PSO2JP: Call of Mortality Update Part 2 Arrive October 24th


Very Hard Quests and Rare Monsters

The second part of the Call of Mortality update which plans to arrive on October 24th will introduce Very Hard difficulty for all available quests. Bosses and selected enemies in Tundra, Mines, and F. Continent will spawn as rare versions in Very Hard mode.


Rare Enemy: カタドラール Catadoral


Rare Enemy:  シグノブルー Signoblue


Rare Enemy: パンサ・オラン&エレナ
Banther Oran and Banther Elena


Rare De Malmoth


Rare Quartz Dragon


New Rare Items, PAs, Technics

This update will also introduce new PAs, Technics and rare items.


Halloween Limited Time Content

Starting after next week's maintenance, a lot of Halloween themed content will appear in the game. All of it will be available between October 24th and November 21st.


Lantern Rappies and the Pumpkin Rod

ラタンラッピー  Latan Rappy

These event Rappies will have a chance to drop a new rare item – Pumpkin Rod.

Pumpkin Rod


Halloween-themed Cake Shop

The Naura sisters which run a cake shop appearing during the protect interrupt event will now be wearing Halloween-themed clothes and sell their limited time Pumpkin Cake.


New Emergency Quest: Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat!

Since SEGA wants everyone to see the new image of the Naura sisters, they will show at the end of this new Emergency Quest titled "Trick or Treat!"


Halloween Client Order NPC

シー Shii

Shii, a new NPC will appear in the Shopping Area during the Halloween period. It will be possible to challenge her Client Orders until November 21st.


Halloween Lobby

New FUN scratch


Halloween Party AC Scratch

ホロウワンダラー Hollow Wanderer


     ワンダートリート Wander Treat

Main theme of the new AC Scratch is… Halloween. Aside from the Halloween-themed costumes, there will be a chance to get a new Mag Evolution Device. Dark themed parts and costumes will also be introduced along with Gettemhart's coat.


Halloween Mag


     ヘレティックロード Heretic Lord
Gettemhart's Costume

エレティックレーヌ Eretique Reine


ラミア Lamia Series


ジョーカー Joker Series


New Accessories and Hairstyles


FUN Scratch Rotation

The following items will be removed from FUN scratch for this update.

  • クラシックオールバック Classic Swept Back (All Back)
  • レッドベレー帽 落榴 Red Beret Green
  • レッドベレー帽 黄昏 Red Beret Orange
  • ブルーヘッドギア静閑 Blue Headgear Dark Grey
  • ブルーヘッドギア月明 Blue Headgear Bright Grey
  • オレンジアイハット太黒 Orange Eye Hat Red
  • オレンジアイハット茶澄 Orange Eye Hat Light Green
  • 追加ロビーアクション13 Lobby Action 13 (Cry)
  • ツキ・ミー Tsuki Mii
  • ミニガーデン Mini Garden
  • Shitenkaku
  • バーカウンター Bar Counter
  • リフレス・ゼリー Refresh Jelly
  • キャンドルスティック Candle Stick
  • ゴシッククッション Gothic Cushion
  • ゴシックキャビネット Gothic Cabinet
  • ゴシックスタンド Gothic Stand
  • ゴシックライト Gothic Light
  • ゴシックベッド Gothic Bed
  • ゴシックダンロ Gothic Fireplace
  • ゴシックシェルフ Gothic Shelf
  • ゴシックテーブル Gothic Table
  • ゴシックローテーブル Gothic Low Table
  • ゴシックソファ Gothic Sofa
  • ゴシックチェア Gothic Chair
  • ゴシックマット Gothic Mat
  • ゴシックドレッサー Gothic Dresser
  • ゴシック・テーマ Gothic Theme

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