Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Fan Thanks Festa Sale

Starting from 2/5/11 ~ 4/24/11, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity is holding a Nationwide Fan Thanks Festa throughout six specific dates in Japan. At the Thanks Festa you can participate in the Infinity Grand Prix, play the demo, or purchase some Phantasy Star related goods.


Colonel Sanders Statue (Room Item)

Inside the Osaka and Tokyo meeting times, there's going to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken Gurhal Branch Store. Those who purchase in here can receive the password card for Colonel Sanders Statue. The card will be in limited supply.

At the Tokyo meeting time, the theme song for Ignite Infinity will be performed as well as the Infinity Net Radio broadcast.


Thanks Festa Sale

[P-Spec Pamphlet] 1000 Yen


[Fan Thanks Festa Official T-Shirt] 3500 Yen


[Infinity Grand Prix Scarf Towel] 2000 Yen


[Thanks Festa Clear Foil] 500 Yen


[Item Box Papercraft] 1,500 Yen


[Went to Clad 6 Chocolate Marshmallow] 1000 Yen


[Thanks Festa Emboss Stickers] 500 Yen Each


[Little Wing Earphones: Emilia Version] 1000 Yen


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