PSO2 NA Launches In Closed Beta On February 7th!

PSO2 North American Edition finally opens the gateship on XBOX ONE with its Closed Beta Test on February 7th at 5:00 PM (PST)! In the beta you will be able to earn special in-game items. Progress earned in the Beta will also carry over to the main game. You can still secure your spot in the beta if you haven't yet. Find out how here

Closed Beta Test Schedule:

  • Starts: Friday, February 7th, 5 PM (PST)
  • Ends: Saturday, February 8th, 11:59 PM (PST)
  • Official Website: Opens Friday, February 7th, 10 AM (PST)

Pre-loading of the game opens on Monday, February 3rd. This client will also be used for the Open Beta Test later on!



Take on time restricted Urgent Quests with 11 other players. Or enjoy the live concert given out by ARKS idol Quna. Make sure to pay attention when the events take place so not to miss them! The details on when and what can be found on the official site

12 thoughts to “PSO2 NA Launches In Closed Beta On February 7th!”

  1. You'll be able to tell who the oldschool PSO2 players are. We'll be the ones rushing to cap in short order.
    I'm betting cap will be level 20, so as to prevent subclass being a factor in the beta.

    1. >Thinking old school PSO2 players are going to play neutered NA version.
      No thanks, I will stick with my uncensored jp version.

    2. @RV – Same! Also, wasnt it hinted that there was going to be a way for players from the JP server to transfer their progress over to the NA version when it became available? If this doesnt happen, I'm staying put. I dont have the energy or the time anymore to replay through tens of thousands of hours (no kidding).

    3. @MOI
      I doubt there are even going to be any account transfer or any of that, but if it does happen I hope some people do leave to NA which probably won't anyways. Now, let's assume the worst does happen and there's an IP block for English players, would that also affect PS4 players on JP servers?

  2. I hope it does well
    As usual SEGA is risking a lot without properly thinking on how to do it
    Instead of allowing international users to access with an English language option in their empty servers they went and spent a ton of money going to the consoles and getting servers in the west
    Not to mention their lame ass anime which seems expensive and their current sonic movie

    1. Microsoft is paying a big portion, so they aren't really paying as much as you would think.

      Besides that, the anime has nothing to do with this? The anime has no budget considering the animation and art quality, so not expensive. Definitely doesn't relate to the Sonic movie at all so???

      SEGA is risking nothing and basically losing nothing for bringing the game to NA for now.

    2. This game can be a win-win situation for Sega, actually.

      Game does well and they rake in the cash. Game flops and they keep PSO3 Japan exclusive lmao.

      Also, majority of the Japanese base do not like foreigners.

    3. UniverseLover; I'm taking in consideration the anime and the movie because they in the end are expenses that SEGA is doing simultaneously to this project, the worry was if a lot of money was lost would it affect the game? or even themselves?
      The anime animation is better than many current shonen and all their cast is the original even if their CGI is theirs that is not supposed to be cheap (and if it is… that speaks very poorly of current anime studios), and the movie they had to re- edit all the scenes of sonic that must have also been expensive

      Anonymous; Well lets hope all goes okay

    4. "Also, majority of the Japanese base do not like foreigners."

      There is a good reason for that imo.
      On the other side it's somewhat less haunting in comparison to the japanese playerbase.
      For example – I myself am really motivated to learn japanese and understand it to most parts from anime, books, mangas etc. … only Hiragana and some Kanjis, but if you look closer they are not really better than english (or whatever language) speaking people. It's in almost every online game out there -after some time the majority of morons take place and drive away honest players. The older an MMO get's, the worse the playerbase. (This is just my opinion …)

  3. Hopefully PC soon?
    Not that I'm thrilled to be starting over, it's more of the fact that it won't just be in JP servers.

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