PSO2 Station #37 Recap

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Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase using the in-game chat for various prizes.
  • すわっち&一太郎ありがとう
  • You'll receive Ichitaro's 1~4 & Suwa Dance Lobby Actions as well as Voice Tickets
  • You have until October 16th's maintenance to complete this task
  • Items can be picked up in the Visiphone.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Trick or Treat 2019!
  • +150% Rare Drop and EXP Rate
  • +10% Live Boost For Attending Concert
  • October 5th 23:00~ (Quna Concert First)


Evangelion x PSO2 Collaboration

  • Collaboration Begins November 20th, 2019.


Mid October Update

  • AC Scratch: Silence Eliminator
  • Dark Phantom themed layered wear


Mid October Update

  • Adorable Autumn Clothes.
  • Lobby Actions: All Bullets / Dice Throwing


Mid October

  • Ultimate Quest: Infiltration: Large Enemy Battleship
  • A 4 Player Ultimate Quest with new Luminmechs.
  • Limited Arks Missions for this Ultimate Quest will be available.
  • Touching the Laser Sensors raises enemy alert levels.


Mid October

  • Luminmech Veiled Fordruss
  • Enemy power adjusts based on the # of players.
  • New Unit: ★13 Novel Series


Mid October

  • Crimson Castle Crusher (UH)
  • Increased ATK of Laconium Sword and increased the amount appearing.
  • Dark Demolisher (UH) will also be available.
  • New ★14 Atlas Takt and its upgraded ★15 Atlas EX Takt


Late October

  • Revival SG Scratch: Dark Bright Memory
  • Episode 1~4 SG Scratch


Late October

  • Layered-wear ver of Mikoto Cluster
  • Persona Weapon Camos


Early November Update

  • Popona will appear in the lobby.
  • CO Reward: *Hatosuke
  • Idola Point Exchange Shop
    • Law / Neutral / Chaos Background Boxes
    • LA: Idola Channel


Early November Update

  • AC Scratch: Idola First Anniversary
  • Layered Outfits and Costumes of Idola Characters


Early November Update

  • Weapon Camos, Posters, Mag Device, LA, and Accessories.


Early November Update

  • Complex Launcher PA: Prominence Assail
  • Consumes one stock to bombard your target.
  • Your character leaps into the air and bombards the enemy with shots.
  • New Complex PA Stock expansion Client Order


Early November Update

  • Time Attack Quest: Traces of Darkness (Ultra Hard Version)


Early November Update

  • Ultra Hard: Harkotan
  • Ultralized Enemies in Harkotan.


Space Magatsu & 7th Opener

~ A New 8 Player Event Quest ~
~ The Evil God's Advent Begins in 2020! ~


Next Time: View A Sneak Peek Of The 7th Opener 


New Class: Etoile

What's Etoile?

  • Etoile is the 3rd Successor class.
  • They wield Double Saber, Dual Blades, and Wands.


Etoile Concept

  • A class with a variety of evolved guarding actions and innovative party support skills.
  • They, however, are not able to use Technics.
  • Each weapon type has unique guard-related weapon actions.
  • Double Saber: The standard Etoile weapon which excels in aerial combat.
    • Contains a wide variety of guarding and counter actions.
    • Guard Action: Deflect
  • Dual Blades: Utilizes attacks called [Edge] which allows you to attack and defend at the same time.
    • Guard Action: Parry
  • Wand: Allows you to constantly move while guarding or attacking.
    • Has access to two styles of PAs.
    • Guard Action: Protect


Etoile Double Saber

Double Saber Gear

  • Gear is gained by attacking enemies.
  • Gear is consumed upon being hit, reducing the damage received.

Enhance Attack (Long Press Normal Attack with Gear)

  • Powerful Attacks that consume Gear

Weapon Action: Deflect

  • Guard while moving in any direction.
  • While guarding, you can perform an approach attack.
  • This can be repeated, and the weapon action will attack with the same performance.
  • The next Weapon Action will be strengthened upon a successful Guard.


Etoile Dual Blades

Dual Blade Gear

  • Gear is gained by attacking enemies.
  • Gear can be consumed to perform Special Attacks

Weapon Action: Parry

  • Activate at any time to parry an enemy attack

Step Edge (Weapon Action during Step)

  • Hurls an [Edge] and performs a long-range attack.
  • Doing a Weapon Action during Step Edge, consumes gear, and performs a special attack that mows down the surroundings.
  • Performing a Weapon Action again, consumes gear, and performs another special attack that cuts widely in front of the player.

Edge from Photon Arts

  • An [Edge] is an additional attack that occurs with Photon Arts.
  • Edges can track onto on enemy or attack a wide area.


Etoile Wand

Wand Gear

  • Gear accumulates when attacking enemies, moving, or Just Guarding
  • When Gear is accumulated, you can perform Special Attacks

Focus PA

  • Focus PAs can be activated by using the Weapon Action at a certain time during the PA.
  • Focus reduces the PA's area of attack, but lets you focus on attacking a single enemy.

Weapon Action: Protect

  • Hold to consume Gear and extend Just Guard duration
  • The Weapon Action can be charged to perform attacks
    • Charge 1: Perform a Long-Distance Attack while moving
    • Charge 2/3 with 1 Gear or more: Perform Special Attacks according to the amount of Gear consumed



Etoile Skills

Support Skill: Over Drive

  • Active skill that recovers HP & PP and increases the party's MAX PP for a limited time.
Skill Name Effect
Overdrive [Active Skill] Your Party's Maximum PP Increases for a certain period of time. Full Recovery of HP and PP at the time of activation (Main Class Only)
Recast Save Reduce the Recast Times of Party Members' Class Skills (Main Class Only)
Just Guard PP All Restore PP of all Party Members when Just Guarding successfully (Main Class Only)
Around Mate Up Enhance the recovery effects of items used by all members on the field. (Main Class Only)
Double Saber Skip Arts Skip the first half of the PA when using it without a directional input. (Main Class Only)
Dual Blade Lock-on Chase When locked onto an enemy, approach them when normal attacking. (Main Class Only)
Wand Special Ability Plus (Wand Only) References the high value of S-ATK/T-ATK stats from special abilities of the weapon equipped.
Double Saber Step Slide Using a Step during a Step will let you slide for a certain distance. (Main Class Only)
Dual Blade Gear Heat Up Provides a Gear Accumulation Bonus for a limited time when using [Connect] or [Full Connect]. (Main Class Only)
Etoile Will When taking a fatal blow, survive with 1 HP and fully recover. (Main Class Only)
Double Saber Quick Take Modifies the behavior of the [Weapon Action] and [Normal Attacks] when activated at a specific time. (Main Class Only)
Wand Focus Dash Increases movement speed for a limited time when using Focus PAs. (Main Class Only)
Double Saber Step Guard When locked-on to an enemy, a special counter attack occurs when you step forward at the time of the enemy's attack. (Main Class Only)
Wand Teleport If you press and release the weapon action, you'll move based on the directional input and attack. (Main Class Only)
Damage Balancer Greatly reduces damage taken, and reduces certain HP Recovery Effects
Same Arts PP Save Reduce the PP Consumption when using the same PA in succession
Etoile Mag Coverts Total Attack Power of equipped Mag into S-Atk, R-Atk, and T-Atk
Etoile Boost Temporarily reduces damage each time you are attacked
Tech Art Count Bonus Gain a bonus to PAs a certain number of times when using different PAs in succession
Etoile HP Restoration HP regens after dropping under a certain threshold
Flat Attack Bonus Increase Damage of non-Just Attacks
Etoile JA Bonus Increase Damage of Just Attacks
Standing Massive Prevents being launched or blown-away when standing still
JA Critical Gain a Critical Rate Bonus when Just Attacking, Techs Excluded

Players at today's event will get to fill out a survey on their thoughts about the class. Due to this, the class itself is subject to change before it's release date in Winter.

It's Time For Nerfs!

Gunner Balance Adjustments

Another S-Roll Arts Mode

  • Shooting Power Multiplier Nerf: 160% → 120%

Orgei Rancor's [Luminecho Slug]

  • Tracking Bullet's Power Multiplier Nerf : 800 → 650

PAs with Striking Properties

  • Some PAs will be changed to use [Shooting Power Rising Skills] as reference.
  • For example, with "Dead Approach," the skill [Zero Range Advance] will apply 121% to its shooting power.  However, with [Fury Stance], the PA will use the [Shooting Power Multiplier] of 110%.

Normal Attacks

  • Normal Attack Power Buff
  • Added Mobility when used in the air.

PA: Aerial Shooting

  • Added Mobility to the first half of the attack

PA: Bullet Squall & Bullet Squall Type-Zero

  • Increased Power.
  • Increased Mobility with Type Zero

PA: Dead Approach

  • Extended JA opportunity

PA: Messiah Time

  • Turning Speed Improved Upon Activation
  • Added Mobility
  • Increased Power. (1.1x)
  • Improved the size of the shots.
  • Made it easier for all bullets to hit when at close-contact with enemy.
  • Changed the PA so that all bullets will shoot out without mashing the button.

PA: Elder Rebellion

  • Increased Power

PA: Reverse Tap

  • Added Mobility from the start of the attack.
  • Power Buff. (1.1x)

PA: Heel Stab

  • Power Buff.
  • Even the striking portion of the PA will receive a power buff.

PA: Grim Barrage

  • Power Buff
  • Adjusted the power distribution so that the first half part is strong.


Force Balance Adjustment

Rod and Talis

  • Talis' PP recovery for normal attacks improved.
  • Added mobility until you land after you activate technics in the air. 
    • Sa Foie Type-0, Na Barta (+ Type-0), Na Zonde, and Il Zonde are not included.

Compound Technics

  • Recast time reduction: 120s → 90s


  • Fire Technic Power Buff
    • Sa Foie Type-0 and Na Foie are not included
  • Na Foie
    • PP Cost Reduction: 35 → 25
  • Barta
    • Power Buff (1.25x)
  • Gi Zonde
    • Power Buff (1.25x)


Fighter Balance Adjustments

Double Saber

  • Changed the Weapon Action to allow you to continue combos so that you can maintain [Tech Arts].
  • Decreased Gear consumption when using weapon actions. (All Consumed → 1 Bar)
    • Chaos Riser's consumption does not change.

PA: Tornado Dance (+ Type-Zero)

  • Added Super Armor During Activation. Expanded the breadth of attack.

PA: Scissor Edge

  • Expanded the breadth of attack.

PA: Rumbling Moon

  • Added Mobility during Activation.
  • Added Guarding in all directions from the final step's activation to the end of the Just Attack.

PA: Illusion Rave

  • Added a JA opportunity mid-way.
  • Buffed the power of its final step.

PA: Surprise Dunk

  • Added Super Armor during activation.
  • Added mobility during the rising portion so that you can easily adjust the positioning.

PA: Acro Effect

  • Added Super Armor until the end of the front guard.
  • Expanded the breadth of the attack.

PA: Hurricane Sender

  • Improved the absorption period. (2s → 3s)

Twin Dagger

  • Changed the Weapon Action to allow you to continue combos so that you can maintain [Tech Arts].
  • The Weapon Action's JA opportunity has been changed so that you can use it during Step.
  • Improved normal attack and step attack's PP recovery.

PA: Symphonic Drive

  • PP Consumption Reduced. (25 → 20)

PA: Bloody Saraband & Faucet Folia & Fall Nocturne

  • Buffed the Power


  • Extended the JA opportunity of the Weapon Action.
  • Buffed the power of normal attacks and step attacks.

PA: Ducking Blow

  • Power Buff (1.1x) & PP Cost Reduction (8PP Consumed)

PA: Flicker Jab

  • Animation Speed Improved
  • Power Buff (1.05x)
  • PP Cost Reduced (10PP Consumed)

PA: Slide Upper (+ Type Zer0)

  • Power Buff (1.15x)
  • >Corrected typo

PA: Flash Thousand

  • Added a frontward guard point at the first step.
  • Improved JA timing on the ground.

PA: Heartless Impact

  • Added a frontward Guard Point during movement.
  • Improved mobility speed.

PA: Pendulum Roll

  • Power Buff
  • Added Super Armor from its activation until the JA ring.

PA: Quake Howling & Surprise Knuckle

  • Added Super Armor from its activation until the JA ring.




  • Matoi will be arriving to Idola on Oct 25th
  • She'll be a new class called Guardian



  • Shannon: A Mysterious Spy From The North



  • Karin Halloween! Appearing in the Halloween Event


IDOLA x PSO2 (Early November)

  • Popona Will Appear in PSO2's Lobby
  • New Items will be added to the Idola Exchange Shop
  • "IDOLA First Anniversary" Scratch will also be released!


PSO2es Annette Dakimakura Cover Ver.2

  • PSO2es Annette Dakimakrua Cover Ver.2
  • Price: 12,000 Yen
  • Sales Date: December


Episode Oracle

  • PSO2 Episode Oracle Theme Song CD Vol. 1
  • Sales Date: Nov 6th
  • Price: 1,300 + Tax
  • Songs: Destiny & Timeless Fortune (inc. Instrumentals)
  • Item Codes: Destiny, Timeless Fortune, CD Package Mat 6, Jukebox


According to Funimation's version of the Anime, the Darkers are now known as Falspawn.


60 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #37 Recap”

    1. They should make etoile subclass-able. I'm sure the JP players will ask for it. Everyone Hr is sooooo boring.

      Same Arts PP Save and Standing Massive sounds like they are begging dead positioning/charging based class like Rangers to come back. Imma just One Point my way from the back while Etoile main Just Guards infront. And the other one makes up for the lost Massive Hunter from Hu sub.

      Ra/Et rise up.

    2. JA Critical specifically excludes techs despite the Etoile not being able to cast them, so it seems like a pretty safe bet.

    1. I don't think it might have subclass…
      They said: "Etoile is the 3rd successor class."
      1st – Hero, 2nd – Phantom. those two couldn't use sub. He couldn't become sub, but Ph could. But I don't think they make this successor class equal to base classes. But that's just speculation 🙂

    1. considering how fast they update the content the only thing that makes it interesting is weapon change form ticket :))

  1. Overdrive, Recast Save, Just Guard PP All and Around Mate Up
    These skill has common effect, effective with party members. But what happen if play solo quest?

    Damage Balancer, Etoile HP Restoration and Standing Massive
    Etoile cannot use tech, but maybe can make Te/Et become pure tanker tech support?

    Better prepare your Altas Ex with vampiric strike or blue ocean flash, means will have lots chance attacked.

    1. Yeah this got my friend who loves to play solo. Hopefully other Etoile players can buff you if you are going to play with Etoile too. lol

    2. Eto's skill has CD of 2 min (I guess) and restores PP/HP to you and party.
      those shift actions are OP tanky skills that can be used mid-animation (well it looked that way in presentation video).
      I don't think you'd need to rely on those mates at all if you're good at protecting/parrying and deflecting.
      well..that's just MHO after watching judge for yourself 🙂

      P.S. never bothered using mates playing as Hu or Br.

  2. Ra/Et sounds nice
    Te/Et sounds garbage. Etoile doesnt boost Techs at all. Even worse than Hu in that regard lmao.

  3. Here goes my salt, fml GU nerf again, time to quit GU and never ever tekk a 13*+ TMG, hit GU and buff HR, really GREAT JOB indeed sega

    1. You again? Dude, get over it. If you don't like Hr, then don't play it.

      Yeah, the Gu nerf is kind of a slap in the face, but where do you get Hr even got buffed? List here shows Fo/Fi, not Hr. If you are so salty over Hr getting pots on it's own weapons, and the new *13 units having a slot for Hr, then.. I don't know what to say, dude. Acting like this doesn't help the situation. I'm sure people will soon have workarounds for Gu after it's nerfing, so sit your butt down and chill.

    2. You mean a class gets nerfed in 2 notoriously op abilities but buffed in literally every other is bad?

    3. The amount of hate this person gives to just one class in particular, is disheartening.

      The nerf was somewhat needed on Gu’s skill tree and PA, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s other PA and skill tree abilities got buffed in it’s place. The Fi adjustments were much needed as well.

      I think, you need to put PSO2 down for awhile and stop with the hate over one class. Every other class got it’s special little trinkets. Let the successor classes have theirs next.

      If you want a game with terrible class balancing, play FFXIV for a bit.

    4. Gu isn't in a bad place, however. The PA buffs contribute to the nerfing. Just because two abilities it had were a tad bit over-tuned and got knocked down some, doesn't mean the class is unplayable. Having a mindset like that in this game won't help.

      Once this update comes around, the JPN/NA playerbase will have an solution for it soon enough. Stop getting so worked up over some small nerfing, and having a fit about Hr every PSO2 Station. Sheesh…

    5. its hardly a nerf dude.. they buffing every other area.. it just want u to play gu with more variety instead of spaming s roll art mode with vamp.. u just need to go back to how play gu like previous age.. for example spaming grim barrage ~~
      gu hardly ever get a nerf.. the only nerf they ever done to gu is taking the capability of becoming sub taking down bow with it.. and thats happen long time ago.. while ra get hit very hard ass well..

      blaming hero wont sell anything today.. since all class has damage output capability on compare to hero..

    6. Gu's nerf may be a big impact to itself but it still will be OP than other classes. S roll shoot is definitely wrong setting at its first place as its excellent pp regen + high power damage that can even considered as non-pp consume at all and auto headshot, no reason not to nerf it at all. Meanwhile for Hero all i could see is under-dps since pub cannot even maintain Hero boost, Sega only buff Hero in place of regaining Hero boost faster. What is more you want to complain?

    7. I'll try to be as least mean as possible for this reply so here it goes. GU hardly getting nerf? Not to be mean but you haven't done your homework completely. Chain Finish becoming a main class only doesn't a nerf, I'd call it a correction, if a nerf, then it was an indirect nerf to bow BRs . Also, I don't see a buff for Shift Period, Satellite Shot, or Infinite Fire, which I think are the 3 most inportant PAs. In the end, I have seen how GU has been getting the short straw to being "balanced" in terms of lowering power on skills. S-Roll Arts >> Chain >> Chain again >> S-Roll Arts Another Mode. And trust me, if my negative mindset doesn't help, neither does a comformist mindset since it gives the green light to such things. And I'm out

    8. I don't see this as a nerf at all. I think the developers realized that S roll art was a bad idea, I myself very hate it when it just came out, it killed Gunner playstyle very much to me. I've been mainly playing Gu since ep 1 and I loved it because it was a freestyle and super fun class to play, then when they added front roll it became even more "free" and addictive. But when S roll art came out I knew it was gonna be "unhealthy" for a class like Gu and yeah it did. So now they are slowly trying to recover Gu back to the old state by nerfing S roll art, it's reasonable, spamming only 1 button -> chain -> repeat is totally brain dead playstyle. As for Orgei, the nerf is necessary too since people are abusing it for chain and absolutely throw Infinity Fire T0 & Sate Aim aside, now we can have more choices to break the chain. Also I'm seeing A LOT of potential in Messiah Time plus auto attack mobility.

    9. So you mean that only buffing main PA can be considered as a truly buff? Oh wow. Sega do buff those uncommon used PA to encourage players to use them more often than before, though i agree that it might not really helps much in playstyle. Something like Fo's Ilgrants, Br's Sakuraend/Gekka, does not get a buff, if yes, mostly only once. There is some exceptional like Ra's EA that buffs its charging time or Bo's Kestral that buffs its animation speed but that is the effort of players reflecting the problem of unable to catch up how fast the game changing is, especially in Ep6 content which speed is as important as power. I am pretty awful in Gu but SA and IF has good power and animation speed along with decent PP consume, that is why i dont see a reason to buff them. Negative mindset is not a bad thing sometimes as we can be awared of truly awful parts but what we see is only you keep complaining on the same thing over and over again without rejudging it. Tbh I once was frustrated on Hero class and its buff before like "over 50% players are using it already, does it still deserved a buff?". But the truth is I tried to use it multiple times and record at my finest condition and observed how others played it and realized that it actually need some buff but without touching its max capability and promote Hero Boost as I said before. I mean, do you even know how Hero works? This class is easy to control but it still required skill to deals as much damage as possible.

    10. If you think only 3 PAs matter to Gu, then… what's the point of even playing PSO2? The game's about making different rotations. Heck, just put some of the PAs on the subpalettes and play the game more like an traditional MMO.

      I just find it amazing how bias that statement was. But, that's your opinion and I respect it, Blazekidz. But perhaps you should experiment more with Gu, and quit thinking three PAs make the entire class.

    11. correction its not grim barrage but shift periode.. well but all ppl who play GU since the begining without that absurb roll would understand..

    12. and one more lesson for u.. since i play all class 90..
      GU S ART ROLL only work in mob.. with 2 art roll then cast cancel with satelite aim.. this is what we do for dps mobing in previous age..this what i say they buffing shift periode which mean u still have this capability of mobing which is hardly a nerf..
      and only noob who chain with art roll since it acumulate less chain which mean less dps..

  4. If someone is interestet if the new 13star units boost the defensive stats of your Support partners, they do not. Quite disappoining. Maybe enemies hit 200 to 300 instead of 201 and 301 but that's it.

    1. Okay, my bad than , but I didnt see any difference anyway. Maybe I will test it another day or others do it. Still disappointing though. Free partners do damagelike 30k but support does like zero in comparison.
      The same with Zeno Quna the normal assist, theyre only good to get catched by Gwahnada to deal damage while it is ahh you nor what I mean.

    2. For example Standard Partners do like a maximum of 10% damage of most free partners. If they would be almost equal no one or most wouldnt use free partners (although its back at least on my free partner, he's Hunter btw).
      So it's okay they not better, but in ultra quests they're just useless. They die like every five seconds, they do idk 1k damage with a combo on a banger thing on naberius (?) with so much HP that I even need a minimum of 30 min with 4.1k SATK and raising Pursuit(okay it was two bosses because I had my super OP useless standard partners).
      Support partners are just like Windows 95 now, just useless. If you have like 5 or more of them and just too damn lazy they have a purpose because one dont want to use a damn E key to pick up items.
      Ahhh~ now Im getting worked up. TY F PT TYPE of feeling. Fighting for numbers to feel better than others, why are there even Lobby actions fck

  5. Flat Attack Bonus: Increase Damage of non-Just Attacks

    — If this is stronger than JA attacks I will laugh a lot.

  6. More Hr whining and salt, zzz…

    PSO2 is about experimenting with classes and their skilltree and builds. heck, even sometimes SEGA does these buffs to classes to determine the next content updates and see what needs adjusting. i don't know why people are so mad about Hr again, it's popularity never really 'died' out in the first place. least we'll see more stuff for Ph soon. (I hope.)

    I'm happy for the Fi adjustments, it looks like the class can move a bit more freely now. but we'll have to wait and see if that's the case. same goes for Fo, even if its cast time reduction and small buffs.

  7. It's a work in progress, so dont hope it can be something like you want it to be.
    If you want it to have a subclass say some points that are not superior than other classes but still good enough for others to spend time with. Just my two cents …

    The description doesnt say how much %s the reduction is. Like 60% is Main class only. Why only Main class?
    "Hero has Main Only skills too, yet it’s a main-only class, sooooooooo".

    Not enough information. Why commit such a commotion?
    No offense for this site and their translators but it is really not even close to enough information to say if you're really happy with the skilltree of the neew class. A rough guess but nothing more.

    1. The thing about the commotion goes to SEGA btw not to the one I ah screw my english happy weekend.

  8. and i'm only saying this because what if you run out of mate and you will how are you going to heal use your critical thinking skills here since the class can not use techs, you run out of mate your screwed unless you have a sub class that uses techs to heal you. see why i say it may be able to have a sub class, and i hope it does.

    1. "use your critical thinking skills"
      Sorry for offending you. So you see something negative, yeah I didnt think enough for the entire playerbase.
      If youre endgame you dont even need mate items. Elder Pain Omega has a high life leech. There is even a S-skill to leech 30 HP per Hit. So it's not really that important.

      *Cough* double blade that can get exchange from 100 gold medal has same potential as Omega Elder Pain with support S2-3. Also 30+ grind

    3. Having played Hunter for a long time, the 30 mate items you can carry provide plenty of healing for a mission. From what's been posted, this new class seems pretty focused on having a ton of guard and parry options, so the Etoile will be able to avoid a LOT of damage while fighting. It also has a skill that boosts recovery item power, so it does look like they'll be expecting players to live on items. If having finite healing is still too much of a problem, yeah, the Ultimate Chain is a sure-fire fix for that.

    4. Have you never played a Class that has no access to Techs? The game has an over abundand amount of ways to heal you up especially as Etoile.

      Around Mate Up
      Etoile HP Restore Skill (probably as strong as the Su version)
      R/ HP Restore 7.5% max HP every 5s
      R/ Quick Mate 60% Mate drinking speed
      R/ Reversal Cover 15% max HP upon just reversal
      L/ Mate Lovers +20% Mate healing power +60% Mate drinking speed
      S2: Sturdy Recovery
      S4: Vampiric Strike
      15* Ultimate Chain (mentioned by ATKH)

    5. Except that most healing received will be reduced to 1HP per tick if you take Damage Balancer, which in turn reduces damage received by a whooping 70%.

    6. Where did you get the 1HP thing from? From what I have seen we don't have any actual stats. It's probably just a Percentage like usual (we already have Heal Dampeners in the Game)

    7. Run out of mates? This class is promoted to use weapon action wisely for not to take damage and even some skill to reduce damage taken, if you'd been running out of mates you probably need to look back how your skill is. Also, before Phantom released, Hu/Fi, Br/Hu for example only rely on mates to heal, how do they can survive without using Tech?

    8. That 1HP number specifically referred to Resta and Vamp abilities (Megiverse included). Not "Most healing sources" as far as i could tell. Mates will still recover a decent amount especially since they're boosted by Etoiles MPA buff and from the Gameplay video right afterwards it looked like Etoile HP Restore skill recovered 2.5% per tick. If its as strong as Su's skill without Damage Balancer then its safe to assume healing gets cut down by 66% so you reduce damage at pretty much the same rate as Healing while killing the OP healing sources. Megiverse and vamp potentials are a meme at this point and Resta is so overtuned that a single tick from a T-ATK focused Te or Fo can heal you fully. Seems like a fair trade to me especially since protecting yourself from damage seems to be such a big focus with this class. DB's Weapon action can even be used mid animation of other things (like using a Moon atomizer).

    9. Restorate ring also mentioned btw. The stream only said "other than mate or healing item, it will be reduced". Also, while unlikely, there's a chance that the character on the demo might not take Balancer too. We can only wait for now until more info is released.

    10. OP would you like to hear about our Lord and saviour, Haku Senjou Ver2?

      Universal healstick available since 2016 and moreso now with SP Weapon Badges being a thing.

    11. I just realized but Etoile probably get's a lot of mileage out of one of the new S-Ablities. One Gives you Invincibilty as long as you chug down a Mate though I'm unaware how to get that one.

  9. me: ugh all this idola crap. come on sega reel me in

    sega:ultra hard harkotan.

    me: ok thats neat.

    Sega:sPaCe maGAtSu

    me: Y E S

    1. ya sadly. sega decided to from isekai episode to a whole game thats basicly isekai and decided to use the worst possible way to give focus on the falz connection to "IDOLA" ontop of that its another gacha waifu game. where they shoehorned it in to pso2 lore like pso2es (i realy want both to be non canon)

  10. "It's time for Nerfs"
    Checks the balance: 98% of things are buffs, the nerfs were a neccessary thing to do.

    Et seems OK class, tank suport with specialty in PP Regen and consumption control.

    Crimson Dragon UH?? Why? It's not the EQ we need to be UH. I have been into non-expert queues as an expert, XH is already survivablity hell, I swear, the only reason we are getting it is for Omega Memoria.

    UH Harkotan? Ok. However UH Traces? Nani? Why? Why why why? It's not like you get anything from it.

    MAGATSU IN SPACE! TBH, it needed a rework with AIS Vega. Good thing it does, it's gonna be fun.

  11. Is their going to be a spot on the site for the anime quiz codes? I just happened to see this tweet referring to this and did not see anything here about it yet.

    【新TVアニメ『PSO2 エピソード・オラクル』クイズ】新TVアニメ『PSO2 エピソード・オラクル』!主人公の名前は?「〇〇〇〇」 解答はゲーム内チャット(全角カナ)で! #PSO2

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