PSO2 JP: Bouncer Skill Preview

Here are the new bouncer skills posted by Shougai (a PSO fansite). Not everything is explained in depth but it gives you a glimpse at what to expect. Some information was discovered from a magazine and has been inserted into some of the skills descriptions.


Photon Blade Fever (Active Skill)

  • Doubles the number of photon blades.

Switch Strike (Active Skill)

  • For Jet Boots only.
  • Changes the dependent parameters [T-ATK → S-ATK]

Bouncer Mag (Unknown)

  • Converts the Mag's DEX into S-ATK
  • Converts the Mag's DEX into T-ATK
  • The rate of conversion is unknown.

Craft Mastery

  • Stat bonuses are given to a crafted weapon when equipped.
  • Stat bonuses are given to a crafted unit when equipped.
  • The details of these stat bonuses are unknown.

Break Stance (Active Skill)

  • Bonus damage is given to parts that are breakable.
  • It is unknown if this bonus is kept after the parts break.

Elemental Stance (Active Skill)

  • Bonus damage when attacking the enemy with the weak element weapon.
  • It is unknown if this is effective from technics by said weapon.

Critical Field (Active)

  • Support your allies.
  • Produces a field in your surroundings with an effect that increases the critical rate.

Elemental PP Restorate F (Active)

  • Support your allies.
  • Produces a field in your surroundings with an effect that recovers PP when attacking the enemy's weak element.

Deband Attack PP Restorate (Unknown)

  • Occurs during the Deband effect.
  • Increases the value in which normal attacks restore PP.

Elemental Burst (Unknown)

  • When the Jet Boots Gear's element returns back to its original, it produces an "elemental explosion" causing damage to its surroundings.
  • It activates when cancelling (through weapon actions) the element of the Jet Boots that was overwritten by a Technic.
  • These elemental explosions (or bursts based on the name) can damage and cause status effects to enemies.
  • (Weapon Actions are commonly used by the Shift Key)


12 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Bouncer Skill Preview”

    1. I like complicate classes. It gives me more purpose to research and make the full use of it 😀

    1. maybe because crafted equipment is "less" useful because of missing hidden bonus….
      so with bouncer skill, crafted equipment will be on par or maybe better than non crafted *10/*11/*12

    2. That's another issue, but I what I meant was that it was strange that only Bouncer gets these skills when you can craft equipment for every class.

    3. You can also sub bouncer with any other class, can't you? That keeps the crafting mastery fair-ish, though particularly useful for jet boots and dual swords I guess

    4. That only applies to Rare (*7-*12) extended weapons; Non-Rare (*1-*6) extended weapons don't suffer any increased hidden DEX variance, but they also can't have potentials.

      Potentials may make up for damage in other ways, and weapons under *10 don't activate Rare Mastery skills, but extended *1-*6 have very low damage variance (just like unextended, non-Red/Blue weapons) and are therefore otherwise reliable for extending.

    5. 1-6 star weapons don't suffer any increased damage variance because they have terrible damage variance to start with. With regards to damage variance, they're exactly the same as crafted weapons already. So no, they're no better than anything else.

  1. I totally called something like this "element storing" system. Glad to see my mental vibes reached sega after a year. XD

    *Starts sending more good idea vibes to sega*

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