PSO2 SEA Celebrates Both Singapore's and Malaysia's Independence Day!

Phantasy Star Online 2 SEA will be celebrating the independence day for Singapore on August 9th, and Malaysia on August 31st, 2014.


NPC Shea

NPC Shea will be making her debut on the SEA servers delivering Client Requests for the respective countries. Today we're getting our first look at the unique items and lobby decorations delivered exclusively for the SEA version.


Singapore Lobby
Singapore Lobby


Malaysia Lobby
Malaysia Lobby

The event kicks off August 7th ~ 21st for Singapore, and August 21st ~ September 4th for Malaysia with new music playing in the lobby.


13 thoughts to “PSO2 SEA Celebrates Both Singapore's and Malaysia's Independence Day!”

  1. Seems so foolish on SEGA's part – to me – to not have released a NA and EU version that could do similar things – but they didn't – and at this point I hope they don't. I'm extremely happy playing on the japanese servers with the excellent english patch. Who wants to start over and lose their characters they have spent so much time on only to have a lvl 30 cap for the first year anyways? Nobody, that's who.

    1. well, those poor soul from SEA region have to be, except they resort to work-around to stay in JP.
      also learned from other region release, seems sega not goin publish it for outside of Japan, instead, they let 3rd party publisher handle it under license. so uh… pray any game publisher in your region interested for it (and pray no region lock like SEA)

    2. I would think if some 3rd party publisher were going to take it on for the USA they would have done so by now – and yeah I hope they don't at this point. I wish SEGA would just hire AIDA and we could have an English release for USA and UK but still use the Japanese servers yet all of us could play together. I mean that's what's already happening, it's just that SEGA won't make it official… lol.

    3. i dont think SEGA NA will allow 3rd party to earn money on even something they have not officially dropped

    4. Well… SEA will be getting a major patch at September… The leaked information says it's for a Level 50 cap increase, VH mode, Dark Falz, Ruins and a few others.

      That is if SEGA decides to go through Their original plan.

    5. i dont recall dark falz ever comming out during the ruins content update.
      since the rollout progress is the same as JP server's rollout before. even the length of time from one update to the next.

    6. You try dealing japanese businessmen then come back and talk.

      They're the most stubborn people you could ever hope to never work with. While you'll be coming up with new ideas that will possibly fix things, they'll want it to be done in the same old broken way that has been done for generations.

      SoA has to appeal to their japanese counterparts to even allow their game overseas, they don't get super treatment because they're from the same company.

    7. > they don’t get super treatment because they’re from the same company.

      So they get a nerfed Techer tree, huh.

  2. SEA Server, covering SEA areas …. celebrating Singapore's Independence Day on 9th and Malaysia's Independence Day on 31st ……

    Yet, they didn't celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day on 17th …….


  3. This looks so poorly made and not thought out at all.. Poor SOA players I really feel bad for those who is playing that ver of pso2

  4. Hey, if its not too much to ask, could you please continue updating PSO2 SEA news too? despite of SEA slow update for content too, coz there are kind of too much difference in playpark website regarding PSO2 update, TH servers are more fast and thorough update than other playpark website, such as SG and EN (e.g. in current TH playpark PSO2 servers there are update regarding COSCOM, in the other there are none, even weekly update notice, its been 2 weeks without weekly maintenance and I hope its because they're preparing something new and grand)

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