PSO2 JP: Maintenance 7/31/2013 + My Room/Mini Room Bug

July 31st maintenance has ended.

July 31st Patch

Patch Size

  • PC: 25MBs
  • Vita: 18MBs

My Room/Mini Room Issues

Earlier today, Sega confirmed a bug where players were suddenly disconnected from their My Room/Mini Room. Once players tried to sign back on, they were greeted with the "double login" error message No.632. In addition, players discovered that their rooms were reset and their furniture and themes went missing.

Players affected by this issue should use the following information to submit a bug report to the development team.

  • The Time and Date the bug occurred.
  • The Error Message that displayed.
  • The themes that disappeared.

Information Regarding the Missing Room Items:

Sega has received several reports from players that their room items went missing after they disconnected from the server. If such a phenomenon occurs, a system was set up in place that will transfer the remaining room items into storage. These items can be retrieved from the regular storage box (not system or temporary storage). This process will take place as you finish teleporting into your room. Please free up some space in storage if this bug occurs in the future.



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