PSO2 Station #31 Recap

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Main PSO2 Update

Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase in chat to receive prizes:
  • 現れし終の艦隊
  • Prizes include a Nyau Scarf Hood and EX Rare Drop Booster +75%
  • You have until May 1st's Maintenance to complete this task.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Specter of Destruction (Luther & Apprentice)
  • 250% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • April 21st @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)


Pusoni Anime Episodes Live

  • Episodes 9 through 12 will air on the in-game monitors.
  • Starting April 26th ~ April 28th, 2019


PSO2 x Muv-Luv Alternative

  • PSO2 will collaborate with Muv-Luv Alternative in June!
  • Expect costumes and hairstyles of Meiya Mitsurugi
  • Cast Parts of Shiranui and Takemikazuchi 


May 15th Update [Enemy Shields]

  • Enemy Shields reduce damage in half.
  • Attacking the enemy shield weakpoint deals +20% damage.
  • There are cases where the shield will attach to enemies upon E-Trials in [Ultra Explorations].
  • Initially there will be 5 types of enemy shield weakpoints:
    • Attacking From The Front
    • Attacking From the Back
    • Attacking The Weakpoint Area
    • Attacking From Close-Range
    • Attacking From the Air
  • Special Abilities can be obtained from these enemies.
    • Special Ability: Crack I
      • +3 S-ATK / R-ATK/ T-ATK
      • +5 S-DEF / R-DEF/ T-DEF
      • +5 HP
      • +1 PP
      • This does not increase damage towards Enemy Shields.
      • Synthesis will lead to II and III, etc…


Mid May Update

  • KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson
  • Blessing World (AC Scratch)
  • Outfits for Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, Darkness, and Yunyun.
  • Lobby Actions, Hairstyles, and Accessories too!


Mid May Update

  • Gothic Fighter outfits and a Sci-Fi themed costume.


Mid May Update (Ultra Hard)

  • Ultra Enemies: More powerful version of bosses with different behaviors.
  • Photoner Infection Core: Appears only in Ultra Hard, and launches powerful attacks.
  • Enemy Shield: Greatly reduces damage to attacks outside of the shield's weakness.


Mid May Update (Ultra Exploration)

  • 12 player quest on Planet Lillipa: Desert / Sub Tunnels / Quarry (Daily Rotation)
  • Drops include ★15 weapons, tradeable ★14 weapons, and weapon camos!
    • ★14 Mirage Series (Slightly better Orbit Potential)
    • ★14 Dim Series
    • ★15 weapons have potentials with unique effects.


Mid May Update (Ultra Exploration)

  • New Emergency Trial: Try to Achieve the Requirements!
    • Gather data on various conditions, for example; total damage dealt or number of enemies defeated, etc.
  • New Emergency Trial: Subdue Resonant Enemies!
    • Two enemies will appear, but if you don't beat both of them simultaneously, the remaining enemy will become stronger.



Late May Update

  • Winners Design Contest 6 [Side A]
  • Item Design Contest 2018 Costumes and Weapon Camos


Late May Update

  • Winners Design Contest 6 [Side A]
  • Item Design Contest 2018 Accessories, Lobby Actions, and Hairstyles


Late May Update

  • Search Player Shop market prices from the Item Pack.
  • You can now set the number of slots when searching for Special Abilities on the market.
  • Added a feature that displays the number of players in the quest.
  • Boosted the effects of cuisines that affect [Gathering].
  • Added A.I.S Vega Training Quest
  • Wedding Lobby (~6/19)


Late May Update

  • As you know, [Armada of the End]'s Emergency Quest has three sectors.
  • Each sector however has two patterns, making things less monotonous.
  • Whichever patterns are selected by the game, the 3rd sector will still have A.I.S Vega
    • Sector 3: Destroy the Battleship, is more A.I.S based
    • Sector 3: Enemy Battleship Assault, has on-foot sections as well as A.I.S


Late May Update (Armada of The End) EQ

  • Collect Prize Medals for various items at the Exchange Shop.
  • This Exchange Shop contains a bunch of ★15 weapons too!
    • Oblisana Series (Sw/La/Talis)
    • Orgei Series (DB, TMG)
    • Acure Charis (WL)
    • Rengokuto Guren (Ka)
    • Ultimate Chain (DblSa)
    • Rear / Orgei Grudge (★12 Unit)
    • It appears the above are also Quest Drops
    • Other items include Lobby Actions, Boosters, Ultra Enemy Triggers
  • Limited [Arks Missions] will run until July 10th
    • Obtain even more Prize Medals from defeating Luminmechs.


Expert Requirements (May 29th)

  • Expert requirements will change starting May 29th.
  • New Requirements:
    • Obtain the Title for S-Rank Clearing [Solo Training: Phanatical Phantoms]
    • Obtain the Title for S-Rank Clearing [T: Destroyers of Light] (Mother & Deus Quest)



Questions & Answers

What happens if you equip [L/Another Wand E Change] and [L/Wand E Change] at the same time?

  • L/Wand E Change takes priority

What will happen to Elzelion after May 15th?

  • After May 15th's Maintenance, Elzelion will no longer appear and his triggers will be unusable. However, [Hunting Stones] will still be able to drop from other enemies.

Will there be a Timed Ability for [Armada of the End] EQ?

  • Yes, and there will also be a new crystal.

Are there plans for a ★14 Rappy Egg?

  • Yes, it will drop from Ultra Hard.

Does Arks Mission's [Use one Boost / Food item] cover gathering cuisines?

  • Yes, they are included.

What do I need to upgrade Evleda Units?

  • You'll need the Evleda Unit and Cleasis Boosters. There's also going to be an event so you can get this material.

Do the A.I.S rings apply to A.I.S Vega?

  • Yep!

Can I upgrade ★13 Orbit Series to the ★14 Mirage Series?

  • No.

Since Phantoms use Technics, will there be Assault Rifles and Katanas with T-ATK?

  • Yes, the successor to Orbit will have T-ATK.

Will we be able to headshot Luminmechs?

  • For some of them, but you should basically just aim for their weakpoint cores, since the other areas have a high resistance.


[Written By Lostbob]








PSO2es Update

PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 3: Chapter 4 (4/24)
  • Clear the newest story quest to get the Lien chip!


PSO2es Update

  • Linked EXP Feature Expansion
  • You can now send EXP earned in PSO2es to your favorite class in PSO2.
  • Class Level Cap from 80 >> 85
  • Palette Evaluation System
  • Use Rappy Medals to Continue in the Leisure Area
  • Exchange Shop Filter Adjustments
  • My Shop Adjustments
  • UI Improvements
  • Bug Fixes


PSO2es Update

  • Nox Chario (5/1)
  • Seiga Blade (5/15)
  • Jutus Stich (4/23) Nightmare Tower Reward


PSO2es Update

  • Beaming Face Seraphy [Anniversary] (5/11)
  • Explorer Afin [TCG] (5/15)
  • Awakened Warrior Khorshid (5/1) (Special Quest Reward)
  • Lien 4/24 (Story Quest Clear Reward)


PSO2es Update

  • Skull Sorcerer (4/24)
  • Fuuga Naginata (5/1)
  • Skull Feschieser (5/8)
  • Fornis Ogend (5/15)
  • Hyper Rainbow (5/22)


PSO2es Side Stories

  • Seiga Archer (4/24)
  • Akhtar [Chapter 4] (4/24)
  • Seiga Launcher (5/1)
  • Seiga Sword (5/8)
  • Skull Schecter (5/15)
  • Skull Sorcerer (5/22)


PSO2es Update

  • 5th Anniversary Special Quest Round #2 (5/1~5/15)      
    • Characters that appeared in the first round will reappear!
    • This is your chance to obtain [Awakened Warrior Khorshid] chip.
  • Series Quest [Brave of Seigas] (5/8~)
    • This quest features the Seigas!


Oracle Sentai Seigas

  • Episode 4 (4/26)
  • The rival of the Seigas will appear!


PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quest (5/16~5/21)
    • [Rigshrayda] will appear in an emergency quest ranking event
    • Stacked XH trigger clear reward: [Aletheia] Rod
  • Eternal Tower Powered Up! (4/24~5/6)
    • [Nightmare Tower] arrives!
    • Clear reward for Nightmare Tower will be [Jutus Stich]
    • ★14 Weapon [Guren/Shien] series will drop!

[Translations by kurofml]


Idola: Phantasy Star Saga Update

New Character: Wyndis

  • The mysterious Zodiate Gemini


"New" Character: Barnabas

  • Lycan Veteran General


"New" Character: Messala

  • Leader of the Rebel Army


New Idola

  • Scorpio and Hydra


IDOLA x Attack on Titan Collaboration

  • Available Late May
  • Playable characters include Mikasa, Eren, and Levi
  • It will have a fully voiced original story!


Idola Battle Arena

  • Arena opens 4/23!
  • Battle with other player’s parties!
  • Fight at your own pace in non-real time battles.
  • You can choose your opponent’s strength


Idola: Phantasy Star Saga

  • The battle will be in a Score-Attack Format
  • Ranking entry based on the total score of 3 rounds of battle
  • There's a limit to the number of battles per day
  • Prior to battle, [Bonus Cards] will grant advantageous effects!


Idola: Phantasy Star Saga

  • New ★6 and ★5 Symbols to aid you in battle!
  • Equipping these in the Arena will boost your stats and increase your earned [Arena Coins].
  • Upgrade them to Lvl .10 to unlock potential abilities!


Idola: Phantasy Star Saga

  • Obtain Rewards from the Arena
  • Playing the Arena will net you [Arena Coins] which can be used on the [Arena Gacha].
    • Barnabas: New 5 star character!
    • All-Purpose Fragments: A new item that can grind All Symbols.
    • Lucky Chance: Boosts the acquisition rate of a specific 5 star character.
  • High Ranking Rewards cover 6 star symbols Agito and Orochi Agito.

[Translations by kurofml]




PSO2 Merchandise

Pusoni Anime Blu-ray / DVD

  • Pusoni Anime will be compiled into a Blu-Ray / DVD.
  • Festa Sales Date: July 14th at Kobe's PS Fan Festa
  • General Sales Date: To Be Announced
  • Price: (Blu-Ray) 5,000 Yen, (DVD) 4,000 Yen
  • Item Codes are also included.


Dengeki PlayStation Vol 675 Bonus

  • Dengeki PlayStation Vol 675, which is going on sale April 27th, will contain a 16 page feature of PSO2.
  • Item Codes include: *Kazarod, EX EXP+75%, and Dengeki PS Poster D


Dengeki PlayStation Vol 675 Bonuses

  • *Kazarod and Dengeki PS Poster D


Fan Festa Lobby Actions

  • The rest of the Phantasy Star Fan Festas will release Lobby Action of local food specialties to the attendees.



PSO2 Episode 6 Start Guide Book

  • Release Date: April 24th
  • Price: 1,600 Yen
  • Item Codes: *Blackbull, Weapon Form Change Pass, 1 Mil EXP Ticket.

70 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #31 Recap”

  1. MuvLuv collab would be the perfect time to introduce AIS skins and customization.
    But cast parts work too I guess.

    1. I honestly hope that they at least, give us the CD for the Theme Song, but I agree, I'd drop a huge chunk a cash on the scracth if I could make my AIS look like a mech from Muv Luv (Schwarzesmarken colab when?)

  2. I'm a little upset that they are changing expert requirements again. I had to work so hard to get it again and now it might be impossible for me to do. I understand they want to make sure its keeping the truly skilled players together so they can go hard with others on the same level. but I don't like getting stuck with everyone else in general MPA. I'm not a beginner but getting forced to party with players who just coast on their level and a few decent pieces of gear makes EQs take longer and drag on. Sega needs to add something like a pro mode in between general and expert so intermediate players can group with people who are more competent than the average 13 year old.

    1. The current method is too easy to get. You have to do very little yourself, you can just get carried into it. It makes expert more or less useless. The only way to fix it would be to add another layer, but that would break the gap even more and those who are skilled but not expert would never run with the lower ranks and they'd never complete an EQ.

    2. Solo XQ has been released for atleast 8~9 months already and that's still only 14* era, with now 15* weapon and Reverie affix everywhere I don't see that it will be hard tbh, just a little skill is needed. As for solo trigger you can even keep trying even though u died in the middle of fight, all you have to do is just clear in 18mins to get S rank. I don't see that it is hard to achieve at all.

    3. while a "intermediate matching" idea sounds nice, you'd be splitting a already split playerbase even further.

    4. I mean I did get a pretty nice upgrade from the 15 star campaign and some good units. Having a Katana with Vampiric strike and such has been making my durability really good. I should probably see if I can do the solo extreme quest. really i just need to keep getting better at perfect counters. Also interested to see what options I will get with Phantom.

    5. For "expert" to truly be relevant to the game we're all playing, which is super casual at the best of times, they have to include relevant requirements that relate to the current endgame content that the vast majority of people are playing. This could have been a great time to make something like the score system in endless quests relevant or further develop the matching system behind battle mode and buster quests to match certain player stats, but instead they chose to revive a somewhat dead XQ that nobody runs anymore and a solo trigger quest which is good for drops only (solo PD still wins the award for quicker cubes though).

      I have quite a lot of opinions regarding "expert" requirements in PSO2, but the TL;DR is that as long as SEGA link these requirements to solo type quests, it doesn't make someone a better player in an MPA.

    6. I agree with the middle of the road skill level thing and how so many *ahem* low skill players there are in non-expert. The fact that expert should only allows experts is crucial, so i understand SEGA's change. I've been torturing myself in non-expert and my team members have said that many leechers are in expert so the matching in this game has many flaws.

      My suggestion is, maybe SEGA should introduce a 'skill level' setting, where you start at novice and intermediate is old expert and expert is new expert. The setting should have 'preferred skill level' and 'only same skill level'. But this probably wont happen.

    7. Having intermediate skill matching will just overcomplicate things and doesn't really solve the underlying issue. I do however agree that there needs to be some degree of actual progression to help determine what is considered "expert".

      The problem is that theres too much emphasis (and reinforcement from SEGA) for newer inexperienced players to be fast-tracked into endgame (ie campaigns such as increased exp rate, free exp items and keys, handing out endgame gear like candy etc). If SEGA can learn to slow things down on their part, then we wont be in this mess of having to readdress expert requirements every few months or so.

    8. The issue could be solved by:
      1. Creating a class-specific quest, or an enemy that respond differently to the class you are using.
      2. Upon clearing, only give that specific class combo an expert license.

      The main problem with current solution is that it alienates some main classes. The Mother-Deus trigger is okay, but instead of that massively unfair Solo Phantom XQ, they should ask for S-rank Solo PD.

    9. the really crucial thing people (and the administration) need to understand is that no matter how high the bar is set, unless the flag can be lost by not maintaining the level of play needed to obtain it, there will always be "low skill" (which includes "is skilled but isn't trying", among other things, realistically speaking) people running around with the flag. it's been that way since expert was implemented, and without something that strict it's never going to not be. but if sega did that, there'd be a lot less people in expert overall simply because the majority of players wouldn't want to keep up their best level of performance. and sega wouldn't do it because the kind of players that are the most vocal about wanting that kind of thing aren't the people they need to engage first and foremost to keep the servers funded, no matter how much they think they're the only people who a game needs.

      in the end, if you want to assure you only have good raids, you need to form a static group and work exclusively with them instead of using matching, with or without some arbitrary-requirements-met flag. the complacency-inducing expectations the flag creates are proof sega shouldn't have added it, as it's only served to split the playerbase and generate those ideas.

      {soapbox really starts here}
      and I'm sick to death of this "hurr durr bad expert only because people can get carried!" nonsense. expert had shitty people in it back with the original requirements. it had shitty people in it with the second batch of reqs as well. the fact you can get backup in the nonsense that's currently demanded (assuming you can find anyone doing it at the time you have open to work at it… remember timezones.) has ultimately made little difference. you likely won't see a difference even with this new set of requirements. stop using the idea of helping others in a multiplayer game as a scapegoat to hide from the reality that the entry bar doesn't ensure continued performance, and stop expecting the game to magically give you the group you want. people always rage at me for hours about how stupid I am to like to do my general gameplay stuff solo without being punished for it, because they all think that MMOs of any stripe are supposed to force you into socializing groups ingame constantly, yet whenever this sort of thing comes up everyone whines that the game doesn't save them the effort of being social to find people to play with at the level they want. you don't get it both ways, either you work with randoms and accept that you're not going to have ultra low clear times and perfect runs, or you socialize in and out of game to get together with people who'll get you the results you want to see. no matching flag is going to change that.
      if I'm an idiot for wanting to be able to enjoy my non-raiding gameplay in an asocial manner, anyone who wants to be handed perfect raids while being asocial is definitely an idiot. this hypocritical idea in the community is just as much a toxic influence as anything.
      {end soapbox}

    10. if you can't complete the requirements for expert, then why do you think you deserve to have expert matching?

      this post literally just screams i got carried. you're trying to stay away from the same people that probably play no better than you do.

  3. oh dear haruhi here we go again ppl crying for expert mode. everitem
    that aside, [Special Ability: Crack I ], i hope this is the cheap version of Returner or similiar like Lesser affix which could be combined to tier-V. affixing business are going to lit

  4. If you have *15 weapon the quest for expert qualification should be easy. I mean i cleared both before *15 were a thing and there's clear damage difference between *14 and *15.

  5. Those late May design contest works make my photons expand.
    Between that and muvluv costumes dress up is finally looking up.

  6. Seriously, reworking expert again? SEGA, what the hell.

    It's like a big fuck you to all those players, above all, worked their hardest to do Solo Expert runs back when the Expert Mode was fresh out the oven.

    That, and you can't expect everyone to play like gods. Sure you have those really professional players who make everything look easy, but that's them. The rest of us are chill folk who don't play PSO2 on such a "competitive" level. Fashion, screenshots, team play, etc.

    Some people unlock Expert mode just to avoid the hassle of having to do it again later (Because really, it IS a hassle if you're a teamless solo player like me who doesn't exactly play with folks), and even then they don't exactly play it. It's just a unlock and forget thing for some people.

    So forcing people to re-do Expert Mode unlock all over again is like telling them to throw all their troubles (if they really did go through that hell) into the bin just because "oh you all expert holders aint playing like what expert demands".

    1. >expert matching
      >you can't expect everyone to play like gods

      That's the point Expert matching is meant only for people who play well. It's in the name.

    2. Okay, so… I may have just realized I worded my opinion wrongly.

      What I mean is:
      If you look at the Expert-unlocked player base as it is, it DEFINITELY is a mess. There's those who just absolutely slack off and stand there with their one-button attacks or PAs like Hero TMG's fire and reload, Bow's Million Storm, Rifle's Parallel Slider OR even just use Launcher's normal shots in mid-air (since firing a Launcher mid-air has no dropping down/reload animation if you hold the trigger). And this is on stuff that really has to be played seriously like Buster Quests, where failure is not fun.

      And then you have the really god-tier ones who represent what Expert mode should be. This, I don't need to explain much.

      And caught in between this mess are those who HAVE Expert Mode, and DO play like what Expert demands… just that they either:
      1) Don't have fully affixed gear (At least they have +35'd 14 or 15* weapons), so their damage is sometimes lower than the fully geared, fully affixed ones who are dealing 999999 per chance to unload burst damage.
      2) Play with their own teams or friends, so they have more chill and less pressure. (Depending though; personally I am quite demanding myself if the quest my boys are running can fail easily, or has a strict time limit.)
      Which is understandable for some, and just flat out NO for others. Hey, at least we aren't leeching or just standing there doing jack shit or using Auto-follow and AFKing right? We're playing our roles to the best of what we can, what more do you want?
      Hell, you expect every single Expert player to have +8 Affix Weapons/Units that give what, 300 ATK and 20 PP each? Especially if the person doesn't have the meseta and/or luck to do this?

      So why force everyone to have to do their Expert Unlock all over again when the same situation's inevitably gonna happen again in the long run?

    3. Because in a game with power creep you need to redo requirements like that regardless of approach.

    4. To be very honest, Phanatical Phantoms is part of my weekly Klotho quest. That's how powercrept it is. And most people I know who have tried the Earth Destroyers trigger managed to S-Rank it.

      Now, when you talk about gameplay: everything you presented here (Hero TMG normals, Parallel Slider, Million Storm – using a Radius Arca, ofc) are good DPP/DPS options.

      By no means I claim to be a superior player, that's why I stand by the "the requirements aren't absurd". And remember: being able to cheese and being able to let oneself be carried without being a liability ARE skills on their own right. As long as there's no cheating involved, any method is fair game.

    5. u over reacting.. i dont have that much afix yet i already complete the quest long time ago.. with a zeinesis series…after zara series come out i can do a smooth run without even once failing the quest..

      ive friend that ve 220more afix on 7s lighstream unit with 8s*15 wep.. ye he still cant complete.. the requirement..the most funny part is.. he even barely complete tg requirement after so many fail attempt in achieving S..

      all ppl that already complete that xq solo probably know.. its not about ur afix.. but about not to get hit 1st.. the only think that help with more atk afix is.. shorter time to kill mob mean also shorter time to maintain ur concentration.. and less time of making a mistake..

      unlike endless quest u need complete random luck in finding the right mission.. and another luck to complete all of those mission simultaneously.. or even some patient in that no ending solo ultimate quest
      the requirement of completing just solo xq is quite a mercy

  7. *AHEM* about "the new expert requirements".

    I understand that people who worked thgeir ass off when the 2 new XQs came out might be mad about it. But this is not really reasonable. Why do I say that?

    Because Phanatical Phantoms was ONE of the options. Terran Phantoms was also something and people were carried through it rountinely. Hell I even carried some teammates (call it "cheating if you will) who I knew were good enough players, invested in their equipment and would eventually conquer the solo version anyway.

    But now we must concede this is a thing of the past. This quest has been so powercrept that my weekly XQ runs were 3xPhanatical Phantoms. It is no longer of any use to evaluate player skill. "BUT IT IS AN UNFAIR QUEST!". Sure it is. Some classes have it rougher than others.


    I agree the evaluation method could be different: from endless score to class-based finishing time on solo triggers, something that could be better gauged in a class-per-class level. A Techer's obligation during an MPA is not the same as a Fighter's. And players shouldn't be forced to pick specific classes to clear specific content.

    1. Hi, Te/Fi here
      I managed to S-Rank both the XQ and Solo Mama-Desu before even knowing what the new Expert requirements are going to be. You literally have no excuse to not manage the requirements.
      Sincerely, a soon to be Te/Ph main

      That being said, Endless Quests are unsuitable for expert matching due to their random nature. And solo UQ is unsuitable since you can only go 5 depths a day which screws returning players off. Solo XQ and Mama-Desu is as good as we can get without Sega introducing another new quest,

    1. Yes, if I remember it correctly you get a 45% affix boost when completing it for the first time. And 100 Conqueror Crests too… or was that some other quest?

    1. No they are not.
      Phanatical Phantoms is not only huge gear check, but also is tremendously demanding for not having peak concentration at all times, but also for maintaining it for prolonged periods of time, since bosses are huge damages sponges even for 15* weapons and can still one shot you through 1.6k hp.
      Not a single piece of content in the entire game requires nowhere near this amount of effort for both gearing and fighting.

    2. too ez? it is. a year ago players are clearing them with Zeinesis/Qliphad/Fornis weapons and literally crafted saikis unit, now sega is giving out atlas ex like candy, and a set of pre-affixed and pre-grinded austere units, buffed class, simple compound tech .etc. they make it because they put effort and use their brain to overcome stage order instead of whining.

      if the XQ are still too hard. good for them. that'll teach their places and nothing value was lost.
      inb4 twitter heroes are screeching because their account get ban for paying other to unlock it.

    3. I didn't say it isn't.
      You might be skilled but you might not have enough time a day to keep up with gear progression and have good weapons and units, as well as affixes.
      You might have enough time to grind yourself top-tier gear but it might be physically impossible for you to play perfectly for 15 minutes straight.
      I think I said it before, but I'll say it again – there should be two separate tests, one for skill – where you fight challenges in pre-determined environment and with pre-determined gear, and another one where you get a pass for equipping fully grinded high enough level gear.

      Yeah they did it before, but it was done through titles, which you can get and then leech with alt character.
      Expert matching should not be based on account-wide titles, as it is now, but on what your current toon has equipped on and whether it did challenge test previously with these exact classes and skill trees.
      That might be hard to code though, that's why they are clinging to title system, which doesn't really work.

    4. Have to agree with Max.

      You really cannot expect everyone to play like what Expert demands.

      Some of us are slackers who really slack off, and well.. this is bad. How slack? Imagine just standing at a Buster Tower doing Million Storm only levels of slack.

      You have people who can play under duress consistently, but don't have fully affixed weapons and units. Those folk who have god-tier levels of focus to the point they play the game… and 'muscle memory' isn't even enough to describe their skill level.
      Fair enough (since some folks do challenge themselves with less powerful weapons but still come out tops anyway).

      You also have: Fully geared people, but not 100% prepared for stressful bouts. I know one guy IRL who can consistently clear Phanatical Phantoms with S rank, but gets quite exhausted for a while after doing the quest.
      Not that he's bad (mentality wise he's willing to bear with people's faults even when things are going downhill), but it's still tiring for him to have to focus 100% on not making even the smallest of slip-ups and doing as much damage as possible within small time frames.

      And then you have the combination of skill and gear: those professional-tier players.

      It's near impossible to have strict demands when the players are all human. Lazy ones, hardworking ones, really damn good ones, it's all normal.

    5. You only upgrade Units once a Episode. Affixing them is too shit to be done at the same rate as Weapons. And there is no excuse for not having a Atlas Ex 15* due to the Road to EP6 campaign. You literally got all the mats, all you need it Meseta superglue.

    6. The thing is that Expert is NOT for everyone. It's for people who actually have the player skill to finish things faster/ easier. Casual players should not be in Expert Matching to begin with.

  8. So is there a guide on how to beat Phanatical Phantoms? It takes me over 10 minutes just to beat Deus Hunar. I have an Atra Ix and play TeHu. I can’t beat Phaleg either because I’m too busy trying to dodge than hit them.

    1. I'm taking about 17 min while i uses my Te + Lavis/Zara wand, but i was using Te/Fi back then.
      – whenever R/Massive hunter ring is up, use MH and wand smack while sit on megiverse
      – whenever MH is cooldown, use simple compound ice+light (not sure what it's named, but it'll make you fly while shooting little ice bullets). always move around, and use PP Convert during this spam until MH ring is up

      yes this is bad practice, i'm pretty sure there's way quicker way to do the XQ with this class. but hey, one free title

    2. Yeah there are guides and videos for pretty much all viable class combinations.
      Basically keep doing it until you learn bosses' movesets by heart. Their hitboxes are not accurate, so you can't just rely on reflexes alone.
      Maybe use stronger class, if your favourite one feels too weak.
      I had no problem S-ing it with 13* sword and lv 80 hero, but I can only manage S rank with lv 90 Bo using these new welfare 15* weapons with vampiric strike, even though Bo is what I main.
      Some classes are just weaker/harder to play than others.

    3. Ugh, I said I had no problems, but I did have problems, it wasn't easy.
      I meant I could manage it on consistent basis, not faceroll through it.

    4. I think its possible to pack deus in around three minutes with halfassed Ares wand on Te/Fi.

      For Phaleg I'd recommend playing the ep4 quest long enough. The pattern is fairly simple if you can read/hear it, and as soon as you'll learn the pattern you will see windows for attacks. Also using nabarta with lock on is much easier than trying to dodge.

      I still spent ungodly amounts of time trying to beat it on random classes.
      Tanking out that quest simply didn't pay off for me, the faster I could pass initial stages, the easier it was to practice latter ones.

  9. I hope someday they will implement superior block for only those skilled player who are able to enter only. not this kind of expert mode, u can still carry your noob friend by helping them to clear the quest from requirement for expert mode. pfft

    1. There used to be an expert block in the past when you can't even get carried to gain expert qualification, and guess what? A lot of people complained and you got the current expert qualification and ecpert matchmaking. It's to the point where people desperate enough by letting their friend play for them and segac even threatened to ban players who did that lol.

  10. The new requirements are fine. You can still technically play the game, without it or not. As long as you are not in this team called Night Arks because they are a piles of shits that will not let you join their Team MPA if you don't have such requirements

    1. Night Arks team has been setting their goal in this game as an end-game team, so this expectation is pretty normal. There are like thousands of teams out there to choose from if you find yourself not fit with this team. Talking bad about one particular team is not going to make your team better nor help you play the game better.

    2. The problem with night ark is a lot of it's member is an elitist tryhard prick while the actual good players is in the minority. It's based on experience btw. There's a time i joined their organized MPA then this one guy just suddenly left the party the moment i joined in.

  11. You cannot base the entirety of the expert community in PSO2 (or any game) on the outcome of two quests that are totally detached from any current endgame content. The only thing it proves is that people are capable of effectively defeating the enemies in each of these quests, not to mention handle artificial difficulties that wouldn't happen in any other content that SEGA throws at us.

    I personally think that the only accurate way to determine "expert" status is to impose something like a tenure requirement. For example, they could work out the ratio of S rank quests vs death count vs time spent playing… something along those lines. All these stats are available via the visiphone, so there should be no reason why SEGA cant make the most of this to refine its player base. Simply clearing a quest one time for a title or possessing certain gear (which was eventually handed out like candy, therefore defeating the object entirely) is just lazy development.

    …or they could just scrap "expert" altogether and focus more on rewarding players for grouping up (joining teams/making friends) for organised runs. Give the players control to set their own expectations of "expert" rather than being confined to running solo quests as proof of skill in a multiplayer game.

    Side note: I'm totally stoked for Ep6! 🙂

    1. That approach makes no sense either because not S-Ranking missions is happens basically never and using death as a metric is screwed because Hunter players will never die as often as Fighter or Force players.

      And the reason expert exist in the first place is because time is valueable. People don't have a problem playing with noobs/intermediate players cuz they'd need to show them the ropes. they have a problem with it because they have EX Tri boosts +75% active and they wanna make the most out of it.

    2. It still would make more sense to base expert status on the players overall performance as opposed to basing their skill solely on clearing two quests containing enemies from like an episode or two ago.

      For example, if the player has a 2:1 quest clear to kill count ratio, had only been playing for about 60 hours and had a highest dmg dealt of 10,000, SEGA could take all those stats into consideration and deem that person a beginner. Yes its not as lazy as the title method, but theres at least a guarantee that the person in our example wont be joining other time conscious players in their expert runs. Since dying in most endgame content affects individual quest rank too, it shouldn't be a problem for SEGA to find a way to draw up some kind of correlation. If they coupled all of this with a refined ranking system like the one they use in battle mode, we'd potentially have the most accurate expert matching possible with better future proofing for new content.

      I think based on your argument, stat measurements would also have to be done on a class by class basis which isn't currently possible to my knowledge as stats collected are overall. SEGA's development budget will only stretch so far after all.

    3. " they could work out the ratio of S rank quests vs death count vs time spent playing…"?
      what the hell.. i always run my daily order around A rank for the sake of saving time..

      comparing to the previous requirement this time more look like an expert requirement..
      in previous requirement even some Complete NAKED FQ leech .. can go to expert if some people carry them..
      how? i do this alot.. u ve 5 moon.. use those to revive them each stage… so thy can walk to the next stage.. what an ez expert…

      and you know what? people that can clear current expert recomendation.. is gurantee to able mildly read a patern and do damage in the right time… and no i am not talking about gear check here.. since people already clear this quest with zeinesis/qliphad..
      beside u can have 220atk afix.. and deus will still oneshot u… well now days unit can have aaround 360def to 400def..each and yet people can clear it with qliphad that only around 320def…each
      not to mention those free gift *15
      i even still use my austere from 3 years ago..

    4. First you need a light element weapon.
      Then you need units that boost your punching power.
      It is advisable to choose a weapon with the slots made of course.
      You must max your power as much as you can.
      And worked the counters attacks if you have a hero.
      Do everything to gain maximum time.

      Personally, I managed Rank S only once on a large number of trials. I was equipped with my Demonia Saber (+200 s-atk) Choose units that will increase your HP and your power.

      I also advise you to take a team boost (ATK).

      It's difficult guys but not impossible.

      Remember, you need to get the most out of your time in any way.

  12. The absolutely hilarious thing about the new Expert reqs is the people acting like "it's expert, of course it's hard" when that has never been the case before.

    Seriously now, expert has been a joke, you don't get to stand on a soap box saying that only those who play good deserve to be in that zone when it has never been like that, except now. This makes this the EXCEPTION.

    1. I think you really dont deserve expert matching if you think a year old XQ and a solo EQ with two bosses that deal pisspoor damage is way too hard to deal with.

  13. What the hell? I don't want see the women wear such cloth to expose, because PSO2 stuff do such crazy fashion design. Actually boys wanted girls wear such expose cloth, very jerk.

    Why staff won't make a awesome Kawaii and cool cloth for girl (for example this girl cloth without too expose), staff just wanted girl wear expose cloth. This is stupid fashion design D:<

    PS: also i dislike PSO2es character are Gene and Bluesy Requiem, reason her cloth too expose, jerk anime girl from PSO2es è_é)

    Women's sexy cloth and expose cloth is a trash, I'm very look down PSO2 staff do this D:<

  14. Fanatical Phantom is not easy to do. With a premium boost I managed to rank S with my Demonia. It's not impossible, work your counter attack in Hero.

  15. well gg to that small percentage that can get expert when it changes i tried so very hard but deus is to spongy and is killing me in 1 to 4 hits and as for the trigger i just lack that damage to kill 2 bosses of that high of hp solo so eh i give up i gave it my all but i give up i will happily stay a end game casual besides i like to help others that are not a bunch of elitist snobs

    1. First of all, the expert requirement is not supposed for people who consider themselves as an end-game casual. If you refuse to actually learn the game and prefer spending time on other stuff like fashion, LA, etc, yea, it's a good thing that you could not go for expert. Secondly, the fact that you did try the quest and failed have already proved that you also want the expert requirement. Since you can't clear it, now you use the excuse "to help others" as a way to avoid the issue. Lastly, just because you couldn't clear the quest, you started to become salty about it and considered people who can clear it as "a bunch of elitist snobs." I can't wait till the day you can clear the quest and get salty at yourself because of what you said lol

    2. u know back in days.. i can clear it with zeinesis series..

      n now with *15? i can spam it with no real effort..
      elitist snobs? 100 atk doesnt even worth 5% damage..
      if u using all the free gift away gear from sega.. u literaly will only have 10%-15% less damage from those elitist snob.. with 220atk afix/pereunit.. and only effect ur clear time with around 2-3min.. and yes 100 atk afix is very much easy to get.. i can even buy random stuff and do it in one go.. not to mention all those multiple afix boost sega has been giving..

      but hey ppl has been clearing those requirement back in *13 era.. with saiki or qliphad at most.. while now u can just use lighstream.. or even ex atla with their 2nd chance…

  16. SEGA please add 16million point title from solo endless quest to filter these fake experts.

    I tried doing pub rematch on deus 2 days ago with expert on. and these fake experts ruins the quest resulting a failed quest.

    these people talk like pros on the lobby then perform so bad on rematch quests


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