PSO2 Summons Persona 5 Outfits

Phantom & School Life (AC Scratch)

秀尽学園男子制服[Ba] | Male Shujin Academy Uniform[Ba]

Phantasy Star Online 2 is collaborating with Persona 5 to introduce outfits of some of the main cast members! Dress up in their school uniforms or under the guise of their double lives as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

This AC Scratch is scheduled to launch in an update on December 21st.


秀尽学園杏制服 | Ann's Shujin Academy Uniform
秀尽学園真制服[Ba] | Makoto's Shujin Academy Uniform[Ba]
佐倉双葉の私服 | Futaba Sakura's Casual Wear
ジョーカの怪盗服 | Joker's Phantom Attire
ペルソナポスターA | Persona Poster A
ペルソナポスターB | Persona Poster B
フェニックステイル | Phoenix Tail





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