PSO2 Station #11 Recap

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September 2nd Tidbits

Balance Adjustments to Existing Classes for Late October's Update:

  • Close-range weapon step distance improvement.
  • Step Attack pursuing ability improvement.
  • Movement type PA improvements.
  • Step Jump will also apply to Dive Roll.
  • Mirage Escape movement distance and turning ability improvement.
  • Improved the damage performance with normal attacks.
  • Reduced Hitstops (Aka Hit-Pause)
  • PP recovery performance improvement.
  • Buffed the power of certain PAs.

(Existing Classes) refers to classes added before Hero was implemented. The point is to make players who are skillful in utilizing existing classes, come a little closer to Hero. This will be the first round of adjustments, more will be coming in the future.

Special Ability Affixing Boost Day (Dudu Day)

  • Certain Special Abilities will have an affixing boost on Tuesdays.
  • The Affixes that qualify will be boosted by 5% on that day.
  • The Affixes that qualifies for the boost event will rotate.
  • Striking = Power / Act The Soul, etc
  • Ranged = Shoot / Till The Soul, etc
  • Tech  = Technic / Mother Factor, etc
  • HP/PP = Stamina / Spirita / Stigma, etc

The first Special Ability Affixing Boost Day is September 12th.

Arks Autumn Function (October)

  • Unit Design General Election
    • Winning Unit becomes an Accessory
  • Weaponoid Costume Election
    • Male and Female in separate divisions.
  • Concert Boost Event
    • +30% Live Boost
  • Daily Client Order Campaign

Bluesy Requiem and Avenger's costume will be implemented too.

PSO2 Day

  • The next PSO2 Day will be Oct 2nd.
  • On this day, the Rappies will transform into ARKS Rappies.*
  • The ARKS Rappies will drop a new special ability called Arks Fever
  • *Technically it should be [Aks Rappy] but it sounds silly.

Favorite Songs

  • Nicolas and Director Hamasaki's favorite song is Las Vegas Night
  • Ichitaro likes Big Vardha

Multi-Block Matching

  • This will take some time but they're thinking about having a feature where you log into blocks that support multi-block matching.  (This would prevent the case where people log into beginner blocks and wonder why the MPA isn't filling.) They also want to make it apparent when you're in a block that supports multi-block matching.


Post Livestream Update

  • Added videos for Part 1, Part 2, and Dark Blast.


Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase いっしょにいこ! in chat to receive:
    • Marlin Head
    • Advance Capsules A~F (10x)
  • You have until August 23rd to complete this task.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Magisterial Onslaught / Quintessence of Steel
  • +200% EXP and +200% Rare Drop Boost
  • August 12th @ 22:30 JST (Quna Concert First)


Early September Update

  • Otsukimi Lobby (~9/27)
  • Otsukimi Bingo and Luna Nyau
  • Weaponoid Yamigarasu will appear in the lobby.
    • Clear her COs for the Yamigarasu-NT weapon.
    • You can change the photon color of Yamigarasu-NT.
    • You can also receive her Partner Card
    • She can appear in E-Trials too.
    • Access her exchange shop for Yamigarasu Pillow and Mat, etc.


Early September Update

  • Regiment of the Wicked 2017 (~10/11)
  • ESC-A Darkers, Phantoms, and even Phaleg could appear.
  • Regiment 2017 Collection
    • Fornis Katana
    • Fornis Launcher
    • Redran Egg
    • Popple Egg
  • Gal Gryphon will appear in the end.
  • A ★13 TMG called [Bullet Kunai] can be sold in My Shop.


Early September Update

  • Payments can be made directly from the Material Storage to certain exchange shops and COs.
  • Transfer materials in bulk from the item pack and other storage boxes to Material Storage.
  • Materials can be transferred directly between other storage boxes and the Material Storage.
  • You can now report users directly in-game.


Early September Update

  • New Location: Verunian Empire
  • The Verunian Empire:
    • Schlegger Verun: The Verunian Emperor (CV: Banjō Ginga)
    • Elmir Verun: Schlegger's Brother (CV: Showtaro Morikubo) 
    • Gettemhart (CV: Nobuo Tobita)
    • Melphonsina (CV: Maaya Sakamoto)
  • Gettemhart & Melphonsina appear as warriors of the Verunian Empire.


Early September Update

  • AC Scratch: Attract Crow
  • Yamigarasu and Lutz layered wear.
  • Chinese Style Tactician and Chinese Dress Layered Wear.
  • Evo. Device / Yamigarasu
  • Lobby Actions: Kasakasa (Crab Walking) and Join Hands
  • Scratch Bonus: Hanging Lobby Action


Early September Update

  • New Buster Quest Area: Wasteland
  • New Enemies and Castle
    • Devil Castle: Misil Gasud
    • Enemy: Wolf Foie
    • Enemy: Omega Salamander
    • Enemy: Resta Golem
  • Upgrade the Cleasis Series into the [Schvelle Series] at Zieg.
    • (Taken from video): 60 Schvelle Boosters + Cleasis weapon
    • (Taken from video): 10 Cleasis Boosters = 1 Schvelle Booster
  • New ★13 star series [Schvelle]!


Late September Update

  • Noble Fighters (AC Scratch)
  • Gettemhart, Melphonsina and Harriet Layered wear.
  • Verunian Empire outfits will also appear.


Late September Update

  • Episode 5: Chapter 2 Added
  • The Arks Ship affected by the black hole!?
  • Changed Level UP Quest Rotation
    • Chaotic Beguiler will end and [A World Engulfed In Shadows] will be added in its place as a 12 player quest.


Late September Update

  • Omnibus Quests EP2 releases!
  • Omnibus EP2 Clear Reward: *Elder Pain


Late September Update

  • Battle Arena Update
  • Swords will be replaced by Partisans
  • Assault Rifles will be replaced by TMGs
  • Partisan: Assault Buster PA
  • TMGs: Satellite Aim PA


Late September Update

  • Battle Arena Update
  • Rod, Jet Boots, and Bullet Bows will remain.
  • Bullet Bow range and charge times will be improved.
  • Improved the power of the first attack with Strike Gust.
  • Cure can now also recover status effects.
  • Increased the number of uses for Sprint.
  • Battle Arena Exchange Shop
    • *Battle Partisan
    • *Battle T Machine Gun
  • Added more*Girad series weapons as rewards.


September 27th Update

  • Titan Destruction (AC Scratch)
  • Content from the previous scratch will appear again.
  • New content such as accessories, mantles, and Eren's hair will be available.
  • The Ultra Hard Blade camo will also include support for Dual Blades.


September 27th Update

  • Buster Quest Limited Event: Skull Rush (~10/11)
  • New weapons will drop for the event.
  • New [ARKS Rappy] will appear on PSO2 Day (Oct 2nd)


PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 2: Chapter 2
  • Quna stops by in PSO2es.
  • New Weaponoids: Calamity & Kuscha Nebula
  • Clear Chapter 2 for the Duna chip.


PSO2es Update

  • New Feature: Leisure
  • Play a dice mini game in PSO2es.
  • Collect Leisure Coins for items such as lobby actions, etc.


PSO2es Update

  • New weaponoid chips:
    • Quotz Lithos
    • Hyakka Ryouran


PSO2es Update

  • Tokyo Game Show Sega Collaboration Scratch
    • September 21st ~ September 25th
    • Kazuma Kiryu
    • Some Sega Collab chips will receive a buff.


PSO2es Update

  • PSO2es Emergency Quest
    • Tranzexia's XH type debut!
  • Yamigarasu Special Quest
    • Collect [Raven Feathers] for items such as Yamigarasu-NT.


PSO2 5th Anniversary Project: My Character Figure

  • Create a 3D crystal figure of your character.
  • Sales Date: Not Yet Determined.
  • Price: Not Yet Determined.
  • Size: 5 x 5 x 8cm


Matoi – Tony ver Figure

  • Price: 15,800 Yen
  • Release: December 2017
  • Scale: 1 / 6
  • Size: 270mm


A.I.S Exoda Plastic Model

  • Sales Date: Winter
  • Price: Not Yet Determined
  • Size: 1/72 Scale


PSO2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 6

  • Sales Date: August 23rd
  • Price: 5000 Yen
  • Contains: Las Vegas, Mother (Moon), Deus Esca, Event Music, The End of Light
  • Item Code Music Disc
    • Las Vegas [Night]
    • Las Vegas [Day]
    • Moon, Abandoned Facility
    • Mother [Waiting Area]
    • Mother [First Half Battle]
    • Earth Guide Underground Headquarters
    • Earth – Yggdrasil Tree [Waiting Area]
    • Earth – Yggdrasil Tree
    • PSO2 Event – Adam 2
    • True Phaleg Battle
    • DJ Booth


PSO2 Merchandise

  • The Sega Store is selling a plethora of PS Festa Merchandise.


~ Dark Blast ~
~ the power of darkness awakens ~
Arriving October

43 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #11 Recap”

    1. @LOSTBOB117

      Are Hero's getting new Hero only weapons? SEGA is giving them Twin Mechgun insted Twin Machine Gun? We going from TMG to TM? Whooo, hype.

  1. any thought about reporting user directly in game? will this become the bane of non japanese player? or will this effectively reduce leechers?
    or maybe people still won't bother to report unless they're clearly hacking

    1. I'd say it's to get rid of those players who are posting 18+ things when we aren't supposed to be allowed to do as the game is for 15+, and to get rid of the leechers as they're annoying. During BQ, which limited the number players to 8 players, when 1 or 2 players are leeching, the other players would have a hard time protecting all 4 towers when the grade rank is on the line, especially in grade 3, trying to reach 3k points for the advance one. Which is why, I support this kind of "report user". If the jap want us foreigners to be banned, we should've been banned long ago because of some jap players, want us to be rid of the game, so I don't think they're going to use the report to get rid of us.

    2. I'm afraid it might be automated ban if enough reports with appeal later instead of semi-automated send to CSR if enough reports.

      On the bright side it will clean B1 from all the trash.

  2. Whats that dark blast thing at the end of the post? is that gonna be scratch or a new class out to break the game again?

    1. From what I understand, it is going to be a TRANSFORMATION happening sometime during Episode 5, as in an unlockable, global (every class) skill that can be used after the tipping point in Episode 5 (the video which I saw displays that it DOES take place in Omega, the original transforming point anyways). Basically it will be a new skill that I'm assuming will temporarily transform you into a sort of "Arks Hunar" that allows you to use numerous skills of the Falz Hunar and have an immense power boost I am assuming.

    1. We can see that Asch/our character turned into Dark Blast, so I think it could be like mag's photon blast, just like in PSU, or it might really be a new class. Not sure lol

  3. looks like a "plot" development. suddenly turning into gojira hunar for some random excuse. I'm sure they'll tie it back into their persona meme.

    overall, this was a really disappointing/boring set of things to show off. I wonder how low their hype check at the end of the eight hour broadcast was; I went to bed.

    1. In his reality, you need an excuse to advance events, and causal relationship is actually a meme.

    2. He likes griping incessantly about it, at least.
      ʅ ( • ε • ) ʃ

      Leaving aside his bizarre characterisiation of a fact well-established in the story as a "meme", I'm pretty sure he's plain barking up the wrong tree to begin with as the Dark Blast form is self-evidently stolen and improved off [Elder] – you know, the first Falz we actually started inadvertently "vampirising" in the storyline and who explicitly complained about the drain, too – and owes nothing at all to [Persona] who was too lame to have such nifty alt-shapes anyway.

      If one were to speculate the in-universe lore explanation perhaps we simply somehow finally "metabolised" and "internalised" the energy patterns we leeched off [Elder] years ago, and something in Omega prompted them to "express" in such a manner? After all it was established already at the very start of Ep 4 that the build-up of Darker energy gradually dissipates over time; *how* exactly that happens was never explored, and this may answer that. (On that vein it might also lead to Matoi eventually expressing a form based on [Apprentice]'s should she start hanging around on Omega or somesuch, given her having the same absorption ability we do and their repeated head-butting before her timeskip…)

  4. People who played PSU should know that Beast Race could change into powered up Wereform for a limited amount of time.
    Since racial differences are null in PSO2, this form will be available universally and, since it's no longer a spoiler that player character is Dark Falz or rather Profound Darkness itself, having humanoid Dark Falz form makes total sense.
    We already have super attacks in the form of Photon Blast, Compound Techs and now Hero Finish. Having temporal super form/devil trigger then most logical step.
    Especially since some other online games have it for some time now, like for example Vindictus.

  5. So is there a way to actually buy those items from the Sega store? Because looking at the site they don't ship outside Japan.

    1. ships internationally. You can copy and paste some of the names from the SEGA Store and buy them from the Amazon store. You'll have to make a JP account separate from your US amazon account. Sega does have a branch store in Amazon, but those items aren't available yet.

  6. To be honest. I think they're just breaking the game already with the dark blast. They broke game balance with hero aldy. They break the game samore with the blast. It makes me wonder if the devs even think or what. I hope they just make it like 'Dark blast missions' or something like that. Being able to use that shit everywhere makes class dun matter aldy. They should instead at least give more mobility to other classes like a longer, faster dash. Or new PA customizations. Kinda sick of the old ones really.

    1. Summoner and Hero already rendered all other classes pointless from effectiveness perspective. Stop trying to play it as a competitive game.

    2. I'm sorry but I really really have to get this off my chest because of the constant whining about the new class overpowering others:

      If SEGA ever made any mistakes this episode, I think the only mistake is their inability to release all advanced classes together (instead of just releasing Hero in EP5 and then the next advanced class later).

      Obviously there's a reason why Hero is called an 'Advanced' class: It's supposed to have more advantages and higher damage (and more complexity at the same time) as compared to using 'basic' classes like Hunter or Gunner, etc. Would you use Hero if the weapon and action mechanisms are much more complicated, but still deal the same damage as any other classes despite it being labelled as an Advanced class? It's the same for other MMORPGs, right? If there's an advanced class branched off from your basic classes, why the hell should I choose to play a default class that offers less possibilities as compared to to its advanced class?

      I have to admit that if you actually use damager parsers ingame, you find that Hero's damage output usually outshines other classes. However there /are/ instances where other classes (Techers, Gunners, Fighters, just to name a few that I saw) actually dealt more damage than Hero in boss raids. It's just all about how familiar you are with your class and how well you use it.

      People are all complaining that Hero broke game balance, but that's only being perceived as such because it's the only advanced class now. We all know that Hero does not cover all the weapons of the 'basic' classes, and that there's already confirmation that a new advanced class will be released. Once the next advanced class is released, all these same people who went on whining about Hero are surely going to jump on the hate wagon for the new class and complain about how the new class breaks balance once again (unfortunately).

      Lastly, people that constantly whine about things breaking balance should just go ahead and contact the development team or send their complaints to be read at PSO2 Station, and not just complain here about how the developers are not doing their jobs properly. Game developing is tough work enough, and you should be even grateful that this game exists for you to even complain about it when they are the ones putting in the hard work. Also, the PSO2JP developing team does not manage PSUblog. Your whining here cannot and will not be heard by the developing team, and is only contributing to anger and frustration built up in people reading this blog (like me) and hoping to share a proper discussion or just our two cents without trying to start a verbal fight.


      Phew, now that I'm done with that:
      – I actually wonder why they want to remove sword and rifle from the battle arena though. I didn't consider these 2 weapons particularly having more advantages over others.
      – The concept of Dark Blast sounds pretty interesting (It's probably going to have a time limit… right?), I'm looking forward to the story explanation about that.

  7. I'm really hoping for more information on the crystal hologram thingies! My boyfriend and I have been really wanting something like this to remind us of the years we've spent in PSO2~!

  8. Pvp remove rifle and sword with both 2 pa for replacement partisan and tmg with 1 pa? Battle Arena will be intense next month

  9. Under "Emergency Quest Boost Poll" it mentions +200% XP/RD. When was/is that? Semi-related question since I'm interested due to the collection file: if you earn an OT from a collection file, convert it to NT: can using the base OT (a second one) add the +20 or will it only add +1 since it's technically a different item?

    1. Those adjustments you can't call buffs. More like minor unnoticeable adjustments. To make other classes being able to compete with hero they need to make like +50% damage buff to all of those classes. Even if so, hero still will be faster and easier.
      So abandon all hope, sega certainly wants us to ditch old classes and completely switch to advanced ones. Those "buffs" just indirectly confirming that.
      I would expect newer quests having "advanced classes only" requirement.

  10. If I'm reading this correctly, does anyone know if the new "Dudu Day" weekly affix boost is going to affect whether or not they'll still be doing 10% Affixing boost weeks?

    And does the 5% really only apply to those specific souls and affixes (Power, Shoot, Technic)?

    Again, I'm not sure if I'm reading this correctly (so correct me if I'm wrong) but if this is a reason for them to make fewer boost weeks, I'm going to be a tad disappointed because a 5% boost just isn't enough.

  11. the affixing is the real problem for pso2 for now. large slots weapon affixing is look like officially recommended by Sega but extra slots is a pain. most of ppl want good wps/units so they have to wait for boost week and the rest days affixing is dead.

    1. weapon is now solved by the presence of SAF, which transform from full RNG to semi RNG + effort (yes you need RNG for certain SAF). an 8s from 6 SAF + 1 booster + 1 manual made affix is possible with base 8s now (given effort in upslotting).

      for unit… upside is one type set (s/r/t or all). and seems no solution yet? (transfer/fusion boost from SG works here though)

    2. SEGA also "officially recommends" fairly idiotic skilltrees, from what people who've looked at that feature have been saying, so I don't really see your point… and "the rest days affixing is dead", even if true (and I'd like to hear what you base that claim on) is a complete nonissue because that's not exactly "group content". People affix their shit (or don't) according to their personal means, schedules and priorities and that's 100% their own business.

      Also >implying high slot affixes were even remotely necessary

      Certainly true that while NT weapons delivered us from That Which Is Dudu as far as grinding goes affixing is still a field where the Dark Lord of RNG reigns as before though.

    3. basically i mean ppl rely on boost affix week more nowaday, sometime just for doing extra slots. compared to fewer slot affixing or even old day 3 fodder affix, ppl can do fine without boost week, or most of them (excepts … of course). but for now when the 7s/8s slot wps/units are quite resourceful and more people can afford it, more of them rely on boost week. it now noticeably slows the game down, less affixing, less trading, less mst transter, somehow like a bottleneck for the sega's attempt. sega once solved the problem with 40% but it was for the time, it's not enough for now.

    4. it's not a problem and even less now with hero class, we don't need hardcore affix to
      to disintegrate all content.

    5. Adding more affix doesn't means better too, units with 3 -4 slots only but has powerful affix is good enough such as Apperence/modulator/ether factor. Those who has affix Apperence/Modulator/Ether factor with 5+ slots units is the only few rich players can effort it.

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