PSO2 Station #15 Recap

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January 13th Livestream

Dragon Atrum (Rematch Quest)

  • 30 Minutes After Erythron
  • 4 Player Quest
  • 3 Incapaticatations = Failure
  • Requires level 80/80
  • Time Stone Chronos will drop, but its drop rate will be the equivalent of a ★14.

Late February Adjustments

Other Force / Techer Balance Adjustments

  • In addition to the balance adjustments announced previously
  • Ra Foie charge time improved
  • Ra Barta attack range improved
  • Grants charge time improved
  • Il Grants charge time improved
  • Na Megid power improved
  • Il Foie power and charged attack range improved
  • Gi Zan attack range improved
  • Na Grants power improved. (No changes to Customized Technic).
  • Sa Megid charge time improved.
  • Il Megid power improved.

General Summoner Pet Improvement

  • The pet's heading to the enemy distance improved

Wanda (Zinga) Improvements

  • PA Slicer: Power and PP consumption Improvements
  • PA Shock: Power improved
  • PA Break: Power improved

Cery (Popple) Improvements

  • Normal Attack's projectile speed, homing ability, and shooting range improved.

Viola Improvements

  • When using Viola Change
    • Viola Slicer power improved
    • Viola Stomp power improved, (and made it easier to hit the enemy).
  • Viola Assault power improved

Torim (Aero) Improvements

  • Torim Spiral will step into the enemy's territory, (making it easier to hit the enemy).

Maron Improvements

  • Maron Strike: 2nd and 3rd attack range improved.

Melon Improvements

  • Melon Break power improved
  • Melon Strike power improved

Rappy Improvements

  • Rappy Melody power improved
  • Rappy Cannon power improved
  • Rappy Sonic will step into the enemy's territory, (making it easier to hit the enemy).

Wired Lance Improvements

  • Air Pocket Swing PP consumption reduced
  • Adapt Spin's forward movement improved

Twin Machine Gun Improvements

  • Grim Barrage movement performance improved

L / Katana Gear Guard R

  • Gear reduction speed will not change based on the level.
  • The gear's [amount of increase] will be buffed at Level 20.

Other Stuff

Riding Quest Revival

  • They're planning some boost for Riding Quests in a similar vein to what they do with Ultimate Quest boosts.

Premium Set Feature

  • They're considering a new feature for Premium users that allows them to set [screen filters] and [light sources]. This feature will be implemented for PC/PS4/Switch, but PC users will need to have stage 6 graphics settings enabled.

Highly Difficult Content

  • They're going to add more difficult content, such as a new Extreme Quest, etc.

Enchanted Forest's Future?

  • They're planning to use the map in some quest in the future.

Material Storage Feature Expansion

  • It's going to take some time, but they plan to have [Crafting] use the [material storage].

Salon Search Feature

  • They are considering implementing a [Salon Search Feature] in the future.

Episode 4 Character Reappearance

  • Episode 4 characters will appear in the future, but they may be relegated to side content. (Sub Events? Lobby Events?)

Probability between Casino Jackpots and 14 star Weapon Drops

  • Casino Jackpots have a lower chance to occur than 14 star weapon drops.

Quests with higher Level Requirements

  • While they might release content with higher level requirements in the future, it won't come at the moment when Lv 85 is implemented for [Regular Classes]. There are no immediate plans to release quests with those requirements for now.

More to be added.



December 16th Livestream


Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase 祝ファンタシースター三十周年 in chat to receive:
    • 367 [Kite Flying]
    • 2017 FUN Ticket
  • You have from until December 27th to complete this action.
  • Items can be picked up from the Visiphone


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Merry Christmas on Ice
  • Enemy ATK +100% (XH)
  • +300% Rare Drop / EXP Boost
  • 12/16 @ 23:00 JST (After Quna Concert)


Early January Update

  • New AC Scratch: Brave Cavalier
  • Knight themed outfits will appear.
  • That certain knit sweater that caused quite a stir, will also appear!
  • Dance 48 Lobby Action


Early January Update

  • WEB Interlocking Event [ARKS NEW YEAR Carnival 2018] ( ~3/8)
  • Xie (New Year Carnival 2018) ( ~2/21)
  • Collect Weapon Badges 2018 for a variety of items at the shop.
  • 2018 Badge Exchange Shop
    • Ray Weapon Series (400 Badges Each)
    • Ray Units
    • *Arkuma Puncher
    • Dance 49 LA
    • And more..
  • SG Treasure Shop will have small sized Crafting Room Items!


Early January Update

  • A new field unveils on Omega known as the [Enchanted Forest]
    • If you want to suggest a better name, now is the time.
  • This will take place as a 12-Player Limited Quest (~2/7/2018)
  • Demons and Darkers will appear.
  • Sometimes you'll go to another route with lots of enemies.
  • At the end is a battle with Omega Hunar!


Early January Update

  • Field: Enchanted Forest
    • ★13 NT Versions of the Japanese style weapons will drop.
      • Supports S-Class Abilities
    • The [Enchanted Forest Trigger] can also drop.
  • Trigger: Enchanted Forest
    • A highly difficult 4-Player Quest
    • Quest fails upon 9 incapacitations
    • Trigger can be sold in My Shop


Late January Update

  • Voice Idol [Yuzuki Yukari] Collaboration
  • Her outfit can also be worn on men!
  • Hairstyles, Accessories, and Stickers will also appear.
  • Yuzuki Yukari's Battle Voice is also available.
  • Music Discs and room items too!


Late January Update

  • New AC Scratch [Emotional Electro Voice]
  • Casual Female Knight Outfits
  • Sleeveless Military Coat and Torn Shorts
  • Winter Blouson Outfit.
  • Lobby Action: Hunting 1


Late January Update

  • Rematch Quest
    • The Evil [Dragon Atrum]
    • A 4-Player Rematch Quest
    • Quest fails upon 3 Incapaciations.



Late February Balance Adjustments

  • Compound Technic Adjustment
    • Force Compound Technic will have separate recast times.
  • Mobility Performance Improvement
    • Sa Foie Type Zero and Il Zonde will have better performance.
    • Mirage Escape supports Jump Cancellations
  • PP Restoration Improvement
    • Made changes to skill [PP Restorate]. Buffed the natural PP recovery amount when standing still.
  • Summoner
    • Torim, Aero, Maron, Redran, Rappy Improved
    • Pet PA power and range improved
  • Twin Machine Guns Movement Performance
    • Nearing the enemy performance improved. (Grim Barrage)


Future Roadmap

Late February

  • New feature to change your Dark Blast's color.

April Update

  • New Dark Blast Form
  • Expert Player Condition Revisal

May Update

  • Level Cap 85 for Regular Classes
  • New Class Skill for each Regular Class

Early Summer

  • New Technics
  • ★14 Pets


That Nebula Update

  • (Nebula is latin for "Cloud"….?!)
  • (If you split the Kanji, you also get _______ Star Cloud..??)



Nintendo Switch Service

  • They will create several [PC & Cloud] Blocks
  • The Cloud version can only play on these blocks.
  • Multi-Block Matching ranges within the scope of [PC & Cloud] blocks.
  • For Battle Arena, you can play only on the [Cloud Exclusive] Blocks.
  • They will set up Battle Arena ranking exclusive to the Cloud version.
  • For Challenge Quests, you can only play on the [PC & Cloud] Blocks.
  • You can login under the same SEGA ID account you use for other versions.
  • AC can not be purchased from the Nintendo eShop.
  • Service will begin Spring 2018


PS Network Award 3 Year Streak Campaign

  • 12/27 ~ 01/03
  • Say the secret phrase during the above dates to receive
    • 100 SG Ticket
    • +100% Tribooster (x2)
    • Free Salon Pass
  • +100% Rare Drop Boost

We'll discuss this campaign during the December 27th Maintenance.



PSO2es Gene and Annette Figures

  • Gene Summer Vacation Figure
  • Annette Summer Vacation Figure
  • Releasing 2018


A.I.S. Exoda 1/72 Scale Plastic Model

  • Price: 6264 Yen
  • Date: 12/25
  • Also include Dagan Figure
  • Item Code
    • Plastic model Package Mat 3
    • Evo Device / A.I.S


Matoi -Tony Ver- Figure

  • Price: 15,800 Yen
  • Scale: 1/6
  • Date: 12/23~


Yuki Yuna is a Hero Collaboration

  • Yuki Yuna and Togo Mimori
  • Costumes and Accessories will appear in PSO2!
  • Coming Winter 2018. (Winter also means Q1)


Omnibus Quest Campaign

  • December 20th ~ January 10th
  • Clear EP3 Omnibus [Why Am I Here]:
    • 40 SG Ticket
    • Bonus Key Rappy F
    • Evo Device / Patty n' Tiea
  • S-Rank Clear EP3 Omnibus [Why Am I Here] using a REGULAR class:
    • +100% Tribooster (x2)
    • Ability Affixing Success +45% (x1)
    • *Divine Sword Crosstrease


ARKS NEW YEAR Carnival 2018

  • January 10th ~ February 21st
  • WEB Panel System
    • Unit General Election Winners
  • New Field: The Enchanted Forest
  • Play qualifying quests to receive [Weapons Badge 2018]


Scalp D x PSO2

  • Set Price: 7,800 Yen
  • Release Date: February 14th, 2018
  • Scalp D will be selling shampoo and conditioner products inside a PSO2 branded box. Purchasers will receive Item Codes for PSO2.


Scalp D x PSO2

  • Oily-tan Repca M (Costume)
  • Oily-tan Repca F (Costume)
  • Oily-tan Hair (Hairstyle)
  • Oily-tan Headdress (Accessory)
  • 380 [Lather] (Lobby Action)


PSO2's 4th Drama CD – Xiera's Report

  • Pre-Sales at Comiket 93: 12/29 ~ 12/31
  • General Sale: January 10th, 2018
  • Item Code List:
    • Male – Enga Voice
    • Male – Pietoro Voice
    • Female – Kohri Voice
    • 370 Xiera Pose (Lobby Action)
    • CD Package Mat (Room Item)


PSO2es Update

  • Eternal Tower
  • Initial Release: 12/27 ~ 01/03
  • It will have 60 Floors!
  • If you clear with a "Gold Record" based on the total time of clearing the 60 floors, you'll receive the new Weaponoid chip [Agito].
  • Eternal Tower drops new ★13 Weapons: Dominacio Series.


PSO2es Update

  • Annette [New Year] (1/1 ~ 1/3 @ 23:59)
  • Io [New Year] (1/4 ~ 1/10)


PSO2es Update

  • Fornis Physis Chip (12/27)
  • New Matoi chip exclusive to AC esScratch (12/20)
  • Space Tuna, Rose Saber
  • Tear Grid PA


PSO2es Update

  • Login between 12/27 ~ 1/24 to receive the new [Imperial Pick (Going Year Coming Year) Weaponoid Chip
  • Weaponoid potentials will be coming to Gal Wind, Fahren Glyph, Gift Sack-NT, Lufnesia-NT, Shane Frisa


PSO2es Update

  • Ranking Event (January 11~)
    • Org Keratos drops Raete Shooteyr
    • Crys Draal drops Raete Lipher
  • Top Ranking Reward: Rose Steward


~ Virtual ON & A Certain Magical Virtual ON ~
~ Get Ready in February ~

46 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #15 Recap”

  1. Wow. We've had female hairstyles for guys before, but I think this is the first time we've had female outfits for guys.

  2. OMG VIRGIN KILLER SWEATERS, Vocaloid Yukari, AND VirtualOn crossover with Only My Railgun ?? *i'm throwing AC at the screen but nothing is happening yet

    1. it seems so. Since Heroes are already a bit stronger than regular classes, they're giving regular classes a chance to catch up

    2. They need to give "regular" classes some quality crutches not just shitty ones made to "catch up with Hero". Well, will see in half a year.

    1. That's usually how it's done, just look at bethesda with Morrowind and Type Moon with their everything.

    1. Probably Ep6. In recent interview with dengeki/famitsu (forgot which one) they said that due to engine limitation, developing advanced class requires a lot of time and resources because it behave differently compared to normal classes so they can only introduces one at a time.

    2. It seems to be the case since Hero broke the common sense of old regular classes. Looking at how they announce the information so early, Ep 5 is gonna be kinda short (idk how short but maybe shorter than Ep 4)

    3. ohhh, so thats why. I see I see. I'll wait for EP6 then cause it seems the story wont end anytime soon.

    1. The JP for Forest of Illusion is 幻影の樹林 from PSU

      The JP for the Limited Quest is 幻惑の森

      So they are a bit different

  3. Just FYI, the Evo Device is Patientia, not Patty n Teia. It's the name of their information dealing group and the asteroid they were named after.

  4. Nice to see some sorta buff to the regular classes. The hero is just WAY to common right now.

    Also, sucks that the Switch version will be a separate block from the resr of the game. I mean, i get it, but still.

  5. Wait ….. the "☆13NT of Japanese style weapon …. support S-Class Abilities"
    Does this means only weapons implemented after S-Class Abilities available, can use S-Class Abilities? ._. Been waiting for S-Class Abilities to affix BasilisTmg ._.

  6. "They’re considering a new feature for Premium users that allows them to set [screen filters] and [light sources]." wut? That sounds extra stupid. Also "Episode 4 Character Reappearance", thanks but NO! Trash should stay in trashcan.

  7. >Casino Jackpots have a lower chance to occur than 14 star weapon drops.
    given how 14*s basically don't drop, I take it that means that casino jackpots flat out never happen…?
    likewise RE: chronos stone drops – so basically they won't actually drop. good to know. I can stick to enjoying the normal dragon fight and moving on, instead of going from enjoying the shockingly-better-than-implied red dragon to having the black dragon make me hate everyone.

    >no buffs to redran
    c'mon sega, 90% of what it needs is stuff you're doing to cery/popple's normal attack.

    >more buffs for FOTE, still no buffs for tector
    I'm not even suprised at this point. they're trying really hard to make it clear their claim about focussing on un-murdering tector was a flat-out lie.

    >L / Katana Gear Guard Release
    so what, are they going to make it so having a manual deviltrigger button won't make it run out so fast you might as well not have it/make it nigh-impossible to keep up?

    >ridingquest boost
    >similar to UQ boost
    given the timed nature, I do hope they're not stupid enough to give them the same "we made everything take longer to kill" thing, because that would be counterproductive to the quest's mechanics. pubbies have enough trouble getting high scores when things DO melt.

    >They’re going to add more difficult content,
    so shit like the black dragon with the raid gimmick made less available and a three deaths-out-of-four-people limit, and the nonsensical 1000%x HP on that spawn of darkers in the LQ don't count, huh? or the "we gimped healing again" cancer on it's trigger version. I'd feel a lot better about that kind of masochist-catering kusoge stuff if they didn't keep giving better rewards to it. bragging rights should be it's own reward, rather than punishing everyone outside the top5% for not being able to take part. of course, they're still expecting you to solo a 12p raid to make union equips, because what shows unity like lone wolfing group content? nevermind that, as was the case when they first did that trash, that anyone who can do it without issue is someone who doesn't need the upgrade anyway.

    >Enchanted Forest’s Future?
    they damned well better be recycling the map after hyping it more than it warranted and dedicating resources to making all-new content. shame they lazed out at the last second and recycled PSO1 music into it.

    >They’re considering a new feature for Premium users that allows them to set [screen filters] and [light sources].
    graphics settings as a premium feature…? what barrel did they scrape that idea off the bottom of?

    >There are no immediate plans to release quests with those requirements for now.
    after so much else that's come up just since ep4's release, that statement bears the unholy reek of kimura lying his ass off.

    1. Re: Skipping Rematch
      I'm pretty sure Rematch will have new random S-Class ability drops and given how they will probably be rematch exclusive the supply will be low and thus prices high. Skipping rematch means you say no to a potential Money source.

      Re: Techtor
      Buffing Techs counts as Techtor buff as well. Unless you play Te/Hu ofc but you have like 3 viable class combos on Techtor to use Techs and one easy to access 14* that's basically a Mini Lavis Canon. The only thing I'd buff is maybe give Wand Lovers a additional 10~20% Boost to Tech damage.

      Re: Difficult Content Rant
      Are you complaining about Solo PD right now? You don't need to be the top 5% to do that hun. That was maybe the case like a year ago. Nowadays ppl are only doing it to get Astral Soul Fodder and a shitload of Excubes which are a great money/Affix boosters source. The reason Sega makes these "High Difficulty" content is because of the constant criticism of even some casual players that the game became too easy. Heck, Te/Hu can clear Solo PD in like 7 min on a outdated weapon and the 500% HP boost to Profound Invasion turned a 2 minutes EQ into a 12 minutes one.

      Re: Level Requirements
      This literally just says that they wont increase the level requirements right away since it will take players some time to reach 85/85 after implementation.

    2. "shame they lazed out at the last second and recycled PSO1 music into it."

      Yes, 15 years old, I was doing the same thinking…

      Except this, the LQ is good, ppl crying because of the Cycloneda power up, it's sure that Hero who are charging in the pile with everything in the attack and not even 800 HP
      it's a bit stupid now, even some people with 14 * are bursting and die many times…

    3. @Xros
      I'm sure Te deserves more than being a shitty Fo variant but with buffs.
      Before, Te could specialize on support and buffing, most importantly zanverse – active buff you have to recast and position. Now anyone can zanverse just as good, disadvantages of being a shitty Fo and having a weapon that serves little but PP gain aren't compensated by anything but almost static buffs that add nothing to Te gameplay value, not to say gaining nothing (no new mechanics to differentiate it from Fo if Te actually chooses to use techs) when others got new stuff/buffs.
      Most Te I see nowadays sub Ra for extra 20% damage because this is way more useful (Ra are pretty rare during age of MASS FORCED HEROISM. Really, KMR doesn't know how to do shit other than to force it down the throat until you choke on it) that few shitty techs that won't do much especially when you need PP for other stuff.

      And Level Requirements made me think that it might be yet another reason to play Hr only because you don't need 2 extra 80->85 lvls while getting all the good stuff (and I hope 85 will mean unique good stuff that Hr or some new advanced class won't steal, fucking thieves)

    4. @KYAA~ST
      Sure Anyone can Zanverse but outside of JB Bouncers & other Techtors I do not see a lot of people actually doing it and before Zanverse Nerf, Force could do that job just as well. The only time Te did actually have a better Zanverse than anyone else was when using Te/Su class combo because of that extra 5% from Summoners Skill Tree. In terms of Mechanics its true that Te is a little lacking but how do you fix that? If its just giving Wand PA then it's just gonna end up being a shittier version of Bo but with Buffs and were back to square one. The Class needs a complete overhaul and Sega's constant Band-aid way of fixing things shows that they hate overhauling things. So for now giving wand lovers a Tech damage boost is just fine. Especially since Techtors already show do do competent damage regardless if you're Te/Hu or Tech based Te.

    5. @Xros
      Nah, it's not definition of competent when there's class that does superior damage via same means. FoTe was shit zanverse because Fo provides nothing to it while Te game was centered around zanverse and providing heal/other buffs in time when there was no damage to not overwrite zanverse, it was that important for Te. Now it's gone (for good reasons tho) but what Te is getting is scraps of let's buff Fo again table.
      Oh, and JB Bo shouldn't worry about being outclassed by something Te might get as it can't get any lower when the whole concept is built around jet crutches.

    6. I wonder when was the last time you actually looked at Techtors DPS. If you're gonna say that its's not competent damage because Fo/Te can do better then we might as well drop all classes and play only Hero because it can do everything better. The gap between Fo/Te and a tech based Techtor (like Te/Su) is around 20% for Techniques and 50% for Compound (since no dual mastery). There is a recorded Te/Br run clearing Solo PD in 5 minutes and another from Te/Hu clearing it in 7 minutes on a outdated weapon no less. If you think this isn't competent just because Zanverse only deals 20% damage now then you're out of your mind. Techtors still apply Zanverse nowadays even though it was nerfed. The only difference from before is that no one is wasting 15~20 SP into Wind Mastery anymore.

      Also don't forget Fo/Te has access to Talis so that class could do Techtors Zanverse/Heal Job anyway.

    7. @Xros
      24.1%, 36.5% if you drop Te mainclass buff bonus because it can be provided by another Te, plus you drop charged PP regen and if you add Fo elements in case boss/whatever isn't weak to wind/light/dark it's suddenly a piece of shit caster.
      And if you think I said zanverse isn't competent, you should read more carefully – Te lost it's game, now zanverse isn't Te main feature, now Te has no features for bossfights other than 10%dmg and 50%EHP recasted every 3 minutes which is wow how interesting, unless you consider boss wandsmacking,w.

      p.s. prenerf 15 wind mastery Te = shitty Te, same with FoTe zanverse with Te around.

  8. I think you should read more carefully because Im talking about Te's Damage in general not just Zanverse. There is literally no reason to use element matching Techs on Techtor since that's just a Fo/Te thing. Element matching on Te means you sacrifice 44% Light mastery + 10% EWH for just 20% weak element damage + 20% EWH (Not to mention half of the game is weak to Light since Sega can't help themselves). The only thing Techtors are element matching are the Wand attacks since that actually uses weapon element (60% extra Weapon ATK for both Tech explosion and normal attacks) and ignores Masteries while still getting the 20% EWH bonus. The fact that you don't know this just shows that you have no idea what you're talking about. Ever since Compounds got nerfed a lot of people dropped Fo/Te and started playing Fo/Fi. I guess they're all piece of shit casters now ;(

    And remember you just proven yourself that the gap between Techtors Techs and Fo/Te Techs is just 24~36% and this whole conversation only exists because I said Wand Lovers should give a 10~20% Tech Damage boost which would close the gap.

    1. KYAA-ST, you sound more cancerous than b1, take your chillpill, aslo I don't see reasons of your agression on this guy

    2. @Radagast
      There's a chain of comments above this, you can read it if you aren't tired, I got tired of writing it…

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