PSO2 North America PC Version Announced for May 27th

The North American version of PSO2 has announced the release date for the PC version. Players will finally be able to play PSO2 on Windows 10 starting May 27th, 2020. More details will be posted at the official site in the future.

16 thoughts to “PSO2 North America PC Version Announced for May 27th”

  1. So~ it will be the same server as XBOX ONE players? Not really fond of it tbh, because they could build something up before PC players. But this are kinda good news to me

    1. The server's will be cross-play with Xbox 1. I believe this will be the chance when Ship 4-6 open up.
      PC players could always flock up to one of the new ships, say Ship 4, and make in the next popular choice to play on.

    2. If they do like the JP version, It will, the thing is that there will be blocks specials for xbox players for crossplay, as for pc they have their own. But it'll stay in the same server, then again you shouldn't really think it's unfair since it's PVE, PVP being totally fair as it's random and dosen't use your actual stats.

    3. My thought was more on the advantage for Mesetas. I love the competition besides PvP like having control of the market to gain money or having gear not everyone has (totally honest here). The advantage to start earlier than everyone else if you have a XBOX is something … valuable to me. Ah I should have known maybe I stay at japanese servers.

    4. End game gear is account locked and easy to get, NA still behind on content so good affixes will still come, and since its PSO playing first doesn't mean you'll get good things, its pretty common to see new players get the good expensive stuff instead of the ones carrying them, its all about luck. And things xbox players can control right now are pointless things that will get outclassed hard and soon, unless fashion but those doesnt matter.

  2. i dont feel to install this version, pretty sure there the market is fully trolled and its a massacre of noobs ?

    1. To be really honest, most of western(more NA) community on JP were always like that, Block 7 as an example. And bigger teams full of leechers. Has some good and hardcore players but doubt they'll transfer to NA since its a pain to start again.

    2. If you're already splaying on JP there is zero reason to move onto different version.

  3. What i wonder
    This version of the game is the full translated version
    How can we fully translate the JP version with this?

    1. They can translate some things like story parts that are in japanese still, but i don't think they should change some names and some other things like Emergency Quests to Urgent Quests. The names we have right now are already fine, and changing quest names would just confuse everything up.

    2. @xica bow wow
      No just the translation for the npcs dialogs and items descriptions, since the story is already translated
      The localization is horrible

    3. Even some item translations, as shown on pso2 subreddit, were trash as well. Basically western localization is a dumpster fire, text or voice wise.

  4. Is there any reason for me to switch to PSO2 NA, or to stay with PSO2 JP, or to play both versions…

  5. Currently PSO2NA are very bad port and Microsoft easy corrupt apps, recommend wait till couple years

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