Episode 2: Shadow Conspiracy 2 Walkthrough

Revised on July 13, 2009

There are a lot of plot points in Shadow Conspiracy Act 2, but before you can read about them, you have to put up with a very weird mission. Its not that hard to figure out but once in a while it trips you up with it's instructions telling you to use the goggles to find the survivors.

You see, you're doing the right thing using the goggles through the rubble, but you're supposed to fight the enemies in the areas first. Here's the map with the locations of each survivor. The red circles with numbers will show you which survivor you should rescue and their placement on the map. Follow the guide carefully as it will tell you to either head over to a certain survivor's direction, or rescue the survivor by destroying the rubble.

Phantasy Star Universe Walkthrough

The Key to this mission is making the area safe for the Survivors.

The first thing you must do is destroy the box in front of you! The enemies will spawn and you must defeat all of them in the room. After the monsters stop spawning, head to the north of the map and use  your goggles to destroy the rubble with the green orb in front of you. It should be the right most rubble.

Monsters will spawn behind you so defeat them to continue. After both these sections are clear, you can use your goggles on the annoying beeping sound and rescue survivor #6. Use the key to open the door at the gate and continue onwards…

Use Your Goggles to Find the Survivors beeping your pager!

You next move onto survivor #5, use your goggles to destroy the rubble. Head down the stairs, enemies will spawn, so defeat them as quick as possible. You may now rescue survivor #3. As soon as you rescue #3, head towards the north of the map to collect the gate key. You will need to destroy some rubble first before obtaining the key. Run back up the stairs and head over to survivor #4.  Open the door, and behind it you can rescue survivor #4 after destroying the rubble.

Head over to survivor #2's direction by walking down the lower path to the south of the map  then head upstairs. Rescue survivor #2 and continue  towards the north of the map that has the open green door. After you defeat all enemies in this room a key will appear. Head towards survivor #1's direction and open the locked red door.

Episode 2: Chapter 4 Act 2

Fight the enemies in  survivor #1's room. After everything is clear you can use the goggles on survivor #1 and now you completed the mission under the time limit! Congrats you have completed Chapter 4: Act 2!