PSO2 Station #2 Recap

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December 10th Tidbits

Some context may have been lost so please bear with us.

*Corrupted Blade Requiem supports 8 weapon categories

  • Sword, Partizan, Double Saber, Twin Dagger,
  • Katana, Dual Blades, Rod, and Wand

ESCA Falz Mother

  • In the first half, you'll either need to shave off Mother's HP or wait until a certain amount of time has passed to get access to the second part. It doesn't really matter whether you're fast or slow.
  • ESCA Falz Mother is considered a Phantom-type enemy.

★14 Weapons

  • Their drop rate is worse than Austere. Good luck finding one.
  • Hypothetically it should drop around once a week per ship.
  • The katana supports Bravers and Hunters
  • The rifle supports Rangers and Gunners
  • The rod supports Forces and Techers

★13 Astra Series

  • They were created with the concept of being stronger than Austere.

Phaleg's Initial Concept

  • Initially she was planned to be a male character.


  • They plan to make some improvements to Turrets.

Gathering: Fishing

  • Picking up an item while missing the JA ring will put you under a different drop table.


  • Henri's speech changes as you progress through Episode 4.



Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase ガバスちょうだいネッキー in chat to receive the following items:

  • 50 Gavas Tickets
  • 5 Famitsu Fishing Rods
  • 5 Famitsu Pickaxes

You have until 11/30's maintenance to claim the prizes!

Secret Phrase 2

We're sorry for the inconvenience but the Dark Falz Girls and Yui voice ticket phrases have expired.



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • November 19th @ 22:30 (After the Concert)
  • Necky's Challenge (+150% Rare Drop & EXP Rate)



Early December Update

  • Christmas Lobby ( ~12/31 @ 23:59 JST)
  • Christmas Bingo ( ~01/11)
  • Create Snowmen with the snowballs.
  • St Rappy and Noiya Nyau will appear.




Early December Update

  • Snow Café (Franca's Café)
  • Gene will return to the Lobby for a limited time.
  • Clear Client Orders and receive her partner card.



Early December Update

  • Sacred Star Keeper (AC Scratch)
  • Hitsugi's Layered Wear and a slightly sexy Santa outfit.
  • Steampunk inspired Layered Wear and Parts.
  • New Support Partner matching room items.
  • Snow Banther Helm as a Scratch Bonus



 Early December Update

  • Episode 4: Chapter 7
  • What's the connection between Mother and Aratron?
  • The quest will take place once again on the Moon Base.
  • Finally, a battle against Mother…



Early December Update

  • Merry Christmas on Ice 2016
  • NPCs will wear Christmas Costumes.
  • Prefixed named bosses from seasonal Emergency Quests will give players another shot at getting those ★13 rares.
  • Merry Christmas 2016 Collection
    • Astral Blaze
    • Rose Skewer (An All-Class Takt)
    • ★13 Marron Egg
  • Having Summoner as your subclass will allow you to summon pets on other classes with the All-Class Takt.



SG Scratch: Bright Dark Heroine

  • Arriving Mid-December.
  • Loser, Double, and Imprisoned Xion Costumes
  • New Matoi Layered wear and [*Corrupted Staff Requiem] camo.
  • Inner Universe Scenery Pass



Late December Update (Persona 5)

  • Phantom and School Life (AC Scratch).
  • Persona 5 Outfits
    • Protagonist
    • Ann Takamaki
    • Makoto Niijima
    • Futaba Sakura
    • Joker
  • P5 posters, music, and the Buchi (Persona Summoning) LA.
  • An Arsène Figure (Room Item) will also be included in the lineup.
  • Finally, after all these years since the beta launched, the Kotatsu room item is back!



Late December Update

  • New Dragon Pet: Redoran (or Redran)
  • Contains a variety of long distance attacks.
  • A homing laser PA is also included.
  • New COs will be added to Pietro.
  • New Candy: Luxurious Parfait
    • Decreases PP Costs
    • Increases PP recovery speed and amount recovered with attacks.




Late December Update

  • New Raid Boss: Mother
  • The quest's BGM is a call back to Mother Brain from Phantasy Star 2.
  • Chase after Mother aboard a Ride Roid equipped with new attacks.
  • Face Mother directly in the quest's latter half.
  • Attacks intensify as the battle progresses.




Late December Update

  • Introducing the Astra series, an assortment of ★13 weapons and ★12 units. You can even change your Astra weapon's photon color at the Item Lab.
  • 14 Weapons will drop!
  • Phantom Mother Collection ( ~4/19)
    • Astra Weapon Series
    • Redoran Egg



Battle Arena

  • Coming next Spring!




AIS Plastic Model

  • Coming Summer 2017
  • 1/72 Scale A.I.S Model by Kotobukiya
  • Price: TBD



PSO2 Character Song CD ~Song Festival~ Best

  • Releasing December 21st.
  • Contains both old and new songs, plus several Cast voice remixes.
  • Item Codes:
    • VO Performance 2 (Lobby Action)
    • Euclita Voice
    • Patty Voice
    • Tiea Voice
    • Risa Voice
    • Gettemhult Voice
    • CD Package Mat 7 (Room Item)



Seven Eleven Limited PSO2 Campaign

  • Purchase select Ice Cream to earn points for collaborative items.
    • Half Doll
    • +100% Tribooster / 711 FUN Ticket
    • Dynamic Live 711 (Camo)
    • Diamond Dust
    • Playing in the Snow (Lobby Action)



PSO2 x Shimamura Collaboration Part 2

  • A real-life and in-game collaboration with PSO2 and Shimamura.
  • Buy the long-sleeve T-shirts to receive a random Item Code.
  • Item Codes include either a M/F Shirt + Bonus Keys or the new PR Pose Lobby Action + Bonus Keys.






PSO2es Update

  • "Supreme Rank" Emergency Quests will begin in December.
  • Bosses under this rank will appear under a different elemental weakness than normal.
  • You can challenge this boss by using the Supreme Trigger. 
  • Supreme EQ rewards will contain PSO2es original ★13 weapons, and the ★12 Weaponoid chip, Ideal Duos.



PSO2es Update

  • PSO2es exclusive Special Ability [Elemental Resonance: Ability]
    • Reduces chip cost of the element matching the equipped weapon.
  • Buffed the following techs:
    • Na Foie, Na Barta, Na Zonde, Sa Zan, Gi Grants, Gi Megid
  • New Exchange Shop Weaponoid Chip
    • Optrelieto



PSO2es Update

  • New Weaponoid Chips
    • Meteor Cudgel
    • Imperial Pick-NT
    • Zanba
    • Fire Arms
  • New Photon Art
    • Il Megid



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