Vita Phantasy Star Online 2 Launch Date

According to Siliconera, via Zangoto_od3, the launch date for the Playstation Vita version is February 28th, 2013. Both the Vita version and PC version will share the same servers, same character data, item data, and AC services.

They also plan to sell a "Special Package" for around 5229 Yen that includes:

PSPo2 Costumes

  • 8 Costumes in total (Two of Each Race in PSPo2)

PSPo2 Weapon Set

  • Wing Spada (Sword)
  • Clad Cannon (Launcher)
  • Clad 6 (Rod)

Mag Evolution Device

  • Said to be an Angel type image of Emilia


  • Little Wing Stickers

Music Disks

  • Phantasy Star Portable Music

30 Day Premium Set

1000 FUN Ticket

Daiga Bigges

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