PSO2 Live Broadcast #44 Recap

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Mario Phrase

Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase まりおたろう in the game's chat to receive the following items at the Visiphone:

  • Casino Coin Pass x5
  • Lobby Actions: Drunkard, Ichitaro 4, and Enomoto 4.

The phrase can be said at any time as long as it is done before July 27th's maintenance.


EQ Boost Pll july 17

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Perennial Apocalypse
  • July 17th @ 23:30 after the Arks Dance Festival
  • +150% EXP and Rare Drop Boost
  • +10% Live Boost if you attend the dance event.



Godzilla Collab

Godzilla Collaboration

  • Godzilla Lobby (8/10 ~ 9/7)
  • Godzilla Suit (Late August)
  • Evolution Device / Mini Godzilla


new ranking

Mid August Update

  • New Ranking System "ARKS League"
  • Aim for the top within a 20 person group.
  • Raise your score within a certain period of time under a specific theme.
  • Rank high for Star Gem ticket rewards!


Star Gem Rere

Early August Update

  • Recycle your SG Scratch items for other SG Scratch items!
  • You can have up to 5 Collection Files if you are a premium set user.
  • Many new chat commands!
    • My Fashion chat commands!
    • Change facial expression chat commands!


Xiera Chronicle

Early August Update

  • Quickly transfer away from the Bridge to see the Event Chronicle.
  • Made it easier to identify the enemy spawning locations.
  • See Pet personality effects on the first page.
  • More Weaponoid potentials added.


Seaside vacance

Early August Update

  • New AC Scratch: Seaside Vacation
  • Summer layered wear outfits
  • Bikini layered wear!
  • Dolphin accessories and LIVE style Lobby Actions in the Bonus Scratch


Earth Guide

Early August Update

  • Enga will show up on the Bridge.
  • Meet "Ardem" the leader of the "Earth Guides." (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)
  • Mother Cluster Apostle of Fire, "Phaleg" (CV: Yūko Minaguchi)
  • "Earth Guides" will appear in [Unite] Emergency Trials.



Story Las Vegas

Mid August Update

  • The Las Vegas field will appear in the Story first.
  • "Devil's Trailer" makes its entrance as the boss.
  • Many new Phantoms will show up in America.


Welcome Arks Event

Early August Update

  • Earth Ambassador "Sachiko Kobayashi" will appear in a new live stage event.
  • Observe the lyrics created solely by active PSO2 player, Beat Mario.


kid and Silva

Late August Update

  • Kid and Silva will appear in the Lobby (~9/21)
  • Let's clear their Client Orders!
  • This time, aside from just their partner cards, you can also obtain their favorite weapons.
  • You can even change their Photon Colors!



Late August Update

  • Get ready for Shinkurō, the Kitsune pet.
  • Its power and range increases when you combo different PAs.
  • When you combo different PAs four times, its "Shinkurō Geki" power rises very high.


Gathering Earth

Late August Update

  • Las Vegas and Floating Facility will now support Gathering Spots.
  • New Cuisines and Skill Rings will be added.
    • L / Bullet Bow Homing
    • L / JB Elemental Keep
    • L / Standing Sign
    • L / A Launcher Mode
    • L  / Short Mirage
    • L / Wand E Change
    • L / Mate Lovers
    • R / J Reversal Cover
  • Standing Sign: An effect will appear when Standing Snipe is active.
  • Another Launcher Mode: Changes the trajectory of the launcher bullet to be that of a parabola. Provides increased power and a wider area of effect.


King of Monsta

Late August Update

  • New AC Scratch: King of Monster
  • Earth Guide Male and Female Suits
  • Features large shirts and a Chinese style Lolita outfit.
  • Arkuma and Arkumami bags in the Bonus Scratch.


New Quest Type

Late August Update

  • New Quest Type: Riding Quest
  • Raise the score by clearing E-Trials and defeating enemies.
  • Increase the score to raise the Rare Drop Rate.
  • "Emblem Time" may occur during the quest. Collect the emblems to increase the score's boosting rate.
  • Watch out for the gigantic UFO! Destroy its shield with the Ride Roid.
  • New Las Vegas related client orders from Klotho and Faina.


Las Begas

Late August Update

  • New Boss: Vegas Illusia
    • A boss comprised of the Statue of Liberty and the Sphinx.
  • Various bizarre attacks will unfold.
  • Collection File "Las Vegas Collection" (~10/19)
  • New ★13 Weapons!
  • Titan Weapon Series: Partisan, Knuckles, and Dual Blade
  • Stelc Weapon Series: Launcher, Twin Mech Guns, and Bullet Bow
    • Potential: increases PP recovery performance, decreases PP consumption.
  • Form Series: Rod, Wand, and Jet Boots
    • Potential: a slashing attack occurs through normal attacks.



PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Chapter 5: A Different Resolution
  • New Field: Dragon Altar
  • New Character: Lord (CV: Yūki Kaji)


PSo2es Quick Update

PSO2es Update (Mid August)

  • New Quick Search Quests
    • Free Search: Kuron
    • Material Collecting: Forest, Coast, Tokyo, and Ruins.
    • Acquire Gathering materials.


Ext Receptor

PSO2es Update (Mid August)

  • New Special Ability: Ext Receptor
  • You can obtain it from the Bonus Scratch or from SH/VH EQ Bosses.
  • It drastically boosts the fusion success rates of Alter, Flict, and certain IV and V Special Abilities.
  • The Recycle Shop will be renovated as an Exchange Shop.


Weaponoid August

PSO2es Update

  • New Weaponoid Chips
    • Whipblade Paratizel, Lindcray, and Brass Haul
  • New Chips
    • Sa Zan
    • Harbringer Quna (AC esScratch Only)


PSO2es Update

  • Summer Vacation Jeané, Annette, and Seraphy chips!
  • Io and Quna's Summer Vacation chips will return, but Io's Summer Vacation chip will receive a buff.


Weaponoid Story August

PSO2es Weaponoid Stories

  • Imperial Pick (July 20th)
  • Momiji-hime (July 27th)
  • Rabbit Wand (August 10th)
  • Niren Kamui (August 10th)

New Weaponoid Potential Abilities (August 10th)

  • Nasuyoteri
  • H44 Missouri T
  • Imperial Pick
  • Momiji-hime


Arks Festival 2016 Preview Festival Physical Merchandise

ARKS Festival 2016

  • Date: August 13th @ 10:00 ~ 19:00 JST
  • Location: Ariake Colosseum
  • Those who attend can receive ARKS Festival 2016 Outerwear T-Shirts, Senbonzakura Ver. Sachiko Kobayashi music disk, and a Jukebox room item. Physical items include clear files of Sachiko and PSO2es Summer Vacation art, ARKS Festival fans, and an item code card.


Youkoso Arks Sachiko

Youkoso ARKS CD Announced

  • The Youkoso ARKS CD costs 1,200 Yen + Tax.
  • Available to the general public August 18th
  • Can also be purchased at the Arks Festival 2016 (August 13th)
  • Item Codes include:
    • Youkoso ARKS Music Disc
    • Youkoso ARKS Panel
    • Jukebox

~ Senbonzakura (Sachiko Kobayashi's version) ~


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