Sonic Runners X Phantasy Star Online 2 Collaboration

PSO2 Campaign

Sonic Runners is currently accepting pre-registrations for the Sonic Runners x PSO2 collaboration! Those who pre-register will be able to acquire a PSO2 Mag Companion in Sonic Runners!

Companions are like booster items that follow behind Sonic in each stage. They provide Sonic with different effects, such as power items and score bonuses.

Sonic Runners Mag

Companion Details

  • Name: Mag
  • Type: Power
  • Effect: Removes Spikes

Destroys spiked panels when the player achieves certain (x) combos. Leveling it up reduces the required (x) combo.


Companion Details

  • Name: Rappy
  • Type: Speed
  • Effect: Boosts your Score

When you defeat an enemy, there's a fixed chance for Golden Rappies to appear.


Companion Details

  • Name: Quna
  • Type: Fly
  • Effect: Activates items.

Has a chance of activating a non-color power item when the player passes through a checkpoint.

Enter your email address at the pre-registration site and click on the yellow button underneath to register for the campaign. Upon doing so, you will receive an email with a link that must be opened from a Smartphone once the campaign actually begins. We'll provide further instructions for this campaign once it becomes available.

Pre-registrations are available until April 19th @ 23:59 JST.



6 thoughts to “Sonic Runners X Phantasy Star Online 2 Collaboration”

  1. I am trying to find a support page because FOr PSO2 I am trying to get the english patch installed but I can there is a failure in the file can I please have help?

    1. 1 – Make sure your game installation is clean
      2 – Download the patch here :
      3- Extract the patch and copy the files in programefiles/Sega/Pso2/pso2bin/data/win32

      You have to copy both patch and large files if you want the most of the traduction.

      Always worked for me ^^

    2. Even easier method, (and probably the perferred one since it also offers translation of the MatterBoard/Story Missions) is to download PSO2 Tweaker found here: And then just use then dropdown menu to have it inject the files into your PSO2 installation for you. You can also have it check your installation for errors and other troubleshooting tasks if you're having issues getting PSO2 to launch.

  2. do not get any English patchs anywhere else other than the tweaker or you will do a lot of damage, F.i.y there are people working on making na and eu verson of the game. just get the tweaker form yasha's lnk and ur on ship 6 my is gingerwllace and my is team is Helmets

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