PSO2 Station #2 Recap

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December 10th Tidbits

Some context may have been lost so please bear with us.

*Corrupted Blade Requiem supports 8 weapon categories

  • Sword, Partizan, Double Saber, Twin Dagger,
  • Katana, Dual Blades, Rod, and Wand

ESCA Falz Mother

  • In the first half, you'll either need to shave off Mother's HP or wait until a certain amount of time has passed to get access to the second part. It doesn't really matter whether you're fast or slow.
  • ESCA Falz Mother is considered a Phantom-type enemy.

★14 Weapons

  • Their drop rate is worse than Austere. Good luck finding one.
  • Hypothetically it should drop around once a week per ship.
  • The katana supports Bravers and Hunters
  • The rifle supports Rangers and Gunners
  • The rod supports Forces and Techers

★13 Astra Series

  • They were created with the concept of being stronger than Austere.

Phaleg's Initial Concept

  • Initially she was planned to be a male character.


  • They plan to make some improvements to Turrets.

Gathering: Fishing

  • Picking up an item while missing the JA ring will put you under a different drop table.


  • Henri's speech changes as you progress through Episode 4.



Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase ガバスちょうだいネッキー in chat to receive the following items:

  • 50 Gavas Tickets
  • 5 Famitsu Fishing Rods
  • 5 Famitsu Pickaxes

You have until 11/30's maintenance to claim the prizes!

Secret Phrase 2

We're sorry for the inconvenience but the Dark Falz Girls and Yui voice ticket phrases have expired.



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • November 19th @ 22:30 (After the Concert)
  • Necky's Challenge (+150% Rare Drop & EXP Rate)



Early December Update

  • Christmas Lobby ( ~12/31 @ 23:59 JST)
  • Christmas Bingo ( ~01/11)
  • Create Snowmen with the snowballs.
  • St Rappy and Noiya Nyau will appear.




Early December Update

  • Snow Café (Franca's Café)
  • Gene will return to the Lobby for a limited time.
  • Clear Client Orders and receive her partner card.



Early December Update

  • Sacred Star Keeper (AC Scratch)
  • Hitsugi's Layered Wear and a slightly sexy Santa outfit.
  • Steampunk inspired Layered Wear and Parts.
  • New Support Partner matching room items.
  • Snow Banther Helm as a Scratch Bonus



 Early December Update

  • Episode 4: Chapter 7
  • What's the connection between Mother and Aratron?
  • The quest will take place once again on the Moon Base.
  • Finally, a battle against Mother…



Early December Update

  • Merry Christmas on Ice 2016
  • NPCs will wear Christmas Costumes.
  • Prefixed named bosses from seasonal Emergency Quests will give players another shot at getting those ★13 rares.
  • Merry Christmas 2016 Collection
    • Astral Blaze
    • Rose Skewer (An All-Class Takt)
    • ★13 Marron Egg
  • Having Summoner as your subclass will allow you to summon pets on other classes with the All-Class Takt.



SG Scratch: Bright Dark Heroine

  • Arriving Mid-December.
  • Loser, Double, and Imprisoned Xion Costumes
  • New Matoi Layered wear and [*Corrupted Staff Requiem] camo.
  • Inner Universe Scenery Pass



Late December Update (Persona 5)

  • Phantom and School Life (AC Scratch).
  • Persona 5 Outfits
    • Protagonist
    • Ann Takamaki
    • Makoto Niijima
    • Futaba Sakura
    • Joker
  • P5 posters, music, and the Buchi (Persona Summoning) LA.
  • An Arsène Figure (Room Item) will also be included in the lineup.
  • Finally, after all these years since the beta launched, the Kotatsu room item is back!



Late December Update

  • New Dragon Pet: Redoran (or Redran)
  • Contains a variety of long distance attacks.
  • A homing laser PA is also included.
  • New COs will be added to Pietro.
  • New Candy: Luxurious Parfait
    • Decreases PP Costs
    • Increases PP recovery speed and amount recovered with attacks.




Late December Update

  • New Raid Boss: Mother
  • The quest's BGM is a call back to Mother Brain from Phantasy Star 2.
  • Chase after Mother aboard a Ride Roid equipped with new attacks.
  • Face Mother directly in the quest's latter half.
  • Attacks intensify as the battle progresses.




Late December Update

  • Introducing the Astra series, an assortment of ★13 weapons and ★12 units. You can even change your Astra weapon's photon color at the Item Lab.
  • 14 Weapons will drop!
  • Phantom Mother Collection ( ~4/19)
    • Astra Weapon Series
    • Redoran Egg



Battle Arena

  • Coming next Spring!




AIS Plastic Model

  • Coming Summer 2017
  • 1/72 Scale A.I.S Model by Kotobukiya
  • Price: TBD



PSO2 Character Song CD ~Song Festival~ Best

  • Releasing December 21st.
  • Contains both old and new songs, plus several Cast voice remixes.
  • Item Codes:
    • VO Performance 2 (Lobby Action)
    • Euclita Voice
    • Patty Voice
    • Tiea Voice
    • Risa Voice
    • Gettemhult Voice
    • CD Package Mat 7 (Room Item)



Seven Eleven Limited PSO2 Campaign

  • Purchase select Ice Cream to earn points for collaborative items.
    • Half Doll
    • +100% Tribooster / 711 FUN Ticket
    • Dynamic Live 711 (Camo)
    • Diamond Dust
    • Playing in the Snow (Lobby Action)



PSO2 x Shimamura Collaboration Part 2

  • A real-life and in-game collaboration with PSO2 and Shimamura.
  • Buy the long-sleeve T-shirts to receive a random Item Code.
  • Item Codes include either a M/F Shirt + Bonus Keys or the new PR Pose Lobby Action + Bonus Keys.






PSO2es Update

  • "Supreme Rank" Emergency Quests will begin in December.
  • Bosses under this rank will appear under a different elemental weakness than normal.
  • You can challenge this boss by using the Supreme Trigger. 
  • Supreme EQ rewards will contain PSO2es original ★13 weapons, and the ★12 Weaponoid chip, Ideal Duos.



PSO2es Update

  • PSO2es exclusive Special Ability [Elemental Resonance: Ability]
    • Reduces chip cost of the element matching the equipped weapon.
  • Buffed the following techs:
    • Na Foie, Na Barta, Na Zonde, Sa Zan, Gi Grants, Gi Megid
  • New Exchange Shop Weaponoid Chip
    • Optrelieto



PSO2es Update

  • New Weaponoid Chips
    • Meteor Cudgel
    • Imperial Pick-NT
    • Zanba
    • Fire Arms
  • New Photon Art
    • Il Megid



53 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #2 Recap”

    1. As if anyone there with 500 to 800 ping could even participate properly.
      You should worry more about the fact that there will be three to four months of literally nothing worth of showing in such a video.

    2. I might exaggerate a bit, but seeing players constantly blink in the lobby and mpa doesn't really give any hope. Its one thing to see monsters die retroactively and wait the drops to be registered for pickup, and entirely something else to watch enemies warping away from you in a turnbased arena.
      But cheers to people living closer to jp.

  1. The PVP looks like Sega spent 5 minutes making it, did they even try? Also looks like if you get anything but a rifle / rod you are instantly disadvantaged due to lack of range and PAs not being scaled properly.

    Everything else looks alright though, just hoping no layered matoi wear of every colour of the rainbow.

    1. I mean you still need to get PAs and Techs, much like Challenge Mode, what good is a rod without techs. And who knows, you could get units with high fire resist vs a force that only has fire techs.

      In any case I don't think it's meant to be taken that seriously, just a thing for fun.

  2. >innocent cluster at last
    >SG scratch
    ┻━┻ ︵╰( ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻

    less ragefully, who else is suprised that the "dragon" pet is recognisably a dragon(okay, a wyvern, only two legs.), instead of a seahorse (which .jp seem to like calling dragons for some reason) or something.

    1. Hey, at least there's now an actually worthwhile use for SG beside skipping CF cooldowns. And if the duration is anything like the first one you'll have like half a year to spin that particular gacha…

  3. ~pvp
    Whelp, Random can stop reloading the page every two minutes to get into a blinding rage every time I post, because uh yeah…this might not kill the game, but it's definitely a dying stage. So…good bye everyone! 8D;

    1. Good timing, because you will have at least four months to stop being silly and return as if nothing happened.

  4. >pvp
    >in this heavily imbalanced game

    bet your ass everybody gonna pick ranged and turn this shit to cawadudy

    wait, thats actually sound interesting lol

    1. "Unblanaced" is the first excuse bad players usually come up with.
      Video obviously shows that arena mode will have its own rules, stats and available abilities/weapons, similar to challenge mode.

    2. did you actually watch the vid my man?

      all i see is melees getting shrekted by rangers and forces

      check the vid bro, i dont see melees owning shit in that mode

    3. It's like Challenge Mode where you start with absolutely nothing and have to find gear, techs/PAs and skills to use.

    4. If your braver u just counter guard
      The range atk till u close to atk as long as no one 2 v1 u

    5. You can't even pick your class, you "gather" at gathering spots to get a weapon, it's RNG from what I can tell.

      To succeed in Battle Mode, I imagine you'd need decent understanding of how all weapon types work, as well as their PAs and what should chain together to be most effective. That's pretty great!

  5. I've been hoping forever that they'd decide to put in a team based PVP (because obviously PVP in small numbers would be really broken)

    Even better that they threw in a challenge mode-esque model, that takes care of a lot of the "balance" issues tbh. Everyone who says "IF YOU AIN'T RANGED YOU LOSE" apparently isn't thinking very clearly about all the skills/PAs available to the melee classes.

  6. Nobody wants to comment on Spread Needle finally becoming a legit weapon, oh wait it'll still only fire one shot…

    Eternal Psycho Drive I'm amazed they didn't hold out until 15-star, though.

  7. Afaik Matoi NPC is wearing a normal outfif. SEGA wasted their time to separate it into layered wear so they can screw us over. I'm lookin forward to collect rainbow set from Matoi underwear.

    1. It's based on the fact that Matoi's EP4 costume uses 1 file, while layered wear uses 3 files(Ou, Ba, In). When you swap Edel Serin to any layered wear then it won't show correctly, but when you swap it to Innocent Cluster then it shows fine. Innocent Cluster's ice file contains the textures/models that a normal costume uses. If you don't belive me you can check it out yourself.

    2. Ah, file structure. Well it's not like NPCs fiddle with their outfits in the Salon, and if memory serves its first appearance predates the layerwear system anyway.

      Design-wise, though, after the layers became a thing I never expected it to be anything else once finally available.

    1. The secret phrases were working instantly – the problem is you had until 1:00AM JST to input them in, so if you didn't get anything it's because you missed the cutoff.

    1. You connect from america to a server in japan and back which is further than where I connect from (with around 200ms?) with a solid 20ms?


    2. by lying

      In California with local connections I get about 400 mb/s down and 20 mb/s up, even connecting across the country my ping will go up to 80 or so. Connecting to areas like Japan and Korea my ping will be anywhere from 150-200.

    3. Connecting from Texas, I take 6 hops to pso2 and my ping 40-60. Worst case in PSO2 is 80ms, and that is very rare. 20 ms? Doubt it, but even with my poor house wiring and all the noise on the line I manage 40ms-60ms connecting to PSO2. For a game like ESO it's 24ms-40ms depending on the time of day and congestion. TERA 30ms-40ms. My home connection is capped lower than it's theoretical output because of noise @ higher speeds, so no stabilizers that increase ping like "interleaving" or other filters/modifications are needed to the line or node I connect to. I never see ping greater than 100ms on an average day, no matter where I connect.

    4. Also in California, I don't even get a connection that bad. I mean obviously a ping of 20 is out of the question, but 150-200? Nah. I'm usually somewhere around 50-80.

    1. He's that unfortunate looking bum wandering around the Cafe. I understand older players have a soft spot for him or smth? ¯\(°_o)/¯

    2. Anri was patrolling shop lobby in ep1-2 in a way where he would pass through the idle player leaving a trail of "Hello" messages in the chat.
      He vanished from shop lobby during third episode I think. It was when people started wondering where he went.

  8. I really dont know where to ask and do appreciate any response(s),
    but does anyone know where/how to get / already have the character models for PSO2 ready for 3d software?

    I love them and it would really help me with what I am doing at the moment


    1. I think you can only get non-ARKS models. So things such as NPCs and player characters can't be extracted because of how they're modified from a base character and such. Pretty sure there's some good information though on forums like PSO World.

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