PSO2's PlayStation 4 Launch Update

~ April 20th 2016 ~

Post Updated: April 13th 2016

Collection File

Collection File PSO2

The Collection File is a new system designed to guide players towards acquiring a rare weapon by collecting the necessary materials. Up to three “Collection Sheets” can be acquired at a time from administrator Pudding. The end goal is a rare weapon located at the top of each sheet.


Collection File Progress

Before getting your hands on the rare weapon in question, you’ll need to head out onto the field and hunt for all of the materials listed on the sheet. These materials consist of various weapons, each with a gauge that will gradually fill when the player defeats enemies specified for that particular item. Once the gauge reaches 100%, the material will drop after defeating the next qualified enemy.

In addition, each reward item for the Collection File has the chance to drop directly from an enemy, giving players another method of nabbing the item.

※A Collection Sheet will enter a cooldown phase once the player acquires the reward item listed at the top of the sheet. It can be accepted again once the cooldown timer has ended.


New-Age Weaponry

NOX NT Weapon

Weapons for a new generation! Starting April 20th, a plethora of currently existing weapons will drop under a new classification known as “New-Age Weapons.” To differentiate from their older counterparts, these weapons will have the letters [NT] appended to the end of their names.

Weapons classified under the [New-Age] type will gain access to a streamlined grinding system that unites several features into a single menu.


New-Type Weapon Grinding

New-Age Weaponry, or [New-Types] for short, will never fail during the grinding process. Players can grind them through the exchange of meseta, grinders, and weapons as fodder in order to increase the [Grind EXP].

The more [Grind EXP] contributed to your base weapon, the higher its [+Grind Value] will rise. This, however, will only occur if the [Grind EXP] has surpassed certain values. In addition, players who achieve a [Great Success] during the grinding process will contribute greater [Grind EXP] towards their base weapon.


Overlimit New Type Grind

New-Type weapons typically max out at a [+30] grind value. You can increase this cap further by contributing weapons of the same name as fodder. Doing so repeatedly will eventually allow the base weapon to reach a maximum grind value of [+35].


New Type Potentials

New-Type weapons that reach the [+10] grind value have the possibility of unlocking a potential ability. This ability can be even furthered leveled upon the weapons reaching the [+20] and [+30] grind values.

New-Type weapons can also be attribute grinded at the same time as grinding a weapon. You can even attribute grind them without consuming synthesizers based on which weapons were used as fodder.

※Affixing abilities onto New-Type Weapons will use the same method as before.
※New-Type Weapons can not be crafted.


Revolucio Collection

Revelucio Weapons A

Revolucio Weapons will be offered as our first set of Collection File rewards. These digital themed weapons will be available in the Collection Files until August 10th, 2016. It's said their performance rivals that of an Ares Weapon, and their potential abilities are easy to activate.



Star Gems

Star Gems Store

Star Gems (SG) are a new currency that will be replacing the use of AC for certain features. They can be purchased with AC or earned for free by clearing certain Bonus Quests or capping the affection level on costumes. The features affected by the new system are as follows:

  • Refreshing the Pet Egg Synthesis Limit
  • Recovering Gathering Stamina

You can also use Star Gems to reset the cooldown timer on a "Collection Sheet."


Costume Affection Level

Costume Affection Level Max

From this update onward, any new costumes, outerwear, or CAST "body" parts added to the game will include an affection level. While you have one of these outfits equipped, its affection meter will begin to fill. Once it fills all the way, you can retrieve Star Gems.

※Costumes added prior to the April 20th update will not support the feature.


EP4 Story Events

As Hitsugi and Al tour the ARKS Ship, we are reunited with two dear old friends. Klariskrays and Sarah will appear in a new Story Board event wearing entirely new outfits. Outside of that, you can expect to see them show up together in a new Emergency Trial.


PSO2 The Animation NPCs

PSO2 Lobby Itsuki and RINA

Itsuki & Friends Join PSO2


In the Driving Rain 2016

~ April 27th, 2016 ~

Take out your umbrellas, because In The Driving Rain is back! Collect Quest Points to increase the chances for boss enemies to spawn. This quest will offer an increased spawn rate for Mr. Umblla, as well as the ability for the Empe Rappy to appear. A family of Banthers and Banshees sporting special prefix names await players at the end of the quest.


Rainy 2016 Bingo

Rainy 2016 Bingo Example

The new Rainy 2016 Bingo will have objectives ranging from new features of Episode 4, to the enemies that appear in the seasonal Emergency Quest. A ticket for five Star Gems is among the rewards, along with the return of the Rainyan Mag device.


Driving Rain 2016 Collection Sheet

Driving Rain Collection Sheet

Joining the Emergency Quest are Collection Sheets for Tagami Kazuchi themed weapons. Many of the items on these sheets can be found by defeating enemies that appear within the quest.



My Little Viola

~ April 27th, 2016 ~

Viola is the latest pet to arrive in PSO2! This black and purple pet has a PA called [Viola Change] that allows it to switch between a [high mobility] and [heavyweight fighting] style.


In the latter style, its PP recovery and PA activations are slowed. However, you can switch it back to its original performance by using the [Viola Change] PA again.


Gathering Expansion

~ April 20th, 2016 ~

The Gathering system will be expanded to support the Desert and Quarry fields. New types of items to harvest and fish to catch means additional recipes at the Skill Ring and Cuisine shops!

Expect to see new L-Rings which grant effects while using the A.I.S, and a new cuisine that increases the chance of obtaining precious gems.

A.I.S Skill Rings
Wide Area Heal Expands the range of the A.I.S Skill [Area Heal].
Light Armor
Decreases the PP cost of Step, but enemies will inflict more damage to the A.I.S.
Early Rise Reduces the time required for the A.I.S to revive from incapacitation.
Quick Blaster Makes the A.I.S Skill [Photon Blaster] activate faster while reducing its "turning performance."

ARKS Training School

Arks Training School

A new Practice Quest type will be introduced, training players in the basics of combat. This covers things such as how to learn and utilize Photon Arts and Technics, as well as the features of various weapons. It also serves as a great way for new players to try out other classes.


New Bonus Quest

Board your A.I.S and fight alone against hordes of Kuronites and the might of Magatsu in the new [Special Mission: Magatsu] Bonus Quests! Your results will be based on how long you've spent in the quest and the amount of times you've boarded the A.I.S. You will also receive a small amount of Star Gems from clearing the quest.


Empe Rappy Emergency Trial

Empe Rappy Free

The Empe Rappy is waddling his way into a new free field Emergency Trial. Items dropped by the creature may come with the “Empe Embrace” special ability, which boosts [Grind EXP] when used as fodder.


Stage 6 Graphics Setting & UI Command

Stage 6 Graphics

The wait is finally over. PC players will now have the option to turn up their graphics setting to the 6th stage. In addition, there will be new graphical options to tone down the brightness of some particle effects. This option will be available in both the PC and PS4 versions.

※The particle effect reduction option will also apply to graphics setting Stage 5 and lower.

As an added bonus, there's a new [/uioff] chat command that allows players to temporarily turn off the user interface.


New Control Type

6 Actions Type

Players will now be given the choice of setting six actions to their weapon’s palette. This “3-button type” lets players utilize three actions in the front, and three more in the back.

Players who start a new game will have their weapon palettes defaulted to the “3-button” style, while current players will remain in the “2-button” style. (You can switch between each style through a setting in the game options.)

Check out this example of a sword using the 3-button style.


New Team Room: Tokyo Base

Players can traverse buildings from rooftop to rooftop and reach new heights in the Tokyo Team Room. Find the terminal to activate the [Balloon Collect] mini-game and compete with fellow team members for the fastest clear times.


Lobby Reactions

PSO2 Lobby Reaction

A new lobby action type will allow players to “react” to another person’s action. Just select [Reaction] from the lobby action list to see how your character will act in response to their partner’s lobby action.


Launcher Overhaul

PSO2 New Launcher

The launcher will receive a modified design along with this update. With the added features, you can quickly view the list of news and events. A new set of buttons will direct you to the online manual, event calendar, and item catalog, among other things.

Toro & Kuro Station (AC Scratch)

Toro Station Scratch A
トロクロTシャツM [Ba] ✪ Toro Kuro T-Shirt M [Ba]

~ April 22nd, 2016 ~

Among the new scratch are a variety of new layered costumes, including Toro & Kuro themed t-shirts, a traditional suit for males, and a simple cardigan and sun dress for females.

Also present are a pair of CAST-inspired outfits and a selection of new parts. The bonus scratch will feature smaller versions of the previously released Toro and Kuro suits.


Toro Station Scratch B
トロクロTシャツF [Ba] ✪ Toro Kuro T-Shirt F [Ba]
Toro Station Scratch C
カシミャカーディガン[Ou] ✪ Cashmere Cardigan [Ou]
フリルワンピース[Ba] ✪ Frill One-piece [Ba]
フリル1[In] ✪ Frill 1 [In]
Toro Station Scratch D
スーツジャケット[Ou] ✪ Suit Jacket [Ou]
スーツスラックス[Ba] ✪ Suit Slacks [Ba]
ロングトランクス[In] ✪ Long Trunks [In]
Female Cast Inspired
リーヴァスワロー ✪ Riva Swallow [Ou] / [Ba]
Toro Station Scratch E
リアドファルコ ✪ Riad Falco [Ou] / [Ba]
Toro Station Cast A
アルベリカ・シリーズ ✪ Arbelica Series
Toro Station Cast B
フレイジア・シリーズ ✪ Frasier Series
Toro Kuro Suit
トロスーツ・ミニ ✪ Toro Suit Mini
クロスーツ・ミニ ✪ Kuro Suit Mini


Toro & Kuro Camos

~ April 20th, 2016 ~

 Toro Kuro Nyau will return until June 8th with two new weapon camos to drop. Defeat him in battle for a chance to receive the [*Toro Nyact ] tact or the [*Kuro Gunsmyash ] gunslash.


Toro & Kuro Client Orders

PSO2 PS4 Toro and Kuro

PlayStation 4 players can find Toro and Kuro waiting for them in the Shop Area lobby with new client orders. These NPCs only appear in the PS4 and PS Vita versions of the game.


View 4/20 Balance Adjustments


108 thoughts to “PSO2's PlayStation 4 Launch Update”

  1. MLP jokes aside, that thing is certainly a poodle with wings…

    cast-like outfits are the best part of the scratch. sega needs to lay off the "realworld" fashion if they want to sell scratches, much like they need to not barrage their customers with random collabs left right and center.
    on that note, I hope they realize that leaving everything prior to this patch out of the stargem gauge thing is going to join the pile of things that annoy their target market.

    the ability to simplify effects has been a longstanding need for the game, far more necessary than any more flashy nonsense. I wonder if I'll be able to stop going blind when I wandwhack a zondeel'd horde of mobs yet.

    arks training school… because the "gentler tutorial" and all the "how to ____" measures thus far aren't enough to explain how to play… of course, you'd still have to get people to actually use it.

    finally getting a chance to use AIS when we're not in a full room situation… and we'll surely be penalized for using it more than absolutely necessary. missthepoint.jpg

    as for collect file… it's looking less of a groaner than it initially seemed, but looking at sega's update minisite it seems like the various sets of gear offered with it are going to be things you can't just look into at your leisure, inasmuch as it seems they're putting end dates on the availability of the sheets. given that the description for the youtube upload of the update vid mentions this as replacing pyroxenes moving forward, I think sega's seriously missing the point of the pyroxene stuff if this is the case. depending on how long the cooldowns are, that may be the strategy for selling SG to skip the cooldowns… and it's a bad plan.

    ☞ revolucio spear looks more like a sword than the sword does

    1. Many people actually like the real world fashion, including myself. It's relatable and it doesn't take away from their ability to make other things. It simply adds to their pool of diverse clothing styles. If you don't like them then that's understandable, you don't have to like everything they come out with but, they do need to cater to other crowds and right now the real world fashion is what they're doing. It's also easier to figure out how to layer that type of clothing compared to layering a more sci-fi-ish type. Leaving everything prior to this patch out of the star gem stuff was a great move, It means the prices of older things wont skyrocket just because of this update. Many people mentioned raising prices of ever the cheaper, less wanted outfits just because they would then offer star gems. Adding more flashy stuff does not effect their ability to tone down certain aspects of the graphics.

    2. Are you telling me there can't be layered sci-fi clothes? (I don't really care I don't play as ningen)

    3. I'd rather have more good sci-fi stuff (even sci-fi stylized modern fashion) so that the game retains the sci-fi feel. With those modern fashion costumes everywhere it looks like those beaches and shores you might see on street are doing ARKS business which completely doesn't fit them… Well, niether do oversized wings, fursuits and some other stuff, but hey, I want to play a sci-fi game and everyday fashion there is just… blegh.
      But creating good original sci-fi designs is harder than copypasting realworld clothes or reusing collaboration stuff, so…

    4. To Toshi :

      "It’s also easier to figure out how to layer that type of clothing compared to layering a more sci-fi-ish type. "

      "Are you telling me there can’t be layered sci-fi clothes?"

      To Kyaa

      I understand that. This game is marketed as a sci-fi game and there's no doubt that the modern themes draw away from that. The main issue with that is the difficulty of creating sci-fi outfits with the idea of an everyday life feel to it. For me, most of the scifi looking outfits seem a bit over the top or un-comfortable but, most of all, they are very specific. For modern wear, most skirts can be matched with most shirts. It's rather simple and has a natural feel to it. For the sci-fi wear, putting one part with another will often mess the whole outfit up or feel like it looses it's practicality. Sci-fi isn't my genre though so maybe designers who are more suited to it can show otherwise. For now, the modern wear seems like the most logical theme to go with layered outfits. It's also a cultural thing. While many people do play this for the sci-fi theme, having relatable outfits as an option is a good move from a business standpoint. School uniforms, for example, are a big part of the culture.

    5. >marketed as a sci-fi game
      Its marketed as an adventure game. You'll need to consult with "this story is fanfic tier garbage" people first to get a permission to talk about sci-fi in pso2 context.
      I guess a big part of the culture is not freaking out when game contains varying range of designs. That includes not acting like a kid in toy store when next batch doesn't have 100% even spread between male/female/cast themes. And not ignoring the moments where new weapons retain futuristic view for once, while some of the characters get out of the PSO legacy clown coats 3 years after release.

      Still, that's asking too much from a bunch thats getting insulted by auxiliary transactions in f2p game. Culture is not for everyone.

    6. "It's marketed as an adventure game."

      Yes. The camp ship is in space and you travel to different worlds, using space ships, to battle various natives and aliens alike while often using "photon" weapons. That's pretty sci-fi. I've never bothered with the story and it's still clear to see the obvious sci-fi going on here. Not that you meant it, though you may have, but I simply said it is marketed as a sci-fi game. This doesn't mean it's the only selling point and doesn't mean they don't also market it as anything else. I'm not sure what you mean with your sentence after that though, sorry.

    7. Its marketed as adventure because motto of the game involves "neverending adventure" and so do accents during the advertising which also literally say so. In march ad clip it was "reality crossing adventure". We would appeal to sci-fi setting as marketing point when we need to somehow make our complaints about game "not being consistent in its setting" more tangible, and we could seriously complain about ep4 involving Earth or discuss whether its okay to let players wear something or not.

    8. Well to be fair, there's no reason fashion designers in-universe wouldn't cheerfully jump on any new source of inspiration the ARKS come across. (Earth is like the second planet shown where the natives actually wear anything other than burlap sacks at most, anyway.) Not to mention eccentric and/or plain curious field agents themselves bringing stuff back…

      Just look at the fads for any number of "exotic" and "foreign" fashions in real-world history.

  2. Not overly thrilled by what we have seen so far of the collection file system and the new grinding system. If this turns into something that I can't do at my own pace, as it looks like it might, then that'll be the end for me.

    But I guess we won't know until it's implemented..

  3. Those CAST parts look kinda Zone of the Enders-ish to me (minus the hilarious crotch-mounted cockpits), which is by no means a bad thing.

    Not sure how I feel about the new alternative control scheme. The logic is obvious enough, but my mouse only has so many conveniently usable buttons… ._.

    1. Afghan hounds – or any dogs for that matter – don't have necks *nearly* that long though. Also kinda too barrel-bodied for the greyhound/saluki look IMO…

      It's kinda more like Wanda's *F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S* half-poodle half-saluki half-pegasus cousin… who freaking HULKS OUT to maul stuff.
      Far too much wtflol in one pet for me to NOT get at earliest opportunity in other words. Should probably borrow Pietro's naming sense for it, just because. o3o

  4. What bothers me is that they're adding skills and purpose to the clothes and I dislike this. It feels like they're shoving the new costumes down our throats.

    Costumes should not have any other function than looks.

  5. "You can switch between each style through a setting in the game options." I'm hoping that means you can switch between the styles per weapon type (Striking, Ranged, Tech.) Having to switch between the two styles every time via options will be a bit of a hassle. I'm personally more interested in the 2-button style for melee weapons (the ones that cycle between PA/techs) and the 3-button for everything else.

    1. I get the impression that under the three button style, there will be no more cycling between PA's. You'll be able to activate any PA on the palette at any time, a la PS Nova.

      This allows for free-form combos without having to switch palettes mid-combo, which is a pretty great boon for those of us who play melee with a controller.

    2. Honestly I find it a bit awkward for melee, that's probably just cause I'm not familiar with a control scheme I set up for myself for this update (I'm intending to use L1 to switch pages, and Square, Triangle, and R1 for attacks. I use a PS4 controller if you're curious.)

    3. When I first started playing Nova, I found it awkward, too. Once I adapted to it, I kept finding myself thinking, "Man, I wish PSO2 itself worked this way."

    4. as someone who melees with controller, I have to say… nope. and weapon actions like blocking, sroll, jetboot's branching action… should never be something you don't have immediately within reach. to have them at all times with this 3button nonsense you'd have to sacrifice a slot on both sides of the pallete, losing the supposed benefit. one can easily miss JG timing on a number of things within the fractional second it would take to switch to get at something that you shouldn't have to switch to get at.
      morever, as I've ranted before. typical controller these days is 12button. Iunno 'bout you but I have no buttons to spare as it is.

      now, if they remade it so you could map PAs to button/stick/lockon combinations like in DMC3/4/etc… THAT would be a boon. make the freeform combo action game really play like one.
      of course, they'd have to rework mobs at all difficulties in ways more than "bloated HP and chasing like they're on speed" to make that work out. neat as the combo they show in the trailer with the jetboots and the ape may look, you'd never actually get to do that without underequipping and playing solo with things as they are now. actually… even if they fixed it to properly be that kind of game it'd be a mess because of multiplayer, much as I'd love not!DMC online.

    5. What're you talking about? There's still the benefit of not cluttering weapon palette with something like tessenx3/kazanx3/kanranx3 or something similar. You can just put atk – guard – tessen > kazan – guard – kanran and save 2 extra weapon pallete.

      And of coourse it's easier to just complain rather than trying to look for solution. Since the start of playing pso2 with controller i found that switching weapon pallete where rather bothersome so i did some googling. With just a few minutes i already found a 3rd party software that help assigning keyboard input into joystick. Not only that it also helped my controller's lack of button because the software can do different input based on how long the button pressed or button combination.

      Do you need to be spoonfeed all the time? Also why so salty of it when you can opt out of using the 3 button setup freely.

  6. Fishing on desert looks like a pain to get at least a fever on mining
    Hoping there will be a ring for reducing the charge time of all tech at least 20%

    1. That would be a straight-up 20% dps buff – vastly more powerful than any of the existing rings. I don't think you're going to get a ring that does that.

    2. Actually it would be 25% not 20%; 20% less charge time means casting 5 techs in the time it would to cast 4. Also consider that like the pp conversion and massive hunter rings it could be an active skill with duration not a passive skill. A ring like that is definitely effective (great imo) but i dont think it would be overpowered considering how much pp you would burn. This is assuming you dont have pp convert active too. A caster deserves something like that esp when there are times when mobs are killed right when you finish charging a tech leaving you with nothing to kill.

    3. I want it as an alternative not as an add on. Something like that would burn pp which would mean more damage but in shorter bursts. I doubt it would be overpowered especially as an alternate to boosting damage. Its not a bad idea.

    4. Last I checked FoTes tended to damn near instagib mob spawns as is, so meh. And I don't think the game needs even *more* ridiculous Ilbarta shenanigans…

      Also, Charge PP Revival plus PP Conversion.

    5. Random you really need to learn that what works for you might not work for other players. This reminds me of how you felt about crit rings vs PK rings. Your the only one here turning this discussion into a fist-fight especially by implying that Ant_G is foolish. You could just say "i dont like the idea of a tech charge spd increase ring and explain why" instead of talking w. a condesending tone … And if you dont like repeating yourself well … thats your problem you don't have to comment as much as you do.

    6. I have nothing against the *idea* of a tech charge speed ring as such. I take issue with the specific *form* you guys are proposing, as it is blatantly imbalanced compared to what any other ring gives.

      More specifically, both PK and CS in ring form are not only much weaker than the skilltree versions – *they are split into three attack-specific variants*. Conversely this hypothetical chargetime ring effectively takes an ability specific to a *single* tech-element "subtree" and applies it *universally*, which flies right in the face of the design logic of such trees.

      Also basically grossly OP, not in the least helped by the fact it would primarily benefit what is already the "God Tier" class combo of the game. I really should not even need to point out a problem with the idea this obvious and self-evident.

      And yes, criticals are still objectively bad outside a very narrow set of circumstances. If you're going to waste SP on them anyway that's your business but don't go claiming different in public unless you want to have it pointed out. Some people actually care about "setting the record straight" for the benefit of newbies and whoever else might get bad advice and wrong ideas from such talk and end up with gimped builds until the next set of reset passes SEGA hands out whenever, you see.

    7. See thats your opinion on crit vs PK rings; thats not a fact … Its true that this game doesn't give most players a good reason to increase crit rate for dmg. Despite that some players would rather get damage off crits than worrying about their hp for 3% more dmg. With crit rings at least your in full control of when the damage takes effect unlike PK rings where something can strike you and you don't have time to heal and prefer to keep attacking.
      Your exaggerating on how awful it is to get crit instead of perfect; its no mistake to get either ring for various reasons. You might think that's a waste but not everyone feels that way.

    8. I'd expect a charge speed boost ring/skill to be made in such a way it isn't overpowered. Nobody said they wanted something overpowered so don't act so condesending just because we threw a few numbers around.

    9. That crits suck for almost all builds isn't an opinion, it's a blunt mathematical fact stemming from the game mechanics. They simply don't happen reliably enough, or do enough anything useful, to be worth investing a single SP (and now, equipement slot) in unless mainclass skills that affect the arithmetic become involved. (In practical terms: assume, for the sake of argument, 3% crit damage boost from the ring and a total 50% crit rate; in practice this averages to 1.5% damage increase, AKA "not a lot".)

      Besides, maintaining your HP above the PK threshold is a simple matter of popping a mate and *entirely trivial* if you can for whatever reason cast Resta. Outside massive enough investement in critical rate increasing skills and weapon potentials to bring the chance to 100%, or as close as makes no real difference, there's *nothing* you can do about the vagaries of RNG rendering your fancy crit ring effectively a waste of slot and resources at any given time.

      This is a straightforward matter of analysing "returns of investement", not "muh playstyle" BS.

      As for the hypothetical charge-time ring under discussion, the only immediately apparent way to keep it both non-OP and in line with the design of other rings would be to split it on per-element basis. And the last I checked one pretty ironclad rule with the whole concept was that you never, ever get to "double-stack" ring ability on a class skill. Just sayin'. (This is R rings ofc; L rings neither directly mimic class skills nor provide straightforward multiplier effects in the first place.)

    10. Dude, its playstyle; its not like your dealing significant dmg w. perfect keeper rings vs crit rings. Both rings suck imo, but there are cases where one is better than the other. Sometimes you have time to heal, other times its better to just keep attacking even if you dont have PK bonuses in effect. Apparently you like seeing your own comments because im sure i said it myself this game doesn't give a good enough reason to get crit bonuses. No point in you telling me that.

    11. I'd be fine with either bow, but i'd prefer orbit just because the potential is interesting to work with. The gal bow is good imo but the orbit bow has the advantage in damage.

    12. 3% damage increase is considerably more than you'll get out of those high-slot high-Atk affixes people spend *tens of millions of meseta* on though.

      And between the two PK has the very real advantage of "proccing" VASTLY more reliably, ergo in practice contributes far more to your net damage output, without requiring any additional expenditure of skill points or other such "prequisite" shenanigans. It really does bear reiterating that CS the better choice pretty much *only* for Gu main (to go with the TMG crit skill) – seeing as how Fi can't even equip it.
      I *suppose* there exist specific, narrow circumstances and builds where the CS ring is a better investement, but those are altogether too niche and obscure to be relevant.

      And I am honestly baffled why you keep insisting different in the face of elementary mathematics already. This has jackshit to do with "muh playstyle", it's hard numbers.

    13. Honestly, the best use for a CS ring (in this case, CS Ranged) is for GU/RA, who can't equip the PK or KB rings anyway. As it happens, it also synergizes well with Zero Range Critical and Twin Machinegun Mastery, so GU/RA is one of those builds that can actually make good use of it.

    14. You argued that since crit rate doesn't mean you get 3% more dmg all the time the avg dmg is actually a percentage of that. I can easily say that a player's hp wont be over 75%-99% (depending on lvl of ring and threshold) the whole time theyre fighting also. With that being said its really not just raw numbers. Any person who has played gunner will say there are times when they were attacking and their PK skill was not in effect. Someone is getting antsy … =(

    15. @ random – Oh i missed that. No need to tell me how the %age works i have an orbit weapon w. the first potential so im well aware.

    16. By its lonesome the ring only gives you a ~20% crit chance at lv 20; in simple terms that means you're only getting that 3% damage increase for, at statistical average, *every fifth attack*. Ergo the actual net gain in damage is to the tune of a rather pitiful 0.6% or so – and the *only* way to increase that is to pour further resources into increasing the crit values.
      This has "sunk investements fallacy" written all over it for just about any build you can name.

      Whatever its other shortcomings, at least the "proc rate" of PK is directly tied to your proportional HP – something you *actually have control over*. As long as your HP is above the threshold the effect is "on" 100% of the time, and *keeping* your HP there in turn is a matter of managing healing and incoming damage, something you should be doing anyway.
      And, again, no meaningful further investement necessary to improve a by itself lackadaisical payout.

    17. @ stormwalker: Gu/Ra, Katana Br/Hu, Bouncer, Melee Te/Hu w. max shifta strike, melee Te/Br you can make good builds with the trees and still have spare points to put into crit skills. Those are 4 classes right there that can make use of crit rings
      @ random – DEPENDING ON PLAYSTYLE.

    18. Math & practicalities > "muh playstyle".

      Feel free to do whatever dumb things you want with your skilltrees and gear, but don't go claiming in public it's anything but grossly inefficient at best and expect to not get corrected.

      And none of the classes and combinations thereof actually (save the already oft-mentioned Gu main) have any valid reason to waste their SP on critical skills. Plus wand-smack Techers ought to be vastly better off with Attack Advance or somesuch anyway.

    19. PK ring is considerable have more stable bonus if you able to maintain the HP but there is a lot of time your HP is below the tresshold and you can not find a good spot to just use the Maite or hoping there is Resta released nearby

      Crit have more DPS coz its always gave maxed damage you can do that`s applied on any PA/Tech that gave damage the different might be only 10% variant but 10% of 1000 is different from 10% of 100.000 i realize it when i started to grind the CS-Tech ring what i usually done with na-megido is about 160K without the crit but twhen crit happens it deal almost 190k, and i done the testing with the bow too where +25% crit is more valuable than +50 r-atk on Br, the crit on Hu can be used it as sub for the main Fighter

    20. so basically, the point of your ranting harder than I do here is… "STOP HAVING FUN, PLAY ONLY THE THEORYCRAFTED BEST WAY GODDAMNIT".

    21. No we are not Ranting, we are debating, base on our own experience which one is better between ring, and we can have preference between the char build to make better char and play style.

      Ranting is what you do its more about This game should do this and this game should do that, should be like this and that

    22. @ random – Never said i would make a skill tree heavy dependant on crit. I myself don't try too hard to get crit bonuses on most classes; i grab what i feel helps me most then choose alternatives. Regardless of whether those class combos i mentioned need the crit rate for the ring or not doesnt deprive the fact they can easily take advantage of it There's nothing dumb about using the crit ring vs PK ring. I'm surprised at how adamant your acting about this even tho I shouldn't be at this point. Its one thing to have an opinion; what i dont like is your condesending tone re the topic.

      There's a reason why players use crit rings over PK rings (besides being gunner) and vice versa. If you don't think it depends on playstyle find a couple of players in game that use the crit instead of PK and ask them about it. I'm sure someone will have a reason why they prefer crit instead of PK.

      @ -Z- Just out of curiosity (and i dont feel accused of anything) who is it you believe is ranting?

    23. Damage variance is further lessened by your Dex score, which ends up faily high all by itself. Arguing that the elimination of this remaining, practically irrelevant, level of variance "have more DPS" seems rather silly, and further such a claim rather appears to be based on some pretty dubious calculations – what with requiring the investement of some 10 SP per skilltree to actually bring about.
      Those points could be, and usually are, instead spent more gainfully on other abilities that directly or indirectly improve your performance to rather greater degrees. I'm pretty sure you *will* be making sacrifices in a Hu tree to max out a stance Critical, for ex.

      Also fairly certain you're doing something wrong if as a ranged combatant you cannot find, sufficiently readily to render the issue irrelevant, the opportunity to pop a quick Mate or Resta as necessary. I mean – I can as *melee*.

      @ spacex – you keep going on about "playstyle" without ever actually defining or explaining it, now claim that "whether those class combos [you] mentioned need the crit rate for the ring or not doesnt deprive the fact they can easily take advantage of it" without explaining how this is *actually supposed to happen*, and to cap it off are trying to push the responsibility of researching *your* argument on *me*. How about *you* find those "couple of players in-game" and "ask them about it", or better yet, actually argue your own case with something more solid than vague generalities and woolly mumblings about "muh playstyle".
      I already gave you the maths of why PK nets you rather more for vastly less investement. I've yet to see you make even summary calculations to the contrary.

      And -Z-? Go away, the adults are talking.

    24. Crit is only viable if you can stack both proc rate and damage boosts. That's pretty simple math.

      A BR/HU who invests in his stance critical is passing up better skills to do so. As such, BR/HU should not take stance critical skills and thus shouldn't take a critical strike ring.

      I'm no expert on TE, but it seems to me that a melee TE who passes up the Attack Advance ring is doing himself a disservice.

      The only reason Critical Strike rings (Ranged for GU/RA and Striking for GU/HU) are good choices for Gunner mains is that GU gets both a very large critical proc rate boost (Zero Range Critical) and a nontrivial critical damage boost (Twin Machinegun Mastery), which together create a pretty strong synergy with the CS ring. Even then, if the PK ring was available to GU, it would be better. For that matter, one could make an argument that the Killing Bonus ring is better for GU/HU while mobbing (GU/RA can't equip that one, either). Essentially, the only viable right rings for GU/RA are Critical Strike Ranged and Massive Hunter, so I ended up choosing CS Ranged by default, not because it is all that great.

      I would not recommend a Critical Strike ring to any other class.

      On the subject of Perfect Keeper, it's something you get used to maintaining. Besides, if I am much below 75% HP on a GU/RA, I am looking to heal at the first opportunity anyway because I am in immediate danger of being oneshotted by a powerful attack. Having a set of Twin Machineguns whose potential only operates above 60% HP anyway has served to reinforce this habit.

      If you don't care about being efficient and don't want to have to alter your playstyle to suit it, by all means, use a CS ring over PK. It will be substantially weaker in performance, however – that is the tradeoff you make for not having to think about it.

    25. For what it's worth, I should note that I opted for the Killing Bonus ring on my FI/HU and BR/HU, and I find it serves me well.. especially in TD! PK and CS are not the only ring options out there.

    26. @ stormwalker: I'm getting the vibe that you would choose PK rings over crit rings at every opportunity. Your comparing 2 rings that give at most 3% damage; picking one over the other will not mean a substantial loss/gain in damage. It's no where near as significant as you make it out to be.

      As i said i don't think neither of the rings are all that impressive. When talking about the braver skill tree you seem to think that putting points in 1 skill means losing another but in my case thats not true. Before telling me that say that you've played braver and worked with the skill tree because on that i dont think you know what your saying.

      For melee braver I'm able to have all the essential damage boosting skills with points to spare for stance crit skills; the braver skill tree is that easy for me to work with. + With katanas the gear skill boosts crit hit rate making it even easier to get the crit dmg bonus.

      About melee techer, if it was attack adv vs. crit ringsvs. pk rings, sure id pick attack adv (now that you brought that up), makes perfect sense to me. When i tried making a melee techer build i had spare points for skills like shifta crit so a melee techer really can make easy use of the crit rings.

      With crit rings, there is math in that higher crit hit rate means higher chance of crit dmg bonus; with PK rings there are times where it's safer to attack w.o PK instead of stopping to heal to keep PK bonus active and risk another hit.

      If your talking about the PK "skill" instead of the ring i have nothing to say because that doesn't feel relevant to this topic. If you tell me that for every class that can use either PK or crit "ring" that you'd keep your hp up then id say the PK ring is better for you.

      I never recommended crit rings; I never said get this and not that. i have been saying that PK rings aren't better in every way.

      In my case however, when playing melee classes w.o easy access to resta (say BR/HU) I tend not to heal everytime my hp drops under 75% because i can afford to.

      With that being said stormwalker, your one person who does better w. PK rings w. the class combo you brought up, and with the class combo i brought up im one person who does better w. crit rings. And again, we're comparing 2 rings aren't that great to begin with so there is no significant gain/loss of efficiency in picking 1 ring over the other. Please don't exaggerate.

    27. O_O i thought the topic is already off when Z interfere
      yes we can reduce the variant by Dex but who want to spent on Dex, the best you can easily have is Saiki set +80Dex or be very rich/lucky and get all those Opstere set +100 Dex i dont think its high enough to get the variant very narrow, or you want to put some skill point on the Dex (i will choose Crit over Dex) like SPACEX said there is a time when its better keep attacking than stop a while to heal like when whan 2 E-code goes together just like Avoid + Knight gear, thats hard to maintain the HP honestly especially if you get poisoned by visbolt (the worst i have is 2 Knight gear + 1 Ringahda on level up quest)

      if i can do 96k with crit and you can do 100k but there is a random modifier 10% that make you goes 90k-100k and you narrow it to 92k-100k with Dex you have a chance that you can win the DPS damage by 50% and the other 50% is win by the crit, it just that on my skill tree all bow damage modifier is all maxed and the only thing i can get that modified the damage for 10 point is +50 r-atk which is not valuable enough compared to the +25% crit chance since i got a sure crit build with it, while on Hunter except the furry combo Up that is level 5 only all other fury stance skill is maxed, i even have lvl 3 step adv just because the spare SP i have, and i can use the Hu as Sub for Fi because its crit rate is high.

    28. You know spacex, you really need to start supporting these claims you keep making with some actual calculations. And explain how you're supposed to improve the "payout" of the crit rings without trading off something more legitimately useful.

      For example, a melee Br is vastly better off investing leftover SP in bow skills for bossing purposes.

    29. Tech need to charged before they can deal good damage that`s why people always end with Speedy Fire tech.
      You can count how many people choose Thunder/Wind/Dark/Ice,

      Dark Tech is on top for a while before "Il-Megid" got hated by player who not use it.
      Light is barely make it because 99% Darker are weak to it but people choose to just spam Custom charge "Ra-Grants" isn't it, if there is other Light tech that used it must be "Il-Grants" to get "Vibras/Apos" get dizzy not for its damage.

    30. I use grants for easy/good enough damage, il grants for good damage long range, and ragrants for close (sometimes mid) high dmg. I feel like some have an advantage over others so i dont think ragrants is always best for dmg.

    31. Yes all those tech are good enough in damage if they are fully charged, but compared to other class Tech have low DPS because they need to be charged, in MB3/MB4 the tech take some time before able to destroy Darker Beam Tower (except for the Fire Tech) even Torim can do a lot faster than that, i know some people will say other people will join you to break that Darker tower (AIS is better) but there is a time when i ended up the only one that trying to break that Darker tower while other just to busy dealing with other thing, so every time Mining Base EQ running i always use (Br/Fi)/Hu because it totally overpowering the tech type and can destroy those Darker tower in 2-3 PA without WB on XH difficulty.

      @RANDOM what so bad about reducing 20% of charge time, fire already cut half, some old rod/wand that considered obsolete have it already and as i remember they not overpowering when those rod/wand is still on its glorious days, at least people will consider to use other tech than Grants/Foie branch only if the charge time cut ring introduced.

    32. Well, balance for one. Also note that both Fire Mastery and the assorted charge-time reducing pots only affect a *single* tech class each, and the latter max out at like 20%.

      You're talking about a ring giving the equivalent of lv 3 tech-charge potential or 4-5/10 Flame Charge to *every tech ever*, fully cumulative with the above.
      Yeah, seems legit. .-.
      Especially when every other ring that mimics an existing class skill caps out at significantly weaker…

    33. Now can you find a people with a good power using those rod? the logic to get all 20%ring+20%rod for 40% faster charged with compensation at lower power isn't it, since people more likely want to invest on PK-Tech ring / Opstere for more damage than more speed on their gear.

    34. That's irrelevant. The point is that what you're proposing is *grotesquely imba*, both generally and compared to what other rings give.

      And FoTes don't exactly need buffing anyway, srsly.

    35. Then why don`t you try join Mining Base 4 as Force or Techter without Speedy Fire tech skill tree and custom charge Ra-Grants

    36. and surely i compare it to other ring because you can only equip 1R and 1L ring and those need to be replaced to equip the expected charge ring isn't it

    37. Done the re-read from the very beginning of my post and i don`t think i miss the point, so please explain why 20% more speed on tech is Imba,

      for the last two post of mine you can test it right away with the Mag auto Action for tech that already cut the charge time that activated for the boss type only + some rod for further charge time reduction
      i still not get the feeling its overpowering anyway

      and please chill out a bit as i`m not trying to provoke or anything because i got the feeling somehow you got mad

    38. "– compared to what other rings give."

      Meanwhile Rangers and bow Bravers basically get nothing.

      My patience wears thin very quickly when I have to repeat myself to fools with no sense of scale or perspective.

    39. For the L ring yes ranger and bow braver got none this far so i put some random ring i need for other class to grind the exp but for the R ring i used The "C strike Range" is it useless? no its work well for my case Br/Hu Bow with average/fury stance with both stance got lvl 10 critical skill and i`m lucky enough to get that Gryphon Bow
      some people might said that i wasted 20 skill point for crit skill
      but i love that crit damage.

      i`m running pure bow Br/Hu and zero range critical Ra/Gu btw.

    40. Without Fi or Gu main crit is *absolutely disgusting*, and you should just avoid that shit like it was B-001.


      I urge you to take a look at the skilltree versions of Critical Strike and Perfect Keeper and then the ring versions; then take a good long look at Flame Charge and this all-tech chargetime ring proposal.
      What's horribly wrong with that last one should be painfully self-evident.

    41. That`s why i said i`m lucky enough to get that Gryphon bow,
      i look at those skill tree for long enough time, as that`s why i adapting the skill tree for the bow potential.

      for why i main Ra not Gu even using those "CS Range" ring is because Sharpshooter skill on main Ra will gave you better bonus at far range shooting as i`m not always at Zero range area to trigger the critical.

    42. I want that ring to exist, so i can do exactly what random doesnt want. 0.6s ilfoie is my dream, i can destroy so much with that. Of course if this fast charge ring skill ever comes around it should have a worthy downside like limit break. It'd help me w. ice too because as an ice caster i use sabarta a lot and 1.5s charge time can be annoying …

    43. That defeats the primary purpose of suggesting the ring. Oh and if your going to say that you shouldnt forget about techer too, even tho im glad you did.

    44. Was under the impression "offensive caster" builds normally main Fo? And I repeat the above about consistency and balance with other ring designs, *particularly* PK and CS (in many ways the closest analogs and yardsticks) – Flame Charge is in the *Force* tree after all…

    45. Welp with the bow potential and +20 Crit ring you will get a sure crit anyway, sorry for a long respond since the last time is already pass the midnight at my beloved country,

      and about the suggested ring most likely if they ever release it, it might be not affecting the charge time of tech only but other class chargeable PA and we can having at least another ring that has no restriction for the class like "Boost slayer" ring

    46. Lv 3 pot on the Gal bow is 35% crit chance, lv 20 ring ~20% (19.8 to be specific). The stance crit skills are what, 25% each at 10/10.
      Smells of a super niche build and dubious return-of-investement to me, doubly so as the pot is finicky about distance…

      And meanwhile I'm running around with an Orbit bow for an equivalent *unconditional* damage hike for no additional SP expenditure and some dank PP regen to boot. But hey, suit yourself. :^)

    47. (Fury Crit)+(average Crit)+(グライロウ potential lvl3)+(+20 crit ring)
      25% + 25% + 35% + 20% = 105% chance but i believe that it capped to 100% and the rest 5% is useless

      Bonus damage from the potential + Crit ring
      11% + 3% = 14%

      as far as i know this is a good deal

    48. and i choose the close range for the potential which is as far as normal "sa foie" can reach

    49. Orbit first potential is 13% damage and 60% more attack PP regen at lv 3, oh and 200% passive PP regen increase when sheathed.
      Also doesn't eat up 10 SP per skilltree and a ring slot.
      No, what you're describing is very clearly not a particularly good deal.

    50. So i assume that you have this Orbit bow already, how big the damage?, it will be my reference into what weapon i do next since i already have 400+ of Shiny Torana and Star Pleiades stone and 500+ Lambda Grinder, and Apprentice is kind enough to gave me the unit for free.

      and for info exchange this is how i use the gal bow
      normal mob === Gravity arrow–>Arrow Torrent/Penetrate

      Boss Type weak spot
      Chase arrow x 3 >Banish > charged Kamikaze > uncharged Kamikaze x 3
      50-60k > 700k-800k > 100-150k > 30-70k
      sometimes the banish show 999.999 but that only when i used my F partner that designed to have the max buff (Shifta Adv, Crit, Strike at max level)
      in case of something like Ex-Dragon shield it only deal 12-15k on Kamikaze

      its all depend on the element weakness range and what spot it hit but since i have a jump syndrome when playing this game it usually hit the head, and tend to aim at the weak spot

      all done without WB as i said i running pure crit bow Br/Hu

    51. Orbit has Gal narrowly beat in raw base Atk – 1656 vs. 1649 at +10. But it's the potentials that really make of break a weapon, and Orbits are second only to Austeres in pretty much *everything*. For certain purposes – mainly PP regen – they're actually better. (Shame about the limited weapon type selection tho.)

      Incidentally, if you're going bow Braver why Average instead of Weak stance? Was under the impression the latter, while poop for katana use, is what people normally go for if maining bow.

    52. @ random – first orbit potential gives +200% for 3x the pp regen, not what you said which was "200%" implying 2x the pp regen.

    53. Yeah my friend and team often asking that too, why i use Average not weak even when i use the Bow not Katana
      the answer is so i can solo all quest, i`m not talking about something like Progeny or DF although i just succeed 1 try of soloing SH Falz arm and that`s took some time failed the XH one because of time up (i just want to know my limit :P) i`m talking about soloing high +risk advanced quest although i said solo there is 3 F.partner on my side

      with average i can get bonus damage on all part, if the enemy have obvious weak spot it surely have more profit to use weak stance but something like say quartz have it weak spot covered or Knight gear make the weak stance have you penalized in damage instead

    54. and sometimes soloing Ultimate too with my F partner
      Note: the Partner usually compose of 1Te/Fo 1 Bo 1 Ra the
      Te/Fo is my 3rd char so i often tweak and test a lot, and now its pretty much very active

    55. @ spacex – I wrote, quote, 200% passive PP regen increase, unquote. Ie. "+200%".
      Doubling would be a "100% increase". (Also the value at lv 1 of the pot.)

  7. There are a few of you who complain just to complain. This IS IN JAPAN. Suck it up and stop whining just because it's not what you prefer or want. The controls for Phantasy Star Nova are my favorite and really do justice for a game of this sort. Not only that, but when people complain about what they own (ergo – mouse, etc.), they forget that they're NOT in Japan and they aren't actually supposed to be playing this game, anyhow. As for the clothing options, while I would like to see some PSO1-esque clothing, I have NO problem with the "real world" fashion, either. Those actually have some decent material to work with, "-Z-". Ah, but that's right.. -Z- is notorious for groaning over choices/features; as are some other of you out there. SEGA didn't make this version of PSO for you, Westerners. They made it for us. So obviously it's going to cater to US and not you.

    1. For someone who doesnt like complaining your not doing a good job of being the better person. A game is a game, if people like it they'll talk about it. There are a lot of things I'd like to change in this game and yet i find myself content with how a lot of the things are as of now anyway. Nothing wrong with throwing ideas around. None of us here, including those who disagree w. my opinion, have done anything to deserve such trash talk.

    2. The thing is, some people aren't "throwing [any] ideas around" at all. They pretty much just demonstrate their inconceivable rage/satirical dialogue/sarcasm/etc… towards the game without any constructive criticisms and/or legitimate suggestions to improve the game. Not once I've seen such words like "If they would only , then will solve the issue of the game leaning towards "– or something of sorts from them.

      (Something to add however, IMO Sega's main problem is their copious amounts of feature creeping for the sake of updates. MMO's tend to do this a lot and it's indeed a shameful practice. Most of the Japanese players don't seem to mind though and only the elitists would disagree otherwise– but that's a small portion of the population and I don't think (business-wise) a company will cater to the few.)

      That said, I can very much understand Mr. Shin's frustrations towards Z and the likes and see why he/she would waste his/her $.02 just to show how frustrating it is to encounter players who cater too much on their [closet] masochism towards a game that fails to satisfy their nitpicks when they should really be taking some chill pills.

    3. His fustration is in someways broad and in other ways specific; its not easy for me to tell if he's only talking about Z. Complaining about another individual's rants is one thing but the end of his comment refers to all westerners which isn't very fair.

    4. I agree. In a lot of ways, yes, referring to a whole group for the actions of an individual isn't very fair.

      But sometimes, people can get quite a bit soaked with pent-up rage that they forget some logic along the way– hence why the person did not use "most" or "A lot of" as prefix. Miscommunication is imminent when overflowing emotions are present.

      We can only try to understand the person and hope not to get on his/her nerves trying to see his/her point (Unless you're kind who purposely does so). In addition, giving pointers on how to prevent spreading "internet wildfire" due to their recklessness can help– even if it's just a little.

      In any case, I feel that the topic got a little off-hand. We should be commenting about the update, not the general state of people. Cheers mate!

  8. SPACEX, that is because you take it personal. Which you really shouldn't because I like a lot of your comments.

    COOKIES, arigatou for understanding my point of view. It's not easy for me to express that.

    Mostly, my comment is aimed toward persons like -Z-. But since I say Westerner because there is no clear one way.

    Our games are designed to hurt and baffle the mind haha! The culture is the aspect. Not the game, itself. You may want it as easy as possible or as challenging as possible, but that's not how the slaving works in this industry. Those men and women work very hard to encapsulate to a certain group and then casual.

    You don't see me playing Titanfall or Halo with you on American side. Now do you?

    1. You don't see me, or any number of other Westerners, playing those either so that point is rather moot…

    2. That's because you're "random", by nature; as your name suggests. My point is not moot. Your statement is moot because we both know that it's true that there's absolutely no need to complain about a game that you shouldn't even be playing on in the first place. Don't complain about what you can't control, no matter if you're entitled to that right or not. The same thing applies to fairness. Sorry, life is never going to be fair, no matter whether you believe it can be or not. Live life on life's terms. Not yours. Not mine. Not anyone else's.

    3. What.

      Also way to wall-of-text over a casual pointing-out that a comparision you made basically made no sense and had no actual relevance to the topic whatsoever.

    4. @ ジン

      While i agree with you that the the western community (which i am part of since i live there) is filled with cancer and trolls who make our otherwise enjoyable experience less fun, i think you're being pretty rude to people who enjoy the same video game you play and are hard-core dedicated long time fans of the phantasy star online 2 series.

      The only reason us dirty "gaijin"/foreigners go to the massive trouble of the means we use to be able to play the game is because we love it. I personally have loved phantasy star since years ago, so it's pretty damn insulting to be told to my face i'm not allowed to enjoy and even support a game i love with money (like many of the dirty "westerners" do) because i'm not supposed to be playing it in the first place.

      Life is unfair? only because people make it that way. Only because people decide to make life a shittier experience for everyone to live in instead of enjoy it. Only because toxicity is so much more attractive than being constructive, friendly, kind, compassionate, and all those cheesy nice stuff people forget easily whether in real life or online.

      I don't want to start a long debate or write-up on the comments section of a game forum about a philosophical essay on how terrible human beings in general choose to behave instead of trying to be better than that, and we don't all have to have successful great lives (i sure as hell never did), but we can still try to make the mood and our interactions with others around us a little better than shitty life is.

    5. No i dont see you playing games on the american side. I wouldn't discourage you from that. You never know, you or any other JP player might stumble upon a game that they're not supposed to play in the first place and like it enough to talk about what you want from it later on. It could happen.
      @ your reply to random
      Don't say "life will never be fair fair", say "life isn't always fair". We have no control over a game that was made for the japanese audience that much is true but we like this game enough to have discussions like this on it. Before EP3 there was a time i asked for an hp bonus to deband and a damage bonus to shifta not thinking the devs would actually give it. After EP3 i got something i wanted and felt like they gave me something i asked for. Me an english player who according to you the devs dont pay attention to.

  9. why i have the feeling it the New-Type weapons will be super hard to get one
    and for New Bonus Quest i cant wait for it 😀

    1. …you're talking about stuff that replaces much of current trash drops and/or is on Collection Files you know.

      So yes, it's a very good question why exactly you would have such a feeling.

  10. I dont get how the collection sheets work, the gauge doesn't increase on the any enemy ones. Haven't even tried the specific enemy ones yet, but how exactly does this work?

    1. Don't duh me, I'm not stupid, let me get to the point, how do you get the Tact? Its missions are kill any enemy, I asked people and no one knows how to get the KILL ANY ENEMY weapons.

    2. EDIT: Friends explained it to me, YOU NEED TO BE ON SUPER HARD and finish the quest you are killing what ever monster on!

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