PSO2: Sept 24th Preview

Arkuma Boots (Jet Boots Camo)
Arkuma Boots (Jet Boots Camo)
Available at the Arkuma Prize Shop

The Arks Ship Competition (Episode 3 Cup) will be returning on September 24th, 2014. Not only will we have different ship alliances, but certain rules will be changing as well. Some of these changes include; boost periods applying to the next round and not the next day ahead, and adjustments to the way the boosts are calculated so that they aren't increasing too much.

Additionally, they increased the cap on the amount of points you can contribute to your group. You can also expect to see some pre-scheduled Emergency Quests, appropriate for the current event. Lastly, ships who place in 2nd ~ 5th place will now be allowed to purchase from the same prize lineup at the Arkuma Prize Shop.

Arks Ship Competition (Episode 3 Cup)
Red Rappy Ship 2 / 4
Blue Rappy Ship 1 / 6
Yellow Rappy Ship 5 / 10
Green Rappy Ship 3 / 9
White Rappy Ship 7 / 8

Prize Shop Listing Update

  • Arkuma Headphone
  • Arkuma Tail
  • Episode 3 Commemorative Sticker
  • Lillipan Race
  • Arkuma Boots
  • Arkuma Cushion

Some prizes are available only to ships who place in first.

Pre-existing Super Hard Emergency Quests will now have level 66 ~ 70 enemies. Here they'll have a chance to drop 11★ weapons as well. In addition, rares that were restricted to Advance Quests, will also appear in Emergency Quests.

Luxurious Performer AC Scratch
Luxurious Performer AC Scratch

September 24th's scratch will feature the Arkuma Suit, and Quna's heavenly songstress outfit Ameno Utahime. You can also obtain Afin's story quest outfit and Braver costumes and parts!

AC Scratch Sept 24

 Ac scratch accessories

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