PSO2 New Genesis JP Closed Beta Test 1 Period

Check your email to see if you can participate in the first closed beta of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. The beta will run for three days at specific times between January 29th through January 31st.

Closed Beta Schedule

The first Closed Beta Test will utilize gameplay data of PSO2 as of January 21st maintenance.


Campaigns and Prizes

NGS: Boss Suppression Campaign

Players who defeat the Boss: Naglus (ナグルス) will receive:

  • Biting Rappy Earring (Accessory)
  • Baton Handoff (Stamp)

Both items are tradeable.


Play a PSO2 Quest Campaign

Players who clear a quest on a PSO2 Block will receive:

  • "100 Star Gem" Ticket x1

It doesn't matter what quest you play or what clear rank you receive.


NGS Player Shop Utilization Campaign

Players who sell and purchase at least once using the Player Shops:

  • "50 Star Gem" Ticket x1


Player Survey Campaign

Completing the survey for either the 1st Closed Beta or 2nd Closed Beta will net you:

  • "100 Star Gem" Ticket x1


Distribution Period

Prizes for all campaigns will be distributed some time after New Genesis officially launches.

23 thoughts to “PSO2 New Genesis JP Closed Beta Test 1 Period”

  1. I'm a little fired up that cbt players get prizes. I would think winning the cbt lottery is a prize in itself but eh. Hopefully one of my friends won and they can stream it.

  2. as far as i heard, you gotta be fluent in japanese, 'cuz devs gonna contact you anytime anywhere while in game and talk to you, google mtl wont help you much there…

  3. People frequently seem to forget that beta testing is not meant to be a chance to play the game early but a chance to help developers iron out problems before the game is released. I'd rather have people help make sure things function than go "omg I played the game, I'm so awesome !!111!" At least this is a good sign for those anxious for NGS that it's probably 4-5 months away or so. And I'm fine with them getting prizes for it. They're effectively working for Sega during these 3 days, they deserve a little extra and it's probably under NDA too, so I'm not expecting beta players to say too much. Will have to wait and see.

  4. data from email:
    Regarding the play data of "PSO2" to be used in the Closed Beta Test (1st round)
    We plan to copy the play data (character data of all ships) as of the scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, January 20, 2021.
    The character data of all ships will be copied.
    The character data of all ships will be copied to ONE ship used in the closed beta test.
    For the purpose of server load verification, the closed beta test will be held in one ship configuration.
    The one ship configuration is only available for the closed beta test.
    The ship configuration after the official service of "PSO2:NGS" will be the same as that of "PSO2".

    Only character item packs and character warehouses will be able to be copied.
    Not copied: My room/ My shop/ Team/ Friend information/ Communication/ Mail/ AC/ SG/ Premium set expiry date/ Expiry date of expansion and material warehouse/ Some optional information/ etc.

    Request for pre-download
     You can download the game client in advance from the "PSO2: NGS" Closed Beta Test Players Site.
     We recommend downloading the game client in advance, as we anticipate a high concentration of downloads around the start of the Closed Beta Test.

     If you are currently playing PSO2 on the same PC, you will not be able to download the game client for PSO2: NGS.
     If you are playing PSO2: NGS on the same PC, please do not download the PSO2 files that will be used in the closed beta test. Instead, we will be able to copy the files from the PSO2 game client on your PC to reduce the download time.
     In order to download the client and play the game, you will need your SEGA ID or external service ID (LINE or Twitter account).

    The "PSO2: NGS" Closed Beta Test Players' Site will be released on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.
     Please check the site in advance and cooperate with the test.

    PSO2: NGS Closed Beta Test Player's Site will be open to the public.
     We will announce the release of the Players Site on the PSO2 Players Site and the PSO2: NGS Teaser Site.

    knowing that i won't be able to use my max speed to DL from JP server…hope 2 days will be enough to cover ~30GB DL of data different between PSO2 client and NGS cbt. Q.Q

    1. To G:

      The way I understand it:
      – on 27th (after maintenance in PSO2 (let's call it classic), SEGA will open full version of NGS cbt website to public.
      – From that site (probably) we'll be downloading CBT launcher / get instructions how to install NGS CBT on same PC that already has PSO2 classic installed (via making a copy of PSO2 classic folder, then *probably* putting NGS launcher in that copied folder and letting it download missing ~30GB *as was stated sometime ago in bumped* of NGS files)

    1. It resembles to a cosmetic sticker, but it's a stamp — NGS's new feature of communication which is like a ready-to-show symbol art.
      You probably can obtain it at bottom price, in the launching week of NGS.

  5. Congratz on me. The invitation had come. I'll get sucked into the under-constructed world of 1000 years after, next week.
    I yet am another native domestic Japanese with "graphic setting 6" qualification. PS4 and cloud users had not been asked this time (CBT1), and I have no clue about the forthcoming and the global testing.
    A CBT1 user cannot create a new character — Just play with familiar PSO2 clone and sell/buy her carry-in asset (Only the Item Pack and the Character Locker will be active). Each CBT2 user MUST create a character from scratch (including CBT1 tester, automatically, so the prior clone will be dismissed). That's the major difference. The foci of CBT1 are, 1. Basic mechanics, 2. Mass load, 3. Mutual transferability between PSO2 and NGS, 4. Whether AC Scratch collects money as expected.
    Only one ship will be offered for the whole participants on CBT1. SEGA[JP] announces that the commercial service will be run on the similar scale of fleet clusters to PSO2. I'm a little disappointed if JP and Global users will be split again.

    1. You nearly lost me with your last line. Are you aware of what is even happening in the west?

    2. You've been enough familiar with the current PSO2 admin strategy — The other global legions are covered by SEGA OF AMERICA, Inc., while SEGA[JPHQ] provides domestic service.
      I've been looking forward to getting into a true global service what's like that I can move from a Japanese ship to any global ship and come back as I wish with a single ID. I've made dozens of foreign friends in JP ships. Some are still squatting *g* there, some had moved to the global service.
      I feel a little discouraged about whether NGS can be AN OPEN-WORLD (literally)…

    3. Shame on me;
      > The other global legions are covered by SEGA OF AMERICA, Inc.
      'regions', I mean. Very Japanese. *blush*

  6. from my POV, we are lucky if they get the game opened before the end of 2021. earlier than that? probably a roughass open with an non completed game. sega is playing catchup hard with NGS. this test will barely serve as an in-house alpha test to push up dev. noway it's a beta test at all. too bad the fastest thing they decided to do was hanging pso2. they took quite a risk to saved some capital and now we all have a 1trip travel.

    1. They planned to release NGS around spring of 2021, which is around March to May, but that is just their plan, anything could change so …

  7. Anyway, I don't see why some are unhappy not to have been chosen, if it is to go around in circles like idiots and kill the same enemies 3500 times to have SGs or something like that I don't see. interest, gamers want EQ boosts, 20 * weapons, EQs, do the same shit 4500 times, when NGS goes out the freaks will have to wipe it out in 3 days.

  8. since it's only for japanese. i think japan will get NGS first and then global release will follow later. i think global release will be at the end of 2021 while half year we can only see japan version

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