PSO2 Livestream #22 Recap


Post-Livestream Updates

  • Added arrows to indicate changes between the old value the new value.
  • Added Up/Down arrows to indicate "upward/downward adjustments."
  • Edited Bouncer Skill Description.
  • Added Character Song CD.
  • Added OTP Token.
  • Corrected Typo: Fighter should have read "attack performance" instead of range.



Secret Phrase

Type ぽろたろう in chat sometime between now through August 6th's maintenance to receive several items.

  • Fonewearl Chain
  • A Little Something B
  • Tropical Frappé x22
  • Liliparium (Short) x22

OTP Token

OTP Token

  • You can purchase a PSO2 designed OTP Token device early if you attend the Phantasy Star Festa on August 16th.
  • It comes with item codes for a Password Box, 1000 FUN ticket, and a Half Doll.


PSO2 Character Song CD

Come sing along to theme songs of your favorite Phantasy Star characters! The album officially goes on sale on August 27th, but you can catch it early if you attend the Phantasy Star Festa on August 16th.  The album will include a duet with Melfonseana and Gettemhart, "Ultimate Energy"  sung by Huey, "Bullet Showtime" sung by Risa, and more!


Item Codes

Item Codes Include:

  • Singer Mic (Weapon Camo)
  • CD Package Mat
  • Gettemhart Voice / C
  • Risa Voice / C
  • 500 FUN ticket



EQ Boost Survey

Emergency Quest Poll (After Miku & Luka Live Event)

  • July 26th @ 22:00 JST (Ships 1 ~ 5)
  • July 26th @ 23:00 JST (Ships 6 ~ 10)
  • Mining Base Despair: Rare Drop and EXP Boost 260%



Irregular Summer Scratch 

Irregular's Summer AC Scratch

  • The Irregular at Magic High School's Costumes and Weapon Camos.
  • Summer Dress and New Swimsuits

 Ruins and Oceanids1

Ruins and Oceanids

  • Stage 60 ~ 70
  • Magisa Meduna and Falz Hunar Appears
  • 25 Verdant Ores

 Beach Wars 2

Beach Wars 2

  • Popular Characters appear in Swimsuits
  • All Enemies Level 70
  • Summer Lobby and Summer Rappies


~Episode 3: Releases August 27th, 2014~



Arks Lobby Update 

EP3: Arks Lobby Update

  • Gate Area: Airport Style
  • Shopping Area: Southern (Tropical) Style
  • Map of the Lobby
  • Catapult Jumps
  • The Lobby's appearance changes once a quest has been accepted or during Emergency Quests

 Interface Improvements

EP3: Interface Update

  • Preview Scratch Content, Lobby Actions, and Accessories.
  • HP / PP Overhead display.
  • The Chat Box will change colors to match the channel.
  • Additional Symbol Art Stamps.
  • Client Order Items easier to understand.

 Movemnt Speed


EP3: Player and Quest Improvements

  • Movement Speed increase when running.
  • Recommended Quest Feature
  • PSE Omens Easier to Understand
  • PSE Effects improved
  • Setup an equipment template. Register equipment templates with weapons, mags, units, weapon camos, etc.
  • Urban Recovery Update. Multi-Party Area starting in Area 1.


Chara creation improvements

Character Creation Improvements

  • 4th Accessory Slot
  • Adjust accessory placement
  • New Face Variation for Males and Females
  • The character will no longer automatically undress themselves when you adjust their proportions.

Casino Tour


Changes and Improvements

  • All classes selectable from the start.
  • Relaxed the order in which you unlock fields and planets. Planet Harukotan will become available if you clear forest exploration. 
  • Added Team Order EXP rewards. Team Orders will no longer have set areas, they'll just be about killing enemies.
  • Improved the support effects of the team tree.
  • Tripled the maximum photon water for the Team Tree.
  • Expanded the means of acquiring meseta through Daily Orders and such.
  • In exchange for increased rewards,  Chroto TA orders will become once a week.
  • You can see each player's position on the map, even if they are not in your party.
  • The game will temporarily save the cursor position for Client Orders, photon drinks, and item appraisals.
  • Vita players will no longer have problems viewing the number of abilities attached to an item at the top of the screen due to the EQ announcements.


All Classes and Skills Reexamined

  • Striking Type motion speeds increased.  (Except Knuckles)
  • Adjusted the layout of the skill trees.
  • New Skills Added for each class.
  • Reduced the required skill points for some skills, allowing greater freedom.

Photon Arts: Upward and Downward Adjustments

  • 105 PAs   out of 120.
  • 28 Technics  out of 42.
  • Cosmos Breaker
  • Satellite Cannon
  • Il Megid ↓
  • Il Barta ↓
  • Il Grants


Hunter Adjustments

Hunter Balance Adjustments

  • Sped up attack motion speeds, Recovery Frames ,  and improved the attack range.
  • You can specialize towards increasing defense.
  • Protect your friends by playing as the Tank to attract enemies.
  • 29 Hunter PA Buffs.
  • No demerits on Guard Stance.
  • Iron Will +5 seconds of invincibility time.
  • Fury Stance: 125  120%
  • Fury Combo Up: 20  10%
  • Fury Stance Up 1+2: Lv.10  Lv. 5
  • Defense type skill improvements.

Hunter New Skill

  • War Brave: Increases power depending on the number of enemies attracted.
  • Healing Guard: Recover HP during a Just Guard.


Fighter Adjustments

Fighter Balance Adjustments

  • Sped up attack motion speeds, Recovery Frames ,  and improved attack performance. (Corrected)
  • Combos strengthened through new skills.
  • Relaxed altitude restrictions for Fighters. (For Ep3's new field only, coming to the other fields later.)
  • 27 Fighter PA Buffs
  • Brave Stance: 120  125% (No demerits for each stance.)
  • Wise Stance 130  135% (No demerits for each stance.)
  • Chase Advance: 140% 125% nerf.
  • Deadline Slayer +100 Up ⇒ +150 Up

New Fighter Skills

  • Tech Arts JA Bonus: Power increases when using different PAs/Technics through Just Attacks.
  • Limit Break: Greatly increases S-ATK, while greatly reducing the maximum HP.


Braver Adjustments

Braver Adjustments

  • 14 Braver PA Buffs
  • Doesn't have any drastic changes to the skill tree, however, Ability Up 2 will be available early on.
  • Average Stance: 115%
  • Weak Stance: 135% (Demerits at 95%)
  • Rapid S Up 2: +150 Shooting

New Braver Skills

  • Charge Shot: Increased bullet speed and power of charged normal attacks.
  • Attack Advance: Normal attacks power up!


Ranger Adjustments

Ranger Balance Adjustments

  • Disrupt enemies and assist your allies.
  • Turned traps into skills.
  • Launcher's firing speed will increase when on the ground.
  • 16 Ranger PA Buffs. 2 PA Nerfs
  • Tool skills improved.
  • Weak Bullet: 300 255%
  • Weak Hit Advance 1+2: 125  ⇒ 135%
  • [Bullet Keep] makes it easier to use special bullets.

New Ranger Skills

  • Bullet Keep: Keeps special bullets as long as there's a Ranger weapon.
  • Gravity Bomb: Gathers nearby enemies together.


Gunner Adjustments

Gunner Balance Adjustments

  • It's now possible to use chaining as your main fighting style.
  • 8 Gunner PA Buffs (When you include rifles, it's 17 buffs, and 1 nerf. )
  • S Roll JA Bonus: 200  160%
  • Showtime: 30 ⇒ 45 seconds. Hate buff.
  • High Time: 110  120%

New Gunner Skills

  • Twice Chain: Doubles the speed of the chain number.
  • Chain F Bonus: Shortens the recast times based on the chain number.


 Force Adjustments


Force Balance Adjustments

  • Skill tree separated into Element Specialization or Power.
  • 28 Technic Buffs, 3 Nerfs.
  • Photon Flare: HP drop removed.
    Effective Time: 30 45 seconds
    Recast Times: 120 100 seconds. 
  • Some recast times improved for other skills.

New Force Skills

  • Charge Escape: Continue charging while escaping.


 Techer Adjustments

Techer Adjustments

  • Territory Burst becomes passive.
  • Wand Lovers becomes a stance. Normal Attack and Tech Explosion power increases.
  • 28 Technic Buffs and 3 Nerfs
  • Shifta Critical: 15 ⇒  20%
  • Wand Lovers: Can be turned on or off. Striking Power and Tech Explosion Power: 135 ⇒  140%
  • Rare Mastery Techer: Added an effect that increases S-ATK.
  • Territory Burst / Long Time Assist: Lv. 10 ⇒  Lv. 1
  • Super Treatment: Lv 5 ⇒ Lv.1

New Techer Skills

  • Shifta Strike: Further increases damage during Shifta.
  • Deband Toughness: During Deband, Max HP Increases.


Bouncer Class

Bouncer Concept:

  • A hybrid of support and highly maneuverable attacks.


  • Various active skills available.
  • Break Stance: Specializes in breaking enemy parts.
  • Elemental Stance: Hit the elemental weakness.
  • Switch Strike: Changes the Jet Boots into striking-ability
  • Critical Field / Elemental PP Field: Strengthens one's surroundings.
  • Photon Blade Fever: Doubles the Photon Blades.
  • Bouncers have the mobility to reach enemies quickly.
  • Bouncers can automatically release support effects.


82 thoughts to “PSO2 Livestream #22 Recap”

  1. I think they may have intended to put "Extend Assist" where they have "Long Time Assist". Long Time Assist already only has one level, and the new skill trees they showed off show Extend Assist with only one level now as well.

    1. It's a class of its own; it's not at all like Braver (other than being hybrid)

  2. All classes selectable from the start.
    Relaxed the order in which you unlock fields and planets.

    The unlock orders are already very easy why make them even easier?
    They have been making unlocking stuff so much easier what what i remember in early OB.

    1. I enjoyed the difficulty. It gave you a sense of accomplicement when you succeeded. Now it's like it's natural to unlock a new area or difficulty.

    2. I found s-ranking missions with a strict timelimit while having to deal with a lot of codes all the time challenging.

    3. Are you kidding me? I'ts a pain in the @@@ when you have to unlock everything on your alt characters! Not to mention the matter board which is annoying as hell to unlock only on one character! They should simply remove the need to unlock the areas again on our 2nd,3rd…….10th characters D:

  3. Good job, SEGA. Nerf S Roll JA Bonus just to make Gunners weaker than they already are. Most classes already outDPS us to begin with…

    1. What a silly comment.

      Between Fury Stance getting nerfed BIG TIME, the major OP PAs and techs getting nerfed, and a whole fuckload of PAs getting buffed, S Roll JA Bonus was due for a nerf. And even after the nerf, it's still so powerful that you have to be stupid not to use it.

      So, you know, don't make these silly knee-jerk reactions when you're just tunnel-visioning on one thing at a time.

    2. If most classes are out-DPSing you as gunner, then you are doing something horribly wrong and need to play an entry level class like SatSpamm– Ranger.

    3. I think he not using Gu/Hu Furry
      i trying to to make Gu/Ra and never be able to do decent damage except if i manually aim at the head all time, solo-ing something like quartz dragon in SH is a pain to do until u can destroy its head crystal, and no "Satellite Cannon" is a bad idea to fight Quartz.

  4. 1. so they're forcing Hu to be more and more defensive class every patch eh? At least they should make PP to recover from Just Guard instead of HP. btw there's a (1) after the sentences with class names, does it mean there'll be more balance changes?

    2. I hope the buff won't make bow PA more broken than it is now(Rapid Shoot mode can do times higher dmg than shunga before the nerf)

    3. nope Gu isn't weak, even if they nerf S.roll JA to 120% Gu is still a strong class. It's just that most players spam Infinity Bullet and Elder Rebellion instead of Heel Stab and Mesiah Time which have much higher DPS rate(yes, DPS rate not dmg/hit) and many od those Lv 70/70 don't even know what the "Just Attack" system is but still max the S.Roll JA bonus skill so basically, they maxed the skill but don't get any buff because they can't do Just Attack after performing Stylish Roll. also if Gu can really use Chain as main style, then Gu's DPS rate may increase a huge time, only for fighting a single target though.

    1. On your third point I want to correct something… Messiah Time and Heel Stab HAS higher damage per hit compared to Elder Rebellion and Infinity Fire . Infinity Fire is advantageous for some bosses, but most bosses allow you to use Messiah Time which does more hits, and more damage/hit. Furthermore throughout the during of Messiah Time you are invulnerable. I don't know much about Heel Stab, I rarely use it, but its a pretty decent skill after charged. Even if they nerf the damage to 1.6x instead of 2x, Gunners are still decent, they were never underpowered from the start. As for Elder Rebellion… I have no idea why people STILL use that skill. Its terrible for bossing, and for mobbing, Gunners have Shift Period now, which is MUCH better than Elder Rebellion. The last thing I want to say about gunner is… Guld Milla… Makes gunners undying, and personally I use my Guld Milla with Hunter's Iron Will, and Never Give Up! which makes my char nearly invincible. I have no idea why people would think that gunners are weak…

    2. Finally I hv found someone who understand the art of Gu!(you). And for dps thing in the ( ) I just meant to point out that dps is not dmg/hit because there're people out there who think dps means dmg/hit. also I don't know why SEGA try this hard to buff Show Time, when the boss lock its Hate on Gu, you can be sure its Atk and moving patterns will be unpredictable because it'll try to follow the random movement of that Gu and that means the other 11players near the boss are f*cked.

      -my Gu goes full zero range type and don't hv problem about dodging so G.Milla is not needed lol. I sold it for 11m and use TMG with zero range latent instead, it give a worthy buff for Mesiah and HEel Stab

    3. I actually got GM even though I can dodge because of those situations where you take 1 damage and your 1.2x bonus from PK is gone 🙁

    4. Maybe i do something wrong but, i never found when the invincibility time kick in on "Messiah Time", "Decol Malluda" Bullet shower "Ragne" Back kick always hit.

  5. Finally! For everyone that I met, I was the only Tank with 2200 S-Def Defence with 1030 HP. I wonder how Tanky I'll turn out to be once Episode 3 Comes out~~

    but yeah, about the other stuff.
    Having all the classes from the start Is a damn joy. Sega should've done that from the start… but hey whatever, more classes from the start is good in my book.

    Its also interesting that Klotho is once a week now. though, are they still gunna keep the Idea of reducing his rewards? because if thats the case it'll be stupid for once a week if he's going to give 1/4 of the rewards he had normally.

    1. My primary character is a Gu/Hu tank, 1751 S-def, 1273 HP, and the best two things I've read so far from these Episode 3 announces are Defense Specializations for Hunter, and location adjustment on accessories with an additional slot.

      I'm REALLY hoping that some of these improvements aren't just basic defense stat buffs, but actual things of use like passive threat, mitigations, ability tie-ins, and other fun things we need to be real hate sponges.

    2. I'm interested in knowing your skill build tree for tank. I'm trying to build a tank too but don't want to waste points into something that isn't that useful.

  6. Looks like Hunter is still doomed to be a subclass. No point in trying to tank for a party when hate is so easily overwritten by someone with more DPS. With the damage nerfing and defense buffing, soloing is going to turn into a butterknifing fight for both you and your enemies. Except you're made of invincible photon wall. It almost feels like they're encouraging players to not even bother swinging their weapons and instead just spam War Cry and just guard all the incoming attacks. The least they could do is remove the need to buy just guard.

    I like that Fighter can now work with Force or Techer, dat Limit Break and PP Regen skill that drops HP I forgot the name of. No HP berserker wand loving Techer here I come! But first, buying a new skill tree and mag.

    Braver is iffy for me, I never understood how to actually get strong with it. Even though I know it's stupid strong(enough for nerfs even) it felt average to me. The changes don't look like they'll do very much. Maybe the PA adjustments will.

    As a personal peeve, they buffed gunner too(in my eyes anyway). Giving chain not only a shorter cooldown, but also double the speed is just ridiculous. The S-Roll nerf won't even be noticed because they hid it behind the concept of chain style fighting. I didn't like helping with random boss spawns anyway…

    I don't know if Sega actually knows what to do with Force and Techer. Their changes seem to sway from being stupid strong to "why is this even here?" Really all they have to do is make every tech useful instead of just a few of them. For me personally, that's all I'm asking for. I do wish they had tech explosions scale on your stats more though, but I know that would make them ridiculous for mobbing because a billion enemies means a billion(and 1) explosions.

    Just my two cents on this update.

    1. "No point in trying to tank for a party when hate is so easily overwritten by someone with more DPS."

      Aggro doesn't get overwritten by anyone when using War Cry. War Cry guarantees aggro.

    2. If the tank get perfect Hate, he can stop annoying bosses like Loser from turning around randomly so others players can easily land their Atk on the right spot and makes it easier to read and dodge the boss' Atk patern.
      Yesh, only if the tank can get full hate, and no other tanks to play "aggro ping pong" with him.

    3. "I don’t know if Sega actually knows what to do with Force and Techer. Their changes seem to sway from being stupid strong to “why is this even here?” Really all they have to do is make every tech useful instead of just a few of them."

      I think they ARE making every tech useful (though most were already), seeing the "28 Technic Buffs".
      As for the changes, some of them should have been there from the start, like the Territory Burst and Wand Lovers changes.
      As a main Force I personally welcome the "Charge Escape" skill with open arms and seeing Super Treatment only having 1 level is awesome, the Photon Flare and Shifta/Deband changes are great for those that want to play the healer/buffer role.

    4. Maybe tanks will be slightly less retarded, it still probably going to be close to useless because being tank in a game where so many I-frames is almost comedic. 1k HP 1500 S-def is more than enough and you don't have to 'build' tank to get there

  7. Hunter is my main class > – >
    plus I have two Hunter SKill Trees, one thats strictly S-Def and the other S-Atk while Braver as my Subclass with two Skill Tree sets, one Strictly Weak Stance and the other Average Stance.

  8. Imalso happy about having SP requirements reduced on almost all the current skills. which is great to know because the first SP COs is very much a pain on anyone rears. Rappys are just……ugh…

    also, loving the new Ship Designs looks more colorful then the current bland lobbys. the shopping center looks tropical while the gate lobby is more airprt like. I think the Shopping district is going to get more love. I think hanging out there would fit better. well my opinion anyway rther then people being in the gate lobby. . -.

    theres alot of things I can say about the new improvements and nerfs on the coming update. and I love alot. all the classes are balanced this time around, so you wont see people using GU/HU 24/7, which is what everyone is atm….
    not to mention that the Techer Class has improved significantly!! its awesome! it encourges for more Healers this time around.
    having this update coming, how wold the enemies stats would be? I would assume they'll be stronger due to the changes. hopefully more HP and all around Def, while weaker enemies would get a small bit more of Atk?
    but we will have to see how it'll turn out once the update is released.

    1. This is the TE stuff i have been waiting for a long time. I have been using TE/HU as a main for a long time. Im very excited to play around with a few ideas. Im also really excited about the GU and HU changes. GU/HU and HU/FI will be just fine for those of you who are worried. There is just slight changes in the way you will play GU. If you look closely you will see some skills between different classes that will link up great.

  9. "It’s now possible to use chaining as your main fighting style."
    No it's not, unless they make Cain Trigger a passive skill this will never be the case.

    "8 Gunner PA Buffs (When you include rifles, it’s 17 buffs, and 1 nerf. )"
    I really hope the 2 PAs that doesn't receive a buff are Messiah Time and Heel Stab.

    1. "No it’s not"

      Can I borrow your time machine? How's the new lobbies? How about the PA changes? How much did Faceroll Cannon get nerfed? How's Bouncer?

  10. Everyone will be Bouncerbroken… inb4 it happen.
    As for this nerfs… it's a matter of time, people will find again something broken and use it till the next nerf. SEGAc. And, for elder rebellion and infinite fire, I never liked them and probably is the only 2 PA I use once every year. While people does Infinite Fire I have shooted like 3 Heel Stab (or more)? Can't wait to see what's gonna happen on skill tree. Tho don't like what they are doing to hunter. They could have nerf it only if was used as /sub.

    1. Of course the balance won't be perfect. The only way to reach ideal balance is to make everything same. Its even less likely to sustain balance when you constantly add various content and skills.

  11. My poor Ilmegid! To think that i was trying to make another FO/TE character with Ice/wind element! There goes ilbarta too! D: I agree with ilmegid but not with ilbarta damn it! Its a pain to kill some bosses solo as a fo/te especially the lv70+ ones ;_;

    1. I tend to agree with the Ilmegid nerf, that tech was just too "easy-mode" and got kinda annoying seeing every other Force (or Techer) using it on everything instead of playing the elemental weakness route like myself, though Foie is still #1 (laughs at Ilmegid users in TD).
      As for Ilbarta, i honestly don't know it depends how big of a nerf it gets.
      As for soloing 70+ bosses, it's really not too bad imho, you either need to be a pp battery or a wand gear user (and don't forget to focus on weaknesses (duh))

    2. Right, because all the other classes being faceroll (if you spec right) is ok but not if fo or te do it. Please.

    3. Please specify what you mean, sarcasm is not needed, i was only talking about Fo/Te due to the IL techs being nerfed, what other classes do is another topic.

    4. Using same tech on everything is coz people have 1 tree only and max it! with elemental weakness route u have to buy 4 more trees for FO and TE and also have 6 different elements weapons at 50% to be more efficient! Not everyone has the real money to buy trees and lots of meseta to grind and affix 6 different weapons! TBH is not even fair when most people on the other classes only use 1 tree for their main and HU sub with Fury tree with like only 2 element weapons (light and fire).

    5. I'm not attacking those that use the same tech on everything (like elysion+sazan techers for example), specific builds is also another thing, but when 1 tech is being constantly spammed by the mass, something is really wrong and due for a proper nerf.

      I have 2 trees myself, but i mainly use just 1, yes i can't max out everything and no i won't ever do max damage this way, but i like to be versatile in most techs (not all) and concentrating on weaknesses helps loads in the damage apartment.

      I'm not rich either, that's why i most of the times only make a new 50% element weapon when i get 1 dropped (still waiting for that PW drop elder!), this or if i get lucky with other drops that are sell-able for a decent price in exchange for better gear, that and affixing gear and selling them is another way of making money, play the market (sorry i just come from another game where the market was much more important to be used)

    6. As I said, it's only a matter of time, you will see after nerft ilmegid, ppl will spam another one over and over and over. It's in the nature of most ppl to use what does more damage, check how many bravers out there after shunka was released. Simple and clear. I don't know why such hate on il megid users in TD also. When they around, TD is more easy to clear. In anyc ase if they want nerf stuff so be it. Though, they should balance every class to do almost same damage, not x-class stronger than other.

    7. Yup, ppl will always use what is strongest or OP, i'm really glad Bravers are more versatile in their skills now instead of seeing Shunka left n right all day long xD

      As for the hate, it's not towards the users but the tech itself, yeah i said it wrong in my original post oops!, it's just imba (hence the nerf),
      sure for TD1 and TD3 it's ok i guess due them being open fields, but for TD2 it's just horrible (mobs scatter all over the place because of ilmegid and thus can't be mobbed up properly for the far more efficient aoe's), i know complaining is of no use, so i only laugh and shrug when i see only imba techs/pa's used -constantly-

      Also it's highly possible it will only bother you if you don't use imba techs/pa's yourself.

    8. nah lol Sa Zan is one of the weakest Wind Tec. ppl use it because it doesn't require any condition or player's skill at all. the truth is Zan can do like at least 5times higher damage than Sa Zan but the user needs to know how to use it, right range, right angle. recommended to be at lower attitude than the target while using Zan and you'll see how epic it is, also Zan can pass through some walls(and it's good for both vs mobs and vs 1target).

    9. I actually tested that, my lv50 Te's Zan did much more damage than a lv60 player's non-charged Sa Zan with Elysion +10/3 .

    10. I was using ilmegid in TD1, Td2, not in Td3 cause was going brokenbraver for exping. Never had such problems with Il megid in TD2,not at all, scarred mobs or not, most times walls up, and believe it or not, I dont care if mobs are scattered, as long we finish with all towers up. Plus with a 4 slot unit and 5 slot dark rod with skill tree on dark and element conversion they wont have last long anyway. Now add that I'm not the only force using il megid in Td2 and is done. I don't care who does more points or who get more crystals. But with proper equip using il megid is a pro and not a cons. At least until nerf. I like to win with 5 towers up, not see 1 tower left so I don't care if people spam ilmegid or whatever for doing so even if Im Fighter or whatever other class. Now, is different. With the new Td3 people sorta got lazy with td1 and t2. Some people afk even in Td2 on middle of room for exping. You won't believe but I seen few doing this AFK in 2 runs in row.

    11. Il Megid needed to be nerfed, just like Shunka was, and S-Roll Bonus is. When a class is spamming one ability exclusively, that's counterintuitive to game design and means that something's seriously wrong with that ability.

      It's also my firm belief that Sega should super-buff bosses to make them impossible to solo. People would actually start playing together then.

    12. And who say after Il megid is nerfed ppl wont spam another tech (example Sazan) all over again?

    13. This. +1
      Making them proper raids would be awesome in multiparty area's (or actually multiparty EQ's to be more exact)

    14. It's already hard enough to find people to play with outside of TAs/XQs, this will not make it any easier.

    15. @Black Pearl: There's always going to be certain abilities used more than others in games like these. It's the way things go. But when one is used EXCLUSIVELY above dozens of others, that's when there's a problem.

      @Nuku: I've been a staunch supporter of Sega implementing some sort of endgame beyond the garbage that is AQs and XQs. They've shown us it's feasible with the Falz fights, now give us an entire area's worth like it.

      @Wohdin: Force people to group up and they will. Sega wanted people to be social in this game but aren't putting any sort of game-changing advantage to do so. Making bosses REQUIRE multiple people will almost instantly kickstart active partying.

  12. ….all of my want.

    at least after the major want of NTT telecom getting their act together and announcing the new routing for pso2's IP range.

    and then, all of my want.

  13. with all those change are they gonna reset the skill by default because i get the Super treatment skill at lvl 5 or they gonna distribute the "All Skill Reset Pass", hoping it will be both of them

    1. Considering the changes are going to involve lowering the level cap of certain existing skills, it will probably be a global automatic reset, since that would be the easiest to do maintenance-wise.

  14. LOL. The nerfs and buff do affect how i am gonna go my Br/Hu class type. Surprisingly though, my lv 63 hu has higher dex then my lv70 br.

    I think they must really do something with Dex builders like me (partially). I am Dex + S-Atk Mag

    On a side note, Mahouka cross over FTW

  15. I keep getting an unknown server status and error 249. I'm in the US and not using a VPN to play PSO2. First time back to the game in months. Why do I keep getting this error?

    1. There was a DDoS, which prompt sega to move servers and either them or their corporate ISP ( stopped foreign, non japanese ISP's, from connecting to their servers by either some sort of block or by not announcing their DNS servers to the rest of the world. That said, getting around said routing issue, you can either call up your ISP and ask them about trying to get them to connect, move to japan, or use a proxy or vpn service to connect to the servers.

    2. Certain large US ISPs, such as AT&T, continue to block traffic to pso2. I use the Verizon Wireless network to play pso2 now (e.g., a Verizon WiFi hotspot).

    1. I play and stream/record and upload the most time APB Reloaded again, so im ok, it sux i cant connect with or without vpn. so dont worry im ok.


  16. I am calling my isp. Hopefully they will fix the problem. If not, then I will be playing MechWarrior Online. MeikoV3 is my username.

  17. Well the bad news is I would have to use a VPN which is very risky.. I don't know if I should go try it. -_-V….. But basically, this is it for Vocal Patrol. It has been fun playing with you guys. Who ever did this Ddos really accomplished something, and that is close the game for any foreigners. Someone really is a racist troll some where on PSO2. Wish we could live in a world where such petty things are obsolete. Yea so hit me up on MechWarrior Online. I may try to download the Gundam Online game. It looks like fun. 51 vs 51 Gundam action!

    1. Vocal Patrol was a crap guild any way. Just a bunch of people who spam dick Symbol Arts in Block 20 🙂

    2. Hey THIS IS NOT TRUE! i helped in this guild, i helped the randoms so good i was able to help so stop saying such stuipdy stuff…. it sux enough that i and some others still cant connect.


  18. wow i missed this because the damm DDos thing? jeez thats hurts <.< well i tried today again like any day and tada… like i thought dont work…. im losing rly the hope to get back in this game


    1. Also, in the video, it showed that they were LV45 with 45 remaining points. This leads me to believe that..

      FO: Mirage Escape and Just Reversal
      TE: Mirage Escape, Just Reversal, and Extend Assist

      ..are all now known by default.

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