PSO2 Thanks Festa International Art Contest



Celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of Phantasy Star Online 2

PSOW x Arkestra x Phasion Group has teamed up to bring you a grand art and photo event that involves the entire Phantasy Star Community!

Event Details

  • The Event is currently underway and will end on August 18th. Time extended from August 4th due to Episode 2 release Mid-Contest.
  • Unlock Prizes based on the amount of overall entries submitted.
  • Three categories to enter: Photoshop, Artwork and Portrait. 
  • Each contestant may submit one entry per category to increase their chances to win. 
  • Don't be discouraged to submit an entry if you consider yourself to be a beginner or unskilled. There is a reward of 2000 WM (Web Money) that will go to 2 random contestants once all prizes are unlocked.
  • For full details on the event and to submit your work, simply go to the Main Event Thread at PSO-World and post your entry there. You may also have a friend submit your entry if you do not have an account.




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