PSO2 Station #20 Recap

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June 9th Stream

Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase スクショ映えするロビアクちょうだい to receive two new Lobby Actions

June 13th Update Reminder

  • SG Scratch with Layered Wear outfits.

Simple Compound Technics

  • Simple Compound Technics will only be used through PP consumption.
  • They are available to Fo and Te, and can be set to Rod, Wand, or Talis.
  • You can place it to your Weapon Palette or Sub-Palette.
  • While their PP consumption is heavy, their effects are quite strong.
  • They unlock by clearing Marlu's Client Orders

Wand PA Heavy Hammer

  • It's set up with [Non-Charge], [Charge], and [2nd Charge] behaviors.
  • The PA is treated as a "Striking Attack"
  • For Lavis Canon, its shockwave attack can hurl out with the PA.

Pet Color Variations

  • Pet Color Variations come from rare eggs with a different color.

Dark Blast [Transparent Ver]

  • Transparent version can use your character's voice.

Arks Rappy Suit Mini

  • The Arks Rappy Suit Mini can drop on any difficulty. However, you'll have a better chance at nabbing it on Extra Hard.


Player Icons

  • Players under certain conditions will have icons overhead.
  • Beginners have an icon that looks like sprouting leaves.
  • Returners have an icon that looks like a blooming flower.
  • Returners are players who haven't logged in for more than 30+ days.
  • There's also a special bonus.
  • For example, partying with a returning player provides the effect:
    • Triboost + 50%
    • Featured Quest Reward + 1

Event Quest: Arkuma Land

  • Apostolo Dragon: A new reskinned boss will appear in the quest.
  • ★14 Zirenheit NT will drop
    • The potential is the same, but the weapon will support S-Class Abilities
  • The Homura Series can be obtained as a drop or through Xie.
  • Homura weapon upgrade requires the following:
    • Homura Weapon +35 (and) 9 Stones of some kind.
  • Shien weapons support S-Class Abilities S1~S3
  • Guren weapons will instead have high base specs.
  • Basilis Collection File will be revived around the release of this quest.

Future Balance Adjustments

  • L/Air Reversal
  • L/Step Jump
  • L/Step JA Combo
  • L/J Reversal JA Combo

Skills in which you can acquire the effects of the aforementioned rings, will be added into the Skill Tree of each class. They will be implemented as Class Skills that unlock when you reach a certain level. You will be able to learn them without spending any Skill Points.

  • Divine Raikou

To prevent the over-reliance on Divine Raikou, the following will change. Rapid Shoot's recast time will be the equivalent of Divine Raikou's potential at level 3. In exchange, Divine Raikou will have a different potential.

The above mentioned balance adjustments should be implemented in October. In addition, those who own the items/rings mentioned above will receive some form of compensation in the future. You will qualify even if you embedded those rings.


If it doesn't load, right click and press [Copy Video URL] and paste in a tab.

Bullet Bow Mobility Adjustments

  • Bullet Bow will have some features to make it more nimble.
  • This can be seen through the video above.
  • You can attack and slide!
  • The sliding comes with some short invincibility.

All Weapon Double Jump Support

  • Gunslash will indeed receive double jump support in the future. For the barehanded fighting style, they're investigating whether it should support double jumps or not.
  • Make sure to read the previous recap to understand this section.

Mother & Deus Quest

  • They have no plans to revive the collection file, however, their ★13 weapons will be easier to drop. Any new weapons from this quest will remain a secret ♥!

Enchanted Forest Free Field

  • The Enchanted Forest will be updated as new enemies are added to Omega.

S-Class Ability Swapping [Under Development]

  • This is under development but they are working on a feature where you can swap S-Class Ability between weapons or something. It could be something like, you could swap [Weapon A's] and [Weapon B's] S-ability. They're going to charge Meseta for this service.


More To Be Added


May 22nd Stream

Secret Phrase

Say the phrase ゼノエコーハッピーウェディング to receive:

  • Perched Rappy Chick
  • Tribooster (x3)

You have until May 30th's maintenance to complete this task.


PSO2 EQ Boost Poll

  • Incarnation of Knowledge
  • Enemy (+50% Damage) (XH)
  • Rare Drop + 100% and EXP + 100%
  • May 22nd @ 23:00  (Dance Festival First)


6th Anniversary WEB Event

  • Item Design Contest (5/30) Camo/Costume/Hairstyle/Acc
  • Character Contest (5/30) (Airy Summer Fashion) (Fantasy Fashion)
  • Art Contest (5/30)


Early June Update

  • Sonic Lobby & Sonic Nyau ( ~6/27)
  • Rainy 2018 Bingo ( ~7/4)
  • Frog Rappies Appear! ( ~7/4)
  • Some Raincoat Rappy Talis (*TeruTeruppy)


Early June Update

  • Dancing Night Stage (AC Scratch)
  • Persona 3 Dancing & Persona 5 Dancing (Double Collaboration)
  • Outfits will appear from Persona 5D and Persona 3D
  • Expect to see lots of Dancing Lobby Actions.


Early June Update

  • Endless Quest
  • A 4 Player Multi-Party Quest
  • Aim for the Highest Score within the Time Limit
  • Restock with Recovery Items at the Interval Area
  • Familiar areas will appear at random..
  • The order changes each time you play.
  • Clear Mission Orders to increase the score and time.
  • Rewards include the Hunar Wing Series


Early June Update

  • In the Driving Rain 2018 (EQ)
  • Quest developments will unfold as you earn points by defeating enemies.
    • For example, rare and boosted enemies will spawn.
  • New ★14 Bow: Radius Arca
  • [Green Rappy Suit Mini] can drop.
  • Rainy 2018 Collection ( ~7/4)
    • ★13 Mars Series


Early June Update

  • P3D/P5D LIVE Dance Event
    • Mass Destruction (P3 + P3F ver)
    • Rivers in the Desert (Mito Remix)
  • Characters will appear if you continue to succeed.
  • Those who participate will receive a new Title!
    • Title Reward: Morgana Suit


June 13th Update

  • Arks Battle Wear Selection (SG Scratch)
  • Popular ARKS Costumes will be converted into Layered Wear
  • Some outfits will also have a female version.
  • Planet Room Lights
  • Luther Parody Lobby Action:  編知 / 乱知


Late June Update

  • Wedding Lobby (~ 7/4)
  • Franca's Ocean Cafe (~9/5)


Late June Update

  • Seraphic Android (AC Scratch)
  • Zeno and Echo's Wedding Themed Outfits
  • Blessed Angel themed Outfit and Parts
  • Lobby Action: Wedding Pose
  • Lobby Action: Virgin Road (En: Wedding Aisle)


Late June Update

  • Simple Compound Technics.
  • You can receive the Compound Technics by clearing Marlu's Orders

Compound Technic: Re Zandia

  • A compound Technic of Wind and Lightning
  • Generates a tornado with a suction effect.
  • Finishes with a Lightning Strike that can stun

Compound Technic: Re Fomelgia

  • A Compound Technic of Dark and Fire
  • Rush forth while the button is held…
  • Release to shoot a high-powered wide-range attack.

Compound Technic: Re Barantsia

  • A Compound Technic of Ice and Light
  • While the button is held..
  • It shoots projectiles while allowing for high speed movement.


Late June Update

  • New Wand PA
  • ★14 Pets are finally here!
  • Pet Color Variations Added
    • Color variations come from eggs with letters in their name:
    • For example "Wanda S Egg"

Wand PA: Heavy Hammer

  • You can obtain the PA by clearing Marlu's Order
  • Non-Charged: It Rushes Forth
  • Charged: Performs a Heavy Attack
  • 2nd Level Charge: Performs a Super Attack


Late June Update

  • The Semi-Transparent Dark Blast finally arrives!
  • There's also a new Setting in the Options!
  • Other Players' Dark Blast Display Type
    • Display Dark Blast Based on Player's Setting.
    • Always use the Aura Display.
  • Added a Search Feature for the Item Pack and Beauty Salon


Late June Update

  • Premium Set Feature Expansion
    • 60 Minutes of editing with the Color Change Pass
    • More Fixed Camera Settings
    • For Daily Boosts, you can now stock up to a certain amount, even if you exceed the maximum.
  • Starting July 2nd, Arks Rappy Suit Mini may drop on PSO2 Days.
  • Battle Arena will have Jet Boots, Assault Rifles, and Talis.


Late June Update

  • 6th Anniversary Event Quest: Sky Park Arkuma Land.
  • An enemy rush quest where you aim for a high score.
  • You can boost the score multiplier by clearing Trial Orders.
  • Arkuma's Head will serve as the Quest Clear Container.
  • Arkuma Suit Mini may drop


Late June Update

  • New Boss: Apostolo Dragon
    • A souped up version of Chrome Dragon with vicious attacks.
    • Drops ★14 Weapon: Zirenheit-NT
  • ★13 [Homura] Weapon Series
    • Price: 6th Anniversary Badge (x100)
    • Homura can be upgraded into 14 Series [Shien] / [Guren].


PSO2es Update

  • Added a new option that changes the camera positioning.
  • Added a new option that changes the damage display (Normal or Log)
  • Added a "My Set Menu" allowing you to save up to 10 equipment sets.
  • New Lobby Action in the Leisure Coin Exchange (6/1~)
    • Wand Pose (or Rod if performing the Male version)


PSO2es Update

  • Niren Orochi (6/6)
  • Bio Spat (6/6)
  • Niren Kamui [Bridal] (6/20)


PSO2es Update

  • Seiga Archer (5/23)
  • Yasminkov 4000F (6/6)
  • Reinier Orbit (6/13)
  • Pristine Greatsword (6/20)
  • Gen Oboroyo (5/30) (EQ Reward)


PSO2es Update

Weaponoid Side Stories

  • SSPN Launcher (5/23)
  • Bio Jade (5/30)
  • Funny Bouquet Rifle (6/6)
  • Iblis Blood (6/13)
  • Niren Kamui [Bridal] (6/20)
  • Quotz Lithos (6/20)

Weaponoid Potentials (6/6)

  • Ares Kaiser / Ardillo-NT / Ardillo / SSPN Launcher NT / Bio Jade


PSO2es Update

  • New Feature: Weaponoid [Series Quest]
  • We will start out with the [Ares Series Quest] on June 13th
  • Niren Kamui Bridal Special Quest (6/20 ~ 7/11)
    • A quest that drops Niren Kamui [Bridal]
    • You can also collect (White Ribbon Badges) and trade them in at the Exchange Shop.


PSO2es Update

  • Eternal Tower #6 (5/23 ~ 5/30)
    • 13 Weapon: Storm Dominacio (DblSab)
    • You can obtain other weapons such as Rikauteri-NT, Avenger-NT, Yasha-NT, etc.
  • Embryo Vardha Emergency Quest (5/31 ~ 6/5)
    • Raete Dinas (DB)
    • Gen Oboroyo (Chip)
  • Burn Draal / Dark Agrani Emergency Quest (6/14 ~ 6/19)
    • Raete Chario (TMG)
    • Raete Krieg (Talis)



PSO2 × Beatless Collaboration

  • PSO2 will collaborate with the anime [Beatless]!
    • Lacia's Outfit
    • Kouka's Outfit
    • Key Visual Lobby Action
    • Lacia's Weapon Camo [Black Monolith]
    • Kouka's Weapon Camo [Blood Prayers]
    • Visual Mats and Posters
    • PSO2es Chips
  • Coming This June!


SuperGroupies x PSO2

  • PSO2-Model Watch
  • Design Pattern: Close Quarter
  • Price: 19,800 Yen + Tax
  • Reservation Period: May 22nd, 2018 ~ June 10th, 2018
  • Delivery Date: Late October 2018


SuperGroupies x PSO2

  • PSO2-Model Backpack
  • Design Pattern: Close Quarter
  • Price: 14,800 Yen + Tax
  • Reservation Period: May 22nd, 2018 ~ June 10th, 2018
  • Delivery Date: Late August 2018


SuperGroupies x PSO2

  • PSO2-Model Wallet
  • Design Pattern: Close Quarter
  • Price: 10,800 Yen + Tax
  • Reservation Period: May 22nd, 2018 ~ June 10th, 2018
  • Delivery Date: Late August 2018


New 8 Player Raid Boss

Slay the Queen Who Lurks Below


DF Apprentice Complete Form Is Finally Here
Take To The Skies And Fight—This July



22 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #20 Recap”

  1. Great. I had the Idea for a Mini Laconium Sword as Te PA like back when SaFoie Typ0 was still garbage and Dragon EQ frequent. Then they fixed SaFoie but proceeded to make a PA that fixes a issue that has been already been fixed. Oh well at least I know what Tech I'm gonna replace on my weapon palette.

    I'll assume the Damage in the Video was from a Te/Fo because if it's that low on a Te/Hu or Te/Fi then there won't be much point in charging it up when normal attacks deal as much. Overall pretty satisfied with it for now.

    Kinda a bummer that the Compounds aren't meant for Te. Would be really cool if Tech explosions finally charged up Compounds to break the "monotony" the Japanese players are complaining about (as if that's Te's biggest problem),

  2. >still waiting untill late june to get the new stuff
    aaah, yer killin' me maaaangs.

    totally agree on that remark about wandgear explosions and compound techs – been saying it for years. while a melee TE won't do as much damage with the compound techs as a proper FOTE would, it's still a boost to one's dps(see also: stuff like fomelgion's high burn rate vs apprentice jia, and so on) to get to use them, and it'd be nice if one could prep them without gutting their dps by struggling with subpar normal tech usage to charge them on a whack-centric TE.
    and let's face it – FO isn't a class that really loves getting close. barantsion, this new re fomelgia… this is the kind of stuff you'd expect a TE to use instead, as a class that already does most of it's work up close.

    anyway.., the time of a Resonant Confrontation is approaching.
    maybe now she'll get an 'IDOLA' theme? since the desert country is a theocracy, blah blah religious fananticism, perhaps a "fanatic viper" remix?

    1. Also, zirenheit being the 1st NT-ed (not conversion) weapon that being *14

  3. PSU: Planet models as event items three and four years later (or from the start from the room item vendor on offline mode).
    PSO2: Planet models almost six years later as freemium currency gatcha items.

    How times have changed.

    1. Except PSU was garbage game, by far the worst in the franchise, and PSO2 is by far the best online game to date.
      But sure let's complain about cosmetics.

    2. I don't really understand what everyone has against PSU… Sure the voice acting sucked (though it WAS made back when most game developers still didn't understand how voice acting worked, I mean Ethan's voice actor was shared with Gorbag from the Return of the King video game, Toma from Shining Force Exa and that's basically it and Erin Cahill was more experienced with live action acting (I checked, her voice over work as the Pink Time Force Ranger in her suit was just as terrible), also don't forget how terrible the Sonic series' voice acting was from Sonic Adventure to Shadow the Hedgehog), Karen was basically turned into a DID for a good chunk of AotI and the Photon Point system wasn't the greatest but how exactly was it at all even a step down from PSO1 exactly?

    3. Why are you talking about voiceacting?
      Even the few people I know that actually played PSU say it wasn’t good till the expansion

    4. That's my point… I'm saying that while the game has a few notable flaws I still don't get why everyone hates it so much.

    5. Maybe Max only played the MMOs. I know that's the case with me. It's also possible but unlikely Max never even heard of the first four games…

  4. …y'know. the overreliance on divine raikou seems to speak to an overreliance on rapidshoot. or at least, that's how it'd appear to me. something something "treating the symptoms but not the disease" …
    as for the wand PA, that it'd be a [striking] attack seemed obvious. the better question (for the sake of gearing) is which attack stat it runs on. if it runs on s-atk that'd explain them making lavis' wave shoot out if you use it for the third attack, since lavis is notably lacking in that stat. buuut with sega, you never know.
    a little sad, but unsuprising, that they're going to use e.forest as a dumping ground for omega's mobs – as we recall, they didn't want to make a field for omega at all. at the least, it'd be nice if they were to do alternate skins for the place to imply sections near the desert or such, at least for flavor's sake, even if nothing else in it changed with the appearance, like they were doing to busterquest.

    1. It‘s gonna scale with T-Atk most likely. JB PA scale with T-Atk too until you hit the „change to S-Atk scaling“ button. Also I believe Sega wants to make Te players invest in both stats and currently Te is lacking in incentives to build up T-Atk unless you play a dedicated Tech build. Making it scale with T-Atk also doesn’t scew over Lavis users and the PA shooting Lavis waves is really necessary to keep the Wand relevant, regardless of which stats it‘s gonna scale with, since it lacks a Damage multiplier. This is something Japanese Te mains have been concerned with pretty much since the announcement of the PA. What interests me more is if this also applies to Form/Vades Scythe.

  5. Damn, those bbow moves look really nice. Now I wish they unfuck rifle (and possibly lawnchair) movement too and allow diveroll to "step JA".

  6. Future Balance Adjustments

    L/Air Reversal
    L/Step Jump
    L/Step JA Combo
    L/J Reversal JA Combo
    Skills in which you can acquire the effects of the aforementioned rings, will be added into the Skill Tree of each class
    oh…oohhhhhhhhh…why tho~~~

    1. Sega finally got the hint that step and reversal need some qol changes w/o the band-aid. How much of an impact it will have depends what rings they add and/or what other class rings people might want in their units.

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