.

      And I do think something amiss about this Earth Ambassador for Arks just performing in the live lobby without authorization.

    21. >entire first paragraph

      …uh, no. Just… no. They freaking turned up in the damn anime which served as the prelude to Ep 4, and last I checked PD was *still* abusing the Timey Wimey Ball for infinite retries. (Xiao is Guru Meditating to try and figure a way out of that deadlock.)

    22. We're enemies with Mother Cluster, not Earthlings.
      Most people on Earth were not aware of anything happening until recent events. Even then, any Arks operation happens after installing signal dampeners around the target.

  1. >Looks at new post
    >Sees Yuuichi Nakamura's name

    FINALLY! I've been wanting to see him voice a character on PSO2 for the longest time since the game's initial release! Here's hoping there will be voice tickets for him so I can buy them for my male character.

    1. Same here. XD I haven't seen this NPC yet, so I wonder how he'll sound. Also hoping Yuki Kaji will get a voice soon, now that he's got an NPC in PSO2es. 😮 Though I don't know if any PSO2es characters make it to the PSO2 PC game besides Seraphy. >.<

  2. "Wand E Change"? Sounds like it might be something akin to the JB gear ability, and if it is… oh man. Goodbye rainbow wand shenanigans.

    Also, Sphinx -riding Statue of Liberty and now an evil big-rig truck? And I thought the Tokyo Phantoms were dank… Half of this stuff sounds like the original concept was born in the kind of random bullshit talk people do on coffee breaks (or whatever the Japanese analog is), lel.

  3. >myfashion commands
    why weren't these in to start with…?

    wand ele change is good, makes EWH not prohibitively costly in the era of 13*s… except as an L ring it's forcing tectors to decide between having an intact budget and having any defense at all. not cool, second ring slot per hand WHEN.
    actually the better question is why is this not on the skilltree as a 1pt skill? sheesh

    >launcher arc shot ring
    why would you want to deliberately gimp your range… I mean I know sega themselves have made sure the class they see as a sniper can't snipe because LOL DISTANCE DECAY (meanwhile on FO…. >sniping with full damage at a much higher rate than RA can ever hope for with their actual big damage options)

    >standing sign
    time to show how much of a nuisance SS is to use after VH and around raidbosses.
    honestly, as of SH, they should have taken out SS and relocated the damage, because by that point the average gameplay was shifted to a state that is contrary to ranger's design, and bow braver suffers for it as well.

    >short mirage
    tector has step because tector should have wandlovers going at all times, so they don't need it. FO… doesn't need more options, and why would you want to chop down their dodge when it's the best normal dodge in the game in terms of iframes…? nevermind >taking off TC paring EVER

    n' I don't understand JB ele keep being needed. unless they buff the hell out of ele burst, there's zero point; if you use windsieger, you're going to be using techs to refill the gear gauge anyway.

    (also, that 13* series with the slash waves… why does FO need one when they have the 1000% of rod shoot? is sega like. completely and totally unaware just how powerful FOTE is right now, that they keep giving it more? seems silly for boots too, since they close the gap brilliantly. wand… now THAT is where it's needed. shame it probably won't track at all, so it won't fix their aerial/tall target problems. a proper TE isn't good enough at techs to justify trying to use them to cover that angle either; wands need PAs, even if they're weak and are just a mechanism to get the wandgear blasts where they need to be. since sega doesn't want us to use cross-class weapons to cover weaknesses, they need to address them directly. and while I'm pointing out that a TE that's good at hurting things is a back tech user, I'd like to point out the need to change things so combo techs build via wandgear. TE needs that firepower far more than FO ever will, but TEFO is generally crummy, so just saying "SO SUB FO FOR TECH POWER" doesn't cut it.)

    one hopes the new kung-fox pet isn't designed in a manner that is uncooperative to gamepads, like viola. 3button was and still is bad for gamepads because of the limit of how many buttons there are versus how many things one needs, and unless sega starts making a custom PSO2 gamepad… 3button will never be viable for gamepads, no discussion. having to give up a PA slot for a weapon action type function when you have three PA slots only… is a problem. (then again it's still a problem with more, because of various issues with the game, frame drops, and input loss, plus the whole "things you need access to at all times" problem) as long as you can just bounce between two PAs and then use it's finisher, instead of being expected to like… use ALL OF THEM in some order…

    first scratch of august seems a bit late. swimwear probably should have been in the first summertime scratch rather than the… like… *maths* fifth? but aside from more disgusting speedo crap, it looks good. the other one… eh. I guess the suits are okay, though the skirt on the female one doesn't seem suited to combat. really odd since it's supposed to be earthguide related, and they're like. all RA and GU, judging from enga's gang; maybe if the slits went all the way up. appreciate that Y-shirt. what's with the random chuugoku loli thing though?

    ARKS league… who cares. the only people who'll rank high will be the top 10% of japanese FOTEs who live within spitting distance of the server farm, anyway.

    patiently waiting for vegas, rideloids and all.
    that that ardem sacred smells like a starscream. in the name of drama I wouldn't be suprised for us to end up having a three way free-for-all eventually, with him and mothercluster. and then coffin-tan gets to angst over whether to have koori or enga as her enemy and all that.
    n' seeing them do Independance Day makes me feel bad for bethor. it's EXACTLY the shit he'd pull, but… ベートルはもう…死んでいる。
    on one hand I'd agree we're still a bit too passive in cutscenes. on the other hand, sega's idea of making us active in them means having to deal with them pushing their persona meme and giving us coat doublis regardless of class, which is annoying. give us a shiny gunslash or something, if you can't dynamically load in our most recent weapon and it's associated fighting pose. give us Radiant, so someone more deserving than itsky can be associated with it. I dunno.

    let's get a big roaring applause for THE KING of all kaiju.

    1. …oh right. and they need to defrost matoi already. milkpanda's probably gonna start cutting himself due to his waifu deprivation sickness, at this rate. (and I want her outfit.)

    2. Somehow I don't care about this guy but in an other way, I want her to return in the Lobby someday too.

      … Even if we can already imagine how this will happen…

      > Matoi goes out of the refrigerator, Shiera is here to welcome her with Player-chan
      >"Oooh Player you're here! I'm so happy to see you again!"
      >Bothering Sara and stupid Klariskrays arrive from nowhere because they already know because they're spying on everything as usual then talk to Matoi with ininteresting things
      >Matoi already forgot about you and then leaves to the Medical Bay like before

      … Let us bet about that. x)

    3. It technically *is*, but I'm pretty sure most people don't exactly rely heavily on it – as opposed to just dodging.

    4. "technically" nothing. if JGing by hitting a key with a tech on it while wielding any tech-using weapon doesn't count as defense, then nothing does.
      hell, it's block window is .1sec longer than JG's, with a maxed ring.

      if I'm as bad at the game as I am and I know this, bloody hell, just how bad are you guys ?

    5. Kindly do not make yourself look any more foolish by making silly assumptions. I have a maxed TC Parry ring on my Bouncer, and find myself essentially never actively using it for defense. (Muscle memory conditioned to rely on dodge and the hilarious JB immunity backflips may be relevant here, admittedly…)

  4. Godzilla suit has an ESCA symbol on its leg.

    The irony of an actual "alien" force attacking and destroying a UFO of Earth. Las Vegas also has so many new mobs, not including the reused of ones from Tokyo.

    I demand a Battleship Yamato vs Godzilla fight EQ. Blast away Godzilla with them 46cm guns.

  5. So you can make a new pet, but not new PAs for everyone else.


  6. This is going to be an interactive movie for sure if it continue… Where are the Transformers? ><

    … And Enga… Damn the Bridge is not a shelter for homeless. It just make feel we're not "so" important.

    …. By the way… Are the Naura sister dead? They were cool…

    1. Bridge : Shelter for the homeless ROFLMAO

      The sisters are still alive. They just don't make cakes for the seasonal eqs anymore.

    2. Yeah it's mainly Xie now… Sometimes their E-Trials happen but it's rare. Even seasonal quests were modified to keep a single Area. Maybe they went to an other solar system x)

    3. Always assumed they parked the (select few) Earthlings there mainly to keep them from running into any Mother Cluster avatars in the less restricted-access sections of the ship, and so that they're readily available if Sierra & Co. want to ask them something…

      …or so she can scan the colour of their undies whenever her voyeuristic urges start acting up, take your pick. >_>

    4. *Sierra opens up her mouth with surprise like when she sees but bath scene* W-Weeeell I uh… It's just that uh… I, i need to know everything! But if Enga is Hitsugi's brother it's OK! Ahahaha…….. (Please save me PLAYER >_<!!)"

      Looks like a good imitation, right? x)

      Well, after all the place was so empty at the beginning… But I hope this won't go too far.

    5. Given that she's apparently some kind of AI construct in a wholly synthetic body I don't think human yardsticks of age are terribly applicable, though.

      I mean…

      Most two-year olds *I* have known would have been hard pressed to manage their own damn shoes (indeed one misplaced them in the bushes and I had to look for them), nevermind now a major military expedition. 😐

    6. Hmm yeah age is not really important with CASTs… Remember Vivienne who just leaved the factory with her teen appearence and knew things like a newborn…

    7. That's some older lore irrelevant for PSO2, where CASTs are converted organics (see: Lisa, Regius, Maria). The details – full-body cyborgs or personality uploads – are never elaborated upon though AFAIK.

      Sierra is something quite different and only loosely analogous. It'd probably be better to think of her as having been "budded off" the main sentient ecosystem that is Xiao, or something along those lines. The point being that she's nothing even *remotely* human, anymore than her "parent".

    8. I remember this moment when Lisa tells "I was someone normal before" and tells her story. Little strange but interesting. Don't really know a lot about the rest but Casts are really "human".

      Anyway Sierra is the most perfect CAST, as Chelsea was 😀 (Well ok, stop doing references… ^^)

    9. She voiced pride in that she can do so much at her age.
      At the same time you can notice that she makes a lot of childish sounds outside of her operator job to express herself.

    10. Her personality was inspired by Ulc, she mentioned in one of the first cutscenes, so it's not like she's acting like a kid for her physical age, but because she was programmed/created to be that way. A cheerful/playful personality, rather than acting like a kid. I don't honestly see her as being childish since she has maturity and is simply playful and cheerful just like Ulc.

    11. Who have a voice to say "goodbye" but not even "hello" ;D

      … And who makes fun with the relation between Sara and Xiao… 😀

    12. Spent most of that scene making ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) faces with Player-chan much to Sara's chagrin IIRC. That girls is just too easy to wind up… 😀

    13. Sure 😀 But I felt the scene like
      "Eheeh Sara is been bored by Xiao-chan ♥♥♥ agaaain ♪"
      "Sh-Shut up baka-Sierra!! Aaah I'm off! ('cause I'm a real tsundere you know, shhhh)"


    14. More like "get a room already you two~" kind of leering from what I gathered; true to form Sara of course being all "yeah screw you guys too D:<".

      …that Claris doesn't also poke her buttons about it is probably mostly just because she's gotten bored of it over the past two years or so. 😛

    15. Kisama and Kisama-Sierra! Stop boring Sara!"
      "Hey I can handle it myself… Aaaah shup up Xiao!"
      "What I try to help you Sara!"
      "I don't need it!"
      *Sierra looks with a smile full desillusion…* "Say Player… They're always like that even after two years…?"
      *Player just nodes*

      We can make so much stupid and funny scenes with these characters, we need a "Funtasy Star Lolnline 2" compilation x)

      Anyway… At least… Sara and Klaris have changed their clothes in two years… No like everyone else. ^^

    16. Well Quna finally donned something she actually *might* go unrecognised in… Always found it weird she "went slumming" supposedly incognito in her freaking trademark stage getup. .-.

    17. Oh yeah that's right, Quna changed her clothes too. (And Io… "Changed" her hairstyle… Wow.)

      Quna doesn't want to be recognized but she have a total confidence in us and… She shows Aki she's the same person too (Err, don't think Aki really cares about idol anyway…).

      … Eh Quna, please write a new song… What did you do in two years?! x)

    18. Hey, she still manages the black-ops branch of the spook squad when she's not murdering stuff or flashing her pantsu on a stage. She's a busy idolninja! 😮

    19. Don't care! I waaant a neeew soooooong!! … Oops sorry, I'm going fanboyish again.

      Well, yeah she's busy and still hates Kasra x) (Note that Calisto in Nova have the same voice as Kasra, which makes him a little hard to appreciate unless you're a fan of the "little pet of Loser"… What, Loser again?)

    20. If you except that, at the contrary of Ulc you listened, helped and saved, Sierra will certainly never "abandon" you to do sooooo muuuuch interesting things that you poor player because it's with Xiao-kun ♥.

      Oh, the actual "normal" lobby she made is cool anyway. 😀 (Hopefully, however, Sierra wasn't inspired by Sara and Klarisklaes at the same time. What a hell to work with! :D)

  7. server status said online on this site, but i can't log in?

    it always connecting and then gives japanese alert that said "gemu no blablabla" i can't read kanji.

    When i choose yes, its tried to conncecting again with no success.

  8. Oh, I've just noticed the Senbonzakura version here… My favourite is from WagakkiBand but this one's nice. I can't avoid putting the volume up when listing it 😀

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