PSO2 Livestream #22 Recap


Post-Livestream Updates

  • Added arrows to indicate changes between the old value the new value.
  • Added Up/Down arrows to indicate "upward/downward adjustments."
  • Edited Bouncer Skill Description.
  • Added Character Song CD.
  • Added OTP Token.
  • Corrected Typo: Fighter should have read "attack performance" instead of range.



Secret Phrase

Type ぽろたろう in chat sometime between now through August 6th's maintenance to receive several items.

  • Fonewearl Chain
  • A Little Something B
  • Tropical Frappé x22
  • Liliparium (Short) x22

OTP Token

OTP Token

  • You can purchase a PSO2 designed OTP Token device early if you attend the Phantasy Star Festa on August 16th.
  • It comes with item codes for a Password Box, 1000 FUN ticket, and a Half Doll.


PSO2 Character Song CD

Come sing along to theme songs of your favorite Phantasy Star characters! The album officially goes on sale on August 27th, but you can catch it early if you attend the Phantasy Star Festa on August 16th.  The album will include a duet with Melfonseana and Gettemhart, "Ultimate Energy"  sung by Huey, "Bullet Showtime" sung by Risa, and more!


Item Codes

Item Codes Include:

  • Singer Mic (Weapon Camo)
  • CD Package Mat
  • Gettemhart Voice / C
  • Risa Voice / C
  • 500 FUN ticket



EQ Boost Survey

Emergency Quest Poll (After Miku & Luka Live Event)

  • July 26th @ 22:00 JST (Ships 1 ~ 5)
  • July 26th @ 23:00 JST (Ships 6 ~ 10)
  • Mining Base Despair: Rare Drop and EXP Boost 260%



Irregular Summer Scratch 

Irregular's Summer AC Scratch

  • The Irregular at Magic High School's Costumes and Weapon Camos.
  • Summer Dress and New Swimsuits

 Ruins and Oceanids1

Ruins and Oceanids

  • Stage 60 ~ 70
  • Magisa Meduna and Falz Hunar Appears
  • 25 Verdant Ores

 Beach Wars 2

Beach Wars 2

  • Popular Characters appear in Swimsuits
  • All Enemies Level 70
  • Summer Lobby and Summer Rappies


~Episode 3: Releases August 27th, 2014~



Arks Lobby Update 

EP3: Arks Lobby Update

  • Gate Area: Airport Style
  • Shopping Area: Southern (Tropical) Style
  • Map of the Lobby
  • Catapult Jumps
  • The Lobby's appearance changes once a quest has been accepted or during Emergency Quests

 Interface Improvements

EP3: Interface Update

  • Preview Scratch Content, Lobby Actions, and Accessories.
  • HP / PP Overhead display.
  • The Chat Box will change colors to match the channel.
  • Additional Symbol Art Stamps.
  • Client Order Items easier to understand.

 Movemnt Speed


EP3: Player and Quest Improvements

  • Movement Speed increase when running.
  • Recommended Quest Feature
  • PSE Omens Easier to Understand
  • PSE Effects improved
  • Setup an equipment template. Register equipment templates with weapons, mags, units, weapon camos, etc.
  • Urban Recovery Update. Multi-Party Area starting in Area 1.


Chara creation improvements

Character Creation Improvements

  • 4th Accessory Slot
  • Adjust accessory placement
  • New Face Variation for Males and Females
  • The character will no longer automatically undress themselves when you adjust their proportions.

Casino Tour


Changes and Improvements

  • All classes selectable from the start.
  • Relaxed the order in which you unlock fields and planets. Planet Harukotan will become available if you clear forest exploration. 
  • Added Team Order EXP rewards. Team Orders will no longer have set areas, they'll just be about killing enemies.
  • Improved the support effects of the team tree.
  • Tripled the maximum photon water for the Team Tree.
  • Expanded the means of acquiring meseta through Daily Orders and such.
  • In exchange for increased rewards,  Chroto TA orders will become once a week.
  • You can see each player's position on the map, even if they are not in your party.
  • The game will temporarily save the cursor position for Client Orders, photon drinks, and item appraisals.
  • Vita players will no longer have problems viewing the number of abilities attached to an item at the top of the screen due to the EQ announcements.


All Classes and Skills Reexamined

  • Striking Type motion speeds increased.  (Except Knuckles)
  • Adjusted the layout of the skill trees.
  • New Skills Added for each class.
  • Reduced the required skill points for some skills, allowing greater freedom.

Photon Arts: Upward and Downward Adjustments

  • 105 PAs   out of 120.
  • 28 Technics  out of 42.
  • Cosmos Breaker
  • Satellite Cannon
  • Il Megid ↓
  • Il Barta ↓
  • Il Grants


Hunter Adjustments

Hunter Balance Adjustments

  • Sped up attack motion speeds, Recovery Frames ,  and improved the attack range.
  • You can specialize towards increasing defense.
  • Protect your friends by playing as the Tank to attract enemies.
  • 29 Hunter PA Buffs.
  • No demerits on Guard Stance.
  • Iron Will +5 seconds of invincibility time.
  • Fury Stance: 125  120%
  • Fury Combo Up: 20  10%
  • Fury Stance Up 1+2: Lv.10  Lv. 5
  • Defense type skill improvements.

Hunter New Skill

  • War Brave: Increases power depending on the number of enemies attracted.
  • Healing Guard: Recover HP during a Just Guard.


Fighter Adjustments

Fighter Balance Adjustments

  • Sped up attack motion speeds, Recovery Frames ,  and improved attack performance. (Corrected)
  • Combos strengthened through new skills.
  • Relaxed altitude restrictions for Fighters. (For Ep3's new field only, coming to the other fields later.)
  • 27 Fighter PA Buffs
  • Brave Stance: 120  125% (No demerits for each stance.)
  • Wise Stance 130  135% (No demerits for each stance.)
  • Chase Advance: 140% 125% nerf.
  • Deadline Slayer +100 Up ⇒ +150 Up

New Fighter Skills

  • Tech Arts JA Bonus: Power increases when using different PAs/Technics through Just Attacks.
  • Limit Break: Greatly increases S-ATK, while greatly reducing the maximum HP.


Braver Adjustments

Braver Adjustments

  • 14 Braver PA Buffs
  • Doesn't have any drastic changes to the skill tree, however, Ability Up 2 will be available early on.
  • Average Stance: 115%
  • Weak Stance: 135% (Demerits at 95%)
  • Rapid S Up 2: +150 Shooting

New Braver Skills

  • Charge Shot: Increased bullet speed and power of charged normal attacks.
  • Attack Advance: Normal attacks power up!


Ranger Adjustments

Ranger Balance Adjustments

  • Disrupt enemies and assist your allies.
  • Turned traps into skills.
  • Launcher's firing speed will increase when on the ground.
  • 16 Ranger PA Buffs. 2 PA Nerfs
  • Tool skills improved.
  • Weak Bullet: 300 255%
  • Weak Hit Advance 1+2: 125  ⇒ 135%
  • [Bullet Keep] makes it easier to use special bullets.

New Ranger Skills

  • Bullet Keep: Keeps special bullets as long as there's a Ranger weapon.
  • Gravity Bomb: Gathers nearby enemies together.


Gunner Adjustments

Gunner Balance Adjustments

  • It's now possible to use chaining as your main fighting style.
  • 8 Gunner PA Buffs (When you include rifles, it's 17 buffs, and 1 nerf. )
  • S Roll JA Bonus: 200  160%
  • Showtime: 30 ⇒ 45 seconds. Hate buff.
  • High Time: 110  120%

New Gunner Skills

  • Twice Chain: Doubles the speed of the chain number.
  • Chain F Bonus: Shortens the recast times based on the chain number.


 Force Adjustments


Force Balance Adjustments

  • Skill tree separated into Element Specialization or Power.
  • 28 Technic Buffs, 3 Nerfs.
  • Photon Flare: HP drop removed.
    Effective Time: 30 45 seconds
    Recast Times: 120 100 seconds. 
  • Some recast times improved for other skills.

New Force Skills

  • Charge Escape: Continue charging while escaping.


 Techer Adjustments

Techer Adjustments

  • Territory Burst becomes passive.
  • Wand Lovers becomes a stance. Normal Attack and Tech Explosion power increases.
  • 28 Technic Buffs and 3 Nerfs
  • Shifta Critical: 15 ⇒  20%
  • Wand Lovers: Can be turned on or off. Striking Power and Tech Explosion Power: 135 ⇒  140%
  • Rare Mastery Techer: Added an effect that increases S-ATK.
  • Territory Burst / Long Time Assist: Lv. 10 ⇒  Lv. 1
  • Super Treatment: Lv 5 ⇒ Lv.1

New Techer Skills

  • Shifta Strike: Further increases damage during Shifta.
  • Deband Toughness: During Deband, Max HP Increases.


Bouncer Class

Bouncer Concept:

  • A hybrid of support and highly maneuverable attacks.


  • Various active skills available.
  • Break Stance: Specializes in breaking enemy parts.
  • Elemental Stance: Hit the elemental weakness.
  • Switch Strike: Changes the Jet Boots into striking-ability
  • Critical Field / Elemental PP Field: Strengthens one's surroundings.
  • Photon Blade Fever: Doubles the Photon Blades.
  • Bouncers have the mobility to reach enemies quickly.
  • Bouncers can automatically release support effects.


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