The Photoner Offensive Continues In Divide Quests!

~ March 25th, 2020 ~


Divide Quest

Five stages are laid out before you, each divided into two paths. One path leads to more points for better rewards, while the other focuses on recovering lives. Make your choice!


Divide Quests support up to 8 players. These quests consist of 5 stages, wherein players can choose a route that focuses either on earning points or recovering lives. Pick the route within each stage that's best suited for your party's current situation.


Earning points not only nets you additional rewards after clearing the 5 stages, but it also lets you receive rewards based on the total amount of points you've earned for the week. In addition, if you earn a high evaluation after clearing the 5 stages, you'll unlock an even harder difficulty with stronger enemies and better rewards.


Grav Execour, the gravity altering Luminmech makes its debut on Stage 5. It utilizes two forms, switching between an offensive mode with high agility, and a defensive mode.


New ★15 Weapons such as Megalis Series can drop from the Divide Quest. You may also find some new ★13 Units that resemble old ★11 Units.


Divide Medals can be earned as a drop through playing Divide Quests. Spending these medals through the Divide Medal Exchange Shop will net you +35 Megalis, Vortex, and Pons Hachette weapons. There are other goodies as well, such as S-Class Abilities, Ultimate Boosters, Gold Prize Medals, Cobalt Medals, etc.


Limited-Time ARKS Missions will also be available for Divide Quest with rewards such as Divide Medals.


Puras & Stil Weapons

The ★15 Puras weapon series and its successor series, Stil, have been added to Zieg's lineup. Puras weapons can be obtained by combining multiple weapons with materials gained through Divide Quests.


Combining even more materials with a +35 Puras weapon lets you upgrade it to a Stil weapon. The Modules (Varuna / Mitra / Execour) needed for Stil weapons can be obtained from the corresponding enemy or purchased from Player Shops.


New Complex Photon Arts

Fatal Knockout unleashes a flurry of powerful punches that ends with a ground shockwave.


Calamity Bullet fires a series of projectiles coated in photons. This Complex PA has excellent compatibility with [Chain Trigger], allowing you to amass a chain in a short amount of time.


Balance Adjustments

Braver, Fighter, and Hero receive adjustments, along with buffs to Shifta and Guts Drinks.

Balance Adjustments


Battle Arena Rehaul

Battle Arena will be receiving some major changes. Various weapon types will receive buffs and nerfs, matchmaking will be easier, and [Emblem Fever] will be removed. In addition, Battle Ranking Resets will only demote by a single rank. For example, instead of X1 to X5, you'll instead drop X1 to X2.

Weapon Adjustments can be found in the Battle Arena Tab on the Balance Adjustment Page.


One of the new rewards will be the [*Warrior] weapon camo series. These will appear in the reward scratch for ranked matches.


Even more [Battle] weapon camos have been added to the Battle Coin Exchange Shop.


PSO2es Collaboration Event

Khorshid and Gene from PSO2es will be joining the Arks Lobby! Clearing their client orders will net you [2020 Chip Fragments] to spend at Khorshid's Exchange Shop.


Obtain Weapon Camos, Posters, and a variety of other items at Khorshid's Exchange Shop!


Sage Crest Update

Another Liberate Unlocker can be obtained from the [Limited Crest Exchange] by gathering 900 Sage Crests. In addition, more weapons will be added to the [Sage Crest Exchange].


Other Adjustments

Dark Blast

The unlocking conditions for Elder's [Physical Dash] have been relaxed.

Mining Base Defense

The Energy Crystals will now be picked up automatically when approached.

Pyroxenes / Stones Replaced

Pyroxenes and the other stone material items used in the Pyroxene Exchange Shop will be replaced by Photon Boosters. Following the update, you can exchange these now obsolete materials for Photon Boosters at the [Recycle Shop 2]. You'll be able to find items from the Pyroxene Exchange added to the Photon Booster Exchange.

The following items will no longer drop:

  • Torana Fragment
  • Pleiades Stone
  • Chandra Shadow Pyroxene
  • Shiva Ash Pyroxene
  • Durga Destruction Pyroxene

Photon Boosters will now drop in their place.


Ernest Desire (AC Scratch)

An assortment of outfits from various Phantasy Star games are available in the scratch lineup.  From PSO2es, you can strap up in Khorshid's Luna Nova outfit along with Gene's Bunny and Stella Heresy ensemble from Idola. In addition, Phantasy Star Nova's Outlaw and Diamond series will appear.


12 thoughts to “The Photoner Offensive Continues In Divide Quests!”

  1. I love the game and I love Sega, but this is not new content. It's the same old maps with the same old mobs.
    When we are getting new exploration with new tileset and new enemies?

    1. +1

      As much as I love PSO2, I think it may be safe to say that SEGA have already peaked with this game during Ep4. Since then, the pacing and content has been incredibly tedious and hard to engage with for longer periods.

      Looking at the state of PSO2 from a logical perspective, its clearly obvious that the developer/s have lost touch with the direction of the game and rather than having a steady flow of progressive content, we basically get more of the same thing perhaps with a slight change to the objective (ie Divide Quests). Maybe theyre prolonging the duration of Ep6 with filler content on purpose (financial/staffing reasons?) or are genuinely struggling to find a steady medium by introducing all these niche quest types or modes that die out after a month and rely on campaign boosts to maintain any incentive to run them.

      Before anyone mentions successor classes, its only like adding a new character to Street Fighter or whatever. Theres only so much a new character (or in this case class) can bring to a game that relies too much on using rehashed assets.

      Though I would love to see more varied content, I honestly dont think this is going to happen. I think what we should do is just enjoy PSO2 for what it is and not hold too high expectations. If its not mentioned in a live stream, its probably safe to assume its not on SEGA's cards sadly.

    2. You won't, because according to newest player polls, that is not something that has been requested much.

    1. Yeah, its particularly frustrating you aren't able to farm for Zieg required materials and a lot of it is locked behind being dripped fed material.

    2. I'm sure I heard that they will be obtainable from an exchange shop in the near future. I cant remember which one though.

  2. No one going to mention how they ran Br into the ground now and made it worse instead of better than before? No way to build gear while gear is active, so horrible and restoring it is terrible too. If they were going to buff it, they should have left the gear skills alone entirely at least. I guess they want to make Br the new, old Bo and put it at the bottom.

    1. So I'm not the only one who noticed it, after all, was it really a buff or was it a murder, get gud at dodging or lose your dmg on a counter

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