PSO2 JP: Ship Transfer System

The Ship Transfer system allows you to transfer your character onto another ship for 700 AC. Ship transfers will only be processed during the next upcoming maintenance. If in the event Sega receives a high volume of requests, your ship transfer may be postponed and processed during a later maintenance.


At the Start Menu, choose the character you wish to transfer and select the options indicated in the screenshot above.

  • Click Character > 各種手続き > キャラクターのシップ移動  AC Symbol


The next screen lists each ship and their status. Your current ship will be grayed out.


Press the はい button on the left to submit your request to transfer to another ship. Sega will deduct 700 AC when the transfer process is complete.


Ship Transfers are available:

  • If your character has enough AC during the next scheduled maintenance.
  • If there are no usage restrictions imposed on your character.
  • If Character Creation is not closed on a ship you are transferring to.
  • If there are no incomplete crafting requests to and from other players.
  • If you do not have any crafting recipes listed on the signboard.
  • If your one and only character on the ship is not a Team Master.
    • (Team masters with several characters can transfer until there's one remaining character on the ship.)

What Transfers Over

  • Play Time, Held Meseta, Registered Symbol Art and Shortcut Words
  • Auto Words, Overhead Display, Set Title
  • NPC Affinity, Available Partner Characters
  • Race, Sex, Character Name, Character
  • Character Equipment
  • Class, EXP, Skill Tree, Extra Skill Trees
  • es Linked EXP
  • Boost Item Usage Status
  • Event Items
  • Support Partner Data.
  • Items stored in Character Storage, Character Storage Expansion Status
  • Item Pack, Item Pack Expansion, Locked Items, Stealth Unit Status
  • Equipped Costume and Parts
  • Weapons and Unit Equipment Data
  • Photon Arts, Technics, Mag, and Pet Data
  • Palette Settings
  • Added Hairstyles, Accessories, Voices, Head Parts for the Beauty Salon.
  • Unlocked Quests
  • Unlocked Client Order Status, Accepted Client Orders
  • Tutorial, ARKS Road, Matter Board, and Story Board Progression
  • Craft Level and Achievement Status
  • Technic Customizations
  • Cool-time Status for Craft Lines
  • Expanded Craft-Line Status

What Doesn't Transfer Over

  • My Room Renovation Status, My Room Customization Data
  • Good Job Counter Settings
  • My Room Entry Settings
  • Registered Jukebox BGM
  • Items Listed in My Shop, Sales, Sales History, Advertisements
  • Symbol Art Billboard Status
  • Team, Team Position
  • Friends List, Friend Request, Received Mail
  • Login Call Settings
  • Communication History, Friend Partner Usage history.
  • Received, Sent, and System Mail
  • Arks Card Settings, Registered Friend Partners
  • Present List, Wish List
  • Items left in Storage
    • Includes Expanded, Premium, OTP, PSO2es, Team, and Received Storage
  • Meseta left in Storage.
  • Ship Competition Stars and Points
  • Casino Coins

Account Wide Data

  • Player ID Name, Player ID, Achievements
  • Earned Titles
  • Weapon Log
  • Blacklist
  • Option Settings
  • AC Balance
  • FUN Balance
  • Cafe Point
  • Purchase History
  • Challenge Mile Balance
  • Premium Set, My Room, My Shop Expiration Dates
  • Extra Lobby Actions
  • Casino Coin Carry Limit Expiration Date

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