PSO2 Live Stream SP2 Recap (New Lillipa Field)

Sakai waited until the last minute to reveal the next area, so in essence we skipped over most of the Arks Grand Prix and cosplay contests. The new area known as the "Abandoned Mining Ground" (採掘場跡/Quarry) will take place on Planet Lillipa. 


The Quarry

New Field on Planet Lillipa

A new field will be unlocked on Planet Lillipa in September. The Lillipans have established a small community upon the remains of a mining site. The ARKS will have to face new challenges, interrupt events, and never before seen mech enemies.



New Rare Enemy

This field will introduce a brand new rare enemy known as the "Barbarillipan." Once you defeat this freak of nature, he'll return back into the cute, adorable Lillipan you know and love.


Vardha Soma

New Boss!

Big Vardha is back for revenge, but this time he can fly! Expect lots of explosions in the new battle against the "Vardha Soma."



New Darker Boss

Bleu Ringarder is a new Darker Boss who attacks with a pair of ring blades.


Moon Light Bunny

Moonlight Bunny

The Moonlight Bunny Scratch features Partner Machinery costumes for your support partner, but feel free to wear it on your main character too!


PSO2 CBTPSO2 es CBT Schedule

If you were selected to participate in the Phantasy Star Online 2 es Closed Beta Test, you will have the opportunity to play on the following days:

  • August 29th @ 16:00 ~ 21:00 JST
  • August 31st @ 11:00 ~ Sepetember 1st @ 22:00 JST

Please check your emails to see if you were selected.

PSO2 Livestream Recap

  • (Late August) Teams can customize the colors of their "Beret" and "Cape" accessories. Everyone in the team will wear the same color.
  • (Late August) A glorious beach team room!
  • (September) Costumes from Project Cute will appear in the Moonlight Bunny Scratch
  • (September) A new Partner Console Room Item
  • (September) New Emergency Trials: Protect the Lillipan Encampment, Lillipan Treasure Hunting



Hair 1

オニオンヘアー Onion Hair


hair 2

ゆるふわシニヨン Light&Fluffy Chignon


hair 3

ツートーンショートボブ Two-toned Short Bob

Hair Project Campaign!

Say 優勝おめたろう in public chat between now through August 21st's maintenance to receive three hairstyles designed by the hosts of the PSO2 Live Broadcast.

[videos by Manta]



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