Gigantic Pre-Patch for April 20th

The PlayStation 4 version will be launching on April 20th, 2016! PC players can download a portion of the update ahead of schedule by opening the official launcher after the following date.

Updates Availability Space Required Mirror
#1 April 15th @ 14:00 JST 17910MB

※ Pre-Patched machines are required to download a patch during maintenance requiring 889MB of space.

You will be given the option to download the pre-patch upon opening the official launcher after this date. Once the dialog box appears, press [Yes] to begin the download process.

The downloaded files will be stored in the "_precede" folder located in your PSO2 installation directory.

This instruction is intended for people who are pre-patching through the PC version's official launcher.

If you'd like to free up space, you may delete the files in the "_precede" data folder after you can successfully launch and sign into the game when the servers go online following April 20th's maintenance. Do not delete the files in this folder prior to or during April 20th's maintenance.


Example Precede Folder

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin\_precede\data\win32

This directory may change based on the location PSO2 was installed on your machine.

This instruction is ONLY intended for people who have pre-patched on January 27th, 2016 or earlier.

If you'd like to free up space, you may delete the files in the "_precede" folder as long as the modified date is before January 27th, 2016. Any precede files that were downloaded after April 14th must remain in the folder until you can successfully log into the game after April 20th's maintenance.



Example Precede Folder

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin\_precede\data\win32

This directory may change based on the location PSO2 was installed on your machine.

You may delete the files in the _precede's data folder ONLY after you've successfully signed onto the servers when April 20th's maintenance ends.


The launcher will automatically copy the pre-patch files into your PSO2 installation directory after the patch goes live during April 20th's maintenance.


56 thoughts to “Gigantic Pre-Patch for April 20th”

    1. "Yo dawg. I heard do yo like play PSO2, so we put PSO2 in your PSO2, so yo can Play while u Play. " Sega Logic

  1. I don't get it, what's the prepatch size?
    17,910MB means 17 thousands and 910 MBs (~18GB) or this is 17 MBs and 910 KBs?

    1. No, they are not,
      Just start pray to GOD that a lot of it is actually just updating the existing file content rather than just a straight 18GB of brand new file.

    2. Did people seriously expect the entire library of graphic assets to magically update itself?

    1. The Vita players would be throwing their systems out the window if the patch is anywhere that size, but I'm expecting maybe maybe 1.5 to 2gigs tops since Vita isn't capable of such settings. Aside from that I'm with CJ on this I'm hoping for better textures

    1. It will do both.
      Why SEGA doesn't use IPS-Patch or Delta-patch for efficent use is beyond me.

  2. Stupid question but will tweaker have an option to install the pre-patch instead of having to use the official launcher? Plus if you have to use the official launcher, will the EN, Large, and Story Patch files be removed and you'll have to install them again?

    1. Yeah, you can use the Tweaker for the pre-patch. And as far as I can remember, using the original launcher will remove the English patches (but someone correct me if I'm wrong).

  3. Actually, it's a misconception that this is a graphics patch. It's actually a patch for the ps4 to actually have a game on it.

    1. As this is the prepatch for *PC clients* you might want to elaborate that statement a bit…

  4. Would be nice if someone re-upload the pre-patch on external link instead of using official launcher or tweaker to download the it…

  5. Umm…may i ask why does this next update takes about 18 GB? Is this because of the next update include Yamato EQ, Magatsu BQ, 2 new Gathering field with some new skil rings and more like that?
    Or is this update just because the graphics gets "leveled up" because the PCs will have the graphics like PS4 so the size of the next update got bigger than other update we had before?
    Can someone explain to me?
    Sorry of the trouble, and thank you.

    1. Aside from adding a pile of new stuff they're more or less replacing much of the existing graphics resources with shiny new higher-quality versions.

      Ofc that's going to take a lot of bytes.

    2. still you can expect that the PSO2 folder size increased up to 0.5 – 4GB after the days with precede deleted

    3. Thank you both for your answer 😀

      There's one more thing i want to ask, using the tweaker, it says we can download the prepatch from now. But the total file it downloads around 15k, is this really the 18 GB update? Or are there another files at the next maintenance that we must download to complete this 'Gigantic' update?

    4. Another thing to consider is, SEGA rarely deletes old assets in the game files for whatever reason. Expect this size increase to stick.

  6. Is there any people that still have NP1013 error although the tweaker is already say "Do not Detect me Gameguard Senpai Pls" or trying the .bat method?

  7. anyone else who donwloaded less then 17GB? Mine says only 4GB and around 1900 files only. Tried to re-check prepatch, still the same, around 1900 files only

    1. if you're getting it from the tweaker and for some reason it crashes or something happens – it will resume where it left off.

  8. umm.. thanks or creating the external link. but can u please make a direct link or split the torrent please? because i dunno why my download speed on Utorrent is limited somehow,i looked up for the solution, but i can't find how to solve this problem

    1. There is no reason at all to stop seeding a patch file – I seed for like a month – however I got the 17gig update from tweaker this time – quickly and completely last night while I was sleeping – very fast.

  9. This patch for pso2 to get on ps4… also release (as we all know) the newer textures to up the graphics of the game (along with slightly remodeled objects etc), and the new boss raid + some more story quests, along with various other stuff.

    I don't understand why you're all so surprised that it's a large update..

  10. Hey do you guys think that graphics would really be better than the PS4's? I think they might be getting ready to make it for PS4.5 (or something).

    Also, on which server are you guys on… it's so hard with those very few translations to play the game…

  11. With this big and crazy update, if you downloaded the game in his old days already, you technically are re-downloading and re-instaling the game again!

    1. You technically fail basic math, as the game is to the tune of over 40 gigabytes – the patch amounts to meaningfully less than half of that size, and much of it just replaces existing resources anyway.

    2. Right now I am still prepatching and waiting for it to complete, so I can run my script, on how many files get replaced and how many get added.

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