Buying Arks Cash in Phantasy Star Online 2 Japan

As of 2024, there are 2 main ways to purchase Arks Cash (AC) in PSO2 Japan. The previous method with PSO2es no longer works due to Google Play restricting foreign purchases.

Credit Card Method

Sign in to the ARKS Cash Purchase page using your SEGA ID and Password, then fill out the Hiragana captcha. You can use Discord if you need help with the captcha.

Click the Buy AC button in blue.

You can select the AC amount you want at the top, and pick the payment method at the bottom.

You can select クレジットカード (Credit Card) and click the Agree to Terms button in blue.

  • クレジットカード番号 | Credit Card Number
  • 氏名(カード名義人) | Cardholder Name
  • カード有効期限(月/年) | Card Expiration (Month/Year)
  • セキュリティコード | Security Code (CVV)
  • お支払用クレジットカードの登録/更新 | Save / Update Card Information
    • Check this box if you want to save your card for future purchases.

Press the blue button to confirm. If your credit card accepts the transaction, then congratulations!

Webmoney Method

On the AC Purchase Page, you need to type in your SEGA ID, your Password, and solve the Hiragana Captcha. If you don't have a Japanese IME installed, you can type it in manually by copying and pasting from Lexilogos

If you haven't entered a Japanese address, postal code, nor name, you will have to makeup a fake address. The site does say that entering false information could get your SEGA ID suspended, so do this at your own risk.


Main Menu

You'll find three buttons:

  • アークスキャッシュ(AC)購入 To Purchase Arks Cash
  • 購入履歴 Purchase History #history
  • クレジットカード情報 Credit Card Information

You don't really need to worry about the last option, just choose the top button to purchase Arks Cash.


 Purchase Arks Cash Menu

Choose your Arks Cash amount and select the top option: Credit Card

  • 500 AC = 500 Yen = $6.29
  • 1000 AC = 1000 Yen = $12.58
  • 3000 AC = 3000 Yen = $37.75
  • 5150 AC = 5000 Yen = $62.91
  • 10300 AC = 10000 Yen = $125.83

Click the left button to Agree to the Usage Rules.


Japanese Information

Names and Postal Code

姓名を入力してください。Please enter your name.

  • Last Name: 瀬賀 First Name: 太郎

Enter your name using up to 8 full-width characters in these styles:

  • Hiragana(ひらがな).
  • Kanji (漢字).
  • Full-width alphanumeric characters (ABC) .

Full-width alphanumeric characters have a wider space. If you have a Japanese IME installed, select one of those three character choices.

In whatever style you choose to write your name, you will need to convert it into Katakana. If you want to use a Kanji name, you can search Google for Kanji names or try this website. Find two names in Kanji and take note of their English spelling. Copy and paste them into the above fields.

姓名をカタカナで入力してください。Please enter your name in Katakana.

  • Last Name: セガ First Name: タロウ

If you can't type in katakana, use Lexilogos to copy and paste for you. If you memorized the English spellings of the Kanji names, use lexilogos and push the letters that spell out your name. For example if 太郎 is Tarou in English, then you would choose Ta タ Ro ロ and U ウ to make タロウ. That is your Katakana name.

〒 Enter your postal code.

  • 〒 123-4567

You can try entering random numbers or you can be crafty and try Google searching Japanese listings, but before you do that we need the location first.

Address and Telephone Number

住所を入力してください。Please Enter your Address.

  • 住所:東京都新宿区XX町1-1

Ok notice how there's two circles before the 町 or in my example I chose two Xs? You can insert a neighborhood here. If you are looking for a postal code, you can Google search a listing exactly like this with quotation marks:


Find a random webpage and look at how it's filled in. On the same site or business, try to find a postal code 〒 and make it somewhat similar to it.

An example address could end up like "東京都新宿区須賀町" or "東京都新宿区信濃町." Then you'll need to add random numbers with dashes or copy it from a website listing. Basically it could be "東京都新宿区須賀町1-1"


  • Tel:

Enter a random telephone number like in the example "03-1234-5678"


性別を選んでください。Enter your gender.

  • 性別:男性 | 女性

The first selection is male, and the second is female. Click the left button at the bottom of the page to confirm.



Credit Card Information

Choose and Type in your:

  • クレジットカード種類 Drop Down for VISA, MasterCard, JCB, etc..
  • クレジットカード番号 Credit Card Number
  • セキュリティーコード CVV Code

When you type your credit card number don't use the full-width Japanese number system. Regular numbers are fine. (123456789)

Pick your expiration date, month first, then year. Below that you must type out your name on the card. Press the left button to confirm. On this same area there's a checkbox button that lets you save this credit card information for future use. 

On the next page it will show you a confirmation of the information you just put in, choose the left button to continue.

Payment Successful!

購入処理が正常に終了いたしました。If your payment was successful.

入力されたクレジットカードで決済することができませんでした。 If your payment was unsuccessful.

If your purchase was unsuccessful there is not much I can do for you, you'll have to use an alternative payment method. Sites like Kanetrade sell WebMoney but at a higher price.


Purchase History Page


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