PSP2i: National Fan Thanks Festa 2011 Videos and Impressions

Sega kicked off the first in a series of National Fan Thanks Festa to celebrate Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.

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Instead of translating other player's experiences with Olga Flow, you can just watch the video for yourself! Japanese video game news companies are competing in the Mini Mini Infinity Grand Prix 2nd Stage. Who will be the ultimate winner? Tune in to find out!

Also on the 17th page of P-SPEC, a fanzine that was sold at the Thanks Festa. Shougai uncovered a small tidbit about  the music for Phantasy Star Online 2. According to Sakai, "…Of course, the BGM changes when you enter into battle (laughs)" So the revival of BGM transition music is expected to reappear in PSO2.

[via shougai]

2ch ID: ScEatT4J  gives us some small tidbits of PSO2 which were outlined in P-SPEC Fanzine

260 :名無しオンライン :2011/02/06(日) 02:05:16 ID:ScEatT4J


Enemies in PSU were given the term, "Monster," we're considering restoring [the term] "Enemy".

Because I want you to taste  [new] adventure, the stage is not set in Ragol which you are already too familiar with. Although, somewhere in this world,  there may be a connection to Ragol.

When entering battle, the BGM changes.

Phantasy Star Online 2 development staff is compromised of many Phantasy Star Online (and beyond) alumni. The Producer is Satoshi Sakai. The Director is Yuya Kimura.  [via shougai]

Concept Artwork

Alfort's Dagger


Curtz Concept


Various Concepts

[via 4gamer + gpara]

Yellow Man Jersey

Yellowman is the current mascot for Calorie Mate. Yesterday at the Fan Thanks Festa, players received codes for their Vision Phone to receive the outfits for the Yellowman Jersey.


イエローマンジャージ Yellowman Jersey

9567 1150 イエローマンジャージ Male Yellowman Jersey
9567 1151 イエローマンジャージ Cast Yellowman Jersey
9567 1152 イエローマンジャージ Female Yellowman Jersey
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